Starting Over

There are a lot of really interesting people in this world. As a sales representative for a large automobile parts manufacturer and wholesaler, I get to meet a lot of different people from all walks of life. No, I’m not a car salesman. I’m actually parts supplier for some rather well known retail supply chains. I handle the mid-south region. That requires I travel a lot and that means it’s hard to maintain much of a personal life, especially a marriage. Well, that’s what I was told by my now ex wife.

My name is Craig Morgan and I was recently divorced after only 5 years of marriage. Seems my hot wife, Candy decided all the nights alone just weren’t worth the effort. So in January she told me we were done. Albeit with the caveat that she and her two kids from her previous marriage weren’t moving out until the kids were out of school.

The divorce took 30 days to finalize and that left another 4 months before the three of them would be out of my house.

Yes, it was my house before we married. However Candy had spent quite a bit on decor and furnishings. So we agreed she kept her stuff, I kept mine and we would just part ways.

The exceedingly LONG departure proved to be an excruciatingly painful and stressful ordeal for me. I can’t and won’t speak for Candy. I will say that in retrospect, I wish we could have just made a clean break as soon as the divorce was finalized. I’m sure that would have been better for all involved.

Candy is a nurse and she makes good money. She’s a gorgeous woman and I had no doubt she’d find another man soon. Wow! Was I right!

The kids aren’t mine, although I always treated them like they were. But soon after their mother made the announcement that she was leaving me, I suddenly became the bad guy to them too. Tragic really. Heartbreaking for me as well.

I taught the oldest to drive. I cared for them when their mom was working late at the clinic. Dried tears during heartaches that came about and did my best to raise them exactly like I had done my own children from a previous marriage.

Three months from their departure I get a text from Candy that’s she’s been seeing and old musician “friend” of mine since March. She wanted me to hear it from her before someone else told me. Her new man’s name? Wes Haley. He’s more of an acquaintance, really. Although I’ve known this man for over 30 years, he’s not the sort of guy I wanna go have a beer with. To me, he’s egotistical and arrogant. But that’s just my opinion.

Wes and I once played in a band together back in the 90s. We had the opportunity to open up for Steppenwolf. Yes the band that had the hit “Born To Be Wild.” It was big deal to me and the rest of the band. After we completed our opening set, we all went backstage. I asked him if he wanted to sit with the rest of the band in the audience and watch the headline act’s show? His response, “I’m not sticking around to listen to these losers.” That was typical of this guy. Class act.

Apparently Candy was smitten after one meeting and impressed with all the name dropping Wes is known for. So with 90 days left before moving out, she’s spending weekends at his house. Yup, after the divorce was final, she’d landed this guy and they were “in love,” engaged and she started moving her things in with him.

Candy and I had been sleeping in separate rooms since last year and rarely spoke. She’d told me back in December of 2018 that she was ready to move on. She said she slept with me once (the first time in two months) just to see if she could recapture any desire for me and us. It just didn’t happen. January 2019 came and it was all over but the move.

I was rarely home anymore anyway. So, no big deal, right? Well it was kind of hurtful. Plus the fact that when I did come home, it was totally trashed! The kid’s rooms were never clean, but now there was shit everywhere! Floors covered with clothes and other debris. Especially the kid’s rooms. My God, they were terrible.

I’d find holes in the sheet rock where the “family photos” once had hung. Doors and door frames banged up where who knows who moved appliances out of the house to be hauled away to their new home. They were hers so that wasn’t a big deal to me, but geez! Sure would have been nice to NOT come home to the house totally destroyed every week.

One week I came home and was cleaning another mess left by everyone and I found a cell phone I recognized as Candy’s. It was an older one she’d long since upgraded from. I pushed the power button and it booted right up.

My curiosity got the best of me and yes, I probably shouldn’t have looked, but I did. The private messages between her and mutual friends were pretty enlightening. I now knew who my real friends were and who was two faced.

I also saw Candy’s private messages with her new fiancé. Seems she’d lied about when her interest in Wes had heated up. I also found out that her “girls weekend trip” in February was a lie. They’d both made that trip together to St. Louis. What a gut punch that was. She’d told me about that in January. Her and “a couple of nurses” she worked with we’re going for a weekend getaway.

I’d actually encouraged that trip. I thought some time away would be good for her and I both. Turns out, it was much better for her and her new man.

On Valentines Day I cooked for her and the kids. I served them all in the dining room. I made desert too. Then presented them all with Valentine gifts and heart shaped boxes of chocolates. The kids also received a cash gift of $20.00 each.

I noticed they accepted the gifts of cash, but left the cards and chocolates on the table. There they sat until they moved out in May. My final attempt at saving the relationship was in hindsight, too little, too late. I had no idea she’d already been hooking up with her new man. Her kids knew! I was the only one that didn’t.

There were other interesting messages from other men. One in particular that recounted a romantic kiss she’d shared with yet another guy even before she’d told me she wanted out of the relationship. She’d lied to me about ever having any interest in him too.

There were more messages from other men. Candy had made it well known by March that she and I were over as couple and that she was moving out as soon as possible. That brought on several offers from guys that had always had eyes on her. Guys that had pretended to be MY friend, but obviously were not. At least now I knew who they all were.

What was even more enlightening was discovering her new boyfriend was also bisexual. He described in great detail how he loved sucking cock and swallowing the cum of another man.

So when Candy stated in her several PMs to our friends that her new boyfriend was “10 times the man Craig is!” She left out that part. Ha! I guess if being bisexual and having a bukkake and cum swallowing fetish meant he was more of a man than me, I can live with that.

After making screen shots of the conversations and making copies of all the “photo shoots” she had done with this guy and the others they brought in to share her with in their MMF encounters. I packed the phone away in a box with her other belongings.

It seemed to me that her new man was using her as bait to bring in guys he could play with too. I guess if she was ok with that, more power to them both. If he or she ever fucked with me again, I had all I needed to put them both in their places quickly.

I ended up spending my only off days cleaning up the messes, patching sheet rock and painting. “Welcome home ya pitiful excuse for a husband!” Yeah, I got the message loud and clear.

Eventually all the shit of HERS was out and I came home to a half empty house, but at least it was CLEAN. Nice. It took until the weekend of Candy and Wes’s wedding day in October for her to finally come get the rest of her stuff.

It wasn’t long after Candy moved out that I started getting PMs from women I knew through work and social media. Bad news travels fast! “EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! CRAIG MORGAN IS SINGLE AGAIN!” Yeah, not really a proud moment for a guy my age. I’m 58 and my 40 year old smoking hot nurse wife of 5 years dumped me for a 67 year old bisexual musician. Great.

I guess by now you’re wondering where all the sex in this story is, right? Well, there had been none in my now defunct relationship in 7 months. Even before that it was once a month at best for the previous 3 years. The relationship had been more of a “roommates” arrangement for a long time. At least for me. Apparently Candy had been quite busy.

I eventually got a PM from a woman I hadn’t seen or heard from in 30 years. Her name is Wendy Kesham. I had forgotten her and her piercing blue eyes. OH MY GOD! You wouldn’t believe them unless you saw them.

We’d met at a local bar a long time ago and had several mutual friends. Back then I was married and she was just barley old enough to be in the bar. She worked as a waitress there. She always caught my eye. She was gorgeous and had a bubbly personality. We were acquaintances, but not much more than that. I certainly noticed her, however. She was and still is a gorgeous girl.

Wendy and I messaged each other back and forth for several days about where and how we met decades ago and what we were doing now.

Eventually I got the courage to ask Wendy out for drinks. Wendy picked a weeknight! Well she did so because my job allowed me to take one weekday off and the next day (a Tuesdays) I could sleep in late if I wanted to. So a Monday night date was inked in and I went to her house an hour away to pick her up.

I’d worked all day. I still had on my dress slacks, shirt and tie. Wendy came out of the house at dusk and pow! The first thing I noticed about her were her eyes! Absolutely strikingly beautiful.

She had on jeans, a t-shirt and cowgirl boots. She looked like a western store model. Wendy gave me little smiley smirk and as I stepped out of the car to open her door and let her in she grabbed me and hugged my neck.

“Oh my God! Craig, how long has it been?” I wanted to give her the years, months, weeks, days, hours and minutes, but I just said “Too long.”

I opened the door and she sat down in the car and as I closed it she looked up at me with that sexy smile and I could help but be swooned and smitten simultaneously. Wendy has dimples too!

Our date night consisted of riding around drinking buttery nipples and just parking near a bridge. We talked about everything we’d both been through for the past 25 years.

We talked about everything! I felt so comfortable around her and I was very attracted to Wendy, but I was determined to be a gentleman. We just talked, sipped our drinks and enjoyed each other’s stories of what our lives had been like since last we’d seen each other.

We talked until we finished the liquor and our tongues were tired. I know I was tired and I had another hour and a half of driving to take Wendy home, then drive myself home.

I had every intention of bringing her home. HER HOME, and dropping her off. However at about 2 am I was really tired and she suggested we have breakfast at a Waffle House and call it a night.

At the restaurant, Wendy said “Craig, I know you’re tired. I can tell. You’ve been such a gentleman and I trust you. I’m really tired too, but I don’t want to go home. There’s a hotel right across the street. Wanna get a room and rest up?”

Ok I know what you’re probably thinking. “Here we go!” Well I responded “Sure, and I intend to remain a gentleman. So I’m going to get us a room with two double beds.”

After we finished our coffee, we drove across the street and her and I both walked in the lobby. I asked the desk clerk for a room with two double beds. The desk clerk replied “I’m sorry sir. All I have left is a nonsmoking king.”

Wendy chimes in “That’ll be fine sir.” I’m really digging this woman… A LOT.

Needless to say, even though I attempted to just undress down to my skivvies and go to sleep, Wendy had other plans. As I lay on the bed all the way to one side and to myself under the covers, Wendy undressed and rolled over on top of me. She smiled that seductive, mischievous smile she’s mastered and said, “I hope you’re not too tired. You know what’s up.”

With that she kissed me deeply and long. My God, this woman is on fire! Her long brown hair now caressing my chest as she kissed her way down my chest and stomach.

When she reach the top of my underwear she removed them and lowered her head back down to my stomach and resumed the kisses. Although I was tired, I was quickly becoming more awake. It had been over 6 months since I’d enjoyed the touch of a woman.

Wendy was exquisitely talented. Purposeful and passionate in her attention. As she engulfed my cock, I shuttered with ecstasy and moaned aloud. Wendy looked up at me with her mouth still around my cock and winked. Those eyes! My God this woman was stunning.

I couldn’t take her oral talents long. I knew if I didn’t take control soon, I’d cum and pass out from total exhaustion. I was determined I was going to make a good first impression to my new lover. So I grabbed her head and pulled her up to me and kissed her deeply.

I pulled her to me tightly and rolled us both over in the king size bed toward the center. I was now on top and determined to show this gorgeous and talented lady just how much she excited me.

Our kiss lingered as our tongues danced and explored. I was rock hard and I could tell Wendy was quite wet. As we kissed, I ground my cock toward her pussy and found the entrance without hands. We fit together perfectly.

I’d have never said this to her because it’s rude and very ungentlemanly to do, BUT… after not having sex with a woman for 7 months, Wendy felt so damn good. Tight, warm, wet and I was going to have a very difficult time not blowing my load and collapsing on top of her.

I started stroking my cock in and out of her with gaining momentum. Wendy meeting each thrust with her own. It wasn’t long until Wendy wrapped her legs around my hips and dug her heels against my ass. She arched her back and announced “Oh God! I’m coming!”

I kept thrusting until she relaxed her grip on me and the quivering in her legs subsided. That’s when I felt my own orgasm starting to build. But I wasn’t ready to quit her yet.

I kissed Wendy deeply once more and withdrew my cock. As I did I made my way down Wendy’s soft and sweetly sweaty body. I paid special attention to her breast and nipples.

I moved down her body kissing her stomach and clinching her belly piercing in my teeth. God she was so hot. So beautiful. I felt her back arch once again as she reached down to grasp my head with both of her hands.

I could feel her guide my mouth to her clit. Wendy was smooth shaven but for a very sexy and thin “landing strip.” As I reached her clit with my mouth I could feel her anticipate my endeavors with her own.

Wendy raised her hips to give me full access to her wet, swollen and highly sensitive erogenous zone. She tasted divine. Sweet and salty. I let my tongue explore her completely.

Her hands now pulled my face to her and her hips ground her clit and pussy into my mouth. Her back arched higher and again she announced “Oh God! Craig, I’m coming again!”

I was delighted to hear that and increased my efforts. My tongue dancing and tasting her. Savoring her taste I soon found myself experiencing something I hadn’t in a long time. Wendy squirted! Not a lot, but certainly noticeable! She gasped and moaned while grinding her clit against my open mouth and tongue. Ecstasy! Pure and simple ecstasy!

As her orgasm subsided, Wendy regained her composure and pulled my head up to hers. My face wet with her juices she again kissed me fully on the mouth. Tasting her own juices in the process, she kissed me all around my mouth.

Wendy pulled me close and once more I felt my cock against her extremely wet pussy. Wendy spread her legs and wrapped them around me once more. She pushed her hips against mine and I slipped right back into her with no effort.

She then rolled us over. Now Wendy took over with her thrusts and ground her pelvic bone into mine. Her grinding was diligent and forceful. I was seriously being fucked by this woman.

She looked down at me with her gorgeous hair hanging in her face. Her soft breasts swaying and jiggling with each thrust. She looked at me through her hair and smiled. Her dimples are amazing and for a moment I totally focused on them alone. “It’s your turn baby. I want you to cum, ok?”

I chuckled a little and told her, “you have no idea how hard I’ve been trying not to since we started. But that’s what’s up.” She giggled with me, kissed me softly and leaned into my ear. “Where would you like to cum, baby?” in a soft, sultry voice. “The first time?” I asked. “Ummmm. Yes baby.” Wendy sighed. “Right here. Just like this. Holding you tightly.”

Wendy kissed my neck and nibbled my earlobe as she continued to ride my cock. “I’m probably going to join you babe.”

I knew then I no longer had to hold back my orgasm. So I thrust against her as I grasped her waist, pushing her down to the base of my cock. Then pulled her up to get a full stroke.

In minutes, Wendy’s breathing hastened and she clearly was reaching her third climax. I was about to reach my own. Our thrusts increased in ferocity and I knew I was about to cum. I moaned aloud. Wendy kisses me again and said “Cum baby. Cum with me.”

With that, I exploded. As I did, Wendy gasped. We clutched each other in a tight embrace and I could feel her fingernails dig into my back. My ears were ringing and I strained to push my cock as deep into her as I could, slamming my pubic bone against hers.

Wendy came at the same time and after feeling her shutter, shiver and hear her gasp, she collapsed on top of me. Her nails released my flesh and her full weight came down on me. She stretched her legs out and we laid their in that embrace for several minutes while we caught our breath.

I kissed her neck and rolled her back over to the center of the bed. I kissed her softly, taking in her beautiful face and those piercing eyes. “I’ll get you a warm wash rag and a towel, babe. Lay still. I’ll be right back.”

As I got up I heard Wendy sigh and as she replied “you are going to spoil me, Craig” “Yes ma’am. I certainly intend to do that as much as possible.”

As I reached the bathroom of our little motel room and flipped the light on, I was instantly blinded by the harshness. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust. I ran the hot water and soaked the rag with it, grabbed a hand towel, then returned to the bed.

Wendy looked so damn beautiful laying there. I gently cleaned her up, toweled her dry and returned the items to the bathroom.

When I climbed back into bed, Wendy cuddled to me and laid her head on my shoulder. “I know you’re exhausted, Craig. Get some sleep and we’ll continue our date in the morning.” I kissed her again and said “it’s already 4:30 babe.” She grabbed my cock in her hand and held it. “I’ll know when you’re up, baby. Get some sleep.”

With that, I fell asleep in what seemed like seconds.