Son’s Right Of Passage Part 4

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By AlabamaSlamma Randy finally gets to fuck Stacy and they start down the road to their life together plus one.

Roger and Teresa continued to teach Randy and Stacy how to pleasure not only themselves but each other. Stacy has become an avid cock sucker just like her mother and Randy has eaten and fucked both Teresa and Stacy many times.

Stacy had also found out about her parents secret of being brother and sister. They expressed their desire for Randy and Stacy to become a couple and eventually get married as well. Of course they could just decide to stay brother and sister and not get married as Roger and Teresa would never dream of forcing their lifestyle on their children.

But Randy and Stacy had grown to love each other very deeply and had already decided to start sleeping together as a couple. Stacy was laying naked in bed as Randy slowly began to kiss, lick, nibble and suck all over Stacy’s body.

She moaned and whimpered loudly as she felt his warm lips and tongue start with her ears and across her face and lips. Around her neck and shoulders. Up and down her arms and all around her tits as he worked his way up to her hard throbbing nipples.

She gasped loudly as he took her nipples into his mouth rolling them back and forth between his teeth as he flicked his tongue across the tips. She weaved her fingers into his hair and wanted to control where he went but Randy stayed in control.

He slowly kissed his way across her stomach and worked his way down her inner thighs and down one leg and up the other. He avoided her pussy as he explored every inch of her body with his lips and tongue. By the time that he finally reached her pussy she was trembling with anticipation and desire. She was literally gasping for air as he blew warm air across her swollen lips and pulsing clit.

He lightly traced his tongue along the outside of her pussy. She tried to pull his head into her soaking wet pussy but he held his ground. He was going to take her to the edge and madness and then push her over it.

“OHHHH FUUUUCCCCKKKKK PLEASE EAT MY PUSSY RANDY! DON’T TEASE ME PLEASE!” She moaned as she tried to push her pussy against his face.

Randy suddenly sucked her hard throbbing clit into his mouth as he battered it with his tongue. Stacy immediately came up off the bed arching her back grinding her pussy against his mouth as she screamed out in pleasure. Her orgasm slammed her body like a freight train.


Randy gripped her ass and sucked hard on her throbbing clit as she sprayed his face with her juices. She had a death grip on his head pulling him into her soaking wet pussy. She orgasmed again and again as Randy sucked and slurped on her pussy.

Stacy pushed him onto his back and climbed onto his face as she leaned over and immediately swallowed his cock down her throat. He grunted as she bounced her mouth up and down his shaft. He continued to tongue fuck her sweet little pussy and tight little asshole.

After a while she clambered around and drove her soaking wet pussy down onto his hard throbbing cock. She slapped her pussy against his pubic bone as she fucked herself on his cock. She screamed out in pleasure as she orgasmed again and again.

Randy gripped her ass and thrusted upwards pounding her pussy as she drove down. Her tits bounced up and down on his face. She was possessed by a animalistic desire for his cock and incestuous seed. She wanted a baby and she was absolutely determined to get bred by Randy. She wanted to continue the family tradition with her own children.

“Brother please take me from behind! Fuck my pussy into submission properly with your cock! Pump your baby making seed into my womb and give me your baby!” She moaned as she got onto her knees with her head down on the bed and ass in the air.

Randy growled deeply as he heard her words begging for a baby. He wanted nothing more than to fill her with his seed and watch as his child grew in her belly. He wanted to suck the milk from her engorged tits as she rode his cock with her pregnant pussy.

Randy climbed up behind Stacy as she presented her pussy to him like an offering to the gods. She reached back with both hands and gripped her cheeks to spread them open wide so that he could get as deep inside her hot wet tight pussy as he could.


Roger and Teresa had heard their screams of passion and were used to it but when they heard Stacy begging Randy to impregnate her they smiled at each other and raced to their bedroom.

The door was open as they never felt the need for privacy as they stood there watching Randy pounding Stacy’s pussy from behind. They held each other as they listened to Stacy’s cries of pleasure and Randy’s grunting.

They recalled the way they had been when they desired to have a baby.

Roger leaned down and kissed Teresa’s ear and whispered “We are going to be grandparents soon and we will get to watch them being raised properly!”

Teresa moaned “FUUUUCCCCKKKKK YEEESSSSSS!” and she ground her ass back onto Roger’s cock as it began to harden.

They both watched Randy breed his sister. Teresa leaned over just enough so that Roger could enter her pussy from behind. Teresa hissed as she felt his cock slice into her hot wet pussy. She ground her pussy against his cock as she steadied herself against the door frame.

Roger began to pound her pussy from behind as he continued to watch his son ravage his sister’s pussy. Soon Randy sped up and was breathing heavily. Stacy knew that he was about to cum and she reached between her legs and waited until he thrust into her pussy for the last time.


He shoved his cock into her spasmodic pussy and held it there as he pumped stream after stream of his incestuous baby making seed deep into Stacy’s womb. Stacy screamed out as she felt his warm cum splashing her insides and she massaged his balls making sure that they emptied every single drop of his cum inside her pussy.

Roger was pumping his warm cum into Teresa’s hot wet pussy at the same time. Teresa was hoping that maybe she would get pregnant again and then she and Stacy could be pregnant together.

Randy finished flooding her insides with his cum and his cock slipped out of her pussy. Stacy stayed in that position for a long time to make sure that his cum had the best chance of fertilizing her eggs.

Randy collapsed onto the bed and Stacy eased around and took his cock into her mouth as she sucked it clean. Teresa dropped down to her knees and sucked Roger’s cock clean.

At that very moment two eggs in separate women’s wombs came in contact with sperm from two separate men and two separate babies were beginning to form. Teresa and Stacy both were impregnated by their men and would soon become mothers.

Randy and Roger had made sure that the family tradition would live on.

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By AlabamaSlamma #Incest #Pregnancy