Stacey’s Feet Ch. 04

tagFirst TimeStacey's Feet Ch. 04

Stacey helped pull Jill to her feet, and this time pushed Jake down on his back. "You've already mounted her today, stud," she explained, "seems only fair she should get to ride you now." Jake smiled his agreement, and watched as Jill – first eagerly, then with growing apprehension – straddled him and began to position his cock at her entrance. She hesitated, and looked at him with uncertainty.
"Jill, if you aren't comfortable doing this, that's okay!" he reassured her, worried she was scared. "We can just do whatever – oh FUCK!"
His kind, non-pressuring words had made her realize he was the guy she wanted to give her virginity to, and she determinedly sank lower, taking his head inside her snug passage. She was even tighter than Stacey!
"Jake! Yes! Stretch me!" she gasped, feeling his cock pushing against the walls of her cunt as she sank slowly lower. When she started to slow, he began a gentle rocking motion, easing himself slightly further in and then out of her vice-like pussy. The pressure and friction were mind-boggling, and he had to breathe steadily and consciously to avoid just filling her right away.
"Oh Jill, baby, you're so tight…" he grunted to her, and saw her shiver when he sank back in deeper than before.
"I want you… All the way… Please… Take me!" she shouted. Jake was going to tell her no, but she lifted herself up and then released her weight, plunging down and taking his entire shaft within her. Jill's hymen tore apart suddenly and her innermost recesses were filled with his cock as he uttered a shocked exclamation and she was overcome with pain that quickly turned to pleasure.
"OH FUCK! OHHHHHH THAT HURTS! Oh Jake, oh you're too big, that's – oh yes! Oh that feels good! Yes, I'm so full! You're completely filling me! I'm yours Jake, you just made my pussy yours! I love you!" she screamed. Hearing that last part, Jake smiled, then looked at Stacey to see if she was okay with this.
His sister nodded and mouthed, "told you," and he smiled at the girl riding on top of him, slowly grinding her pussy on his cock. Stacey was okay with it, and he did love Jill just like he loved her!
"Oh Jill, I love you too," he told her, and she set off in another explosive orgasm.
"YES! Oh Jake, I'm – I'm cummmmmmingggg!" she moaned, her body trembling with released pleasure.
"Awww, that's sweet," giggled Stacey, smiling at the union of her friend and brother. "Now pound her tight little pussy and make her too sore to walk for a few days, bro…"
"It would be my pleasure…" he told her distantly, focused on thrusting up into her clenching cunt.
"Yeah, and I know how to make it even more pleasurable for you," giggled Stacey, moving to sit behind his head. She moved her feet to rest on his shoulders, with her cute little toes right near his jaw line. He could see them in his peripheral vision, but they weren't blocking his view of his present lover; it was perfect!
"You both are amazing," he told them proudly, happy to be able to be with both incredible women.
"Aww shucks," breathed Jill sarcastically, "but you're tearing me in half there, stud! I want your cum in me, soon! He heard the urgency in her voice, and certainly didn't want to actually hurt her vagina, so he picked up the pace and began building to his own orgasm.
"Fuck, yes! Oh Jake that's so good, you're so biiiiiiiig!" Jill panted, her shoulders shaking uncontrollably and her back arched ridiculously far back. Her little tits thrust out proudly, and Jake had an idea. He wanted her first time to be the way she wanted it!
"Jill, hop off for a second," he told her, and she looked incredibly disappointed but reluctantly started to do so. "Then lie on your back and spread your legs," he said, and she moved more eagerly to fulfill that wish. "Then, I'm going to fuck you, and when I'm about to cum, I'm going to pull out and cover your titties, okay?"
She exploded immediately. Jake felt the pulsing squeezes of her pussy grasping desperately at his shaft, and saw her eyes roll to the back of her skull. "Oh oh oh OH FUCK YES!" she shouted at the top of her lungs, completely overwhelmed with pleasure. She shook and screamed and moaned for over a minute before starting to calm down, and moving to do as he requested.
"They're really that sensitive?" Stacey asked in awe, and Jill blushed, nodding shyly. "Lucky bitch! Just thinking of him cumming on your tits gets you off?!"
Jake laughed and lined himself up at Jill's waiting entrance. "Okay, my love, I'm ready! I feel so empty without you in m – OH YES!" she shrieked as loudly as she could, suddenly full of 9 inches of hard cock.
He drove into her all the way to the hilt, feeling the vice-like grip of her pussy contracting around him. "YES Jake, oh yes, I love you, so good, it's so good, yes…" she trailed off in a series of animalistic, desperate sounds.
"Your pussy is so tight baby! I love you too. You're so fucking hot," Jake told her between breaths, having to breath powerfully to sustain his pace. "Do you want my cum on your titties, Jill?" he asked teasingly. "Do you want my jizz to drip off of your nipples?"
"Oh yes, yes I want it, I want you to cover my slutty tits, I want them to have streams of you running down them, coating them," she begged, writhing uncontrollably as he kept her in a state of orgasmic bliss.
"I'm getting there, baby. I'm going to cover you, Jill. I'm going to paint those tits to show the whole world that they're mine," he said strongly, building her arousal to incredible heights.
"Do it! Make me your cum slut!" Jill screamed, and without further ado Jake pulled out of her, stroked his cock a few times pointed towards her chest, and let fly his first stream of cum. It splattered across both breasts, from just below her right nipple to landing squarely on the other little nub. HE kept jerking and kept pumping, shooting strand after strand of his essence onto her.
"Yes! Oh that feels so good!" Jill moaned, writhing uncontrollably and loving the feeling of his cum on her nipple. "I'm your cummy tit-slut, baby…" she groaned, almost completely out of it.
"I think you broke her," giggled Stacey after a minute, pointing at her cum-covered friend whose mouth hung open, her eyes still rolled back into her head.
"Well, at least she had fun," laughed Jake, studying the splash pattern of his jizz on the girl's chest.
"Hell yeah, I did," Jill breathed, her eyes coming back into partial focus.
"That looked so amazing, Stacey told them happily. "But remember, Jill: He's my brother so I have dibs – I get to get pregnant first in a few years, okay?" Jill happily nodded, and Jake was surprised to not hear any surprise from his sister's friend.
"As long as I get to be his cummy tit-slut, he can knock me up whenever he wants…" Jill moaned, closing her ideas and savoring the thought.
"There are a few more girls you'll have to compete with," laughed Stacey, winking at Jake. "Speaking of: When do you think you want us to set up your first orgy, babe?"

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