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I 34 then was a player and dated several women at a time and then I got a personal assistant after I was promoted 2019. She was divorced and great looking for 48-year-old woman, so I was happy with having a great looking woman as my PA. She had a daughter 23 and who was attending the local university and being with my PA quite a bit got to know the daughter and being me started dating and fucking the daughter and got her pregnant early 2020. No problem I married her it was the best way to handle the situation and both the mother, and my wife moved in with me February 2020 and it was how it was when the lockdown started, I could work from home and had my PA with me. As my wife got further along in her pregnancy sex was stopped between us. But her mother started to sleep with us and thus provided me with sex. Which she still does now, and my wife doesn’t mind and enjoys threesomes with her mother and me. We had a boy first off and have since had a girl and another on the way as my wife is pregnant (boy) again. Perfect marriage, I’ve been promoted again and still have my mother-in-law/lover as my PA and a willing wife and 2+ children.

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