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A relative I hadn’t ever heard of died and I was his only heir. I had no siblings and was single, so I was made you could say. My cousin (mother side) was rich and had been a loner never married and had travelled the world doing whatever he wanted. What he wanted was money and he was very good at making money. But during his travels he picked up different diseases which he got over, but they took a toll on his health all the same. When I saw a photo of him, I thought he was in his late fifty’s early sixties, he was 41. His liver and kidneys were affected the most and they caused his death while waiting a transplant. I was now rich at 31 still had no home to live in as my cousin stayed in hotels mostly if not in a hospital. In my travels I started after my mother died when I was 19 and my father started travelling before, I was born, and I’ve never met him. I had seen a small town that my ideal place to live. Not that I stayed there long, only 2 weeks as job I had was short term and after I moved on again. I enquired with my late cousin’s lawyers about how I buy a home in that town, and they found me a small farm and done all that was needed for me. They had been looking for me for slightly over 2 years, since my cousin’s death and were happy to act as my lawyers. I’m not a computer user or a business type and the lawyers saw that my home was ready for me to move straight into on my arrival. I got my first ever cell phone and I was shown how to use it, but if I had any problems, they were on speed dial 24/7 they told me. I arrived in town and quickly settled into my home and started looking around the town to see if anything much had changed. Not much that I noticed, my farm had no animals at all, and I had learnt to ride years early while working on farms and a ranch. For work and fun and I would ride every time whenever I got the chance. So, I bought some horses and tack that was needed and got a dog as every farm I’ve ever been on had a dog. Chickens as there was a chicken coop already on the farm. I had met a girl before when I was working there but didn’t date her or anything close to that. But we had talked, and she was still there working with her mother 47. Her father had passed away during Covid, they were struggling as they now had competition and they couldn’t match them. The girl now 28 was too busy to date me even if she wanted to as they couldn’t afford to hire anyone to help them. Medical and funeral costs had drained them, and they were barely staying above water as they say. Their competitor wasn’t a nasty person and offered to buy them out at reasonable price. But if they sold, they would’ve nowhere to live as they above their business. I decided to ask the daughter to marry me, sound strange and it is. But she was the girl not married close to my age and I’d heard they might be selling so I asked her to marry me. Shocked and confused by my sudden unexpected proposal, but I didn’t a refusal mainly due to shock. But I added I’ve the farm and was financially sound enough to support you and your mother. After 2 days she agreed as she had no other offers, and I was prepared to have her mother live with us after we married. A quick marriage later and all living together on the farm. They weren’t ones to sit about and so started making a garden, I helped but I’m no green thumb. I dug the holes and collected the horse and chicken mature for them. They told me to get turkeys and some pigs, turkeys were got quickly. The pigs were got after I had built a pig pen. Not bad for the first month of married life. Sex was regular as my wife decided to start a family asap and was quickly pregnant. We got on very well together and with my wife heavily pregnant sex stop with her and her mother got me to fuck her in the meantime. Which hasn’t ended even after my wife started giving sex again, her mother sleeps with us every night. We had a son first up and I named him after my late cousin. My wife says she wants another asap and so need for precautions ever as she will have children as long as God allows (her statement). I’m quite happy with everything in my life especially my, son and mother-in-law.

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