Son’s Right Of Passage Part 3

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By AlabamaSlamma Stacy is brought into the family tradition when she walks in on her brother and mother.

It’s been almost two years since Randy’s introduction into the family tradition and he has become very good at pleasuring a woman with the help of Teresa. Roger and Randy kept Teresa full of hard throbbing cock and cum to her delight.

Randy is very well aware of the fact that Roger and Teresa are siblings and knows the full story of how they got together and got married. He is also aware of what he is supposed to do as far as continuing the family tradition. He is all for it and is looking forward to helping to bring Stacy into the mix.

Stacy just turned 16 and it was now her turn to be introduced to the family secret. It has been extremely difficult to keep her from finding out that Randy has been fucking Teresa for the past year and a half. There were a couple of close calls where she almost caught them.

Of course Teresa has had the mother to daughter sex talk and Stacy is well aware of what a man and woman do together. Teresa has introduced Stacy to masturbation and pleasuring herself. Stacy is beginning to stay horny all the time now which will make it easier to bring her in.

They had a plan for Roger to bring her into the house and catch Randy fucking Teresa. That afternoon Roger made up a story that would get Stacy out of the house for a while and then they would return to find Randy fucking his mother.

Roger took Stacy out to pick up something that she had wanted. When they returned home Roger allowed her to go in first. He watched as she walked into the house and saw her immediately stop and was staring at the living room.

Roger walked up behind her and saw Teresa on her knees as Randy was fucking her mouth. Stacy just stood there watching her brother using her mother’s mouth for his pleasure. Stacy heard her mother moaning and whimpering loudly. She heard the distinct glug glug glug glug glug glug of Randy’s cock popping in and out of Teresa’s throat.

Roger watched as Stacy began to squirm around and she slid her hand down between her legs. Roger leaned over and whispered into Stacy’s ear.

“Doesn’t that look hot as fuck baby girl?” He growled.

Stacy shivered and nodded yes as a small moan escaped her lips. Roger kissed her neck and ear as he reached around and cupped her tits over her shirt. She gasped at his touch as she felt her pussy gush in her panties.

Teresa stood up and walked over to the couch and leaned over the back so that she was facing Roger and Stacy. Randy followed her with his slobber coated cock bouncing around and got behind Teresa. They both looked at Roger and Stacy as Randy pushed his cock into Teresa’s soaking wet pussy from behind.


Stacy was now plunging her fingers in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Roger slid his hand down between her legs and pulled her body back against his. His hard throbbing cock pushing against her ass as his fingers reached her inner thighs. He pulled her hand up and stuck them into his mouth as he sucked her juices off her fingers.

Stacy moaned and ground her ass back against Roger’s cock. Roger slipped his fingers into her tight hot wet little pussy. Stacy immediately orgasmed as she was panting and whimpering. Roger took his other hand and push up her shirt and bra and started to pull and twist her nipples.

Randy was pounding Teresa’s pussy hard and deep as she begged him to fuck her. Roger began to undress Stacy and she didn’t resist. Soon she was naked and Roger undressed himself. He pulled Stacy over to the chair and he sat down. He turned Stacy so that she was facing away from him but still able to see Randy and Teresa. He bent her over and spread her legs as he buried his face between her legs from behind.

Stacy immediately screamed out in pleasure as she felt his warm tongue slide across her swollen lips and pulsing clit.

“OMFG DAD THAT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!” She moaned as she ground her pussy back onto her dad’s face.

Roger kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked on her virgin pussy. He could feel her pussy trying to clamp down on his tongue. He reached around and pulled and twisted her nipples as she orgasmed again and again.

Stacy watched as best she could as Randy sat down on the couch and Teresa climbed up onto his cock and started bouncing up and down on it. She could clearly see her mother’s wet pussy sliding up and down on her brother’s glistening cock. She watched her mother’s ass ripple every time she slammed down onto his legs.



Hearing there words to each other caused Stacy to experience the strongest orgasm of her young life. She literally sprayed Roger’s face with her juices. Roger stood up and gripped his hard throbbing cock and placed it against Stacy’s tight little pussy. He knew that she had already broken her hymen with a toy that Teresa had given her. He slowly pushed his cock into her soaking wet tight little pussy.

Stacy screamed out as she felt his cock slice into her depths. Her body shuddered uncontrollably as her orgasms ripped through her body from the cock that was stretching her open. Soon she felt his balls grinding against her clit. Roger allowed her to get accustomed to his cock as he rubbed her clit with his fingers. She started pushing back onto his cock until Roger began to work his cock in and out of her pussy.

Teresa and Randy had stopped and was watching Stacy getting fucked for the first time. They were smiling as they both knew that they all would be swapping around before too long. Randy was thinking about getting to fuck Stacy as well.

Roger had wrapped his hands around Stacy’s throat and squeezed slightly holding her in place as he began to jackhammer her pussy into submission properly from behind. They watched her expressions of pure ecstacy and lust as she was fucked for the first time.

Teresa had Randy lay down on the couch as she rode him on top so that they could watch Stacy and Roger. Roger was getting close to filling Stacy’s pussy with his incestuous seed.

Teresa had gotten Randy ready to flood her pussy with his incestuous seed. Soon all 4 of them were cresting their orgasmic highs and they all screamed out in pleasure as wave after wave rushed through their bodies.

Roger’s cock spewed cum deep into Stacy’s pussy and she hissed out “FUUUUCCCCKKKKK I CAN FEEL YOU CUMMING DAD!”

Teresa collapsed onto Randy’s chest as they watched Stacy and Roger coming back to earth. Roger pulled Stacy back with him as he sat down in the chair and kept her pussy firmly planted on his cock. She moaned deeply as he growled into her ear what a good little girl she was.

Stacy was now a part of the family tradition and was now a woman. Of course she still had a lot to learn and would get plenty of practice of pleasuring herself and the men of the family.

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By AlabamaSlamma #Group #Incest #Teen #Virgin