Son’s Right Of Passage

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By AlabamaSlamma When Randy turned 16 years old, his dad showed him the family tradition.

Roger is 40 years old and is married to a beautiful woman named Teresa who is 36 years old. Roger and Teresa have a son Randy that just turned 16. They also have a beautiful daughter that is 14 years old named Stacy.

Roger and Teresa have a secret that is only known to them and that is they are brother and sister. They got married in their teens after they ran away from home due to the fact that they had been caught having sex. They were madly in love with each other and they didn’t see the problem with being together.

Soon they were raising their own family and had planned on raising their children to take their place. This meant that they wanted their children to fall in love like they did and maybe get married themselves. But they also wanted to show them that sex was not dirty or something that should only be shared with people other than family members.

Roger and Teresa made a plan for their children in that when each one turned 16 they would introduce them to the joys of sex. Teresa would take Randy’s virginity with the help of Roger and Roger would take the virginity of Stacy with the help of Teresa.

Roger and Teresa had it all set up for Stacy to be away from the house for the weekend while they introduced Randy to the pleasures of his mother. After Teresa taught Randy how to pleasure a woman and Roger had taught Stacy how to pleasure a man then they would be encouraged to pleasure each other.

That Friday night after Stacy had left to stay with a friend, Teresa was upstairs getting ready to seduce her son. She had put on a transparent teddy that didn’t leave anything to the imagination. She had a gorgeous pair of 38DD tits and a delightful ass along with a shaved pussy.

Roger and Randy were relaxing in the living room and Roger had fixed Randy a drink in order to make him relax. When it was time Roger spoke to Randy.

“Son, your mother and I have a special gift for you. What I need you to understand is that whatever happens here tonight is not to be shared with anyone outside this house including with your sister. Do you understand?” Roger asked.

“Ummm okay dad. I won’t tell anyone about it!” Randy replied somewhat confused.

“The reason for this is that most people would not understand the situation and they would cause a lot of problems not only for you but for your mother and me!” He continued.

“I promise I won’t tell anyone!” Randy replied.

Just then Teresa walked into the living room and stopped in front of Randy. Randy just sat there with his mouth open looking at his nearly naked mother standing in front of him with a wicked smile on her face.

“Well son how do I look?” Teresa said as she slowly turned around so that Randy could see her entire body.

Randy couldn’t speak as he was in a state of shock and a state of arousal. His cock was hard and throbbing in his pants looking at his mother’s tits and ass and pussy.

Teresa leaned down and grabbed Randy’s face and kissed him deeply and passionately. Not a kiss that mother’s give their sons. But a kiss that a passionate woman gives her lover. Randy tried to return the kiss but he was a little awkward as he was a virgin. He had never had a girlfriend or had he ever been allowed to date.

Teresa dropped down to her knees between Randy’s legs and slowly pulled her teddy up and off her body revealing her gorgeous and delicious charms to her son’s gaze. She ran her hands along his legs as she worked her way towards his crotch. She could see the outline of his cock inside his pants and was eager to release it.

She traced her fingers along the shaft as Randy groaned from her touch. She reached out and grabbed his shirt and pulled it off and threw it into the corner. She began to undo his pants and pulled them down and off his legs. He lifted his butt up in order to make it easier. This left him naked on the couch with his naked mother sitting on her knees between his legs.

Randy watched as Teresa lowered her head down and kissed the head of his cock. He felt her tongue swirling around the head and slide down one side and up the other. The whole time looking up at Randy with a hunger in her eyes.

“Mmmmmmm you taste amazing son!” Teresa moaned as she sucked the pre cum from the tip of his cock. She moaned as she worked her lips down the shaft stopping only when she had finished taking the entire 6 inches into her mouth and down her throat.

Randy instinctively grabbed the back of her head as he thrust upwards into her sucking mouth. She allowed him to take control of her head. She wanted him to do whatever he wanted. She felt his cock throb angrily inside her mouth and throat.

“How does it feel son having your mother sucking your cock?” Roger asked as he stood up and stripped off his clothes.

“OHHHHH MMYYYYY it’s amazing dad!” Randy replied as he pushed her head up and down his cock.

“Your mother is a fantastic cock sucker. If you think that her mouth feels amazing, wait until you get inside of her pussy and ass later.” Roger said as he placed the head of his 7 inch cock against her smoldering hot wet pussy.

Teresa groaned around Randy’s cock as she felt Roger’s cock slide into her soaking wet pussy. This caused vibrations to course through Randy’s cock and it instantly made him cum inside her mouth. Teresa swallowed around the spewing cock of her son as she took everything he released.

Roger was pumping his cock into her pussy from behind and it pushed her mouth down further onto Randy’s cock. She happily kept on sucking. It didn’t take long to get Randy hard again. Teresa climbed up onto Randy’s lap and straddled him. She lowered her pussy onto his cock and sat down driving it into her hot wet pussy. She pushed her tits against Randy’s face as he sucked on her nipples.

Roger stood up and fed his cock into Teresa’s mouth as she rode her son’s cock. Roger grabbed her head and fucked her mouth like he had just recently fucked her pussy. Randy had gripped her ass cheeks and was thrusting upwards into her pussy as she orgasmed again and again.

Teresa suggested that they go to the bedroom where they can continue with their activities in a more comfortable environment. She had Randy lay down on the bed as she climbed on top of his cock again. She placed her tits in his face as Roger climbed up behind her and pushed his cock into her tight ass. She was now grinding back onto both their cocks.

Randy could feel his dad’s cock sliding in and out of her ass as his cock slid in and out of her pussy. Teresa was moaning and whimpering loudly as she rode her orgasms over and over again.


Randy was too busy devouring her tits and feeling her driving down onto his hard throbbing cock. He was in heaven and his own mother was taking him there. He could feel her pussy spasming around his shaft.

Soon Roger was feeling his cum boiling and he picked up his pace pounding her ass. She started begging for them to cum. To fill her pussy and ass with their cum.

Randy couldn’t hold off any longer and he grunted as his cock exploded inside of her soaking wet pussy. She screamed out in pleasure as she felt his warm cum splashing her cervix. She screamed out again as she felt Roger spraying her bowels with his seed.

She ground back onto their incestuous cocks and basked in the knowledge that she now had two of favorite men filling her holes with their cocks and their cum. After they had finished spilling their incestuous seed deep into her body, she happily sucked both of their cocks clean.

She knew that there were more things to come in the next couple of days.

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