Starting Over Ch. 02

tagIncest/TabooStarting Over Ch. 02

A sharp ray of sunshine peeking through the small gap in the bedroom window awoke me from my deep sleep. I looked over and at the alarm clock sitting next to my sister's bed. It read 10:00AM. I couldn't believe it, I had slept almost twelve hours. I had never slept so deeply and contently in my life. I looked down at my sisters head which was nestled delicately on my chest. Her warm breath felt comforting on my skin as I began to stroke my fingers through her soft blonde hair. As I watched my sister sleep I felt an overwhelming sensation of love towards her that went beyond that of sibling affection.
Sarah and I had gone to bed soon after the events of the previous night. To be honest it was all a bit of a daze, like it never actually happened. I remained stuck in a dream like state as we both retired to bed and cuddled tightly, barely speaking until we fell asleep. Neither of us felt that conversation could sufficiently accompany the moments we were sharing.
Time passed by unnoticed as I became lost in a feeling of utter content. Sarahs big blue eyes began fluttering as she eventually awoke from her sleep. She looked straight up at me leaving her head placed on my chest. A small smile grew across her face as she looked into my eyes, not yet willing to break the silence of the morning. I returned her smile, recognising that she felt the same content in that moment that I did.
"Good morning," I started.
"Good morning," Sarah responded, now rolling onto her stomach and perching her chin up on her crossed arms which lay over my chest. "Oh my god, I slept so well, I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep like that."
"Me too Sarah, I could get used to sleeping in your bed."
"Don't you worry you will," she replied cheekily.
I continued smiling in amusement before my expression turned more reserved as familiar insecurities crept into my thoughts. "Sarah I need to ask you something and I need you to really think about it and be honest."
"Of course Jack, ask me anything."
"I need to know if this is all real, that you want to be with me and you want to make this work." Sarah subtly rubbed her hands across my chest as I spoke to reassure me that I didn't need to be worried. "As you know, my heart was broken when Maddy broke up with me and I have struggled to deal with the rejection," I continued.
"I know Jack, it's been a really hard time for you."
"It has, and you have been so good to me Sarah… I just don't want to fool myself into thinking we can be together only to have my heart broken again, after all we are brother and sister and how could this ever work?"
"Jack! Listen to me! I want this so badly and I am never going to break your heart. I don't care that you are my brother, we can make this work," Sarah said adamantly. She seemed so unbroken and confident in what she was saying. I wondered how she could be so sure.
"How do you know that?" I replied, longing for more reassurance.
Sarah propelled herself forward to meet me face to face gazing directly into my eyes almost as if she was looking inside me. Leaning forward, her soft wet limps met mine and lingered tenderly at the anticipation of more. I forced myself deeper pushing back against her lips. I realised at that moment it was the first time we had ever kissed. I was filled with an incredible passion and lust for her lips. My heart pounding as Sarah addictively invaded my senses. Our lips withdrew from each others embrace, but our faces remained close and our eyes met again.
"That's how I know," Sarah whispered.
I cant explain it, but somehow I knew she was right. Nothing that felt like that could be easily broken. I had never felt this way about someone before in my life.
"I love you Sarah."
"I Love you to Jack."
It didn't even need to be said. We both knew it. We both could feel it. Our love for each other was undeniable. Somehow saying it out loud to each other made everything real. It meant that we were going to make this work no matter what anyone else thought.
"I would love to stay in bed with you this morning and show you how much I love you but I told dad I would go down to the office and clear all my things out and I'm already running late."
"Oh yeah of course Sarah," I replied, knowing she was already nervous about confronting our father again.
"You can watch me get changed though and maybe you can pick out what panties I wear today?" Sarah said as she raised herself reluctantly from out of the bed.
I lay in bed excitedly, bathed in the morning sun as Sarah walked over to her wardrobe and began sorting through her clothes. She wore nothing but one of my old t-shirts that I had given her the night before to sleep in. The garment hung just below her ass threatening to expose her glorious globes with every step. It looked so much better on her than it ever did me.
"Wear those black panties that are see through at the front… And wear a skirt as well," I blurted out quickly. Sarah looked back over her shoulder with a wry grin knowing full well how excited I was.
"Of course baby, whatever you want," Sarah responded.
Still facing her wardrobe, Sarah raised the t shirt slowly over her head and placed it on the floor, letting her hair fall back down the length of her back. She stood completely naked as she searched through her wardrobe allowing me an unobstructed view of her glorious ass. Up to this point I hadn't yet been able to fully examine this part of her body. Her cheeks protruded prominently from her body forming a sharp crease where they met her thighs. A small freckle stood lonesome on her pale right cheek, the only mark on her perfect skin. I continued to stare as Sarah stepped into her black panties, one leg at a time, and pulled them up until they sat perfectly around her waist.
"You know i'll be back later and you can look all you want," Sarah said jokingly as she realised my gaze was locked onto her ass.
Slightly embarrassed by my perverted behaviour, I hesitantly laughed at my sisters remarks and willed myself out of bed and to the bathroom knowing I needed to take a cold shower before I exploded all over myself. When I got out of the shower, Sarah was already gone. Her sweet perfumed scent lingered throughout the apartment stimulating my senses.
After spending a few hours sorting through patient files and catching up on outstanding bills, I decided to go for a run. I had struggled to maintain my physical regimen ever since my breakup. Since living with Sarah I had achieved a renewed sense of motivation towards fitness, spurring me into regular high intensity cardio and resistance training workouts.
It was a beautiful afternoon and the sun beamed down onto my olive skin as I ran. I came home breathing heavily and dripping with sweat. Sarah was in the kitchen already preparing food for the nights dinner.
"Wow, you look exhausted! How was your run?" Sarah said.
"It was good, I actually feel great! How did you go with dad?"
"He was an asshole as usual but I managed to get in a few parting words as I left," Sarah responded gleefully.
"Well I can't wait to hear that story! I'm just going to have a shower first though."
"I need to have one as well and I'm pretty much done here, can I join you?" Sarah said, placing the ingredients she had prepared into the fridge.
"That's a good idea, it's important we save water," I quipped in an attempt to mask my excitement.
I stripped my clothes off and waited In the bathroom for Sarah. My cock was already beginning to grow with anticipation. Sarah followed shortly after looking equally as excited. Her eyes scanned my body, lingering on the sight of my growing erection. Sarah seductively removed the clothes that I had picked for her earlier that day, focusing more closely on the show of removing her panties. The gusset clung monetarily to her pussy as she pulled them down her legs, bringing with them a string of her juice.
The water was hot against my skin as I stepped into the shower behind my sister. I took the liberty of applying soap over her body, focusing most of my attention on her breasts. Sarah let out soft moans as my fingers ran across her erect nipples. I ran my hands down along her flat stomach towards her pussy, stopping just above her clit causing her to groan in frustration. I traced the edges of her pussy with my fingers creeping closer to her hole each time.
"Please stick you fingered inside of me!" Sarah pleaded as she stuck out her pelvis searching for my touch.
My finger was engulfed tightly by Sarahs warm wetness as I complied with her request. Slowly I ran my finger along the inside of her pussy. I could feel my finger being coated with her juices. I placed another finger inside of her pussy causing her to moan loader in pleasure. Her mouth hung open waiting for stimulation. I dove my tongue into her mouth passionately kissing her. Sarahs tongue responded, fighting back against mine. I curled my fingers up massaging the small rough patch on the inside of her vagina. The sounds of squelching filled the shower as Sarahs orgasm began to build.
Jack! I'm going to cum, don't stop!" Sarah panted into my mouth.
I continued to curl my fingers up and down as I pumped them inside her pussy, Sarahs moans became silent as she held her breathe. Our kiss broken by her impending orgasm. Her body began to shutter and her pussy tightened over my fingers. I watched as her eyes rolled to the back of her head and her hips bucked against my hand. Sarahs voice returned wailing in pleasure as her orgasm reached its climax. The walls of her pussy intermittently contracting around my fingers. My arousal became insatiable and I knew I had to fuck my sister right then and there. As her breathe slowed and her eyes reopened I slid my fingers out of her pussy.
"Oh my god! That was amazing Jack! I've never cum so hard in my life," Sarah panted as she regained her composure.
"That was so hot… Now turn around I'm going to fuck you."
Without hesitation Sarah eagerly turned to face the shower screen placing her hands against the glass and arching her back to give me better access to her awaiting pussy. I stroked my throbbing erection around her wet hole coating my bludging mushroom head with her cum. Sarah pressed her ass back against me, impatiently searching for penetration. I slowly penetrated her opening with my full length causing her to gasp suddenly. Her wet pussy lips griped the circumference of my cock. The sensation of her tight pussy threatened to make me cum immediately. I slid my cock back out until only the head was still engorged before returning my hips to her ass causing another gasp from both of us.
"Your cock feels so good inside my pussy," Sarah said.
"I love fucking my sisters pussy," I replied as I began picking up my speed.
I gripped tightly around her small waist providing me with more leverage to fuck her. My hands looked so big against her athletic frame. I continued pumping in and out with more force every time. The rhythmic sounds of my hips slapping against her ass filled the bathroom. Sarahs moans grew into load groans of lust and pleasure.
"You're going to make me cum again." Sarah exclaimed.
I could feel my own orgasm brewing. I was using all my effort and concentration to hold off my impending eruption to satisfy my sister once more. I gripped her tighter attempting to nullify the incredible feeling of her pussy and delay my orgasm.
"Yes! Come for your brother again. Come on my cock."
Sarahs climax began surfacing as her pussy lips tightened around my cock. Her hand reached out behind her and pushed back against my stomach, preventing me from penetrating her any deeper.
"Fuuuuccckkkk," Sarah cried out.
My own orgasm overcome me as I forced passed her arm and impaled my cock deep inside her pussy. I wanted to implant my cum as deep inside her cervix as possible, not even considering the potential ramifications.
"Im coming as well," I groaned.
"Yes! Cum inside my pussy I want to feel it," Sarah responded as her body began to shake.
Streams of ejaculate filled my sisters wanting pussy. I held my clock deep Inside of her as my orgasm continued. Sarah moaned in appreciation as she felt my seed coating her insides. I left my pulsing cock inside of her until every last drop of cum was milked from it. Our breathing remained heavy as the sound of our orgasms faded away. I withdrew my sensitive head out of Sarahs pussy causing my thick white cum to leak out behind it. Sarah stood back cup and tuned around gazing at me with lust and then kissed me passionately.
"That was incredible Sarah," I said breaking our kiss.
"You can fuck me anytime you want," Sarah whispered in response before returning her tongue to my mouth.
Sarah and I enjoyed each others company for the rest of the night. After dinner, we cuddled together on the couch, entertained only by our conversation. Sarah described to me the events of her day and her run in that she had with our dad. I couldn't help but be filled with pride as she described how she had called out the toxic work environment he was creating in front of everyone else in the office. Our dad was a brutal and stubborn man. He believed anyone who didn't share his strict views and values were ignorant. I often wondered how our mum stayed with him all this time. She described him as kind and generous when they met as teenagers. Mum first fell pregnant with me at the age of 18. Perhaps the burden of raising children at such a young age moulded him into the unpleasant man he is today.
Sarahs phone began vibrating in her lap as we sat on the couch deep in conversation. "Mum is calling me.." She said, looking at the screen of her phone.
"Hello," She answered.
I couldn't make out the other side of the conversation and I struggled to read my sisters expression. It was unusual for my mum to call late at night.
"Mum, he has said enough-"
"-it's not going to achieve anything, he never changes."
"Okay fine I will do it for you, but I am bringing Jack with me."
"I love you too, see you tomorrow."
Sarah hung up the phone. I waited patiently for her to explain what the conversation was about and tell me what I was going with her to.
"So apparently dad wants to have me over for lunch tomorrow so he can apologise."
"Huh! Yeah dad apologising. That would be a first."
"I know but I told mum I would do it for her… You don't mind coming with me for support do you?"
"Of course not, i'll be there for you."
"Thanks Jack I appreciate it."
The night soon ended and me and Sarah retired to the bedroom. It was nearing on midnight. We had been talking for almost 4 hours. I lay in bed with my body spooning tightly behind Sarah. Her hair smelt like flours and her soft skin against mine caused my dick to harden against her ass. Sleep overcome me as I dreamt happily about the events of the day.
We arrived at our old family home around midday for lunch. I squeezed Sarahs hand tightly to offer her my support. She glanced over and smiled at me as we waited at the door. Sarah looked absolutely beautiful with her hair down, wearing a pale flowing sundress. If I didn't know her I would think she was an innocent young girl on her way to church.
"Hi Jack, Hi Sarah. It's so good to see you guys!" Mum said as she answered the door.
Looking at my mum I was reminded of where Sarah got her stunning looks from. My mum had dark hair slightly shorter than Sarahs. Her large heavy breasts and wide hips stood prominently from her slender frame. At forty three years old she showed little signs of her age.
"It's good to see you too mum," I replied on behalf of the both of us as my mum reached in for a hug.
Her perfumed scent was intoxicating as she pressed her body against mine wrapping her arms around me. I could feel my cock beginning to harden as I felt her tits press against my chest and my hands lingered low across her back.
"You want to fuck mum as well don't you?" Sarah whispered to me as I stared intently at our mums ass while we followed behind her into the house.
"Shut up Sarah, no I don't, and keep your voice down," I quickly replied knowing full well I had thought about fucking our mum ever since I was a teenager.
Sarah sniggered as a gleeful expression whipped across her face. "It's okay, I don't blame you, she is hot."
"Sarah. Jack." My father greeted us. That was about as affectionate as he ever got with us.
Sarah and I responded politely and exchanged niceties mostly as a favour to our mum and to keep things civilised.
Conversation was dry and felt forced as we sat and ate lunch at the table. Our dad talked mostly about his work making subtle digs at Sarah in the process. Our mum courageously tried to keep the peace by changing the subject to my job and asking us about how the apartment was going. Our father only offering disapproving groans from across the table.
Feeling rebellious, I reached my hand across to my Sister sitting next to me and placed it on her thigh. My actions were hidden from my parents view from the other side of the table. Sarahs body tensed at my touch. Her skin felt so soft and warm as I gently stoked my fingers along the inside of her thighs tempting to reach underneath her dress. Conversation continued on and I became more brazen in my actions, sliding my hand further up the inside of her leg. Sarah bit her lip enjoying the sensation of my my touch. As I got further up her leg I could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. Sarah slid a little deeper in the chair and parted her legs slightly, giving me better access to her panty covered pussy. As my fingers touched the soft fabric of her panties Sarah quivered, struggling to keep her composure.
"Are you alright Sarah? You look a little flushed," My mother said, noticing the bright red spots forming on her cheeks.
"Oh yeah I'm okay mum I'm just a little warm that's all."
"Okay well tell me if you want me to turn the air conditioner on."
I felt the dampness of her panties as I stoked my finger up and down the slit of her pussy. My cock was now attempting to drill a hole through my jeans. I continued rubbing her pussy, now focusing my attention at her clit. Sarahs breath become heavier, drawing a look of confusion from my fathers face. I withdrew my hand and returned to stroking Sarahs leg. I wanted to build the anticipation knowing I would fuck her when we returned home.
I kept up my stoking and teasing as we finished our conversation at the table, causing Sarahs panties to be dripping with her wetness. The scent of her arousal had soon overtaken the smell of all the home-cooked food. I knew Sarah was becoming increasingly frustrated at the delay of her orgasm. Her hands gripped the table firmly causing her knuckles to turn white. Our father appeared completely oblivious to his son rubbing his daughters pussy right across from him. This caused Sarah and I a great deal of satisfaction.
Our day ended typical of our usual interactions with our father. He worked himself up in a fuss, criticising all of our life choices and blaming our mum for all of our inadequacies. Our mothers optimism for the day had soon dwindled into familiar demoralisation.
At the end of lunch Sarah quickly rushed off to the bathroom. I wondered why she was taking so long. While waiting I had a quiet conversation with mum to check to see she was alright. As usual she brushed off our fathers brutish and rude behaviour and defended his actions. "You know if it ever gets too much, you are welcome to come and stay with Sarah and I?" I told her.
"Yeah I know, thanks Jack! You are such a good boy."
The car ride home was quiet. Sarah seemed to be hiding something. Her hand clutched tightly to her purse as she stared straight ahead. Her face beemed with excitement.

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