Stephanie’s Holiday

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Stephanie's holiday.
The year had started brightly for Stephanie but the Corona virus had wrecked everything. This was her gap year. The job at the hotel on the north Queensland tropical beach with accommodation had been terrific. Then came the virus. No tourists. No job. No accommodation. No money. Things were getting desperate. There was lockdown. She couldn't get back home to England. Fortunately somebody at the hotel knew somebody who knew somebody who had a beach shack way up the coast that she could stay in for free. It was in an idyllic spot, surrounded by trees and near the surf.
The shack itself wasn't well appointed. It was made of wood and lightly constructed. Stephanie had only been there a few days when there was a warning of a cyclone approaching. She could tell by the water and the way the waves formed that something was happening. The wind got stronger and stronger and the waves bigger. Stephanie made herself dinner and sat down to watch television. She could hear the wind getting stronger and stronger and then the rain came. Soon after dark the wind became really strong – really strong gusts. There was creaking and strange noises and all of a sudden the roof was blown off, the power went off and Stephanie was being drenched with the heaviest rain she had ever experienced in her life. She was dressed for bed in a very light cotton nightie. In terror she made her way out of the hut instinctively and ran for her life to the solid brick shack 20 m away. She hammered on the door and it was opened and she was blown in by the wind, drenched to the skin with her wet nightie clinging to her body.
Jeff opened the door not knowing what to expect. Before he had time to even assess the situation, Stephanie was inside the door and he was trying to close it against the wind. She was dripping everywhere. No girl ever wanted to make an entrance like this – hair wet and dishevelled and covered only by a thin cotton nightie, made transparent by the rain and sticking to her body showing every curve as if she was totally naked. Stephanie was acutely conscious of what she was must look like and was desperate to regain her dignity. Jeff had other priorities and wanted to stop her dripping all over the floor.
"Here is a towel and the bathroom is there. Dry yourself and I'll try and find something to cover you. All my clothes are way too big for you. I can give you a shirt or you can just wrap the towel around yourself."
Stephanie's relief at finding a hairdryer in the bathroom was palpable. It took a long time to dry her hair and compose herself and check whether the shirt or the towel covered her better and she finally decided on the towel. She looked ridiculous in the shirt. She was acutely conscious of the fact that she had no covering over her bottom.
It was time to get to know each other better. Jeff's lust neurons had sprung to life the moment Stephanie came through the door with her nipples showing through her cotton nightie. Stephanie was aware of the possibilities of the situation where a good-looking young girl scarcely dressed was in the same room as a fit, healthy young man but she was slower to appreciate just how fast the situation could develop under the right circumstances. They introduced themselves and discussed how they came to be in that part of the world. Stephanie had come from England but on account of the virus was now unable to get back on account of the lockdown. Her 18th birthday had already gone and her boyfriend should've been here to celebrate it with her but he was unable to get a plane ticket. Jeff lived on a farm with his parents who had bought the hut so they could enjoy the surf. It was simple- a large room with a double bed, a shower/bathroom, a stove, a fridge, a table and a TV.
The conversation was friendly. Jeff offered her a beer and tried to reassure Stephanie after her frightening experience. If he was trying to chat her up, he was extremely subtle about it. Stephanie was quite receptive because she had realised that destiny had thrown her into the arms of a meal ticket. They watched the television to see the cyclone raging around them. Much later Jeff said,
"This place is a bit primitive. I've only got one bed. You can sleep near the wall and I'll sleep on the outside. How does that sound?"
Stephanie had been admiring Jeff. He was strong and only wearing pyjama shorts which hung loosely on him. She had been looking to see if he seemed in the slightest bit interested in her but there was no action where it would have been obvious. She thought she was safe even though she wasn't wearing panties. She literally had no line of defence. Jeff kept looking at Stephanie hoping that she would make a false move and he would have a quick look at her pussy but it didn't happen. It was too soon to make a move. Be patient. It seemed possible she would come across tomorrow.
"I hope the storm is over in the morning."
They went to sleep with the rain belting down and the wind howling.
In the morning Stephanie woke to find Jeff at the stove making breakfast. It was hot and humid and he was dressed only in loose pyjama shorts. She got up and they sat down over a breakfast of toast and jam and tea. The banter continued between them with increasing sexual innuendo until by the end of breakfast there was no longer a question of whether there would be sexual interaction but how and when it would occur. Stephanie was a very bright intelligent woman, mature beyond her years. Her sexual experience was limited by the fact that her boyfriend was very sexually immature. He was shy and had not extended Stephanie's experience very much at all. Her body had been ready and willing to make the next leap for some time.
Jeff went to the bench to make another cup of tea and Stephanie could see his broad, strong back and the outline of his strong bum cheeks. She was looking at Jeff in a totally different light now. During the night fantasies had been running through her mind about this man who was so close to her physically. He was so much bigger than her boyfriend and she began to wonder whether that appendage between his legs might also be much bigger. She had read that size mattered but didn't have a clue why that might be the case, never having experienced even a small one. Nevertheless, as Jeff walked around the room Stephanie glanced constantly at his shorts in the hope that she might sneak a glance at his weapon. All the indications were that he was well hung. The more she thought about it, the wetter she got in anticipation of her being able to seduce him.
If he wasn't going to make the first move, she was. She stood behind him and clasped her hands around his chest pressing her body into his. Jeff was extremely surprised at how brazen Stephanie had been but kept his cool and directed his right hand behind him under the hem of the towel and into Stephanie's crack. Bullseye. His finger was on her clitoris immediately. It was Stephanie's turn to be surprised. She audibly sucked in breath as Jeff's finger continued to rub. She could feel herself getting more excited and her whole body shook and she had to grab Jeff tightly to stabilise herself. He could feel her spasms. When she had finished she spun him around and gave him a big kiss. It had been a long time since her boyfriend had had his finger there.
It was one of the most pleasurable orgasms that Stephanie had ever had. After the storm she was desperate for reassurance that she was in safe hands. That and the enjoyment of the orgasm was so amazing in contrast to the terror she had felt, she was almost in tears. Jeff gently removed the towel and she stood in front of him completely naked displaying a beautiful pair of breasts, not very large but a delicious shape, and a face that showed that she wanted to connect to Jeff.
Stephanie was aware that she was now totally naked but she didn't care. She felt safe in Jeff's hands and it was now her turn and she pulled his shorts down. It was not the first penis she had ever seen but it was the first one she'd ever seen on a completely naked body and it really turned her on. It was long and stiff and hard. The arrowhead shape of the tip became the focus of her interest. This was designed to make a pathway for that long shaft that was going to fill her up. She always knew that her destiny was to engulf one with her vagina and she looked with excitement as the prospect seemed to be getting closer and closer. She hesitated and Jeff led her hand down until she was grasping and feeling just how hard his penis was and moving her hand up and down.
"Wait a minute. I want to pull the blinds down so that nobody can see us."
"Tell me what it's like outside."
"Your shack is a wreck. A big branch seems to have fallen on it. It is still raining and blowing like hell – I will not be able to get in until the wind and rain stop. You won't be able to get any clothes until later so you are stuck here with me naked. I hope you don't mind, I think you look beautiful without clothes on."
Jeff led her to bed and gently lifted her down so that she was lying horizontally with her legs stretched out. She looked terrific. A seductive smile, breasts that were not pancaking and a trim little dark triangle where her thighs joined. Stephanie looked really sexy. There was much kissing and cuddling while Jeff gave her three orgasms in a row with his finger. It was an unusual experience inasmuch as Stephanie kept her knees together the whole time. Stephanie had her own private notions about being naked – you were only truly naked and exposed when someone could see the bits between your lips. Jeff found it an amazing experience because Stephanie managed to have such strong orgasms so quickly and easily. He had been with girls when no matter what he did, they never even looked like having an orgasm. After the fourth one Stephanie said, "Stop. I need a rest. It's too much."
It was only then that Stephanie realised that she had not paid any attention to Jeff at all, even though she had been holding his erect penis the whole time. It was time to inspect this magnificent piece of flesh which turned her on so much. She examined the head on the shaft and pulled the foreskin up and down. Her hand moved vigorously up and down until white stuff shot out and fell onto Jeff's stomach. "So that's the stuff that makes a girl pregnant."
Jeff got up to get a tissue to clean himself up and came back to bed.
It had become obvious to him that Stephanie was very inexperienced and didn't know what to do next. He would show her. Jeff drew her hand down to his penis again until it was stiff and said, "One of the most exciting things you can do for me is to put your mouth over my dick. I think you'll like it too."
"Some of my girlfriends have talked about doing this and how they like it."
She placed her mouth over his dick began to suck and lick noting how much Jeff enjoyed it. She also enjoyed it and did it until he came again into the tissue. Jeff was fairly certain that she would never allow him to lick her if he asked. He would sneak up on her. His lips moved down to her breast and he began sucking her nipple until it was hard and erect and then he began licking slowly down her stomach towards her bellybutton and then between her thighs and, imperceptibly to Stephanie, opened them, separated her lips and began licking her clitoris. He was surprised that Stephanie did not seem to have noticed – she opened her thighs wider and rolled her eyes back as the sensations became stronger and her thighs snapped together and trapped his head. He kept licking and licking until finally she stopped shaking and released his head.
Stephanie had not lost consciousness but seemed to be in another world, completely overcome by the delicious sensations which were encompassing her mind and body. Jeff lifted her knees up, separated them and positioned his penis at the entrance to her vagina. She was unbelievably wet and he slipped in easily. Stephanie's eyes opened wide as if she could not believe what was happening to her and she looked helplessly into his eyes as the invader filled her right up. She wrapped her knees around him to stop him moving. Slowly Stephanie became aware of the fact that she was doing something that she had not expected to be doing for quite a long while. It felt good. How did it happen without her being aware of what was happening? She must have been carried away.
"Are you doing what I think you are doing?"
"Yes. Doesn't it feel good?"
"Yes. I can't believe that I let you do that. You must have got me so excited that my natural instincts overcame my inhibitions. The last thing I remember, you were licking me and the next thing you're inside me."
"Are you safe? Can you get pregnant?"
"What day is it?"
"Wednesday the 12th."
"That means I've been safe for two days."
"Is it okay if I come inside you?"
"It is. As long as you don't get me pregnant, it's okay."
Jeff pumped while Stephanie used her finger on her clitoris and they both came together. Stephanie looked down and could see Jeff's penis covered with her juices as it slipped out of her vagina. She thought to herself – that has just been inside me – I can't believe it – I thought it was going to be so big but it wasn't after all – it fitted nicely and comfortably. The next time I want to be able to feel him putting it in. I want to be able to feel him opening me up.
"When you licked me, you didn't look at my pussy, did you?"
"Of course I did."
"Did it look pretty?"
"It's not pretty. It's not ugly. It's very interesting. You have light curly hair and you can see your slit through it. Your clitoris is large and when I pull the skin back, you can see a nice shiny button. You just want to keep looking at it. You know it has a nice smell too?"
"I was worried it looked ugly and I didn't want you to look."
"No. Don't be embarrassed. You can't imagine how great you look when you lie on your back with your legs apart and you pull apart your hairy lips and reveal all your bits inside."
"I think it's time we had a shower and cleaned up and had lunch. After lunch I'd like you to lick me again."
The rain was still bucketing down and the wind blowing very hard as Stephanie looked through the window and contemplated what was left of the shack she had been staying in. It was a ruin. All her clothes would be wet through when she finally got them. She didn't notice Jeff standing behind her and gave a start when she felt both his hands around her breasts and twiddling her nipples. God it felt good. He bit the nape of her neck and nibbled her ear while his finger went down to her clitoris. Somehow he got her to separate her legs a little and she felt his penis push between her bum cheeks. The next thing he had gently bent her at the waist and his penis was searching for the opening to her vagina. She felt the tip enter just a fraction and then just a fraction more and then more than a fraction more and her back was horizontal and he was right up her and moving in and out. This was good too. To her surprise, Stephanie was enjoying sex – every time, without exception.
Stephanie could not make up her mind whether she preferred it from the back or the front. Either way it was good. Stephanie had many more occasions to reflect on how one night she was going to bed and the next day she was having sex non-stop. Life was indeed strange.
Jeff said, "I need to get some food. I'm going down to the shops. I would ask you to come you can't come dressed like that, can you."
Stephanie needed a rest. She needed time to gather her thoughts together and think about things. She lay on the bed looking at the ceiling. Without thinking, her finger descended between her legs and she was on the way to an orgasm very quickly. Stephanie was normally introspective and liked to think about things. She never thought about her vagina. It was one of those things tucked in the back of her mind just as her vagina was tucked away in the recesses of her body. She knew it was there but never expected to use it for a long time, even though she knew what it was for. It didn't upset her that Jeff had entered her. She just wished that she had been able to be fully conscious of what he was doing instead of just finding that it had happened. The best part was watching his penis slither out. Seeing it wet was proof where it had been. It gave meaning to her vagina as a functioning part of her body rather than as an unresponsive piece of flesh.
Stephanie didn't know why she asked herself the question but she did – is an orgasm better with a penis in your vagina? It should have been easy to compare because there was only an hour from the last one but it wasn't. Orgasms were things you experienced but somehow were difficult to remember. I must ask Jeff what it feels like to have his penis inside me.
Stephanie finally spoke to herself – "Steph, don't over-intellectualise your vagina. It is there to act as a fun-parlour. Lie back, think of Queen Victoria and enjoy it. Stop thinking about it. Just enjoy it."
"Jeff. What does it feel like to put your penis into a woman?"
"I don't know. I don't think about it."
"Well, what do you think about when you are fucking me?"
"I'm more interested in seeing what effect I'm having on you. Are you wet? Are you tight? Does she seem to be enjoying it? Are you getting close to an orgasm? Will I come before she has an orgasm?"
"Thanks. I've often wondered. I look into your eyes as you fuck me and I wonder what the hell is he thinking. Now I know.We've been together two days now. Did you notice any difference in me?"
"Yes. You're a lot more relaxed. I think you've recovered from the shock of the roof blowing off."
"That's not what I meant. Have you noticed that I walk around with nothing on at all? I could put my nightie on but I don't. I used to be very precious about showing myself naked and now I don't care. You walk around with nothing on and I like looking at you and I can see that you like looking at me. I like looking at your dick- it really turns me on. Before I actually saw it I thought it would be bigger but it's really big enough. I don't think you could fit any more in. You know we've been together two days now and we're like a newly married couple. One of my girlfriends in England had an older sister who got married and she told me that they had sex non-stop for the whole of the honeymoon but things have calmed down now. I wonder whether that'll be the same with us. I used to think that only boys wanted to have sex. They were always trying to feel me up and I was always resisting. Now I can see that I want it just as much as you do. I feel proud of my pussy. You convinced me that it's not ugly so I'm happy for you to look at it."
"You're right, you know. I never had a girl stay over before and it's so relaxing to see you walking around with nothing on and see your little hairy bush and to see the outline of your little slit. I want to make love to you all the time. And then when you lay down on the bed and you separate your knees and lift them and I can see where I am going to put my dick. You wouldn't notice it but my dick seems to get just a little bit stiffer at that moment and then I slip it in and your eyes welcome me and I feel at home. It's a wonderful feeling. Don't you think so?"
"Of course. I feel the urge coming on right now. Come on. Give me a real good fuck right now and then I'll make lunch."
Without hesitation they were at it again…And again
It was another two days before Jeff could get her clothes from the shack then they had to be dried. Stephanie never quite came back to earth. She was delighted and happy that she had now found somewhere to stay and someone to take care of her and above all to take care of her pussy. Jeff took her back to the farm. She never looked back.

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