Spring Break Ch. 02

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tagIncest/TabooSpring Break Ch. 02

My brother Bill couldn't come that night so I had my two "daughters" to myself that evening. Sharon was more relaxed and I took more time with her. She came twice on my tongue and fingers, and my cock slid in and out pretty easily.
I was able to enjoy Tammi as well, and we had quite a night. Bill was coming the next night, so I decided to take the girls shopping for some special things to wear for Bill and me. We went to a lingerie specialty shop and picked out a couple of nice outfits. Sharon was a little harder to fit, but we got her a sheer black lace bra and panty set with a garter belt and stockings and a sexy red teddy. Tammi found a lacy blue camisole and matching panties. I slipped into the dressing room and watched them try them on.
"These will blow Bill's mind" I told them, and they smiled and hugged me to say thanks.
The girls cooked a great Italian dinner. Bill and I chatted a bit. He had enjoyed a night or two with Tammi when I was out of town on business. His daughter was about the same age and was kinda flirty but had never indicated any sexual interest in him.
After dinner the girls went back to their room to change. Tammi was in her new outfit and Sharon was in the bra and panty set.
"Are you gentlemen ready for your dessert?" Tammi asked, as they walked back in. I was sitting in a large chair and Bill was on the couch. Sharon came and sat in my lap, wiggling her ass against my stiffening cock.
Tammi knelt in front of Bill and unzipped his pants. His cock popped out right away and Tammi went to work on it. She really was a talented little cocksucker and Bill leaned back on the couch to enjoy it. Sharon and I watched as her head bobbed up and down. "Watch and learn." I whispered as I lowered a bra strap and pinched her taut nipple. "See how she varies the pace? I bet her tongue is giving him a good time. Bill will have a hard time not giving her a mouthful of his cum."
Her mouth found mine as I unhooked the flimsy bra and slid it off her shoulders. She was still a little nervous and self-conscious as she asked if I wanted her to do what Tammi was doing.
"Sure, baby, just take your time. It takes a little getting used to. Just take the tip in your mouth and press your tongue against it."
Tammi was bent over the arm of the couch now, with Bill's cock pumping in and out of her, her panties pulled down to her knees.
Sharon took to cocksucking like a duck to water. In no time she had four inches in her mouth. She gagged a little but she was a trooper and kept at it. "Use a little more suction and take as much as you can." She complied and I told her she was doing great.
"Don't stop, Uncle Bill!! Fuck me harder!!" Tammi moaned as Bill held her hips and used her tight young pussy, lifting her to her toes with each deep thrust.
Sharon managed to get almost all of my cock in her hot mouth, and I was loving her enthusiasm. I reached down to fondle her nipples, and she let out a low moan.
We could hear Bill's legs slap into Tammi's as he took her hard. I had always been pretty gentle with her, but she liked it rough sometimes and Bill was glad to fill that need for her. I lifted Sharon onto my lap, facing me. I sucked her hard nipples and reached between her legs. I teased her clit through her moist lacy panties—a feather touch. She pulled my head into her chest and tried to press into my finger.
"No hurry, baby. We have all night." I pushed her panties aside and pressed against her clit.
I could feel her thighs tremble. "That feels sooooooo good." She whispered. Her pussy tightened around my finger as I pushed all the way in at the same time I sucked a nipple deep, then inhaled to make it cool and even harder.
I sensed that she was about to cum, but I wanted to make her beg for it, so I slowed down and whispered "No rush, baby. You can cum when I decide it's time."
Bill groaned as he filled Tammi with a load of his cream. She had already cum twice and was having to lean on the arm of the couch to keep from falling.
They both collapsed on the couch and settled in to watch the show Sharon and I were putting on. She had this pleading look in her eyes as I told her to stand and take off her panties. I let her stand there for about a minute and then had her straddle me again. I let her take the tip of my cock inside and pressed it against her clit.
"Tell me what you want, baby."
"I want you to fuck me…daddy. Please!! Put that big cock in me!!"
I slid forward a bit and a couple of inches slid into her. Her pussy was dripping wet now and I could tell she really needed it bad.
"You need to ask nicer, baby. Daddy doesn't believe you really want it."
"Please, daddy!! My pussy is so wet for you!!"
I slid forward and it went almost all the way in. She tried to ride up and down on it but I held her in place and sucked her nipples as she whimpered "Please, daddy, don't tease me, I need it bad!!"
I responded by lifting her up and then pulling her down as I thrust up into her. Her pussy tightened around my cock and she hugged me so tightly I could hardly breathe. She started to slide up and down on me, as I sucked her nipples some more, flicking them between my teeth and tongue. Soon she was impaling herself on my cock with abandon, her ample tits bouncing as she did.
"Cum for daddy, baby." I whispered, as she slid down one last time and cried out. "NNNNNNNGGGGGG!!" as her pussy squeezed my cock so tight it almost hurt.
I let her rest for a minute and then lifted her up and down with my knees until she felt my cock pumping her full of hot cream.
She leaned into me, hard nipples pressed to my chest. "I'm so glad Tammi invited me here, daddy."
"You can visit any time, baby."

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