Spring Break with Cocky Bros Pt. 04

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tagGroup SexSpring Break with Cocky Bros Pt. 04

It was pretty obvious that today would be different. For starters, Drew and Leslie absconded to the bathroom to shower together. They didn't ask if I wanted to join—just ignored me and left me lying in a pile of cum with Drew's seed all over my face.
I tried to wipe it off the best I could and put on a pair of boxers. I then made my way to the kitchen, where I found Nick and Brayden cooking brunch. Neither had bothered to put on any clothes, and both cooked fully naked with their big fucking cocks swinging around the kitchen. I was floored by their audacity and sheer masculinity. Even though their older brother had just creamed a load down my throat, there was something about their mammoth mancocks that were even more impressive than their older brother's.
Nick and Brayden laughed as they saw me staring at their dicks, with my own covered up beneath by boxers.
"Enjoying the view?" Brayden asked me.
"You should take a picture—it lasts longer," Nick joked.
"Uh . . . good morning," I replied awkwardly.
The boys just laughed as I shimmied away towards the outdoor shower. It was the only place I could think of to get away from the Cox bros and all their massive cocks.
The outdoor shower had an incredible view of the Pacific but also had walls on three sides to afford a modicum of privacy. As I turned on the hot water and let it pour over me, I was surprised to hear the sound of footsteps coming towards me. To my surprise, Monica stepped into the shower fully naked.
Monica Kim had always been the girl of my dreams. With a perfect face, incredible tits, and a shapely, Korean, hourglass frame, she was a total and complete package. And as if this was my ultimate wet dream, Monica was now in the shower with me, alone and completely naked.
"Good morning!" she said whimsically.
"Good morning," I replied.
"How are you holding up after last night?" she asked.
"I'm doing okay," I replied. "Better now that you've joined me," I added, after an awkward silence.
Monica laughed and asked if I was trying to hit on her.
"Not really," I said, turning to continue showering.
"It's okay," Monica said. "You can ask if you want to."
"Really?" I replied.
"Really," she said. "Just tell me what you want."
I looked back to Monica's sexy figure and voluptuous tits. They weren't quite as big as Leslie's but were still impressive, and I'd always lusted after them in science lab.
"Tell me," she repeated.
"Ummm," I hesitated. "Can I feel them?"
"Feel what?" she asked coyly.
"Feel your tits," I replied.
I realized that I probably sounded like a silly teenage boy. A real man like Nick, Brayden, or Drew would never ask to feel a girl's "tits."
"Sure!" Monica quipped, to my surprise. "On one condition."
"What's that?" I asked.
"I want to feel your little boycock too."
I was embarrassed that Monica said this, but it wasn't altogether surprising. She had commented on my diminutive size the day before and seemed intrigued by my smaller penis. Even though I felt emasculated, I was willing to do whatever it took to fondle the breasts of the girl of my dreams.
"Sure thing," I said.
Monica walked over and flicked my little boydick. It was still a soft three inches but rapidly rising. I reached over and started gently massaging Monica's right boob. It felt full and luscious in my hand, and I quickly grabbed her left breast with my other hand.
As I made myself familiar with Monica's breasts—touching them, caressing them, and feeling her nipples—Monica started gently stroking my penis. In no time at all, it grew to its full five inches and was as excited as it had ever been despite orgasming just minutes before.
Monica took her hand off my penis and admired its lack of length. Rubbing her index finger against it, she compared my cock to her entire hand. Even though she was a relatively petite Asian girl with tiny hands, my penis was slightly smaller than her hand.
"I've never seen one this small," Monica commented. "Even my Asian boyfriends back in high school were bigger."
It hurt me that the girl of my dreams was openly insulting my cock size but also turned me on like crazy. My rock-hard five incher lunged towards Monica as she said this.
"I always assumed you'd have a big dick in the lab," Monica continued. "You're so tall, handsome, confident, so I figured you'd be way bigger than Drew."
I now did everything I could to try not to orgasm as Monica examined my cock but didn't stroke it.
"Even my little brother probably has a bigger penis than you," she went on. "He showed it to me once because he thought it was too small. All of his friends made fun of him for being Korean in school and said he had a tiny penis. But he at least had five and a half inches and bigger balls than you do."
As Monica said this, my penis throbbed and leaked out a stream of pre-cum. Monica saw this and kept taunting me.
"Do you like me talking about your penis this way?" she cooed. "Would you like to compare with my little brother and see how much bigger he is than you?"
I'd now stopped fondling Monica's boobs, as all of my attention was now focused on attempting to stop my looming explosion. I didn't want to cum in front of Monica in such a humiliating fashion. Not like this and not without touching more of her incredible body.
But as Monica kept brushing her small Asian hand against my cock, she uttered words that brought me closer to orgasm.
"I can't believe how small you are compared to Nick and Brayden. You're literally half their size and smaller hard than they are soft."
"I always thought that Drew had a smaller cock, and he often told me so himself. But compared to you, he's huuuuuuge!"
Monica started stroking my little boydick as she said this, pushing me closer to the point of no return.
"What if everyone in our lab saw you naked and how you measured up?" she said. "I bet our college interns have bigger dicks than you!"
"And every day in lab I see you looking at my tits and ass—fucking me with your eyes. Did you ever think that you'd fuck me with such a tiny tool!?"
"UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I yelled at the top of my lungs. At this point, I couldn't hold back and exploded as Monica's hand barely touched my cock. My torrent of cum sprayed all over her breasts, stomach, and crotch, showering her with cum.
"Wow," was all she said. "I can't believe you're a quick shooter too."
Silence clung to the air as I realized what had happened. The hottest girl of my dreams had just jerked me off to orgasm in less than a minute, all while insulting and making fun of my penis. Even her little brother had a bigger cock than me! she'd said. As Monica turned around towards the shower, I begged her to wait.
"What is it?" she asked.
"Can I lick it off?"
"What?" she said.
"You know."
At that moment, I dropped to my knees and begged Monica to come closer. My little five incher was still throbbing as the sexiest girl I'd ever seen came towards me. She still had my semen all over her boobs, stomach, and crotch, and I greedily dove right in.
I started at the top by licking off my cum from her breasts. They tasted as amazing as they'd felt, and my cum surprisingly didn't taste that bad. I then licked and worshipped her tight stomach, tracing my tongue along her abs. Then finally I worked my way down to the holy grail: Monica Kim's tight, sexy snatch.
I wanted to show her that I was more than just a penis: that I could also bring my girlfriend to orgasm every night with just my tongue. After licking off my semen from Monica's crotch, I dove at her pussy. Starting slowly, I licked around her clitoris before inserting my tongue. Just as I'd done to Leslie just minutes before, I gradually increased my intensity as Monica started moaning more and more.
The taste of my cum mixed with Monica's pussy juice as my mouth made her wet and horny. As she scanned the view of the Pacific from our outdoor shower, she held my head in place as I lapped at her labia and holy grail.
Monica's words of encouragement made me try even harder, and I plunged my tongue deep into her vagina. I licked around her vaginal canal, worshiping that expanded wetness, and discovering the secrets of Monica's inner sanctuary.
After several minutes of bringing Monica to the brink of orgasm, I pulled back out and pressed my tongue against her clit. Using short, fast flicks of my tongue, I pushed her to the point of no return.
Monica flooded my mouth and face with her pussy juice, cumming even more than Leslie. Her orgasm was one of the biggest I'd ever seen and I greedily lapped it up: her slutty little pussy boy. Monica held my head in place until I licked up all of her juices and worshipped her sexy legs. She was such a total hottie that I had no qualms licking her body in such a subservient fashion.
"That was amazing," Monica said. "How did Nick and Brayden's cum taste?"
"WHAT?!" I asked, surprised and caught off guard.
"They both fucked me a dozen times last night and I hadn't showered off yet. . ."
Oh fuck, I thought. All of the pride I felt at bringing Monica to orgasm now came crashing down on me. I thought she was absurdly wet from just my tongue. But the taste of semen I encountered on her crotch wasn't mine alone. Instead, I'd unwittingly lapped up the seed of both of the younger Cox bros.
"I almost didn't need to shower if I knew about your tongue!" Monica joked.
Fuck, I thought. The day had just begun but was already off to a rocky start.
Later that evening, it was my turn to cook dinner. As I whipped up some mushrooms and pasta, the girls and the Cox brothers relaxed in their bedrooms, leaving me to myself. I put on underwear now for posterity's sake, but everyone else was fully naked. There were no more inhibitions on our last night of spring break.
I called the group together and poured everyone a round of wine. The guys' flaccid soft cocks still looked damn impressive, and the girls clearly ogled them throughout the meal. All of us boys also couldn't help but stare at Leslie and Monica's picture-perfect bodies, feasting on them with our eyes. Even though my little boyhood had been woefully ignored recently, I couldn't help enjoying the girls' scrumptious bodies.
After dinner, the crew decided to play a board game for our last night at the beach house. Though Twister had been such a raucous success the night before, the other board game available was Monopoly. Thankful that this game promised to be more tame, I readily agreed to play. Still in my underwear, I sat on the couch in between Nick and Leslie, with Drew and Monica on a smaller sofa and Brayden in a chair alone. All of them were naked except me, the most prudish of the bunch, hiding what they had already seen so many times before.
The game started out normally. We divvied up the money, choose pieces, and started rolling the dice. Leslie, Nick, and Drew all acquired property in the first few rolls. I landed on Community Chest.
Everything seemed normal until Monica landed on Vermont Avenue, which Nick had just purchased. "I have a proposal for ya, babe," he said. "Instead of paying me for rent, how 'bout you do a favor?"
Monica seemed intrigued by this proposal. "What kind of favor?"
"A sexual one," Nick said slyly.
Monica giggled but didn't say no. With his massive man-meat hanging lower than both his brothers, Nick was certainly persuasive. His ripped and muscular body from being a star quarterback also had a commanding presence that exuded dominance.
"Name your request," Monica said, agreeing to the dare.
"I dare you to give me a lap dance for one minute," he said.
All of us watched silently as Monica got up from the love seat and came over to the couch. Right next to me and Leslie, she hopped onto Nick and flung her massive tits into his face. Wiggling her body, she descended on his hardening cock and started gyrating above his torso. Like a skilled stripper, she bobbed up and down as she rubbed against his body. Feeling his rock-hard muscles, she massaged his pecs and nibbled at his ear.
But before we knew it, the lap dance was over and Monica returned to her seat. As she looked back to Nick, she smiled as she noticed his long, semi-erect shaft. Even without being fully hard, it easily put the rest of us to shame.
Brayden's turn was next and he landed on Leslie's property. She was delighted that this other sexy stud now had to pay his "rent" with a favor.
"Name your price," Brayden said to my girlfriend.
Leslie looked pensive as she thought this over. Finally, she smiled and said "I want you to massage and lick my feet."
Brayden willingly dropped to the floor and started caressing Leslie's feet. Massaging them with his hands, he darted his tongue between her toes, striking her most sensitive and ticklish area. As Leslie giggled, she looked down at this naked college stud and soaked up the sight. For the next minute, this sexy teenager worshipped her feet, bringing her unparalleled pleasure. I was starting to realize that naked Monopoly might even be more intense than naked Twister.
The game continued uneventfully as everyone purchased a couple properties. I acquired a railroad, Drew bought St. Charles Place, Leslie bought Marvin Gardens, and Monica got Pacific Avenue. Everything was going great until Brayden landed on Leslie's property again. She could not have been more delighted that this sexy college stud was once again at her service.
Leslie looked pensive as she thought up a new dare. Finally, she announced her result. "I want you to go to the kitchen and get whipped cream. Spray it on my pussy before licking it off."
Frankly, I was shocked that my girlfriend was this mischievous. Apparently a horny weekend with the Cox brothers had given her plenty of sexy ideas.
With his long and low-hanging dick leading the way, Brayden hurried to the kitchen to grab the whipped cream. He then sprayed a surprising amount onto Leslie's pussy and crotch. Like an eager teenager, he then dove in and started licking it up.
Starting slowly, he licked up each of Leslie's legs and down from her abdomen. He saved the best for last and savored the area around her pussy, gently licking and caressing its lips. After a couple minutes, every drop of whipped cream was gone and Leslie was in heaven. "That felt so fucking good," she said. "Thank you."
Feeling on Cloud 9, Leslie went next. But to her dismay, she landed on Drew's property. With an evil smile, my best friend looked at my girlfriend and told her that he wanted her to do the exact same thing. "Spray whipped cream on my dick and lick it off," he said.
Drew's cock was fully flaccid at a respectable 4.5-inches. But as Leslie started to lick whipped cream off his shaft and balls, it slowly started to rise. Re-doubling her efforts, she licked it more thoroughly until it was fully throbbing. But to Drew's chagrin, the whipped cream disappeared at the same time he reached full mast. Leslie finished the dare but Drew was now horny and fully erect.
It was Drew's turn next and he landed on Chance. "Continue to the Reading Railroad," said that card. But unfortunately for Drew, that card was owned by me. Now I had the chance to do whatever I wanted to my best friend, who currently had a raging hard-on thanks to my devious girlfriend. Here was my chance to make my best friend do whatever I wanted.
Earlier this morning, he had seduced me to suck his dick this morning right in front of my girlfriend. And now it was time for payback.
As I stood up from the couch, I told him to "suck my dick." I couldn't believe that the words had come out of my mouth and everyone else couldn't either. Everyone know stared at me and Drew.
"Come on, man—don't make me do any gay stuff!" he complained.
After watching Leslie suck the whipped cream off Drew's dick, my own penis was now at its full 5.2 inches. And as I walked towards Drew, the difference in our cock size was apparent for all to see. He had a full two inches on me and was much thicker. But in that moment, I ordered him to drop to his knees and suck me off.
Drew was reluctant and embarrassed to drop to his knees in front of my penis. But he respected the rules of the game and honored his word, dropping to his knees in front of his brothers and our girlfriends.
My cocky best friend slowly took my cock in his hand and started stroking it. "WooooWoooo!" Monica cheered jokingly.
"Not sure if you'll be able to fit that huge dick down your throat bro!" Brayden added.
"I never knew you liked to suck dick, man!" Nick teased him.
For a brief moment, it felt incredible to have Drew to submit to me in front of our girlfriends and his younger brothers. I'd felt so humiliated sucking Drew's thick and massive cock in front of my girlfriend and now wanted to make him feel the same exact way.
But as soon as Drew started stroking my cock, I already felt like I was on the verge of cumming. And Drew seemed to sense this too. Using both his hands, he started massaging my balls and stroking me faster and faster.
"Ugh, ugh, ugh," I moaned. "Suck…….on……it……"
I struggled to get the words out as Drew closed his grip more tightly on my cock and jerked it even faster. He then very slowly started leaning his head forward until his lips were just inches from my penis. But right as his lips were about to touch it, I couldn't hold back any longer.
"UGHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed as cum started shooting from my penis. Drew immediately moved back but kept jerking me, so that I exploded all over the floor.
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! I thought. Drew's lips hadn't even touched my cock as cum started to shoot out of it. In less than a minute, I'd gone from hero to zero and was now dropping a load all over the floor as Drew jerked off my modest and mediocre cock. I didn't even hit his face or lips with cum, but got a bit on his hand and fingers.
"Damn," Nick said, "he sure is a quick shooter!"
"Oh my god," Monica added. "That was even more pathetic than earlier today in the shower!"
"I was gonna suck your dick man." Drew explained. "But I didn't expect you to cum in like two seconds. I'm going to get you back for that dare though! Prepare to get OWNED."
As Drew stood up, his own thick dick had deflated quite a bit, but it was still longer and thicker than my throbbing erection. I felt so humiliated to shoot my load so quickly in front of everyone in the room. And now I was terrified at what Drew would do to me for revenge.
As my penis shrunk back down to its flaccid size, the Cox bros were just warming up. Monica's turn was next and she quickly landed on Nick's property. Nick said that he wanted to fuck her massive tits and asked that she suck him off first. As this sexy vixen had already done a dozen times over the week, she took Nick's massive softie into her mouth to get him fully erect. Even though I'd now seen it more than a dozen times, Nick's incredibly thick ten-inch shaft still shocked me every time. It was so manly and imposing as it fucked back and forth between Monica's breasts.
Unlike my quick trigger, Nick didn't cum from fucking Monica's boobs. After ten minutes, his dick looked thick and throbbing but still ready to do more damage before it unleashed its load.
Brayden went next and once again landed on Leslie's property. "I need your fucking dick inside me right now!" she screamed.

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