Starship Starseeker Ch. 03

tagIncest/TabooStarship Starseeker Ch. 03

After leaving Elysium Maxwells and their guests were ready to travel to Paradise. The name of the next planet they were visiting was totally appropriate. Without seasons or any large land masses, Paradise was a series of granite and volcanic Islands rising out of the crystal blue sea. It had been terraformed to look like the South Pacific on Earth. Appropriate algae colonies were established along with coral colonies. A large variety of vegetarian fish thrived there. There were no harmful plants or animals on the land or in the water.
Paradise was covered in swaying palm trees and tropical flowers and fruit. The quartz or black sand beaches were beautiful as tourists looked out over the clear water. The tourist industry thrived on Paradise. They had taken a page out of Allen Feldons book and created several tourist traditions here on Paradise, replicating the cultures of New Zealand, The Society Islands, Fiji and the Mariana islands. Traditional dances and food were present on the island that represented the particular characteristics of that island. Other tropical traditions went on with the other locations. If you wanted to just get away from everything there were hundreds of uninhabited islands where a group of people could spend days or weeks in isolation.
The company of the Starseeker visited several touristy islands, taking advantage of all the luxuries the island provided. All of the visitors on Paradise were Utopian and so on each island, everyone attended the nearly nightly orgy after a traditional meal. Many of the orgies took place on the beach around a number of fires along the shore. If someone wanted to, they could just walk down the beach a short way and find a new set of willing participants. That's exactly what the Maxwells, the Algoods and Rae did. The girls, having nearly an infinite capacity for orgasms would find a group of men, fuck them, and go down the beach for more.
Mike couldn't work his way down the beach that fast. Being a man, he had to recuperate and rest for a while before he could move on. He could always tell where his sisters were by Sam's noisy climaxes. He was about to move farther down the beach when he was joined at the campfire by a woman and her newly adult daughter. Mike, Asa and Erin talked for a few minutes while Mike recovered. Mike discovered that both of the women worked for Stellardyne at the research facility on Nirvana. Erin had just gotten her first job and had just been deflowered a week ago by a family friend. They were celebrating here on Paradise.
Many women were deflowered by friends of the family, especially if the biological father had been a Breeder. Mike himself would be called on someday to act as a Breeder with another Breeder woman. His mother, Gabby was the child of a Breeder and her grandfather had deflowered her. Erin's biological father was long gone by the time she was born.
Mike didn't know how Erin had reacted to her initiation into womanhood, but If he had the chance to have sex with her, he would do his best to make it good for her. Eventually, the topic of having sex with her daughter was breached by Asa, who insinuated that the experience left much to be desired. Unfortunately, that was all too common. An experienced man had many skills, but sometimes they weren't the best for an inexperienced virgin. Mike had plenty of direct knowledge of this, from his many sexual encounters with his same-age sisters. He and they had learned together what was best for a new adult.
Mike spent an extra-long time with foreplay, making sure that Erin was wet and open, ready for sex before he made his move down to her pussy with his tongue. Having learned how to please three mothers and three sisters with his oral skills, Mike had Erin cumming nearly constantly before he even touched the head of his cock to her opening. When he entered, he did it slowly, allowing her tight pussy stretch to accommodate his girth.
Asa, still masturbating while watching her precious daughter take cock, screamed out as she came. Her pleasure triggered he daughter's first orgasm with a cock in her tight canal. Mike allowed her to finish before continuing to move forward ever so slowly until he filled her fuck hole to the bottom of her cunt.
Mike never left that campfire until his sisters and Rae came to collect him on the way back to the resort. He had sex with Asa and Erin one more time before leaving with his sisters. Jo and Asa licked and sucked each other to orgasm and Rae and Abby joined them. Sam sat on Erin's face while Mike fucked her. After everyone had climaxed, they laid there together on the beach, satisfied with their evening and happy to have met new friends.
Each of the islands were unique, and were greatly enjoyed from the beautiful scenery, great dancing and music, the food and the sex. When it was time to leave, they wanted to spend a day on a pristine island away from any tourist areas. The one day turned into three. They ate the fruit from the trees and other plants, they caught fish and cooked them in banana leaves in a rock lined pit in the ground after the fire went out. These three days were a huge benefit to the young adults.
Making love on the beach around the open fire, and swimming naked in the warm tropic waters was just what they needed. Nobody wanted to leave Paradise when their time had passed. This was truly LaLa Land. A person could lose themselves here in Paradise. Only the large usage fees charged by the planet's Council prevented people from staying here forever. Ana, Rob, Gia, Brad and Gabby could afford to live here forever, but the kids still had their own active lives to live and they wanted to live them on Eden.
It took several more weeks to make it to Nirvana. They passed by several planets they had very little information about. They were not owned by Stellardyne nor even belonged to the Confederation. One of the planet's was Victoria. They learned from the database that Victoria was completely owned by its aristocratic inhabitants. Other people lived there, but they were relegated as either merchants, tradesmen or servants. Everybody had a role in society and they never intermingled between the classes. Victoria existed in a virtual time warp.
Victorians had rebelled against the growing Utopian culture in the Confederation. They didn't agree with the racial and ethnic diversity that Stellardyne promoted. They believed that sex was something to only be shared between married couples, and then only to produce children. Aristocratic Victorians never ventured out in public without being fully clothed, they even slept in clothes.
Capable of using any modern technology, the Victorians lived as their British ancestors did at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Horse pulled carriages were preferred to the elegant motorcars of that period, the houses were wired for electric lights that resembled candlesticks, the electricity was generated by steam powered generators. Steam locomotive's pulled railway cars across the land and old-fashioned telephones and telegraphs provided communication for the public. All of this was provided, of course, by well-hidden fusion power plants.
"There are other Non-Stellardyne planets out this way too," Rae told them. "One of the boys I graduated from school with was homosexual and he chose to move to a planet out this way that welcomed people of all sexual identities and lifestyles. They live like Utopians, but unlike most Utopian planets their choice of lifestyle can be practiced openly.
"There are a lot of Stellardyne owned Utopian planets that are doing the same," Abbie said. Janet Feldon's philosophy of heterosexual relationships or lesbian only sex practiced in public was more of a personal preference rather than a logical choice. It was probably a bad idea," Abbie said. "It's not fair that two women can make love anytime they want, but two men have to hide it? I think that policy needs to be changed" she said.
Everyone else on board agreed. Perhaps as the Generation 1 and 2 controlled Councils were replaced by Gen3 and Gen4 women, the rules would change. It was already starting to change on Eden before they left. Two men owned a house together and their private orgies often were a male only affair. Nobody ever said anything about it.
They would be entering the orbit of Nirvana in a few hours. The two Albright men were all still asleep, worn out again after several nights and days of orgy after orgy with the Maxwell sisters and Rae.
Of the planets they'd visited so far, Nirvana was the planet that was most similar to Eden. One of the early settlements, Nirvana had been populated by the same types of people that founded Eden, and it had developed very much along the same lines. Eden's population was significantly larger, but Nirvana, like Eden, had Stellardyne research and production facilities on the planet.
Research on Nirvana was mostly involved in material sciences and alternative methods of producing limited resources for less cost. The flimsy was an example. A fairly inexpensive component made up the major framework of the garment. That's why a normal flimsy was not that expensive. Additional nano fibers made of much more expensive material made cold weather flimsies very expensive. One team on Nirvana was trying alternative substances with similar properties. Hopefully, they would be able to bring the prices of cold weather gear down.
Another team was working for improved food synthesizers. Space travelers mostly complained about the texture of the food not being similar to real food, even though they tasted virtually the same. New equipment was being developed here on Nirvana to solve those problems.
Like Eden, the climate was very stable, the land was fertile, and the people open and friendly to everyone. It was no wonder that Grandpa Allen had brought Ana and Gabby here to find a suitable mate. The Maxwell girls were already interested in the few boys they'd already met.
When the Council on Nirvana learned who the Maxwell kids were, they were welcomed with open arms. It wasn't very often a family with this pedigree blessed their planet. A big welcome party and orgy was planned that night in their honor.
The meet and greet party that afternoon was a great success, all of them got contact information from people they wanted to get to know better. Because of her beautiful face and curvaceous body, Rae was swarmed with male suitors. She exchanged contact information with about twenty who she found that she was attracted to. All of the girls in the family were also very popular, with each of his sisters gathering a list of at least a dozen young men they wanted to get to know better.
When the party was over, people were given a chance to freshen up before the orgy. Skylar and Cyrus decided just to shower there at the hall along with Mike. They might be able to talk to more girls as they started making their way to the orgy. Sam, Abbie, Jo and Rae went back to the ship to give each other a close shave. They had started to enjoy standing out in a crowd with a completely bare snatch.
When the orgy began, they discovered that it was a raffle orgy. They had never been to one like that, but soon realized that only the people they had exchanged information with would be in the raffle for having sex with them. This was certainly the way to do it for a raffle of this type. As the young men entered, their wrists were scanned and the young women they had exchanged information with were automatically selected as their desired partner and they were entered into the raffle for them. Jo wondered if this was the type of thing Gabby and Ana did when they came to Nirvana looking for a man.
When the orgy began, the older citizens and people who had not been pre-selected continued with the orgy as usual. The contingency of Starseeker immediately started being approached for sex by the people they most wanted to be with. As usual, thirty minutes were allowed for sex and another thirty were set aside for the men to recover. During the second thirty minutes the ladies cleaned each other and made love.
Some of the young men Joalice had sex with that evening were very talented sexually. She orgasmed with all six of them. She kept noticing that she was always comparing them to her brother. She realized that it wasn't really fair to them, Mike knew exactly what gave her the most sexual pleasure. A lot of it wasn't actually dependent on sexual technique, some were more skilled than Mike. It was the way that Mike held her and cuddled with her that made him special. These men would never know how to do that as well. Mike had nearly twenty years of practice.
Sam was the loudest woman there. Every boy she had sex with gave her multiple orgasms. Every one of her partners was an excellent lover as far as she was concerned. She was looking for something different in them. She was looking for someone that caused her to feel that certain feeling inside as soon as she saw them. None of the boys here did that to her. Cyrus had been that way at first, but Sam had cooled on him. He was a great fuck, but he just wasn't the right man for her.
Abbie didn't exactly know what she was looking for in a man. All she knew was when she found the one, she would know it, just like Ana and Gabby had. She knew the type of man she found attractive, an in-charge kind of fellow with a big heart and big dreams. She didn't even care how pretty he was, as long as he was at least decent in the sack and a rugged individual. She was looking for an alpha male, like her father.
By the end of six hours, everyone else had gone home and the girls and their most recent lovers showered together before they all went home. That night, everyone except Mike talked about the pros and cons of the people they'd dated that night. This wasn't the last planet they would land on for relationship shopping, but it was probably the best. They still had a couple of months before they had to return to Elysium and pick up Sally, David, Alessandra and Ken. Abbie went home with the last boy she'd fucked that night at the orgy. Sam and Cyrus along with Jo, Rae and Mike returned to the ship.
After getting to know the city better and finding the best restaurants and bars, Abbie stumbled inside a tiny storefront travel agency. The young man behind the counter was facing away from Abbie as she looked through the various brochures. These were all local stuff. Skiing in the local mountains, canoeing, white water rafting, surfing, trekking through forests or deserts, ziplining, you named it and that's what this agency offered. Nothing off world at all. Abbie studied the young man's broad shoulders, muscular back and tight butt.
The man turned around suddenly, realizing that he had a customer. "Hello, I'm Erik. May I help you find something?"
Abbie's heart skipped a beat, this man had brilliant green eyes, stood about 2 meters tall, had a broad muscular chest, six pack abs and a big cock. His hair was blonde and his skin was bronzed by the sun.
"May I help you find something?" he repeated, snapping Abbie out of her trance.
"No, I mean yes," Abbie stammered. "I'm just looking for something adventurous to do here on Nirvana," she said, blushing.
"You look beautiful when you blush," Erik told her, causing her to blush even more deeply. Eric smiled at her with his eyes. Even though he was smiling with his face, it was his eyes that confirmed his good nature.
"What type of adventure are you looking for?" Erik asked. "Do you like to ski or snowboard. The mountains just got another 70 centimeters of snow yesterday.
"I don't know how to ski," Abbie confessed. "But I'd like to learn how."
"Perhaps you and I could dash up there right now. I usually close the shop about this time every day to take a little time on the slopes or on a surfboard for myself.
"Yes," she said, ready to go anywhere with this Adonis. "Wait, I'm with the rest of my family. I'm sure they'll want to come too," Abbie rushed to tell him.
"I have room for six in my little shuttle. How many in your family?"
Abbie didn't count the Algood boys, they had set out on their own adventures this morning, going to meet some of the girls they'd met last night. "We are five," Abbie told him, she had counted Rae, who was with them.
"That sounds great!" Erik said. "When would you like to go?"
Abbie got on her PIC and contacted her siblings. Within a minute she had gotten replies from all of them. They were ready to go right now. Abbie told him so. Thirty minutes later everyone had their cold weather flimsies around their necks and were climbing into the small, older, anti-gravity shuttle. "It won't get us out of the atmosphere, but she has no problem getting up to the top of the best ski slopes," Erik told them.
As they climbed in altitude it started getting colder. Everyone including Erik deployed their cold weather flimsy. "I notice that you girls are completely shaved. That will help with the cold once we get up there," Erik told them. They all smiled at each other They had stood out on Himmel, but they had noticed quite a few smooth pussies at the orgy last night. Perhaps they should keep their pussies smooth when they got back home. They could start a new fashion trend among their friends.
When they got to the unspoiled wilderness at the top of the mountain, Erik landed the shuttle in a clearing surrounded by big rocks. There was nobody else on the mountain besides them. They could see ski lifts and lodges on other mountains, but where they were looked deserted.
"There's a big resort on the other side of those trees," Erik told them, "The season doesn't start until next month," Erik told them. "We have the slopes to ourselves!" he told them.
"So how many of you need lessons?" he asked.
Everybody raised their hand and Erik laughed. It looks like we'll need a little help then," he said, smiling broadly. He stepped into the shuttle and made a few calls on his radio. A couple of minutes later he stepped out and told them that help was on the way. All of the closed resorts had people living in them all year long, mostly maintenance people, but there were always those local ski guides and housekeepers that came up the month before to make sure that everything was ready, including the slopes when the season started.
While they were waiting, Erik unloaded everyone's skis and gear and showed them the fundamentals on the flat ground. Within a few minutes, another shuttle, much larger and newer landed next to them. Three men and a woman got out and joined them. Within minutes of getting organized, everyone had a professional personal instructor. Erik took the task of training Abbie how to ski and Mike was paired up with the female instructor.
Under the trainer's excellent tutelage, everyone was skiing down the beginner's slope confidently. Mistakes were made and corrected immediately. The proper moves were repeated over and over until they were perfected. By the time they all moved to the intermediate slopes they skied gracefully over the fresh powder. The instructors were proud of how effortless their students looked as they skied down the mountain.
When it began to get dark, everyone packed up and retired to the closest resort. It wasn't open, but nearly the entire staff was there, including the kitchen crew and bartenders. The manager gave them a large room to sleep in at their request. The kitchen was open, but the chef had not come in yet, so they were offered a limited menu.
Mike's ski instructor had gone home to be with her husband and small kids, but one of the housemaids became attached to Mike and stuck with him at the bar. She was a member of a family which all worked as resort staff. Her mother was a housemaid like herself and her father was a waiter in the main dining room. She had a brother who worked as a bellboy and room service waiter. They wouldn't be here until a few days before the resort opened.

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