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Long Weekend at the Lake

This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. It’s called ‘My Right of Free Speech.’ If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts . . . or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material . . then please, PLEASE, go someplace else.

This is not some 4 page fuck/suck story. This story consists of almost 30 chapters! It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor. It will be posted in multiple segments.

Lastly, ‘A Special Bond’ is a Trilogy. ‘Long Weekend at the Lake’ is the second part and will be followed by the Prequel and finally by The Later Years.

I’ve spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am sure there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words. I don’t have an editor! Just read and enjoy.

Kathy Evans – Age 31
Rob Evans – Age 36
RJ Evans – Age 16
Kayla Evans – Age 15
Aunt Karla Peters – Age 36
Uncle Tom Peters – Age 37
Ken Peters – Age 17
Candace Peters – Age 14

Chapter 3 of 29

A few more weeks drug by. Some of RJs school buddies returned from family vacations. Many had fun with their families’ vacations and told RJ all about it. RJ wished that his dad didn’t work so hard, and so far from home, in Washington DC. RJ remembered when they used to have family vacations or long weekends at the lake aboard their 30 ft Party Hut.

Kayla had her brood of girlfriends, including Mary Cunningham, who had been Kayla’s best friend since early grade school. Their birthdays were within weeks of each other and Mary and Kayla were inseparable, except when Kayla was spending time with RJ.

Sometimes the three of them would hang out together, but RJ and Kayla would have to be sure to avoid being too demonstrative in front of Mary. One time, while walking through a mall in an adjoining town, RJ had absentmindedly held Kayla’s hand. Mary saw this and asked “Why are you guys holding hands?”

“Don’t you ever hold your brother’s hand when you walk together” Kayla had replied nonchalantly.

“That dweeb! No, I wouldn’t hold his hand if he begged me. Probably get koodies or something” Mary said forcefully!

Kayla and RJ laughed at Mary’s remark. They both knew Mary’s brother and he was a dweeb! Kayla changed sides so that RJ was now in the middle of the two girls.

Kayla gestured to RJ that he should hold Mary’s hand also as Kayla grabbed his opposite hand. Kayla looked over at Mary and said “There, now people will think that RJ has two girlfriends.” Looking up at RJ she teased further, “You are such a stud RJ . . . keeping two girls at the same time!”

“You guys are the weirdest brother and sister I’ve ever known. You’re not supposed to even like your brother” Mary said. However, she made no attempt to release RJ’s hand.

Secretly she kind of liked it. She’d had a crush on Kayla’s brother, but she would never say anything to Kayla and risk jeopardizing their special relationship.

After Mary made her comment, both RJ and Kayla had the same thought; they needed to be more careful about absentminded displays of affection after having dodged that bullet. Kayla’s thought was ‘thank goodness RJ hadn’t suddenly kissed me, as he sometimes did out of the blue!’

The more RJ thought about the family vacations and weekends at the lake with the boat, the more an idea began to take hold in the back of his head.

His father arrived home on the train late Friday evening. Now that RJ was driving and had his own truck, he volunteered to drive to the train station to pick his father up. Kathy was happy to let her son do this, as it would give her time to shower and put on the new negligee she had picked up in anticipation of this weekend with Rob. When he got home, he’d find her lounging on the bed in the new black see-through negligee . . . absent any panties of course! Rob would be too tired to do anything after his arduous week at work Kathy feared, but it would plant the seed, probably giving him cause to dream, and in the morning when he was rested she knew he would ravish her to the point where she’d have trouble walking. Both she and Rob had abnormally high sex drives, and if it wasn’t for the kids being under foot, they would probably fuck non-stop on the weekends!

The train was 10 minutes late arriving and RJ waved at his father as he walked from the platform. “Where is mom” his father asked while putting his briefcase and bag in the back seat of the truck.

“I told her I’d pick you up so she didn’t have to go out tonight. Hope you don’t mind?”

“No not at all. Thanks for giving mom a break. How are you and Kayla doing this week” his dad questioned.

“Fine. Just a little bored. I wish I could have found a summer job” RJ replied.

“Well son, the economy sucks right now. Just enjoy your summer off. Soon enough you’ll be out in the work-force with your nose to the grindstone.”

Not too much else was said on the short drive home. Rob trudged up the stairs with his bags while RJ went to look for Kayla, finding her watching TV in the Family Room.

“Where’s Daddy” Kayla asked seeing her brother come into the room alone.

“He went upstairs straight away. He probably had other things on his mind, besides searching you out” RJ said with a knowing smirk on his face.

“I don’t think they’re ‘doing it’” Kayla said. “Mom says that Daddy’s usually too exhausted, after being gone all week, to have sex with her on Friday nights.” “But we won’t bother them too early in the morning so they can have some ‘special time’”.

“Kayla, that’s just weird!”

“What’s weird?” Kayla didn’t understand what RJ meant.

“That mom talks to you about her sex life. Do you guys tell each other everything,” RJ replied.

“Yes. As a matter of fact we do tell each other everything. Mom and I don’t have any secrets from each other!”

That actually scared the hell out of RJ. While he and Kayla were both comfortable with the special relationship they had with each other, RJ knew that society frowned greatly on brothers and sisters being lovers. He shivered to think of what details of their love-making Kayla had been sharing with their mother.

“Well Kayla, all I know is that while dad is home on the weekends, doing, or not doing, whatever with mom, I don’t get to sleep with MY favorite girl!”

“RJ, don’t be such an ass. Dad only gets to sleep with mom three nights a week. You and I get to sleep together 4 nights a week. Do you know how many times we fooled around this week, in one way or the other, now that school is out?”

Kayla didn’t wait for her brother to form an answer. “15!. We’ve either had sex, done oral, or you finger-fucked me, or I jacked you off 15 times this week. And I didn’t count the 30 minute make-out session we had on Wednesday in the living room, when mom came home in a bad mood and caught us, and told us to knock it off!”

“Geese Kayla, I didn’t want to start a fight” RJ said.

“Sometimes RJ, I wonder if all I am is a convenient piece of ass to you” Kayla pouted.

RJ sat on the sofa next to her. “Don’t ever say that K. I love you, you know that. I can’t help it if the Evans’ genes make me extremely horny! Besides, tell me with a straight face that by Monday morning when Dad goes back to work, you won’t be climbing the walls with hornyness, and be begging me to fuck you” RJ said.

Kayla never could stay annoyed with her brother. Besides she knew he was right. More than once when her daddy was home, Kayla had been so horny that she considered slipping into RJs room for a ‘quickie’. But she knew the rules, and wouldn’t violate them, less her mother take away the privileges she gave to Kayla and RJ.

RJ kissed Kayla, after looking over his shoulder to make sure his mom and dad were not in sight. “Don’t be mad at me?”

“I’m not mad at you RJ. Honest. I’ll see you in the morning” Kayla said as she turned off the TV and prepared to go to her room.

RJ awoke alone in his bead. He could smell the bacon and hear it sizzling in the pan. As he trudged down the stairs in just his boxer shorts he could see Kayla was busy making breakfast consisting of bacon and scrambled eggs.

As RJ walked up behind his sister he said “Morning K”

Kayla turned around, put down the spatula, placed her arms around RJs neck and leaned in to give him a warm kiss. RJ pushed away and warned “Careful Kayla, mom and dad could be around.”

“No. I listened at their door before I came down. They’re ‘doing the deed’ so they won’t join us for about an hour.” With that Kayla leaned in and placed a passionate kiss on RJs lips and he pulled her tight to him. Kayla had on a tee shirt and panties and RJ could feel her erect nipples poking into his bare chest through the thin fabric of her tee.

As Kayla broke the kiss she said to RJ “You were right.”

“Right about what” RJ wanted to know.

“I’m so fucking horny already I want to lean over the counter and have you pound my cunt!”

RJ laughed, but the erection snaking its way out of his fly told that him that he was just as aroused as his sister. RJ kissed his sister again quickly as said “Maybe we can find an excuse to go somewhere together today and you can have your way with me!” As an afterthought RJ said, “or maybe mom and dad will go out, and we can have some play time here.”

“RJ you know the rule – no fooling around in the house when Daddy is in town!”

“Yea-yea” RJ said and changed the subject. “Breakfast smells good; can I have some of that?”

The two teens sat quietly and ate their breakfast, except for when RJ reached across to get the Salt and Pepper. He purposely rubbed his sister’s tits through the tee, causing her to shiver in delight. Then he briefly cupped her sex through her panties. Kayla had playfully swatted his hand away, all the while secretly wishing she had a way to sit on her brother’s engorged cock!

Around 10 AM their parent’s made an entrance. Kathy had on a shorty-robe over top of the black negligee but the lace bodice showed above the cut in the robe. RJ and Kayla both noticed the swell of their mother’s breasts, allowing maximum cleavage to be displayed, barely concealed by the lace top.

Rob had on his pajama bottoms and his customary robe. Kayla had already placed her and RJs dishes in the dishwasher and was sitting at the breakfast bar drinking coffee with RJ.

Kayla looked up at her mother and could see that she was absolutely glowing. ‘Geese, Daddy must have really made love to her, for her to be almost giddy’ Kayla thought to herself. “What can I make you two for breakfast” Kayla wanted to know as she poured cups of coffee for both her parents.

“You don’t have to cook for us dear, I can do that” her mother said.

“Sit. Relax” Kayla said to her mom with a knowing grin that caused Kathy to blush. Even though Kathy and Kayla shared details of their sex lives, it somehow made Kathy a little embarrassed that her 15 year old daughter obviously realized that her mother had just had her brains fucked out!

“Just the bacon and some eggs will be fine honey” Kathy told her daughter, as RJ poured both his parents a large glass of OJ.

RJ noted that both his parents seemed both well rested and in an extremely good mood. He sensed that now was the time to broach the idea that had been forming in the back of his mind for several days.

“Dad, Mom, there is something I’d like to discuss with you” RJ led off. “It’s something I have been thinking about for days.”

“Of course honey, is something wrong” his mother wanted to know. Kayla had turned in surprise. RJ had not discussed anything with her. She just hoped that RJ wasn’t going to piss off their father, and ruin any chance they had of sneaking away together today.

Rob just waited for his son to proceed while he sipped his coffee.

“Nothing is wrong mom. Well” RJ took a deep breath; “I was thinking that summer is half over already. I was thinking about how we used to do long weekends on the lake before dad started traveling to Washington DC. And the thought struck me. Dad, you know that you insisted that both Kayla and I take the Coast Guard approved USPS boating courses.”

Rob nodded his head, but had no idea where this was headed. Kayla was even more confused about what RJ was babbling about.

Continuing RJ said, “Well, I was thinking that being as Kayla and I both have our boating certification, you might allow us to take the Party Hut Pontoon Boat up to the lake for a four day weekend and do a little camping. Now that I have a drivers license and my own pickup truck, I can tow the boat . . . and, well, I thought that it would be fun for Kayla and I to go camping like we used to . . .and I understand that you have to work and can’t do this right now . . . but it seems like a nice idea . . .”

RJ ran out of gas and truly was babbling. He hadn’t rehearsed his ‘sell’ very well, as he had approached his father almost on impulse.

As soon as RJ stopped talking Kayla exclaimed “OH WOW! That would be so cool . . Can we do it Daddy? Please? Will you let us?”

Kathy started to respond, “Oh I don’t think so kids, I think you’re a little young to be going out to the lake by yourselves.”

“Well you could go with us Mom”, Kayla blurted out.

“No I couldn’t honey. You Father is only home on Saturday and Sunday so I can’t be at the lake 150 miles away, while your dad is home for the weekend. I’m sorry but I don’t think so kids.”

RJ and Kayla tried to mask their disappointment. It really did seem like a cool idea.

Rob had been strangely silent through all of this exchange.

Turning to Kathy he said, “Look honey, I don’t usually disagree with you . . certainly not in front of the kids. But we spent the money to get both our kids the training and boating certifications specifically so they would be responsible boaters.”

“And we’re both excellent swimmers” Kayla interrupted her father’s thoughts.

“Yes, and they are both accomplished swimmers” her father smiled at Kayla. “While RJ was asking, I was sitting reminiscing that my sister Karla and I did our first boating trip to camp at the lake, in a run-down 20 ft Bayliner I had purchased . . . and at the time I was only slightly older than RJ.”

“You had your own boat when you were 16, Dad?” RJ inquired.

“Yes, I’ve always owned some sort of boat. A few times when you kids were little and we moved, I was without a boat for a year or two, but generally, I’ve always had a boat. “However RJ, the Bayliner was a lot less boat to handle than the 30 ft Party Hut!”

Kathy sat there staring at her husband. It was true that they rarely had disagreements in front of the kids, particularly when the discussion was about the kids! It seemed to Kathy that her husband was actually about to approve of RJs pipedream.

“Rob, do you really think this is wise? I mean there are a hundred things that could happen to them. Maybe next year we’ll all be able to go out together?”

“Kathy, if your answer is really a ‘NO’, then I wouldn’t argue. But our children are responsible, they are mature for their age, they get good grades. They don’t do drugs . . . You DON’T do drugs do you kids????” Rob said with a grin.

“DADDY!” Kayla exclaimed “how can you even ask such a thing” Kayla lamented.

“Not even a little Mary-Jane now and then, Kayla?” Rob was enjoying teasing his daughter. Kayla gave him a disgusted look, but she realized he was being a tease.

“Can we get back to the subject at hand” Kathy pulled everyone back. “Rob it seems like you are Ok with this?”

“I’m just saying, the kids are getting older. And it isn’t like they are going out without training.”

Kathy realized she was being set up. While she had no idea why her husband wasn’t against this, she realized also that if she put her foot down, she would be viewed as the “Bad Guy”.

Changing tact Kathy said “Rob, isn’t there a lot of preparation necessary to get the boat ready for a 4 day trip to the lake?”

“Yes and no” Rob said without blinking an eye. “The storage yard maintenance guy makes sure the tires are kept properly aired up and shaded from the sun with tire covers. They also keep a trickle charger on the batteries so they won’t get sulfated. They also make sure the cover doesn’t blow off so the boat is secure while in the yard and doesn’t get totally filthy.”

“RJ, we’ll need to pick up the boat and check everything is ship-shape, and she’ll need a thorough cleaning, while I am home this weekend” Rob concluded.

That ploy had backfired on Kathy. She thought when she’d asked about ‘preparation’, that would be Rob’s queue to say yes, it was too much work for the kids to go out.

“Dad there is one problem that I thought of” RJ said.

“What’s that son?”

“Well, I have not towed something as large as the Party Hut. While I’m not too worried about towing it, I just realized I don’t know how to back it up properly” RJ told his father.

“Right” his father said, and Kathy though maybe Rob would come to his senses.

“Well RJ”, Rob continued, “While I get dressed, you go out on the shelves in the garage and get the towing mirrors for your Tundra truck. First thing on the agenda is to go get the boat and give you some towing instruction and practice. On the way home we’ll go to the big parking lot at the college, and I will teach you how to back up the boat trailer, using just your side view mirrors.”

Kathy sighed. She had been planning on getting her kids out of the house so she and Rob could run around naked and fuck their brains out all day! Now it looked like the boys were going to be playing with the boat all day.

Rob turned to Kayla who felt as though she had been watching the back-and-forth of a tennis match, with all the discussions going on. “Kayla, you have as much or more work to do than RJ does! I know you kids think that boating weekends just ‘happen’ but you are about to learn how much planning, and WORK, you mother went through to make a boating weekend pleasant for all of us. Kayla, you mother will tell you, and show you, what needs to be done, but I expect YOU to do all the planning and get everything provisioned for the weekend. Understood?

“Yes Daddy. Understood!”

Kathy still couldn’t believe that she had been sucked into this scheme. She could see however, that Kayla was as excited about this as anything she had seen her daughter get excited about in some time!

The boys had been gone 2 ½ hours already and Kayla had asked her mother to explain all the things that needed to be accomplished. Kathy said “First thing, sit down and plan out each of your meals, plus any snacks. Space is limited – even on the Part Hut – so you have to know exactly what you are taking. We have all the plastic food bins and coolers stacked in the garage. When you do your meal planning you have to think about what each one of you like to eat, how much, and the relative size of things to store. You can only fit so much in the ice chests, so you may have to think of things that don’t need cooling to be edible.”

Kayla had gone to the garage and found the stacks of plastic bins that she remembered her mother used to pack with clothes, dry goods and snacks. She also found the two Igloo Ice Chests, one of which was very large, and one being smaller.

While the men were absent, Kayla had already cleaned all the plastic cases and coolers. Unlike her mother who had always made hand written lists, Kayla went to her room and fired up her laptop. She created a spread sheet, labeled it ‘Meal Planning’ and listed Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks, in four rows, underneath columns labeled Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. She then went about populating the list.

An hour later, Kayla emerged with a print out for her mother to look at. Kathy was pleasantly surprised at her daughter’s organizational skills, but felt there was too much non-nutritious food on her list. So, while they adjusted some of the meals, with Kayla making corrections on her laptop, between the two of them they actually had accomplished much of the grocery list they would need to provision.

The men arrived back at the house 2 1/2 hours later and Kathy and Kayla heard a honking out front. Looking out the window, they saw RJ at the wheel of the Tundra, and he was backing the boat so this it was closer to the curb and parallel parked.

The girls came out grinning and Kayla could not help but give her brother a warm hug. “How was it RJ? It is hard to tow the boat” Karla asked her brother.

“No, with the extension mirrors it is easy. I just have to remember to make turns wide so I don’t run over a curb with the trailer” RJ replied.

What about backing up” Kayla asked.

“Dad taught me this really cool method of being able to point the back of the boat in the direction I need it to go, just by hand placement on the bottom of the steering wheel Kayla. We went to the College parking lot; Dad put cones out, and had me back up a number of times between the cones, all from different angles. After a while I got the hang of it pretty good.”

Kayla jumped up and down with excitement. “Oh RJ, were going to the lake – I can’t wait!”

RJ hadn’t realized his sister would be so jazzed by the idea. But he was excited, that she was excited. Kayla talked a mile a minute about the food lists, meal planning and all the things she had done with their mother while the guys were picking up the boat.

While all this was going on, Kathy quietly went up on the Party Hut and rummaged through the drawers. When she came down, she said “You boys get some buckets and soap and clean this messy boat. Kayla, I have something I want to show you sweetie.”

While the men started hosing off 2 years worth of dust and grime, and broke out buckets of soap, the girls retired to the breakfast bar. Kathy turned to her daughter and said “I had hoped I find these still on the boat. They should make some of your chores easier to get ready.”

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Kathy handed Kayla a sheath full of lists. One was marked Meals” . . . just like the one Kayla had already worked on. One said ‘Kids Items’ and dealt mostly with toys, games, blankies, teddy bears, etc. Kayla realized that these lists had been developed over many years of family outings.

One list was entitled ‘Personal Items’. As Kayla scanned it, she saw things like tooth paste, sunscreen, hand lotion, . . . birth control pills, douche . . . now Kayla realized the thought that had mother had put into the trips. Kayla would probably not have thought to bring douche apparatus on a camping trip . . but it wasn’t a bad idea, given the amount of sex that was likely to happen. Kayla shuddered, what if they had left home and she had forgotten her birth control pills . . .THAT would have put a damper on things, now wouldn’t it?!

“Mom these are fantastic” Kayla responded. “I wouldn’t have thought about some of this stuff. I will take these lists and put them on my computer. Where you have the quantities, I can just enter that in my spreadsheet any time the length of a trip changes. “Of course I don’t think we’ll be taking Blankies or Teddy along any more” Kayla laughed as did her mother.

The guys were busy going through all kinds of checklists for the mechanical preparation of the boat. “RJ there is still one thing that could ruin your whole weekend outing” his father said. “What’s that dad” RJ quickly perked up.

“Well, when we put the boat away, I ran the gas out of the carburetors, but the fuel in the tank is no doubt stale, even though I put gas stabilization into the tank. There is a possibility that there could be some problem with the carbs.” Rob explained to his son.

“So what do we do” RJ wanted to know.

“First we put the engine flush kit on and connect to the garden hose. Next let’s drain all the gas in the boat tanks into a jerry-can. Then we’ll put 5 gal of fresh gas in the boat tank, plus some carb cleaner, plus some octane booster, plus some more gas stabilization agent. If the engine won’t run, I am afraid you are out of luck son, until we can get the carbs rebuilt.”

RJ felt a slight sinking feeling, but he held out hope as his father showed him what to disconnect to drain gas, etc. 30 minutes later, they were all ready with fresh gas and additives in the boat tank.

Rob explained to RJ the technique to apply the choke briefly and try to start the engine. Rob then walked over to turn on the garden hose and said “OK RJ, give it a try.”

RJ followed the instructions his father had given him and cranked the engine. Three times he attempted to start the engine, but it would not fire. “Dad what is this little red tab on the coil-cord laying on the floor” RJ asked his father.

“That’s the reason the boat wont fire RJ. That’s the emergency stop kill switch lever!”

Rob showed RJ how to plug it in, and explained its purpose. Sure enough when RJ tried the engine again, it fired and ran sporadically with a huge cloud of smoke. Eventually the engine smoothed a bit, but even after 15 minutes, Rob had cocked his ear to the motor and said “RJ, I think we have a fouled plug. Let me go and look for a set of spare spark plugs, I think I have some in my tool box.”

While Rob rummaged trying to find the new spark plugs for the boat, Kayla came out to see how her brother was progressing.

“Hey RJ, how’s it going?”

“Looks like we have a fouled plug” RJ said to his sister.

Kayla reached out quickly and grabbed RJs crotch causing him to yelp. “Hey brother I don’t want your ‘plug’ to be fouled!’ Kayla laughed at the double-entendre. She then leaned in to whisper to her brother, ensuring that no one could overhear.

“Just think RJ, 4 whole days alone together. We can run around naked all day and you can screw me until your dick falls off!” Kayla laughed and grinned. Then seeing her father was returning, she excused herself back into the house to work on her chores.

Father and son worked into the evening to ensure that all mechanical and safety equipment had been checked. Rob showed RJ how to use and program the GPS and went over the VHF radio with him. He then opened the boats log book, and showed RJ how to reach emergency numbers for the Park Ranger, police and other services at the lake.

The very last thing he went over was to remind RJ how the shower system and porta-potty was to be operated. Rob said to his son, “The shower doesn’t afford much modesty but you and Kayla can act as lookouts for each other while showering to make sure no other boats are approaching from the rear. The curtain doesn’t exactly close properly back aft.” As an afterthought Rob said “I know that we guys can just pee off the back of the boat, but your sister will appreciate the porta-potty. Make sure you remind her of the proper sequence for flushing and locking the handle.” RJ doubted that Kayla would use the porta-potty, except to do #2 maybe, but he’d remind her how it worked.

About 7PM Kathy had dinner ready and the four of them came together in the dining room. There was endless chatter about what all each had done and found out. At one point RJ said “Boy dad, it was a good thing we checked the wheel bearings, they really needed some grease!” Rob nodded his acknowledgment.

Kathy remarked that Kayla had both updated and automated all of her old check-lists.

After dinner while RL and Kayla were doing dishes, they chatted about how much fun they were going to have, and RJ remarked about some of the interesting places on the lake that he remembered, and that he hoped they could find them again. Kayla and RJ heard the phone ring and their mother answer it. They could tell that it was someone their mother was familiar with from the general tone, but they couldn’t hear the conversation.

About a half-hour later the two teens entered the family room to find their mother had just ended the phone conversation and they all joined their father who was sitting in his recliner.

“That was your sister Karla” Kathy said to Rob.

“Oh? How are they all doing up there” Rob wanted to know.

“Everyone is fine. I got to telling Karla all about what’s going on here and all the preparations for the lake outing, and she said that it sounded like a blast. She said it reminded her of when you and she used to go camping at the lake, Rob! You’ll have to tell me about that sometime . . .I don’t recall you mentioning that before” Kathy said.

“Anyway, kids, Aunt Karla said that Candace and Kenny were driving her nuts and they were bored to tears for something to do. As Kenny has his driver’s license, I suggested that Candace and Kenny might like to come down and go to the lake with you two. Wouldn’t that be fun?”

The blood drained from Karla’s face. She could see her plans for a getaway with RJ going down the drain. “Mom, this was supposed to be for RJ and me. We haven’t even seen Ken and Candy for three years almost. What if they are obnoxious or something? They might ruin the whole trip.”

Kathy gave her daughter a long stare. She sensed what the real agenda might be. “Kayla, when you all were small and they lived down here, you kids were together all the time and got along wonderfully. It’s unfortunate that they are about 3 hours away . . Actually it’s a shame we don’t get together more often but schedules never seem to mesh. Anyway, Kenny is 17 now and drives and Candy is 14. It should be fun to have someone along who is around the same ages as you and RJ . . and besides they are family.”

Kayla wanted to argue but she knew ‘the stare’ when her mother gave it to her. Kayla couldn’t figure out how to get their cousins ‘un-invited’ and Kayla knew her mother was really not in favor of this trip for RJ and herself anyway. So, to argue further might get the whole thing canceled!

“So, when are they going to be here” Kayla asked her mother.

“Karla hasn’t even talked to the kids yet. So it’s not even for sure” her mother responded.

Kayla thought, ‘there’s hope yet!’

However, not 15 minutes later Kayla’s hopes were dashed again as a series of rapid fire text messages started to arrive from her cousin Candace, or Candy, as everyone called her.

“OMG. Can’t believe we get to see u.” “TNX for inviting us.” “What we can bring?” “What u wearing to lake?” “RJ driving now?”

Finally Kayla sent one text message of her own. “I’ll call you” was all she said.

Kayla went to her room and called her cousin Candy. Candy was gushing as they caught up on everything. They talked rapid fire for an hour and a half and touched on every subject they could imagine.

Candy wanted to know what to bring, and Kayla said “let me email you all the check-lists. That will give you a good feel for what we’ve identified for ourselves, and you and Kenny can work off the same items. Don’t worry about any of the food stuffs as Mom and I will take care of that . . . . unless, you or Kenny have some special food you need or allergies or something.

Candy assured Kayla that she and her brother had no special food needs. Candy opened the email while they were still talking and said “Oh my God, you have so much detail, I’d of never thought of all this stuff.”

Finally the two teen girls rang off and Kayla went to find her mother and father. RJ was sitting with them in the family room.

“So, how was catching up with Candy” her mother wanted to know.

“Fine. They are very excited to be coming along. Actually after talking to her, she seemed like a really sweet girl” Kayla concluded.

“I wonder what she looks like” RJ asked without thinking. He was met with a death stare from his sister, and he felt chagrinned.

“I guess we’ll find out soon enough, they’ll be here Thursday evening about 6 PM” Kayla said. “Gee, the last time we saw them Kenny was 14 and Candy was 11 . . I’ll bet they have changed a lot by now” Kayla trailed off.

Everyone was tired from a frenetic day of doing chores in preparation for outfitting the boat for the trip. Kayla went to get her shower. Rob and Kathy retired to their bedroom, feigning fatigue.

RJ took the opportunity with his parents behind closed doors to pop into the shower while Kayla was in there. He poked his head around the shower curtain and peered at his sister’s luscious body.

“What are you doing idiot! Do you want to get caught by Daddy?” Kayla wailed.

“Relax. Mom and Dad are in the bedroom and I heard the door lock behind them. We both know what that means” RJ said.

“Still, you shouldn’t be in here RJ. It’s too risky” Kayla protested.

“I just wanted to tell you that I know you were disappointed that Kenny and Candy got invited . . but let’s just try and have a fun weekend. OK?”

“RJ, it’s just that I had things planned to be alone with you for a whole weekend, with no parents around.”

“I know, but I’m sure we’ll get to sneak away from our cousins at some point for a little hanky-panky” RJ laughed.

“It wasn’t a ‘little’ hanky-panky I had in mind” Kayla replied, “it was a ‘lot’ of hanky-panky!. “Now get out of here before you get caught!”

“OK, but I just wanted you to know I love you . . and I’m looking forward to our little get-away, cousins or no cousins” RJ said. His lips brushed Kayla’s and he was off to get his own shower and turn-in for the night.

Behind Rob and Kathy’s locked bedroom door they were locked in a passionate embrace. “I still can’t believe you are in favor of letting Kayla and RJ go off alone with that big boat,” Kathy said.

“The kids will be fine Kathy. I’ll be a great memory for them.”

“And what’s all this reminiscing about camping trips between you and your sister, Karla” Kathy wanted to know.

“Oh, I’ll tell you all about it some time when I’m not so busy” Rob said, and he slowly raised the back of Kathy’s skirt and started playing with her ass. “right now I’ve got some important things to take care of with a very beautiful lady” Rob smiled, as he inched his fingers under Kathy’s panties and began to finger her swampy hole.

“So what game do you want to play tonight” Kathy grinned lasciviously. “How about Cowboy and Indian maiden? You know the one where I ride your pony side-saddle” Kathy giggled.

Rob tossed his wife of 15 years on the bed and started to ravage her. As he worked his way down to her crotch and started to tongue her through her panties, Kathy let out a squeal.

Chapter 4 of 29

Sunday was much like Saturday had been except that their parents didn’t make an appearance until almost 11 AM. Once as Kathy went to her room to get something, she heard her mother’s muffled cry of ecstasy from behind her mother’s bedroom door. Inching closer she could hear the faint sound of bedsprings squeaking and the occasional rapping of a headboard.

Kayla stood stock-still trying not to breathe in order to hear what was going on. While she couldn’t hear very well through the wall, she did suddenly hear her mother cry out “OH FUCK ME ROB! Give me all your baby juice . . . fuck me harder!” Listening outside to her mother only made Kayla itchier between her own legs and Kayla thought briefly about returning to her own bedroom to rub her pussy to orgasm.

Kayla had retreated to the breakfast bar when her mother made an appearance at 11AM. Kathy sat at the bar and Kayla got up to pour her some coffee. RJ had gone out of the room for a moment.

Kayla came up behind her mother and sat the coffee in front of her. Kayla reached around her mother to give her a hug. “Morning Mom. You OK?”

“Never better dear” her mother replied with a song in her voice.

Kayla leaned in while still embracing her mother from the rear and whispered in her ear. “You look like the cat that ate the Canary . . your hair is wild . . your cheeks are glowing . . . do you think your legs will ever come back together Mom? How long were you guys at it???”

“Four hours and I lost track of the number of times. But that’s none of your business and don’t be rude Missy” Kathy said to her daughter giving her a friendly swat and laughing.

“Geese Mom, I didn’t think you guys could last four hours at your advanced age” Kayla teased. Kathy turned and gave Kayla a hard swat on the ass! “Advanced age? I can still take you over my knee Missy!”

The girls were still laughing when RJ came back in the room. “what’s so funny” he wanted to know.”

“Oh nothing – just girl talk” his mother replied.

“Well where’s dad? I was just re-checking everything on the boat and I found two tie down straps that are badly sun-rotted. I think we need to replace them’ RJ said to his mother.

“Kayla give your brother $40 from my cupboard hiding spot please. RJ, why don’t you go to Home Depot and buy some new straps. I’m sure your father would approve” Kathy told her son.

Kayla did as she was told and handed the money to RJ who started to leave. As he went through the garage door Kayla called to him, “wait for me RJ, I’ll go to Home Depot with you.”

As soon as RJ was out of earshot Kayla said to her mom, “No hanky-panky while we’re gone young lady!”

Kathy laughed at her daughter’s remark. “Don’t worry – we’ll be good. Now Go” her mom retorted.

Kayla raced out to RJs truck and slid into the passenger side. She immediately scooted to the middle, not caring if one of their friends might see her sitting beside her brother.

What Kayla hadn’t seen was her father standing in the upstairs bedroom window looking out at them. As Rob watched, he first wondered where RJ was going, and then seeing Kayla scoot over beside RJ; Rob wondered why Kayla was sitting so close to her brother?

As RJ drove away from the house Kayla placed her hand on RJs thigh. Then she ran her hand higher and fondled RJs rapidly swelling manhood through his Levis. “Wanna go somewhere and fuck my brains out for a while big brother?”

“Kayla, God you are one horny girl!. Look sweetie, we really need to get a lot of stuff accomplished while I have dad home with his know-how. Besides, I think Dad would question why it took us so long to run to Home Depot 15 minutes away, and not get home for 2 hours! I promise little sister that in the morning after Dad leaves for work, I’ll slide into your bed and give you the best sex you’ve had in a long, long, time!”

Kayla threw RJ a pouty look, even though she knew he was right. She slid her hand a little lower, but kept it on RJs thigh all the way to the store. Even though Kayla had stopped fondling his penis through his Levis, RJ still had to make an adjustment, before he got out of the truck, less all the customers see he had a raging bonner!

Sunday turned out to be very busy with Rob and RJ replacing straps and finding some more things in need of maintenance, including a badly leaking water pressure pump. Kayla and Kathy went to the store with the food list which Kayla had already adjusted for 4 people instead of 2.

The girls spent the afternoon packing dry goods and clothing into plastic bins. All the food stuff went into the freezer or refrigerator. Kathy explained that Thursday afternoon they would get dry-ice to keep the steaks frozen, and pack everything in the Igloo coolers, then ice everything down.

By 9 PM everything had been rechecked twice and RJ had received some further instruction from his father. They had eaten an impromptu dinner, as all four were busy. Kayla and Kathy had packed some of the clothing items RJ and Kayla would need, but her mother told her, they would put the finishing touches on clothing on Thursday afternoon. Kathy suggested that they needed to check the weather report for the weekend, as it was no use taking jackets for the evening if the heat wave continued. All four showered and collapsed for the night.

Monday morning Kathy and Rob awoke very early. Katy said “I wish you didn’t have to be gone to Washington all week. I really miss sleeping with you!”

Rob leaned in and began kissing Kathy. “I miss you too baby” he said to his beautiful wife. Rob fondled Kathy’s ample breasts and her nipple stiffed immediately, Feeling the nipples rise against the palm of his hand, Rob began to roll and squeeze each nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

Kathy gave a shiver and let out an audible moan as Rob continued to play with her tits. Rob’s hand trailed down her torso and across her flat abdomen. As his hand approached her public mound, Kathy automatically spread her legs to allow him access to her girl-treasure.

Kathy was totally shaved and Rob often told her that he liked the ‘little-girl look’ on her. “God you’re wet baby” Rob said, as his finger slipped into the folds of his wife’s hot pussy, and he sank it to the hilt.

“I’m making lots of girl juice for you – cause I need you cock in me this morning” Kathy said.

“Well I can’t just jump on you and have my way with you. That wouldn’t be fair,” Rob said.

“Yes, that’s exactly what I need. I’ve been dreaming about you fucking me all night, and I’m about to cum from just your finger . . . so get that cock in me buster! Besides, we only have about 30 minutes before we have to get up and get to the train station” Kathy said as she reached for her husband’s rigid cock.

The two lovers made no further foreplay. Rob simply mounted Kathy in conventional position and his iron hard cock sank right to her cervix, as Kathy made an ‘oomph’ noise. Kathy tilted her pelvis and locked her legs around her husband, crossing her ankles. This allowed her the leverage to drive herself up onto Rob’s manhood, each time he was thrusting downward.

Kathy moaned and cried out as Rob pounded her sodden cunt. Squishy noises could be heard as Katy lubricated so much. Kathy began urging her lover on, saying that she was about to cum all over him. Rob stroked furiously, and even though they had only been coupled for 15 minutes, Rob could feel the tension rising in his balls.

“Give me all your baby juice Rob” Katy cried. “Fill my fucking hole up!”

Rob redoubled his efforts and moaned “I’m about to cum . . I’m gonna give you a huge load this morning baby!”

“Yes . . . yes . . . YES . . .give it to me . . . fill me up” Kathy wailed as she humped upward so hard it almost threw Rob off her.

Rob could feel the head of his cock mash into the soft tissue of Kathy’s cervix each time he thrust. Finally he could take no more and jammed his cock into her snatch as hard and far as it would go. Rob suddenly felt a soft elastic like ring around the head of his cock and pulse after pulse of potent baby spunk poured into Kathy.

Feeling Rob’s cock probe into her cervix caused Kathy’s eyes to fly open and she fucked him back furiously, trying to drive his entire length into her womb. “Fuck . . . OH GOD. . . CUMming . . . .” Kathy panted trying to breathe during the throws of one of the most intense orgasms he’d had for a while.

Finally Rob collapsed on top of her and she allowed her legs to fall to his side. Robs softening member was still lodged inside the tip of her cervix though.

“God that was intense” Kathy croaked out.

Glad I please you” Ron whispered, as he planted a kiss on her lips.

“I don’t think you’ve ever gone up inside of me like that before. Man did that feel good!”

“Mmmmm . . .we’ll have to try that position more often” Rob replied.

Rob made an inordinate amount of seminal fluid and Kathy could feel his ample amount of cums starting to leak out of her and run down her butt towards the bed. Kathy pushed on his chest, “time to get up before we make a big mess on the bed.”

Kathy cupped her panties to her crotch as she ran to the bathroom to keep drops of cum from falling on the carpet. She jumped into the warm shower and felt glob after glob of Rob’s seed plop out of her to the shower floor.

Kathy sometimes mused that ‘with all the baby juice that Rob produced, she was amazed she hadn’t been pregnant more than twice. Thank goodness for good birth control pills!