Sonya the Librarian

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The Cuhoga State College Library in Bakersfield, California was more popular than you would imagine. It was always clean, quiet, and ran smoothly. The staff was always friendly, but one of the workers in particular gave everyone notice.
Sonya Melnik was a gorgeous Russian immigrant, typical of what Americans would picture. She had lovely long blonde hair, with fierce blue eyes. Her smile was warm and inviting, and she would typically wear red lipstick to contrast her bright white skin. Her hair and make-up were always flawless. She had a slim build, and would always wear sneakers so she could get a jog in when she had spare time to do so.
What made her so unique was her height—6'6". Sonya was by far the tallest of the library workers, and probably one of the tallest ever to go into the library. She would constantly attract attention whenever she was behind the desk. The large window out by the desk would be constantly populated with gawkers, hoping to sneak a peek at the girl they called the Jolly Red Giant.
Sonya was at her desk, scanning in the returned books. She glanced up, only to see a young man stealing glances at her at one of the tables. As soon as he was spotted, he whipped his head in the other direction. Sonya smiled and tried to go back to focusing on her scanning.
After her shift was over, Sonya said goodbye to her fellow employees and headed out. She had her sneakers on, so she figured now was a good time to go for a run. She put in her wireless earbuds and hit the tunes on her phone, then headed out from the campus green.
It did not take her long to realize she was being followed by two men, also out for a run. She gave a quick shoulder check behind her. They appeared to be focusing on their run, but Sonya guessed they might have been enjoying the view from behind. She stopped and squatted down, pretending to tie her shoes. The two men ran past without slowing down, and Sonya watched them as they went off.
"Blin!" exclaimed Sonya. As much as the constant attention sometimes annoyed her, it bothered her even more when she would not get it when she wanted it. "They were cute." She got up and continued on her way.
Sonya got into her front door, careful to dip down slightly to keep from skinning her head. She clicked her tongue in between her lips. "Polina?" she called out. Her cat jumped up on the counter. "Naughty kitty," she scolded while she laughed. She went to her cupboard and got her cat some food, then looked at her phone.
Sonya's PolarPix site was popular. She had a variety of selfies and other artistic pictures she took of some of Bakersfield's nicer sights. For fun, she would sometimes show off her height in comparison to other women, or show a ruler next to her foot. She would even set up her size 14 shoes next to regular women's shoes just to see the comparison. Even Sonya was impressed with the disparity.
She made up a quick dinner of some of her leftovers and got ready to go out again. Tonight was her pottery night, and she was anxious to see how her vase had cured in the kiln. She went out and headed to the art department on campus.
She joined up with the class while their instructor got them settled. The instructor got out the various clay items and set them out for the class to claim.
Sonya got her vase and studied it. There were only a few flaws, but she was pleased with how it looked. They were all going to learn how to apply the sealant, then painting their own designs.
Sonya was working on her own when she saw Ben approaching. She tried to hide her smile. She was twenty-eight, and she assumed Ben was about the same. She thought he was a little dorky with his goatee and Buddy Holly glasses, but she enjoyed his company.
Ben put his urn down next to Sonya's vase, then turned and smiled. "How's the little librarian doing?"
Sonya chuckled as she coated her vase, not looking at Ben. "Little? This is more American lack of sense of proportionality."
Ben tried to look around to get eye contact. "I'm such a fan of other cultures. Where is it you said you were from?"
Sonya pushed her blond hair out of her eyes. "Pavlovsk," she said, not looking at Ben. "It is close to St. Petersburg. I hope to get back there soon." She turned her head. "Really soon."
Ben laughed at nothing in particular. "You really have lovely eyes."
Sonya turned her head. "Ben, you should really focus on your project."
Ben sighed. "It's because I'm so short, isn't it?"
Sonya stuck her tongue out as she focused on painting around the vase's handles. "I do not discriminate on height," she said. "A lot of people are shorter than me." She stood all the way up, towering over Ben. She turned and looked down at him. "I find you a bit desperate, like you are more fascinated with me physically."
Ben looked surprised. "Hey, I just think you're nice is all!"
Sonya twisted up her lips. "You take this pot and go. I am distracting you, clearly."
Ben took his untreated urn, then retreated in defeat. Sonya went back to her vase and finished, then moved it over to the lamp to dry.
After painting her vase, the instructor got them to leave their wares in the workshop. Sonya went home, seeing Polina asleep on the couch. She got to the bed and changed into her soft pyjamas.
Crawling into bed, she checked her cell phone's pictures. She scrolled over to see her old boyfriend, Spartak. She let her fingers run along the side of the phone. "I miss you, Spasi," she said sadly. Having to say goodbye to her only love was the worst thing she ever had to do, but she wanted to chase her dream of working in America.
She gave the screen a kiss, unintentionally scrolling past his photo. She whipped her finger to find him again. She stared at his picture for a few more seconds, then propped up her phone on her nightstand so that she could see her lover. Spartak was only a couple of inches shorter than Sonya, and he was absolutely handsome to her.
She unbuttoned her top, then let her breasts rest out in the open. She looked down and admired herself. Her breasts were decent sized, but she always felt as if her nipples were tiny. They had a lovely dark pink colour, and the tiny tips would always stick out.
Sonya let her fingers rub along her chest as she nestled her head back into her pillow. She closed her eyes and listened to her own breathing. She slid off her pyjama bottoms and panties, then threw them down on the floor. She ran her hands up and down her legs. The long, silky legs nearly hung over the bed.
Sonya licked her fingers, then rubbed at her mound. She could hear the sweet sound of her labia smacking together, feeling juicy and warm. She thought back to the night when she and Spasi were out by the lake, and he fingered her right out in the open, right in between her skirt.
"Spasi," she moaned. Her breath got heavier as she rubbed away. "Oh, it's so moist." She quickened her pace as she stared at her phone. She missed her love more than she had imagined, and it hurt her to think that she had to leave.
Sonya rolled over onto her stomach and reached down under her to get at her pussy. She used both hands on herself as she kissed her pillow. She pushed out air as she humped her ass up and down.
She got up and opened her drawer, getting out her purple bullet. She turned on the tiny vibrator, then got her long legs up and spread out. She let the bullet tingle around her inner thighs before she let it rest on her clit. Sonya grunted and gritted her teeth as she slid the vibe up and down.
One thing she loved was to have her nipples tugged, so Sonya grabbed her left cork and tugged it up. Her breast was suspended as she rocked her hips back and forth. Her long blond hair was draped over face as it clung to her sweaty forehead.
"Trakhni menya," she groaned. She stuck the bullet inside of her and pumped it in and out as fast as possible. Her lip curled up as she frigged away at herself. Her leg twitched as she let go of her titty. Her sheets were getting wet from her perspiration.
Sonya used her other hand to rub at her clit while her bullet worked in and out of her. She eventually gave in and had her orgasm. She lifted her ass up and tightened her muscles as she felt the rush come over her. She pulled the bullet out of her and turned it off, then rested her hand on her forehead. "Bozhe moi," she whispered. She buttoned up her jammies and sat up to get her underwear and pants on. She settled down under her sheets, then got her phone. She stared at the picture of Spartak for a few more minutes, then gave an air kiss to him. "I miss you, darling," she said. She turned off her phone and went to sleep.
The next day, Sonya worked at her job as usual. It was getting quiet enough in the year that the amount of patrons were levelling off.
Sonya was checking out books for a nice older woman when she caught a familiar face in the corner of her eye. It was the same young man she had seen before at the library. While she thought he was handsome enough, his continued presence was making her uncomfortable.
What was unusual about him being there was he had company this time. It was a black woman with lovely dark skin. Her hair was obviously weaved in with blond braids, but it suited her well. The braids would whip around with even a slight move of her head. The two of them were engaged in conversation. Sonya was relieved that perhaps the young man had found a girlfriend. Maybe she had been paranoid about the man's intentions the whole time.
The two of them got up and made way over to the shelves over by the biographies. Since there was no one waiting at the desk, Sonya took the cart over to stock the returns. She managed to make her way into the aisle next to where the two were talking.
The young man, with the light brown hair and thin build, was chuckling. "Didn't I tell you? She's enormous!"
The black woman laughed. "I had no idea women could get that tall!" Sonya was surprised how elegant her accent was, as if she was a posh Londoner. "She ravishing."
"That's pretty awesome," said the man. "You know, I figured you chasing after that Saudi guy that you were down with the guys. Would you…you know…?"
She giggled. "I don't know!" She gave a playful slap on his shoulder. "I mean…I've thought about it."
Sonya was getting annoyed, so she went around to their aisle and got right next to them. She stood with her hands on her hips and made her angriest face.
The man stood with a goofy smile. "Um, hi! Do you have any books on vertigo?" The woman's eyes went wide as she tried not to laugh.
Sonya pushed out her lips. "I do not find this amusing."
The young man held out his arms. "Look, if we're talking too loudly, we can go into one of the media rooms. By the way, was it difficult boxing Rocky?"
Sonya had to push her lips together. "That's great. I never heard that one before." She looked at the woman. "Do women in this country encourage this kind of behaviour?"
The woman shrugged. "Not often. I'm not really from around here, as I'm guessing you're not either."
"Mmm-hmm," replied Sonya. "I have a lot of people staring at me all day. I do not appreciate being made fun of."
"Oh, hey, hey!" The young man seemed sincere in his embarrassment. "We didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. We're just…fascinated with you is all. I didn't realize it was like that for you."
Sonya looked at the two of them. "Well, since you are offering an apology, I accept." She held out her arm to the man. "I am Sonya Melnik."
The man took her hand in his own. He still had to look up at her, despite being well over six feet himself. "I'm Max, Max Warner." He gestured to his companion, also nearly six feet tall. "This is Olivia Ndara." Sonya shook her hand as well.
"Well, now we're all friends," Sonya said, giving a small smile. "I don't mind you coming in if you want to be nice to me. I have been treated like…what do you call it here? Like circus?"
"Oh, like the freak shows!" Max exclaimed. "Yeah, geez, I guess I never thought about it. I just saw you so many times around that I got curious about you. I brought Olivia in to see."
"I don't go here," Olivia said. "I go to BU. Is it okay for me to be here?"
"It is quite all right," Sonya assured her. She looked around, then back at the two. "Do you two…want to go to the bar sometime? I am having trouble meeting people here."
Max's eyebrows went up as he looked at Olivia. "Yeah, that sounds great! Hey, let's hit Breakers. You know where that is?" Sonya nodded. "Okay! Show up at seven, then. Wings on me!"
Sonya smiled, then went back to her return cart. Max and Olivia decided to leave.
After work, Sonya went home to eat, playing with Polina at the table. She got changed into more casual clothes, then went out to Breakers, the local pub and pool hall. They were a chain of bars that Sonya had seen advertisements for but never concerned herself with before.
She walked in and saw Max and Olivia seated at a table already. There was a decent amount of customers in. Sonya was amazed at the business of it all—the music, the ten televisions playing just about any sport you could imagine, and everything bathed in neon. Sonya wondered where the places were where you went to relax.
Max noticed her and waved her over. Sonya marched over and sat down. "I hope I'm not late," she said, straightening out her skirt.
"No, it's fine!" Olivia looked Sonya over. "I like your shoes!"
"Oh, thank you!" Sonya gave a small kick forward to show them off. "Do you know how hard it is to find size fifteen for women's?"
Olivia and Max exchanged a glance. "Yeah, that's gotta be tough," Max said. He peeked under the table to have a look, then brought his attention back to the women. "So, you're from Russia?"
"Oh, yes! I am from Pavlovsk." Sonya got out a hairband and tied her lovely blond hair back. "It's a small town in western Russia, near Finland and Estonia."
"Oh, yeah! I know where St. Petersburg is," offered Max. "We learned quite a bit about World War 2 in one of my courses."
Sonya smiled. She did not want to get into some sort of political row, so she changed the subject. "You would think it was funny. The town used to be called Slutsk."
Max laughed hard. "Now I have to check this place out!" Olivia covered her mouth to laugh.
"I thought you two might like that," Sonya giggled. "Yes, I was quite shocked when I heard that expression."
"Do you want something to drink, Sonya?" asked Olivia.
"Oh, thank you," replied Sonya. "Can you please get me a martini?"
Olivia got up and went to the bar. Max leaned back and smiled. "Vodka."
Sonya rolled her eyes. "Yes, I know! I just like them."
Sonya's train of thought was interrupted by howling of laughter coming from across the room. There were four college-aged men sitting at a table, slamming down a pitcher of beer.
Sonya turned to look over her shoulder, then looked back at Max. "I guess this is to be expected." Her face fell and she looked down.
"Whoa, what's the matter, Sonya?" asked Max.
The sides of Sonya's mouth twitched. "They are laughing at me," she said sadly. "This always happen any place I go to."
Max gave her a pat on the hand. "Hey, c'mon. You don't really know that."
One of the loud boys with a baseball cap on backwards yelled out, "Hey, you gonna fuck her, buddy? You need a ladder to lick that pussy!"
Another one laughed. "Don't fall in, dude!"
Sonya looked at Max, who had a look of anger on him. Suddenly his joking and casual manner disappeared. "I'll be right back," Max announced and got up.
"Wait!" Sonya put a hand on Max's wrist. "Don't let them get to you."
Max gave her a look. "I'll ignore it when they're making fun of me."
Sonya turned in her chair and watched as Max walked over to the table. The four boys quieted down as Max made his approach.
"You got a problem," Max stated.
The backwards cap man chuckled nervously. "Uh, no."
"That wasn't a question, ya fat fuck," Max explained. The four of them made an ooooh in response.
"Hey, we're trying to have a conversation here," retorted one of the other boys.
"Yeah, and you're having it at the expense of my friend." He held his thumb up back at Sonya. "You see that lady? She's smart, and she's nice, and she's heard just about every useless comment you cretins could come up with already. No one's impressed with your cowardly little digs."
Ballcap folded his arms and leaned back. "Uh, there's four of us and one of you, bitch."
Max pushed his lips together and gave an eyeroll. "Yeah, I can count. That's how little of a threat I see you guys as. Or, hey! Better yet, how about I start pounding on you?" Max leaned in close to Ballcap and ignored the others. "You feeling brave? Maybe we could test and see how much these guys really like you. Are you willing to bet on it?"
Ballcap sat there with nothing to say. "That's what I thought," Max said, scoffing. He straightened up and pointed back to Sonya. "She probably would have bought you guys a drink." He looked around at the other three. "No chicks? Wow, you guys must be awesome. Have a nice night jerking each other off."
Max went back to his seat next to Sonya. Olivia came back with Sonya's martini. "What happened?" asked Olivia.
Max shrugged. "Had to tell a few people off."
Sonya shook her head. "Max, that was nice of you to do, but please do not put yourself in such a position. You don't know if those men can be dangerous."
Max snickered. "They're picking on girls! How tough can they be?" He leaned in and picked up his glass. "Look, if they did the same for Olivia, say doing racial slurs or some shit like that, I wouldn't hesitate to tell them to go fuck themselves."
The trio sat and chatted while the four boys left without much fanfare. Max decided to let them go off, much to Sonya's relief.
"What are you doing later?" asked Olivia to Sonya.
Sonya shrugged. "I have no plans."
Max raised his eyebrows. "Well, I like to play piano, and Liv here plays the flute. Want us to perform for you?"
Sonya's mouth went wide. "Oh, that's lovely! But we probably can't play here. We would be disturbing others."
"Well, let's go to your place," Max suggested.
Sonya gasped. "I guess so. I mean…"
Olivia laughed. "Do we make you nervous?"
"No!" Sonya rolled her eyes and smiled. "I just don't get many visitors is all. Okay, you can come and perform for me."
Sonya graciously settled up the bill, then walked the two college kids to her place. She let them in and turned on some lights. Polina sat up on her perch, twitching her tail.
"Wait," Sonya said. "How can you play with no instruments?"
Max looked at Olivia and shook his head. "Allow us to pull you into the 21st century," he kidded. He opened his knapsack and pulled out a small velvet bag, then opened it up and unfurled a piano keyboard wrapped up like a jelly roll. He plugged it into his phone, then played a few keys.
"Oh!" Sonya exclaimed. "It's like a keyboard carpet!"
Olivia took out a wooden flute from her own bag. "I also play the ocarina," she said. "I like this one."
Max and Olivia played a few tunes they knew. Liv knew many British pop songs while Max preferred classical. Sonya sat and enjoyed the two of them jamming out.
They stopped after nearly half an hour. Sonya had her feet up on her footrest, and the other two hunkered down and admired her toes.
"Love the pedicure," said Olivia.
Sonya smiled and rubbed one foot on another. "Thank you. I like to be girly."
Max held his hand up. "Can I?"
Sonya nodded, and Max ran his hand up and down her foot. She bit her lip as it tickled her a bit. Olivia reached out and stroked her hand up and down the other foot.
"Sorry," said Max. "We're just really fascinated with them. How big?"

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