South Indian Tuition Sir’s wife

Many of friends don’t believe in the stories in this blog, they think its pure fantasy – making love with your school teacher, college professor and complete strangers. To them its being at the right place at the right time and for that you need luck buddy.
I come from a very small town in West Bengal, when in standard VIII my parents thought I need to go for some kind of tutions, so I joined Murugan Sir’s tution luck favoured me in having five of my class mates in my batch all of them girls. The beauty one showed good clevage the other had beautiful panties and clean shaven pussy (she used to wear a knee length skirt and I could see every time she stood up or sat down) the other had the most beautiful thighs.
Murugan Sir being from a very orthodox and strict South Indian family was very strict. No the story is not about any of these 5 girls its about his wife Malathi. They had a son 4 years old and a 6 months old daughter, since they used to stay in the Govt quarters Malathi mam used to spend most of the time moving from this room to that. I always found her beautiful but the lust factor never came to my mind.
This incident happened during our first terminal exams when in class X. I stopped going for tutions 2 weeks before the exam started which my Sir didn’t like – he wanted to give us a proper revision of all the science subjects. I was expecting a scolding and wanted to sort it out with my Sir on a one to one basis rather then getting embarrased infront of the girls.
So that was a Friday morning and I went to my Sir’s quarter, he was not there he had gone for some work as his rajdoot was not there so I went on to knock the door preferred to wait in the room rather then standing in the sun. Mam opened the door. Her elder son Tambi had just joined school and was yet to come back their daughter Swati was just sleeping.
She greeted me with a smile and said that Sir is not here so if you want to wait you can definitely do so. I went in and sat on the floor. She was sitting on the cusions just opposite to me watching the tv – some south Indian movie I guess and was smiling laughing and giggling. I was just staring at her.
There was some kind of a turmoil going on inside me and I felt like just going forward and kissing her. She gave a glance at me and smiled and then switched off the television. She looked at me and started talking about how was the exam and all I just went forwards toward her, put one of my hand on her lap and the other on her cheeks and said Mam you look beautiful, my heart pumping just like its going to explode and my dick erect and trying to burst out.
Till this day I don’t know where I got the guts for those words. She didn’t reply anything I was just moving my hands on her face and still she didn’t reply anything I don’t know how I was doing all of those and then my hands moved to her boobs (those were medium now I know that they were 34 but stout and fresh) she hold my hand, I moved my hands from her lap and started touching her neck and hair she hold my other hand as well and asked me to leave.
I realized that she is my Tution Sir’s wife and in a small town like ours if she wants I can be in a problem. I said Sorry Mam, I looked down and said but Mam I seriously find you very beautiful and left. She closed the door behind me. I took the cycle and ran … cycled like anything for 15 mins with nothing going in my mind.
My heart still beating fast but this time I also had a fear what if she complains to Sir and what if they complain to my Mom and Dad. Just before entering home I prayed to GOD save me this time never in my life I would repeat the same (GOD perhaps winked when he heard my prayer). That evening when I went for my tution Sir was behaving normally I could understand everything was alright.
After that I was always cautious while in my tution class. It was perhaps after 3-4 months I had my tutions in the evening and it was raining I took my cylce and left for my tutions. By the time I reached there I was half drenched. Nobody turned out and Sir was getting ready to go out somewhere.
He said that nobody will be coming today why don’t you sit until the rain stops I have some work so will be leaving I said ok and Sir left on his Rajdoot. I could see neither Tambi nor Swati was there Mam asked to me come in and sit on the cusions, this was the first time I was sitting on those cusions. She said I am making some coffee for both of us I said ok.
I could feel my heartbeat rising but swore to myself not to do anything stupid this time. After 5-10 mins she bought in coffee in a steel mug – looking at me she said you need some towel and went in to bring me one. I wiped my face with it and returned it back to her. She smiled at me and then scolded me took the towel and stood infront of me to dry my hairs.
She was wearing a cheap saree. She had a very slim figure and a flat belly I don’t know how she maintained it. As she was cleaning my head I could feel the warmth rising inside me, my heart preparing to explode and my dick all erect. I was filled with mixed emotions and there was a kind of hallucination I just put my hands on her waist.
She didn’t say anything and I slowly moved my hands to feel her bare belly and waist. Her hands were moving very slow and I felt she was not objecting to any of my moves, for a sec I felt like standing up and hold her in my arms and kiss her but my legs wont move. She now removed the towel kept it on the table and sat beside me, sitting on my right side.
She was sitting very close to me and I could feel that our hips and thighs were touching each other. She looked straight into my eyes and asked – that day you said I am beautiful do you say this to all the girls. I said no in a trembling voice, I said I do really find you very beautiful. She smiled at me and this time her hands moved into my inner thighs.
I was going to like explode from inside she was now telling a lot of things but I couldn’t understand a thing. She was teasing me just giving a slight touch to my dick and my balls and then moving her hand in my inner thighs. After 1-2 mins I just looked at her and said Mam I think I love you. To this she bursted out in laughter. She asked me to stand up.
I obeyed her just like a kid. Now this was her turn, she hold my waist and bought me just infront of her. She put her legs around my legs. She went on to my belt and unbuckeled it, she opened the zip and lowered my pants to my knees. My underwear wasn’t able to hold it any more and the erection was visible even from the outside.
She pressed it with her right hand while putting her left hand on my hip. It was heavenly. After playing for sometime with a stroke she pulled my underwear till my knees and looked at my erect dick. She winked at me and while holding my dick with her right hand she put it in between her lips and moved her mouth about it.
The warmth of her mouth on my dick and the pleasure pushed me into ecstasy. After 5 mins she pulled it out of her mouth and then holding then end of the dick with her fingers she started to kiss the sides of my dick, she would bite it with her lips and at times with her teeth, kiss it and then again bite it.
She removed her left hand and started rubbing my inner thighs and then while pushing my balls upward licked them and again kissed the sides of my dick. I was kind of ecstasy my hands on her head playing with her hairs she wont allow me to do anything else. She now moved her left hand to my hip again and put her lips on my dick and pushed it inside it was half in and then started moving her mouth to and fro …
sucking it all the time and rolling her tounge – everytime she did it a sharp sensation went through me. Putting her right hand also on my hip she now swallowed the whole of it I just gave up with a spray of hot liquid in her mouth. She swallowed the whole of it. She released me and I sat down beside her.
She simply wont stop. She opened my shirt at once and removed my pant and underwear and kept them aside. She now hold my face and touched my lips with her own but she didn’t kissed me she only brushed her lips and moved back giggling. She then touched my lips with her tounge closed her eyes and put her hands on my bare chest. She was teasing me.
I removed her face. Her hair was tied in a knot I opened them holding her hair in one hand I hold her chin with heads bent towards each other I hold her lower lips between my lips and kissed her. This was the first time I kissed somebody I was now in my senses taking charge of things. I pressed those lips between mine and slowly started sucking them.
She slowly closed her eyes and let herself loose her hands one on my armpit and the other on my bare back. She was digging her nails in my bare back. I then started sucking both the lips and slowly inserted my tongue into her mouth touching her teeth and her tongue. Our tongue were fighting with each other.
I removed her pallu I could see her clevage this was my turn I made her stand up and sitting on the cushion removed her saree she was in her blouse and petty coat. Her navel was visible with my fingers I was making circles round them she hold my hair in her hand and pulled me towards her I kissed her naval and stood up I went to her back … whispered in her ear Mam I love you and kissed on her neck.
She was breathing heavily. With my tongue I was licking her shoulder from right to left and then again from left to right. Slowly I moved my hands toward her boobs. Pressing them over the blouse she was not wearing a bra and I could feel the smoothness. I just removed her blouse and I could see her boobs. Not busty yet so round and smooth and soft.
She had the most beautiful and darkest nipples that I have ever seen in my whole life. With my two hands round her boobs I drew a circle round her nipples with my finger she shivered and I knew she liked it. I drew a few more circles round her nipples and the whole of her breast and she put her head on my shoulder.
I now moved on to pressing them and she gave a slight moan “Uhhhhhhh …. “ I turned her towards me and put her breast in my mouth and started sucking them … she pulled up my face and liplocked with me. But this was my turn I picked her up and took her to the bedroom her eyes were halfclosed through out filled with ecstasy.
Making her sit on the bed I pushed her down sliding a pillow under her head. Then I moved on to her kissing her madly holding her hair with one hand and my other hand just sliding up and down her soft smooth thighs. I could feel her boobs on my bare chest and my rod around her love hole. My dick was pocking on her love hole and ass crack as well.
Her hands on my bare back just trying to tear me apart. I sucked her lips ear lobes and kissed on ther neck for another 15 minutes. I sucked her nipples a couple of times.She then slided her hand to my dick caught it and directed to her love hole. I could feel her vaginal wall. I just pushed my dick inside the whole of it. She just gasped and I could hear “Ohhhhhh Maaaaa”.
I did understand I did a mistake and pulled out the whole of it. She hold my face bought it close to her mouth and whispered “Slow Baby Slow” and then kissed me again. We kept on kissing for the next 5 minutes she again slid her hand and held my dick to her love hall. I gave a gentle push … it was smooth and slippery … a quarter of my dick entered and a sharp sensation went through me.
She was breathing heavily and I enterd another quarter with half of my dick insider her she held my waist with her legs. She then started moaning. I gave another gentle push and this time I was totally in. She gave me a sharp look and closed her eyes … while sucking her lips I started moving to and fro … I didn’t knew how but I started increasing the pace and she was also moving her hip.
After 10 mins I sprayed my hot fluid inside her and collapsed on her. She grabbed me tight. We looked at each other and then separated with a kiss. We went to the cushion and sat on it. My sex goddess cam whole nude and sat on my lap … she looked at my face kissed me … We had a kissing session for quite some time … She helped me then to get dressed up.
She was biting and kissing me from time to time. Rain has stopped everything looked so fresh and new … life seemed so new and beautiful. How could I ever forget her … We had many love making after that … My entire life changed after this incident. I love you mam. You were my SEX GODDESS and you will be forever until I get a better one.