Stepdaughter and her Son Pt. 03

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This is a follow up to Part 2. All characters are at 18 years old. Fiction based on facts.
The next morning Sunday, everyone had slept in late from Saturday's activities. At 10:00 my wife woke up and shook me and said, "We need to wake up and make breakfast."
I slowly opened my eyes and said, "Okay."
My wife said she was going to jump in the shower, and I replied, "I'll join you."
So we got in the shower together, but we didn't have time to "fool around", so we quickly got in and got out.
We heard the shower running in the guest bathroom knowing that Zoe and Zack had gotten up too.
As I walked by one of the guest bedrooms I saw Zoe sitting on the bed, so I greeted her, "Good morning Zoe, your mom and I are making breakfast right now."
She answered, "Great, both Zack and I are hungry, thank you."
I said, "We'll see you downstairs."
My wife had started cooking bacon and eggs, and she had made pancake batter and told me to make the pancakes.
A few minutes later Zoe and Zack came down and sat at the dining room table. We served out the food and everyone started to eat.
While eating, I asked how the movie was last night.
Zack answered, "It was really good, I'm glad we went to see it!"
Just then my wife's cell phone rang. She smirked and shook her head and answered it. It was one of the employees that was supposed to open the store that my wife was the Manager of.
When she got off the phone she said she needs to make some quick phone calls to get someone to open the store. After a few calls she told us that she needs to go in cause she can't find anyone else to open the store. She said, "I'll be there at least an hour till the other workers show up."
I said, "Well, do what you need to do."
Zoe said, "We're not leaving till mid afternoon, so we'll see you then."
My wife changed her clothes and was quickly out the door.
I asked Zoe if she had planned anything for today. She said, "Nope, we were going to just relax here till it was time to leave."
I told Zoe I was going to do a load of laundry if she had anything to wash. She said, "Okay, I'll bring it down to the laundry room."
While I was loading the washer and putting the detergent and softener in, Zoe stepped in and said, "Here is our laundry." As she lightly tossed it into my face as she chuckled.
It just so happens that one of her thongs gets hung up on my face. Zoe laughs as I pluck it off my face. Then I look at it, then look at her, then I bring it up to my nose to take a sniff. She gasps and tries to take it from me, but I pull it back out of her reach.
She said, "Give that to me."
I said, "Nope, I'm doing the laundry." I take a step backwards and put her thong to my face and take a deep breath in. "Oh yeah, the scent of sweet pussy."
Zoe blushes and yelps, "Oh my god, stop sniffing my thong!"
I said, "You threw it at me, what am I supposed to do." As I laugh.
Zoe calms down and asks, "You want to sniff more of my pussy?"
I look at her and say, "What about Zack, he's upstairs."
Zoe says, "Well, I've been thinking about this since my mom needed to go to work."
I asked, "About what?"
Zoe said, "Why don't we go up to the bedroom and I'll tell you then."
With a perplexed look I finish loading the washer and start it, then head upstairs to the bedroom.
Zoe and Zack are sitting on the bed waiting for me to come in. I walk in towards them and stand in front of them.
Zoe starts to talk, "Zack, Papa here saw us the other day when I was playing with your cock. I've explained to him that we have discussed our "taboo" relationship and that you have a real understanding of this complex situation."
I ask Zack, "Do you really know what the psychological issues that could come about with this type of relationship?"
Zack said, "Yes, we have had hours of discussion about this. After every encounter we talk so that we know we are okay."
Zoe said, "Well I'd like to take this to another level."
I ask, "What do you mean?"
She said, "I'd like for you to get involved in this relationship too."
I immediately say, "I don't think that is a very good idea!"
Zack says, "I've wanted to have sex with a male, but didn't know how I was going to do that. This gives me a great opportunity for that."
Zoe said, "Yes, Zack has told me about his desire to be with a male, but even I didn't know how I was going to achieve that, considering our "taboo" situation."
I stood there in shock, not knowing what to do.
Zoe said, "This will be our deep secret that no one will find out about."
After a few moments of me pondering the thought of having sex with my stepdaughter's son… Zoe starts to take her clothes off and motions to Zack to take his clothes off. In a matter of seconds, the both of them are totally naked laying on the bed. Zoe waves at me and said, "Take your clothes off and join us."
I hesitate, but give in and strip out of my clothes and get into bed with them. We first touch each others nude bodies, feeling the nakedness amongst the three of us. Zack touches me with some shyness as he touches a male in a sexual way for the first time. He strokes and rubs my back and shoulders gently and softly. He then glides his hand on my arm to my hands, then fingers. I can tell he is curious but also intrigued with the feel of a man.
Meanwhile, I've been caressing Zoe's upper body and arms, then trickle my way down to her perky tits and nipples. After squeezing and cupping her breasts, I start licking and sucking her dark areolas and nipples. She moans softly as I suckle her.
I feel Zack working his way down my back to my ass. He runs a finger along my butt crack, and massages my butt cheeks. His rubbing of my butt cheeks outwardly exposes my butt hole, as I can tell that he is staring at my anus. All of a sudden I feel his tongue glide over my butt hole. He keeps lapping and licking it like it's his new lollipop. Zack eats my ass and sticks his tongue into my anus like a hungry animal.
Zoe hears the noise from Zack rimming my ass and wants to watch. So she gets out from under me and sits on the side of the bed watching Zack eat my ass. She gets aroused watching so she starts to rub her pussy as she sighs.
Zack finished rimming me and said, "I'd really like to fuck your hot ass."
I said, "We can get to that later, but right now I'd like to suck your cock."
Zack laid down on the bed and I put myself right in front of his cock. I put both of my hands on his flaccid cock and felt the thickness of it. I licked the tip of the head where there was a long drip of pre-cum leaking down the front. It was sweet and slimy to the touch as my tongue lapped it all up. Zack was still not hard but I could tell he was enjoying my play with his large semi-soft cock.
Zoe was getting aroused again as she watched me play with Zack's large cock. After fondling it for a few minutes, I put my mouth on the head of his cock and started sucking it. Even in the flaccid state it was in, Zack's cock was big, it was definitely more than a mouthful. I started to put more of that fat cock into my mouth and slide my lips down the shaft. I could feel him getting hard as his cock grew even more in girth and length. I could barely get half of his cock in my mouth before my gag reflex kicked in. His cock was so thick, I couldn't wrap my hands completely around it!
I didn't want him to cum yet, so after a few minutes of sucking him, I stopped and told him that we need to get your mom involved.
Zoe was happy masturbating while watching Zack having sex with a male. But, she said, "I want my pussy eaten."
I volunteered and said, "That is my most favorite sex act, so lay down and spread your legs!"
She laid down in front of me, pulled her knees upward and outward and said, "Here it is, come and get it!"
I planted my face right in her steamy crotch and licked the entire area from her inner thighs, to her butt hole, over her perineum, and finally her pussy. She had thick pussy juice leaking from vagina, from the masturbating she was doing earlier. It tasted so sweet and luscious, as I buried my face deep into her pussy and licked and lapped every drop of it. When I had "cleaned" her up, I went for her huge clit that was sticking out at me. I nibbled on it at first, then licked it for a while, then I flicked my tongue on it as I three finger fucked her sopping wet pussy.
While I was going down on Zoe, Zack stood off to the side and watched as I could tell he staring and jacking off.
In a matter of minutes Zoe was squirming and said, "Oh my god, keep licking my clit, I'm going to cum."
I picked up the pace finger fucking her and sucking her clit as she yelled out, "I'm going to cum, oooooh my god, oh shit, oh fuck, here I cum!"
Zoe's body started shaking and convulsing, then stiffened up as she let out a deep moan as she squirted out a huge load of thick pussy juice onto my face. She continued to shake as more fluid leaked from her pussy as I kept lapping up whatever came out of her. It seemed like she would never stop cumming as she continued to have body shakes and ejaculation.
She quivered and twitched as she was finally coming down from her deep full body orgasms. Her sighs were loud and her breath was short and shallow. The bed got soaked from her squirting as we forgot to put a towel down.
Zack was fully aroused, with his 8" long, thick cock from jacking off watching his mom cum.
I told him, "We need to take care of that big cock of yours."
I got down on the floor, on my knees and elbows and told Zack, "Get some lube, get behind me, rub some on my anus, and fuck my ass."
He got behind me and lubed me, then slowly pushed his big cock into my butt hole. Fortunately, I've been fucked by big cocks and dildos, so my sphincter was accustomed to large penetrating cocks.
He was standing over me, mounted over my ass while he grabbed my waist. As my butt hole relaxed, Zack started to thrust his big cock deep into my ass as his low hanging scrotum slapped my ball sac. I could tell he was turned on as his breath quickened and as he dripped perspiration. His moaning and grunting was animalistic as he pounded my butt hole.
He said, "You like getting butt fucked, don't you."
I knew he wasn't going to last long with all the stimulation he had gone through. Zack yelled out, "Here I cum, I'm going to cum in your ass!"
I could feel his cock swell even more as he was about to cum, I've never felt anything like it before. All of a sudden he pulsed his load of semen deep into my rectum as he let out a deep guttural moan.
He kept fucking me even after he had cum. He said, "It feels so good, having my cock sliding in and out of your butt hole with the lubrication of my cum."
He continued to butt fuck me as his cock didn't soften, so kept going. He said, "I'm going to keep fucking you till I cum again."
While this was going on, Zoe had recovered from her orgasms and laid down beside me and reached underneath me and started stroking my cock. She got some of the lube and was giving me a sensual hand job.
With Zack hammering my ass, I wasn't going to last long with the great hand job that Zoe was giving me. It wasn't but a few minutes later that I was going to cum.
Zoe repositioned herself to be able to suck my cock now as I was about to spurt my load. Sure enough, I said, "Here I cum Zoe, I want you to take my load in your mouth and swallow it."
My body tightened up as I started to cum. Zack said, "I can feel your anus squeezing my cock."
I shot my big load of semen into Zoe's mouth as she was waiting for it. I watched her slurp my cum and then swallow it.
Zack then said, "I'm going to cum again."
I could feel his cock swell again, then feel the pulse as he came again. This time he pulled out of my ass, then all of his semen from both ejaculations leaked out of my butt hole. Zoe quickly got behind me and put her mouth over my anus and sucked and licked the semen that leaking from me. It was dripping all the way down to my scrotum sac, where Zoe kept slurping and licking getting every bit semen there.
When we all had relaxed from our orgasms, we looked at the clock realizing that my wife would be coming home soon so we scrambled to get cleaned up and not leave any evidence of what we had done.

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