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Long Weekend at the Lake

This is a work of fiction. Of fantasy. It’s called ‘My Right of Free Speech.’ If you do not approve of youngsters engaged in various sexual acts . . . or if you live in one of the God-forsaken States that bans possessing/reading such material . . then please, PLEASE, go someplace else.

This is not some 4 page fuck/suck story. This story consists of almost 30 chapters! It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor. It will be posted in multiple segments.

Lastly, ‘A Special Bond’ is a Trilogy. ‘Long Weekend at the Lake’ is the second part and will be followed by the Prequel and finally by The Later Years.

I’ve spell-checked and re-read the chapters multiple times. Yet I am sure there are spelling errors, grammatical problems and incorrect words. I don’t have an Editor! Just read and enjoy.

Kathy Evans – Age 31 Aunt Karla Peters – Age 36
Rob Evans – Age 36 Uncle Tom Peters – Age 37
RJ Evans – Age 16 Ken Peters – Age 17
Kayla Evans – Age 15 Candace Peters – Age 14

Chapter 1 of 29

School had been out for the summer for weeks now. Robert Jr, or RJ as everyone called him, was starting to feel that edge of boredom. Certainly he had a whole group of school chums, most of who were on the High School Football Team with him. However, several of his buddies were gone on vacation with their parents and siblings. Those that were still in town had started to become a little repetitive to hang out with every day.

Kayla had a gaggle of girlfriends and like most 15 year old teens seemed to spend an eternity on the phone talking to them. Kayla had just finished her freshman year while RJ had completed his sophomore year and he was looking forward to his Junior year and advancement to the Varsity Football Team.

Kayla had blossomed into quite a beauty. She now stood over 5’6” tall and her wavy strawberry blond hair flowed below her shoulder blades and she had pale hazel eyes that seemed to change color with their surroundings. Puberty had come early, no it was more like puberty had arrived like a freight train, upon Kayla. From the age of 11 she started having periods, her hips flared out, her waist narrowed, her strawberry mane seemed to thicken and grow and inch a month, and her breast went from non-existent, to a ‘B’ cup at 12, and now a 34 ‘C’ at age 15. Kayla was not only tall, but athletically built from years of gymnastics, with legs that seemed to go up forever, 34 inch hips and a 21 inch waist. Her stomach was flat and toned, unlike many of the teen girls at Cheyenne High School who had flabby guts!

Kayla’s mother, Kathy, as well as her Aunt Karla, were both natural blonds. Kayla’s father, Rob, had light red hair. The combination of her Mother and Father no doubt accounted for the beautiful head of strawberry blond hair Kayla had. It also gave her just a smattering of freckles about her face, and across her chest. Her father had always told her that freckles were “angel kisses”.

RJ had blond hair like his mother and both he and his sister had very fair complexions.

Shortly after his 16th birthday, RJ approached his father one afternoon. Rob Sr. worked long hours and commuted home on the weekends from Washington DC. RJ understood his father was often exhausted from his work-schedule, so he bided his time in approaching his father.

“Dad, may I have a word with you” RJ asked as he approached his father while lounging on the patio one Saturday afternoon.

“Sure RJ, what’s on your mind, son?”

“Dad, I’ve been thinking that now that I have my driver’s licenses and all, well, I was thinking that I’d like to buy a car.”

“Oh, you have, have you? You know RJ a car is a pretty expensive investment. What were you thinking about getting?”

“Well Dad, I’m thinking that I’d like to get a pickup truck. That way I can have transportation, and if I find a job this summer while school is out, I’d have a truck for my job. I’ve been saving all my money for some time now . . .over two years, and I have about $3,500. I’d like to get a Toyota Tundra like your truck some day, but I know they cost a lot more then what I have right now . . so I figured I could find something older, and maybe smaller. What do you think Dad?”

“Your mother had told me you were saving all your money, for some time now. But you are correct RJ in that you will have a hard time finding a reliable truck for $3,500. How about you let me think about it for a while, and I’ll talk to your Mom about it. OK?”

“Sure Dad. Thanks for thinking it over for me.” RJ knew better than to press when his dad said ‘he’d think about it.’ To press his point further would result in a definite ‘No’!

Late Sunday afternoon RJ and Kayla were watching TV in the Family Room when their parents returned from town. Nothing was said, and Kathy set about making dinner, while Rob got the barbecue fired up. The family sat down to dinner together and after a while, Rob cleared his throat.

“RJ, your mom and I discussed what you approached me with yesterday . . . you know about buying a pickup truck. Well son, we don’t think you should be wasting your $3,500 on some truck that in all probability will be a piece of junk . . . which is about all you could get for that price.”

RJ tried to mask his disappointment, but it showed through on his face. He put on a brave face never the less, and said “I understand, sir. Maybe after I save some more money we can talk about this again,” RJ questioned.

“Well RJ, you Mom and I thought that we’d make you a proposition.”

“What’s that sir?”

“Before I tell you the proposition RJ, I haven’t seen your report card for end of year yet, how are your grades doing in school,” his dad questioned.

“Doing good Dad, I have two ‘A’s and three ‘B’s” RJ reported in a chipper manner. Actually Kayla was a straight ‘A’ student but both Rob and Kathy knew that while school was harder for RJ, he worked at it very diligently.

“Two ‘A’s and three ‘B’s is pretty good RJ . . . which one of those grades is your math grade?”

“Math is one of the ‘B’s Dad” RJ reported.

“Well son, I wish that math was one of the ‘A’s and I’d like you to try and bring that grade up for me next year. OK?”

“Yes Sir, I’ll try . . but I have a hard time with Geometry Dad.”

“Well RJ, those grades are certainly good enough for me to tell you our proposal. As I said your Mom and I don’t think you’ll get much of a truck for $3,500. So our proposal is, we’d like you to put that $3,500 in an account for your college. We’ll match the $3,500 in your college fund if you promise to keep putting your savings in the college fund from here on in.”

RJ swallowed hard. “But Dad if I do that then I’ll never get the money for a car of my own!”

“Oh, I guess I forgot to mention the part where I give you the key and the Pink Slip to what used to be my Toyota Tundra!” Rob passed the ignition keys to RJ attached to a new key fob.

RJ didn’t know what to say. At first he was not sure he grasped what his Dad had just done. His father’s Toyota Tundra was beautiful, about 3 years old, jet black with crew cab and only had about 30,000 miles on it! Finding his voice, RJ finally said “But Dad, if you give me your truck, what are you going to drive when you’re home?”

Rob grinned. You Mom and I just came home from the Toyota dealer, and MY brand new White Toyota Tundra is sitting in the driveway beside your truck!”

Again RJ didn’t know what to say. Kayla however said “Kool. Daddy does this mean that when I get my driver’s license next year I can have Mom’s Mercedes?”

“NO it certainly does not mean that Kayla . . . for what your mother’s Mercedes cost, you could buy a couple of Tundra’s. We’ll cross your bridge when we get to it.”

At that, the whole family went out to the driveway to see Rob’s new truck, complete with all the options available, and for RJ to slide into what was now his new ride.

“Hey big brother,” Kayla grinned, “take me for a ride in your new truck?”

RJ looked questioningly at his dad, and then his mom. They just nodded and Kathy told her children not be gone too long as it was getting dark and she would worry.

RJ gave his dad and mom a huge hug and thanked them profusely. Kayla ran into the house and grabbed her purse. As Kayla flew out of the house she slid into the passenger door of the truck and fastened her seatbelt.

As RJ gingerly backed out of the driveway, Kathy loudly admonished RJ to drive carefully.

As Kathy and Rob walked into the house, Katy lamented “I worry about them being out on the road, particularly at dusk.”

“Relax honey, RJ took Driver’s Training and from what I’ve seen of his driving he seems to be very conscientious” Rob replied. With that, he slapped his wife’s ass to hurry her along inside!

Chapter 2 of 29

“Where would you like to go ‘K’” which was RJ’s pet name for Kayla.

“Let’s go down to our spot at Big Bend, down off Johnson Road” Kayla said to her brother with a wicked grin. Big Bend was a secluded spot along Johnson Creek that Kayla and RJ had discovered some time back. It was ‘their special place.’ They had been there many times to skinny dip and partake of other extracurricular activities!

“You’re kidding ‘K’” RJ said. “Mom told us not to be long.”

“Oh we won’t be very long” Kayla said with an evil look.

Johnson road was two-lane and twisty. RJ kept his eyes glued to the road, carefully approaching each switchback in case there was a slow hay wagon just around the next corner. Kayla had slid over to the center of the seat, once they were out of visual range of both their parents and the general public, including any of their friends they might happen to pass.

Kayla had pulled her blouse out of the skirt she wore and RJ was wondering what all the squirming about was for. Kayla reached her hands up behind her back and under her blouse and unclasped her bra. As only a girl can do, she then shrugged her shoulders and snaked her arms out of the bra straps, still under her blouse. Finally she reached up through and arm hole and withdrew the whole bra. Folding the bra Kayla placed it on the seat and for the first time RJ was fully aware of his sister’s actions.

“Kayla, you are crazy – do you know that” RJ asked?

“Crazy for you big brother” Kayla grinned.

RJ reached the dirt turnoff on Johnson Road that wound its way to the spot they affectionately had named Big Bend. A spot where the creek widened inordinately, it had sandy beaches on both sides and huge overgrown Oak Trees hung over the creek itself extending out from the shores.

The dirt path narrowed and as RJ carefully guided his new truck so as not to scratch the doors on an overhanging bushes, Kayla worked the buttons on her blouse such that it hung open to her waist, barely concealing her light pink areola and darker nipples. Excitement coursed through her, and her nipples stood erect like the erasers on a pencil.

Big Bend was technically on Twin Peaks Ranch, through which Johnson Creek flowed. However, in all the times RJ and Kayla had come to this place, always on bikes before, they had never encountered another soul.

RJ pulled into a wide spot at the end of the dirt path, and cut the engine.

No sooner had he started to turn towards his sister, than she thrust herself into his arms and started kissing him wantonly. Conditioned mouths opened for one another and tongues started to swirl. As RJ returned his sister’s passionate kisses, instinctively his hand rose to her breast as it always did at these times. RJ’s hand found Kayla’s blouse already open and her ample and firm breasts exposed to his touch, absent her bra.

Kayla finally came up for air as RJ rolled Kayla’s engorged nipple between his thumb and forefinger, causing an involuntary shiver from his sister. “God I needed this RJ” Kayla whispered in his ear breathlessly.

“My, aren’t you a horny little thing this evening” RJ teased her.

“Damn right I am” Kayla said, “what with Daddy home for the weekend, we haven’t had sex since Friday afternoon!”

“K, sometimes I think you are a nymphomaniac!” RJ continued to tease his sister, all the while fondling her wonderful tits.

“Look who’s talking. I suppose you aren’t horny at all RJ?” Kayla leaned in and started planting kisses all over his face, increasing her sense of urgency.

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RJ ran his fee hand up his sister’s thigh and Kayla automatically spread her legs wider, urging her brother to touch her female treasure.

RJ cupped her sex. “Jesus K, you’re absolutely dripping sex. What’s gotten into you tonight?”

“What’s gotten into me is that I have thought about nothing else but you fucking me, for two days now!”

RJ snaked his finger under the elastic of his sister’s panties and was greeted by a gooey mess. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt you so wet as you are now, sis” RJ again said.

“God RJ, I want you to fuck me so bad . . . .but I’m mid cycle right now, and we don’t have any rubbers!” RJ knew his sister was right, they both understood the rules and understood they were inviolate. Still he had the urge to rip off her panties and pound his cock into her soppy pussy right this instant.

RJ thrust two fingers into her swampy womanhood and there was so much sex-lube it made squishy sounds. “God Yes! RJ finger fuck me. Rub my clitty brother, I really need to get off!”

RJ pushed his two fingers into his younger sister as far as they would go and started to rub Kayla’s most sensitive spot with his thumb. “YES . . . oh Jesus, RJ, . . . . I’m gonna cum so quick baby . . . . fuck, you make me so hot big brother . . .”

RJ continued finger-fucking his sister through the leg-hole of her panties, Each time his fingers thrust, more girl-goo would ooze out making Kayla’s panties sodden. Kayla’s cries and moans were stifled only in that RJ had his mouth glued to hers and was busy plunging her mouth with his tongue. Each time RJ thrust his fingers in, Kayla would buck wildly on his hand.

Suddenly Kayla pushed back, breaking the kiss. She let out a shrill scream and her whole body went rigid. Kayla grabbed RJ’s wrist and held it hard against her pelvis, pressed on RJs thumb with her clit with all her might. She was panting so hard, her whole body rigid, and focused on the volcano erupting in her loins, that RJ feared she would hyperventilate.

After a minute, Kayla collapsed into a heap and tried to catch her breath. “You alright K?” RJ looked as his panting sister with concern.

“No I’m not OK you fool” Kayla laughed, “I am in ecstasy! RJ, I just can’t imagine that there is another guy on the planet that can bring a girl off with their fingers . . . like you can.” With that Kayla struggled to sit up and again planted a very wet ‘thank-you’ kiss on her brothers lips.

As Kayla started to try and straighten her dripping panties and skirt, RJ spun in his seat and looked like he was going to start the truck.

“What are you doing, RJ? Hold on a minute” Kayla said to her brother. She then grasped the passenger door handle and leaped out of the truck.

RJ thought that his sister needed to pee and was going to squat behind a bush. Instead, she raced around the truck and opened his driver’s side door. “Turn sideways big brother,” Kayla said, “turn-about is fair play.” As he did Kayla reached into his lap and began to unzip his pants. She had to be careful as RJ’s ample cock was straining at full erection against his blue jeans.

“You don’t have to do that K,” RJ said.

“Maybe I don’t, but I really want to. You just gave me a super orgasm and I love you so much, I want to make you feel good too” Kayla told her brother.

“What I SHOULD do, is let you fuck me with that giant cock of yours RJ . . . . mid-cycle or not . . . . rubbers or no rubbers . . . . I really should let you dump your load in me!”

“It’s OK sis . . . I really don’t mind waiting” RJ assured her.

“No it’s not OK, RJ . . . .you’ll just wind up jacking-off later . . . I know you are very horny and we won’t be able to sleep together with Daddy home for the weekend. I’m so stupid, I don’t know why I didn’t think to grab some rubbers before we left” Kayla finished.

Kayla had worked the zipper down on RJs Levis and had his cock free of his underwear.

RJ had an unusual cock for a 16 year old, in that it was approaching 9 inches. They knew because he and Kayla had measured it once. They had a debate about whether you were supposed to measure a guy’s cock from the top, from tip to public bone, or on bottom from tip to ball-sack. RJ had assured his sister you were supposed to measure on the top. So, they had measured on the top and found it just short of 9 inches, and almost 2 1/4 inches around.

Kayla had asked RJ if he was done growing his penis yet and RJ had said he wasn’t sure. Kayla was OK if he didn’t get any longer, as sometimes he would hurt her a little bit when he hit bottom. However, RJ said he would like to get thicker.

Kayla said she didn’t know why boys were so concerned with their penis size, as she couldn’t believe that being thicker could provide her any greater pleasure that RJ gave her now. RJ told her that boys worry about size, for the same reason girls worry about how big their tits are gonna get!

Once Kayla had RJs cock free of his underwear, she started to stroke him up and down, as she had a hundred times before.

“RJ, don’t hold back . . we don’t have a lot of time and I want to make you feel good for tonight.” With that Kayla wrapped her lips around the head of RJs cock while she continued to stroke his shaft for all she was worth.

RJ moaned as his sister’s warm lips engulfed his manhood. She had this technique of swirling her tongue all around his Glans, followed by a sudden and strong sucking sensation. This drove RJ mad every time she did this. RJ knew that at some point she would bite him. RJ had admonished his sister a hundred times not to nip at the head of his cock! Kayla always laughed and told him to ‘be a man about it . . . besides a little pain is good for you!’

Somehow, Kayla would sense when RJ was getting close. Perhaps it was the imperceptible (to him) swelling and widening of the head of his cock. At that point, just as RJ would be feeling the stirring in his balls, she would strike. She called it a ‘love bite’ . . . just a little nip, she would say. But to RJ’s engorged and ready to pop member, it would feel like a dragon had chomped down on him!

Perhaps Kayla had some masochistic genes. Secretly, RJ had to admit to himself that although it was painful to have the head of one’s penis bitten, it only lasted a second and the heightened rush it gave him when he ejaculated was immense!

Kayla practiced her technique and each time she sucked hard, RJ bucked his hips against his sister’s warm mouth. After just a few minutes, Kayla has him worked to a fever pitch. He wondered how she had become so excellent at this, as he knew for a fact that his sister had never performed this act with anyone but him.

Suddenly he felt it, the stirring deep in his loins. The guttural urge to release. He bucked his hips and there it was . . .the painful nip on the head of his cock, which in turn sent him over the edge. RJ saw an explosion of stars as the combination of the painful bite and the surge of his semen created an exquisite orgasm for the 16 year old boy.

RJ had another sexual oddity. He produced an unusual amount of seminal fluid. When he popped, squirt after squirt roped it way into his sister’s sucking mouth and down her throat. Kayla loved his taste and would love to drink his cum all day, if she could.

After about 5 or 6 very strong ejaculations, followed by a couple of minor contractions RJ felt in his balls and prostate, he collapsed in a heap in the driver’s seat. Kayla licked him clean and stood upright now in the door.

“So, big brother, was I a passable cock-sucker for you this evening?”

“Kayla, you know I don’t like it when you call yourself a cock-sucker. But yes, you are one very accomplished person at oral sex!” RJ could only grin back at Kayla’s smile, knowing she had just given her brother . . . her lover . . . much pleasure this evening.

Kayla walked around the truck, buttoning and tucking in her blouse to her skirt, and jumped in the passenger side. “We better be getting back” Kayla said, “mom will be getting worried. She told us not to be gone long.”

RJ put the truck in reverse and carefully backed out of ‘their spot’ onto Johnson road. As he accelerated out of sight, 11 year old Penny Benjamin stood up from the spot where she had been crouched in the bushes. Penny was dressed in a two-piece bathing suit and she had a towel around her neck. The bottoms of her two piece suit were around her knees and she was furiously rubbing that ‘special spot’ she had recently discovered between her legs. She was there now, and felt the tightening in her tummy that signaled that ‘good feeling’ that rubbing her ’special spot’ always created.

As Penny rubbed her clit furiously, suddenly there it was. She shuddered and became totally rigid as she pushed on her magic place. Her breathing was ragged and her chest had a deep flush to it. She had had yet another ‘good feeling’ as she called it.

As Penny pulled her bathing suit up, she thought to herself, ‘I don’t know who those kids were, but I hope I can see them again some time!’ While Penny could not see what the boy in the truck had done to the girl, she certainly had a bird’s eye view of what the girl had done to the boy. She and her girlfriends had giggled about ‘blow jobs’, as her girlfriend called them, but she had never seen one before.

It didn’t take RJ long to drive home. As he and Kayla entered the house through the garage they found their father sitting at the kitchen table reading the paper and their mother at the sink just finishing the dishes.

Rob Evans didn’t look up from his paper but he asked his children “So, where did you two wind up going?”

Kayla hated lying to her Daddy, but she couldn’t very well tell him where they had really been. So, she said the first thing that came to her mind. “Oh we just went and had some Ice Cream.”

Kathy Evans was just turning from the sink to look at her daughter. As she did, she glanced up and down her daughter. Kathy reached out as Kayla passed, grasped Kayla’s wrist and simply said “come here honey,” pulling the teen girl toward the sink.

It took Kathy all of 1 second to note that her daughter was not wearing a bra . . .and she was quite sure she had been when they left.

Still grasping Kayla’s wrist, Kathy picked up a damp dishrag from the sink. Kathy had a bemused look on her face when she said to her daughter “looks like you got some of that ‘cream’ on your blouse honey!” Kayla’s eyes got huge and the expression on her face said ‘what are you doing, Mom?’ and gestured at her father with her eyes, as he sat, still reading the paper.

Kathy still had a smirk on her face as she said to Kayla “I wasn’t sure it would cum . . .off.” Kathy had made a very slight pause between the word ‘cum’ and ‘off’ as she rubbed the glob of semen with the dishcloth.

“Kayla, why don’t you put that blouse in the washer so it won’t stain, sweetie? Then you can go and take your shower.” Aside from the stain on the blouse, Kayla reeked of sex and Kathy could smell the girl.

As Kathy released Kayla’s wrist, Kayla’s eyes were still wide. It was all Kathy could do not to burst into laughter. As Kayla exited the room, Rob sat there still reading the paper and totally unawares.

A couple of minutes later, RJ reappeared in the kitchen. “where is K” he asked his mom.

“She’s doing some laundry, why don’t you see if you can give her a hand RJ”

“OK” he said cheerfully, and went in search of his sister.

Bt the time RJ found Kayla, she was already in the shower. He was tempted to jump in with her, but that was way too risky with their father home. Sometime later, RJ entered Kayla’s bedroom and found her already propped up in bed, reading.

“Going to bed early tonight K?”

“Yea, I’m kind of tired tonight. I think you wore me out” she said with a wide grin. “RJ I need to tell you what happened when I came in from the garage earlier though.”

Kayla then went on to explain to her brother that their mother had found a dollop of Cum on her blouse and made a show of cleaning it off. RJ just laughed. But Kayla said that she was quite sure their mother had been enjoying her discomfort with their dad in the room reading the newspaper.

RJ leaned in and gave Kayla a big hug and a very warm goodnight kiss. “God, I hate not being able to sleep together when dad is home on the weekends” RJ said.

“Daddy is off back to Washington in the morning. After he leaves why don’t you come in and surprise me? I love the way you wake me up” Kayla laughed out loud.

RJ gave her a quick peck and said “see you in the morning. Love you little sis.”

“I love you too big brother, g’nite.”