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I’m inherited a property of 75 acres and bored with my career decided on a SeaChange. I would move to property 2017 and work from there, instead of the noisy city. I divorced and no children, my career ended my marriage according to her it came first. At 39 and single again I moved to the property and into the house 4bedroom 2bathroom old style and with some renovation it was perfect for me. I wasn’t into roaming the property at the time, but I got a couple of horses and started riding around the property. It was then I saw an old RV and it was setup as camp and they had been there for a while. They had another car and used it to get around, I was going to get them removed. I found out there was 3 women living rough as they say and doing spot work to get by. Nobody knew where they were camped. Our small town didn’t have a police station or a police officer. They were based at the county seat 25 miles away. I could’ve rung them but had other things on my mind and as the squatters weren’t causing me any problems. So, I would let it till I was ready to do something about them they weren’t a priority. The house was bigger than my old apartment and I decided to a housekeeper to come a couple of days a week to maintain it for me. I thought some local might want to earn some extra money, I put a notice at the local shop in our town. It was several days before anyone took an interest in the job; it was the mother 56 of the 3 squatters. I had seen her and her 2 daughters at their camp, as she was the person to show interest, she got the job. I got to know her and decided to leave them be. They weren’t causing any problems for me, and I was happy with the hard-working mother. A couple of months passed, and I was getting along as I had wanted on moving to the property. Then there was a bad storm and several buildings in the town were damaged. So, I went to get on my squatters and their RV was damaged by a falling tree, otherwise no other damage and nobody hurt. The RV had roof damage and wasn’t watertight anymore with more storms forecast. I offered them my spare rooms until their RV was repaired. Once we were all living together things started to happen, meaning I bedded one daughter 35 and then the other 31. I’ve never been backward in my actions, finally bedding the mother as well, they weren’t centerfold models but were sexy enough for me. with me regularly sleeping with them it was only a matter of time before one of the daughters got pregnant. It happened it was the older daughter, and she was quickly followed by the younger one. I now have 3 children 4 and almost 4 and 2, not married to either daughter, I’m still fucking their mother as well. The RV was removed and scrapped we have weathered the pandemic together and get on great also my lovers are pregnant again and a few moths time I’ll have 2 more children.

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