Starship Starseeker Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooStarship Starseeker Ch. 02

Their next destination was another four weeks away and so the regular routine aboard the ship returned. All of his sisters talked about their sexual encounters during their time on Himmel, including Joalice. All of them admitted that they had enjoyed their trysts, Abbie even told them about the time that three boys had made her airtight. One was fucking her ass, another her cunt, and a third her mouth. After a while, each man would rotate until all of them had sampled her holes. She had climaxed so hard and so often that she finally passed out.
Sam went on and on about one young man who had worshipped her breasts for over an hour before fucking her hard. The varying sensations of her two most sensitive areas had endeared him to her. She planned on visiting him the next time she got the chance.
Joalice talked about several of the young men she'd had sex with, but said that none of them were very outstanding. Most of all, she missed sleeping all night with Mike. He knew exactly what type of sexual stimulation she needed, exactly when she needed it. She hadn't encountered a better lover than Mike during their visit.
Now that ALI was in complete control of the vessel, they could eat, sleep, play and make love any time they wanted to. The next four weeks flew by compared with their first two-month voyage to Himmel.
"We're supposed to meet someone here on Elysium, aren't we?" Sam asked as they neared the planet.
"Sally," Mike said. "She was Jo and my wet nurse when Gabby couldn't produce enough milk to feed us as babies. Mom gave me a picture of her to help me recognize her," Mike said, displaying a picture of Sally to his siblings.
"She definitely has the equipment to be a wet nurse," Abbie said, noticing Sally's large breasts.
"You know that's not always the case," Sam corrected her sister. Sam had been studying medicine for the last couple of years in the 13th and 14th grades. She was the designated first aid person on the ship.
"I know," Abbie said. "She has huge breasts though," Abbie added, sorry for her bad joke.
"I think I remember her," Joalice said, looking closely at Sally's face, neck and bosom. "I remember looking up at a woman's face that wasn't Mom's," she said softly.
"Mom said that I nursed from her breasts the most," Mike told them, "but I don't recognize her," he said.
"Maybe if you smell her again," Sam said. "Smells leave longer memories than any other sense."
After they went into a parking orbit around Elysium, Mike called Sally. She was happy to hear from them and arranged for them to meet with her and her family that afternoon when they landed. The next several hours were spent securing a landing pad and berth for Starseeker. When they landed on Elysium, they had lunch at one of the bars adjacent to the spaceport.
The beer was the same German style beer they'd had on Himmel. It made sense that this type of beer would be here, Himmel was nearby and it had been primarily German professors that started the University here. Other colonists and most of the students had come from other Utopian planets with their own multi-cultural traditions.
Their lunch consisted of a variety of Indian, Middle Eastern, German and other Western cuisines that had been adapted to the plants and animals locally available. Like all Utopian planets, nudity was common in public areas, but here by the spaceport, a flimsy was the normal compromise. Off-worlders and non-Utopian traders never saw the full face of Utopianism unless they were invited to someone's home.
After a great lunch, Mike called Sally again and she and her husband picked them up in an anti-grav van from the University. They learned that Doctor Kidd, David, had gotten a position as a physicist there on Elysium and had been working on a totally new theory on the Quantum transference of matter. His father Edwin Kidd, had discovered the principle of the quantum transference certain subatomic particles, and his son, David, had devoted his career to analyzing all of his father's data and work in order to teleport matter!
Rather than go back to the University, the van dropped them off at Sally and Davids home and sent itself back to the school. They had been dressed in their flimsy alone, but Sally and David were dressed in lab coats as well. They had just left the University when they came to pick them up from the port.
As they all undressed together and greeted each other properly.
"You look much better now compared to the videos we watched of you and Brad and Gabby," Joalice, not known for her subtlety said. "Your breasts look like a teenager's," Jo added.
Sally smiled, happy to hear the compliment. "Thanks, I had them lightened," Sally told them. "I didn't have the doctor change their shape or anything. Now they look like they did when I was 16," she told them.
Mike was confused, he had no idea what the women were talking about. "Lightened?" he asked.
"When a woman's breasts begin to sag with age, we can have them lightened," Jo explained to her brother. "My breasts are high and firm now, but in another 20 years or so they'll not be like this. Gravity over time pulls them downward," she explained.
"I had a doctor inject enough anti-gravity nanobots into the subcutaneous tissue of my breasts to flow around and especially underneath my breasts to reverse the effects of gravity," Sally told him.
"My daughter Rae is only 18, but she's already thinking about lightening hers. She developed large breasts early on, just as I did. The weight of them is starting to give her back pain," Sally told them. "I wish the technology had been available when I was her age. My back constantly suffered from carrying these melons around," she told them.
Mike had never thought about that aspect of having large breasts, especially for Utopian women who didn't wear support garments. "Obviously our great grandmother Janet Feldon wasn't a big breasted woman," Mike said, concerned about many of the women on Utopia.
"Oh, don't get me wrong," Sally told them. "All of the women I know love being nudists. There is a special freedom we enjoy that only other nudists can understand," Sally told them. I'm happy that I was born a busty nudist on Eden. I wouldn't have it any other way," she told Mike.
"Well, they certainly are beautiful," Mike finally told her. "Do they feel like natural breasts?" Make asked.
"They feel the same now as they did before to me," David told Brad. "The bots aren't inside the breast tissue, just beneath the skin. They feel perfectly natural to me," he said.
"Would you like to suck them again?" Sally asked. "You seemed to enjoy it so much when you were a baby and they were firm and high like they are now," Sally said.
Sam told Sally her idea that Mike might recognize her scent if he nursed at her breasts again. David thought that it would make an excellent experiment and even retrieved a small amount of Sally's frozen milk to let Brad taste and smell when she nursed Mike at her empty breasts. After the milk had come to room temperature, David warmed it to 37 centigrade, normal human body temperature. David used a dropper to slowly drip his wife's stored milk down the slope of her breast and into Mike's suckling mouth. Mike remembered the smell of Sally's skin, the softness of her areola in his mouth and the taste of her sweet milk.
All of a sudden, Mike's memories of Sally became rushing back. He was able to describe several times when he was about one year old that he had demanded her breast milk after eating some solid food. He was even able to name some of his favorite cereals and fruits. David was recording everything Mike said. Just that one memory cue, the odor of his wife's breast and milk had unlocked hundreds of hidden memories. He would have to pass the information on to one of his colleagues in the Psychology department.
Mike and Sally's breast play had Made Sally horny. They all watched as Sally laid down on top of Mike and took his cock into her mouth. In a perfect position for a 69, Mike stuck his tongue deep into Sally's cunt. Mike may have been imagining things, but he thought that Sally's pussy juices had a similar flavor to her milk. When he was hard enough, He rolled Sally on her back ant slid his cock deep into her fuck hole. Sally moaned. Mike's cock was every bit as big and thick as his father's he stretched her cunt more than it had been stretched in years.
Sam, who was seated next to David, leaned over and took his cock into her mouth. Soon, David was fucking Sam alongside Mike and Sally. Mike made love to his former nurse maid. Jo and Abbie watched while fondling each other's breasts and pussies. As sensitive as she was, Sam came nearly continuously until David was ready to ejaculate. As her orgasming cunt clamped down on David's cock, he pushed deep into her and pumped his entire load deep in Sam's every horny fuck hole. Abbie cleaned David's cock before helping Joalice clean the cum from their sister's cunt.
Sally cried out in pleasure as Mike continued to fill her cunt with man-meat. She had forgotten how wonderful it felt to have her hole completely filled with cock. Now that Rae was legally of age, she could fist her mother's cunt ass to simulate what a big cock felt like. She climaxed thinking about Mike fucking her ass and Rae fisting her cunt at the same time. This time, Mi8ke came with her, fi8lling her cunt. Abbie cleaned Mike's cock thoroughly while Jo went down on Sally to eat her brothers sperm as it oozed out of Sally's hole.
Before long, Jo and Sally were in a 69. Sally reveled in the taste of the girl she had nursed and help raise so many years ago. Jo tasted similar to Gabby as far as Sally was concerned. Sally assumed that since she was her mother's daughter, she would enjoy the same things that Gabby did. Jo came hard on Sally's tongue. She had only cum like that when Gabby ate her pussy.
Sally felt much closer to Mike and Jo that she ever had before, and the same was true of Jo and Mike. Janet Feldon may have been wrong about nudity for large breasted women and frankly about people with different sexual preferences, but she was right to encourage free love among all Utopian cultures.
David, Sally and the Maxwells sat around drinking good German style draft beer and catching up with things going on at home. Sally said that she still kept up with Gabby and still got pictures of the kids, Mike and Joalice mostly. They had been the primary children that Sally had nursed when Gabby found herself struggling to produce enough milk.
"I'm so glad that I could help," Sally told them. "Your mom was even considering feeding you baby formula," Sally said incredulously.
Sam shook her head. "She must've been desperate," Sam told Sally.
"She was," Sally confirmed. "If there had been any other woman there to help, she would've chosen them. Gabby and I weren't the best of friends when we were in High School," she admitted.
"Mom loves you!" Mike interrupted. "How could she have ever not loved you?" Mike asked, shocked by the revelation.
Sally went into detail about everything, the juvenile slights and rumors, the apologies and the make-up. Jo and Mike were proud of Sally and Gabby.
"Gabby, Brad and I were lovers up until the time I met David on Heaven," Sally told them all. Meeting David was been the best thing ever to happen to me, but I loved your Mom and Dad very much.
Minutes later, Sally's children Toni, Rae and Edwin, showed up from their classes at the University. Toni was the oldest, having been born to Sally on Eden. She was a pretty girl with short brown hair, brown eyes and small breasts. Edwin was their adopted son taken in when David's best friend growing up, and his wife were killed in an accident. He was a year younger that Toni. He was short and muscular, with a thick shock of dark wany hair. The girls thought he was cute, that's all that mattered.
Rae was the youngest, having been born here on Elysium. Rae looked like a younger version of Sally, long blonde hair and large conical breasts that stood high and firm on her chest. The bases of her breasts were wide, with the tips of her breasts slightly below the large areolas and pink nipples. All of the Maxwell girls wished that their breasts looked like Rae's and Mike found them very attractive, but after hearing Sally's story earlier, he would be sure to tell his sisters that he preferred their breasts to Rae's. After undressing and greeting and meeting everyone, David told his kids about their experiment with Mike and their mother's stored breast milk.
Edwin, a food science major was experimenting with making cheese out of human breast milk. As part of his senior project, he had successfully synthesized a product that was essentially identical to human milk. It didn't have any of the antibodies, but everything else was there, down to the micronutrients that made human milk so good for human babies. He would never recommend that mothers feed this to their babies, it was the antibodies and other biological molecules that babies needed to grow properly. At best, it was just like a commercial formula.
It was however, perfectly suited to make cheese with. Edwin had decided to take over and improve the family's cheese making hobby. He had done research on the practice and had learned that breast milk, even after it was made into cheese, possessed a multitude of benefits for older children and adults long after they were weaned. Edwin hoped to patent the process for the School and get more people to make cheese from mother's milk. He had enlisted several dozen donors around the colony and his research was progressing along very well.
He brought several small cheese samples out from the fridge in his home laboratory and offered them all samples of each four small wedges, just enough to taste. Mike thought he knew which one was made from Sally's milk, even though two of them tasted identical. The other two samples had slightly different tastes. All four had a good flavor and texture. Edwin explained that the women who had produced the milk for these cheeses were of differing cultural backgrounds and that their daily diets had influenced the flavor of their milk and the cheese made from it.
Mike couldn't taste much difference between them all, but he was very firm in his identification of Sally's cheese. Abbie agreed with her sisters about the spice enhanced flavor of one of the cheeses, but could hardly tell the difference between two of the samples. Edwin told each of them that they were on the right track. The two that tasted of spice were from colonists from the Indian culture and their food was spicier that the other two samples. The other two were from his mother's milk. The one Mike had positively identified was a batch that Edwin had made from Sally's stored milk and the other was made from the artificially synthesized milk he'd made with his mother's milk as the sample. He thought his new technique had preserved all of the flavor of the natural milk.
Toni cooked them all an Indian dinner with all of the fresh local ingredients. It was as delicious as all of the meals their hosts had made for them. After dinner, as usual, Sally announced that they would like to have a little private sex session before retiring for bed. Toni paired up with Mike and David and Abbie got together. Edwin and Jo ended up with each other, leaving Sally and Rae to make love to each other for the first round of fucking.
Round two found Mike with Rae, David with Abbie and Sally with her son. They all switched partners once more before it was time for the Maxwell family to head back to the ship. Jo thought that Edwin wasn't too bad in the sack, but his father was an extraordinary lover. Mike preferred Rae over her mother and sister. He hoped that they would get to spend a lot more time together during their stay.
Jo slept with David and Sally that night, Mike slept with Rae and Abbie, Sam slept with Edwin. Everyone woke refreshed and energetic A night of good sex and deep sleep had recharged them all to be ready for a new day. Rather than make breakfast at home, Jo brought them all out to breakfast at their favorite café. Breakfast was not exactly standard fare, there were elements of German, Indian and Middle Eastern dishes for sale there well as traditional American breakfast dishes. They found out that the couple that owned the café were from Himmel and New Texas. They had moved here so that their children could attend the University.
"So, how long would it take for the Starseeker to get out of the galactic disk?" David asked them. After they finished eating.
"About a day, maybe a little longer," Abbie answered.
"Can we all go for a little spin and take some equipment with us?" he asked Abbie, who the other siblings always seemed to look to for guidance.
"Abbie looked at her family and finally shrugged her shoulders. "I don't see why not," she replied. "When do you want to start?"
"I was thinking about starting this afternoon. We'll start with just getting off the planet, away from the strong pull of gravity. I want to see if I'm able to teleport a small object," he told them. If we can't do it just outside of this solar system, I'd like to go farther and farther out beyond the boundary of the galaxy disk," he said.
"Sounds good to me," Abbie told him. "Can you bring a couple of handsome college boys for my sisters and I to spend some time with?" she asked.
David laughed. "How about 2 strapping young graduate students?" he asked.
Abbie, Sam and Jo agreed unanimously, and said that they would like that very much. Working with young people, David knew how sexually active they were. These girls had been alone on a ship with just one stud for six weeks. He understood how they wouldn't want to pass up any opportunity to have sex with new people.
"Taking the Starseeker off planet for even a few days without some free love seems to be a waste of a ship built for sex," Sam said. "I'd hate to miss out on all of the Utopian excitement!"
The school's van picked David, Toni and Edwin up to take them to the University. Another community van picked up Sally, Rae and the Maxwells and took them to small village that replicated a location on Earth in Bavaria. Sally had chosen this particular place because Mike and the girls had been talking about their trip to Himmel. This area a Gasthof style eatery, attached to a small family run hotel here. Sally explained that she and David used the hotel to get away on romantic weekends occasionally and loved the food here.
After a stroll around the village and watching re-enactments of German life in 19th century Bavaria. After several hours, they all decided to go to the Gasthof. Sally had been raving about the food all morning and the Maxwells could see why. The beer and wursts were local, in the style of the old Bavarian Gasthofs. Mike particularly enjoyed the liver dumpling soup, leberknödelsuppe. After lunch, Sally summoned the van and they all met David at his lab. Sally grabbed her own lab coat and offered a student version to Mike and his sisters. Sam had noticed that most of the undergrads were not wearing anything, not even a flimsy. She thanked Sally for the offer, but simply withdrew her flimsy. It took about a half hour for the grad students to pack up all the gear into another van and accompany them to the spaceport.
David introduced them to Ken Albright and his two sons. Skylar and Cyrus. Skylar was in graduate school and Cyrus, the younger of the two and had just graduated with an undergraduate degree in civil engineering. Both boys hoped that they could one day work for Stellardyne, building infrastructure, bridges and roads on the colonies.
While they met the boys, they were all also introduced to Alessandra, their mother. They learned that Alessandra was as famous in scientific circles as David and Ken were, she was just not working with them. She had published several important papers in the field of cosmology. She had requested equipment she needed to advance her theory but the University had turned her down repeatedly. The administration was tired of spending money on research that was going nowhere.

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