Stepmom And her daughter

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Stepmom And her daughter
StepMom’s still my first
my name is Trish (not real obviously) and I have been reading lots of
stories on various pages of late. Most of them are really exciting and some
are quite different. If half of them are true, some of you are leading
extraordinary lives – I guess that mine is a little out of the norm as well.
What I have wanted to write about for quite some time now, and am finally
legally old enough to do so (at least from a socially set “norm”
perspective) is a true story about the lead up to and the first time that I
ever made love.
That’s pretty normal you might say. Well it is, but who it was, is the “out
of the norm” part of my life. My first, and as yet only sexual partner has
been my mother. I have long since rationalised that it is not the normal
way of lesbian relationships, but I believe that having mum as my lover, has
no real bearing on any other part of my life. I have been in love with her
since before we made love and I can’t see a way of being in love with anyone
else. In fact I doubt whether I would have felt comfortable with anyone
I want to tell you how it happened and let you know what an amazing
experience it was. It happened just over five years ago just before I
turned 13. Dad had left 3 years earlier with another woman. I would not
have left with dad for all the money in the world, because he was a really
harsh man, who treated mom and me (as their only c***d) really badly. In
the end I am really happy and to this day, don’t maintain contact with him.
I’m still living with mom now – only we live as a lesbian couple in a
different city – where no-one else knows that we are mother and daughter.
Anyway I need to get on with how it happened……..
Mom, who was 28 at the time dad left, had always been open and answered my
questions honestly, especially about what had happened with him and their
relationship. Mum told me that, not only did he treat her badly, he had
also lost interest in her and had found a younger woman and that he would
probably be happier with his new partner, than he ever was with mum. She
also told me to expect that he would not want to make contact with me for
some time, as he hadn’t told his new partner about Mum or I.
Mom and I were best friends, we would, and continue to, tell each other
everything. I was never afraid to go to Mom with any question or any
problem, no matter how silly or embarrassing I thought it was – even ones of
a sexual nature – and I had a few of those. I was pretty curious and Mom
was always straight with me.
Mum has always been a freelance journalist, preferring to work from home,
specialising in social anthropology. She has always done pretty well, so we
never really struggled too much for anything after dad left. I had to wait
for most things, but I got them and I think that mum’s philosophy was good
for me and taught me how to wait for the good things in life – like my own
computer. We lived in a good, quiet neighborhood and this only added to the
palatability of mum’s frequent overnight trips away, for research and
interviews. These weren’t a problem when dad was around, but mum always
felt guilty about them after he left. I kept telling her that it was OK, I
was responsible, our house had good locks and besides – I was ten – or
eleven – or twelve – or thirteen. She trusted the area, and me, but she
always rang at once per night and once in the morning, whenever she was
away. After all, I was mature but I was only a young woman.
I was one of those early bloomers, had had my first period by 11 and was
pretty much developed by 12 – with just a few inches to go on my chest. I
had also kissed a couple of boys – at their behest mind – but never really
got the zing or pang, or whatever a girl is supposed to get from kissing a
boy/guy. Yes I was young and yes they and I were inexperienced and clumsy,
mum told me. When I asked if I was gay because I didn’t get all hot and
sweaty when they kissed me, she said that she thought it was too early to
So, being of an A type personality, I started to read as much as I could on
both subjects – because, after all, this would shape a large part of my
life. It was about that time that I really became aware of my body and
started to explore it and might I say, had a lot of fun doing it. I also
managed to “obtain” one of those rated ‘R’ magazines that they sell in
corner stores and news agencies, when I put inside a paper. The magazine
was one of those typical low grade ones that had some written stories and
showed pictures of both hetro and lesbian sex – I was fascinated. I wrote
about everything, and I mean everything – recording it all in an electronic
diary on my computer.
That’s where all of my fantasies went – and you can imagine there were some
pretty weird ones and some straight laced ones. Reading back over my diary,
I realise now that there was a steady, but gradual, shift first from hetro
fantasies, to ones of lesbian sex. I had started by checking out boys. I’d
watch people, mostly of my own age, but also good looking men older than me.
I started to realise that my tendencies weren’t towards men but towards
women and I started to pay particular attention at places like school
showers and at the pool and pool showers. Gradually my fantasies turned
completely towards women – some my age, some mum’s age. This went on until
I was about 12 and a half. That’s when I had my first girl/girl encounter.
It happened at school one day after the last class, Physical Education.
Another girl and I, Melanie, were misbehaving and were told that we were to
stay behind after school to put all of the equipment away and sweep the gym
floor. I didn’t really know Melanie, as she mixed with a different group of
girls, but she was very good looking and when I realised that we’d be alone,
I planned to take every opportunity to check her out. I was aiming to get
some very good material for some girl/girl fantasies. This was Melanie’s
last day at the school, as her f****y was moving interstate a couple of days
later So I thought that I could look all I liked and it wouldn’t matter if
she caught me, because she wouldn’t be able to tell anyone at the school,
thereby damaging my pristine reputation.
When we had almost finished sweeping the floors, Mrs Clayfield (the rather
too large PE teacher) said that she had to leave and told us to have a
shower and lock the door on our way out. We finished sweeping and moved
into the change rooms to get undressed for the shower. I took my time
undressing and took every opportunity to check out Melanie. She had a very
good body, with breasts that were a little bit bigger than mine and she had
a slightly curvier figure – I was impressed. So impressed in fact that, I
got a little distracted and she caught me staring. When I looked up, she
was looking directly in my eyes and had a big grin on her face. Regardless
that she couldn’t tell anyone that I caught her, I still blushed crimson
red. Melanie’s grin widened and she asked me, bold as brass, “See anything
you like?”
I blushed even more and mumbled a response that included a sorry or two and
a weekly mumbled yes. All Melanie did was turn and start to walk towards
the showers. All I could think as I stood, was “nice ass”. After entering
the shower room, we started showers in adjoining cubicles. I was both
embarrassed, but very excited at the same time. I was just rinsing the
shampoo from my hair, when Melanie lightly tapped me on the shoulder. I
squealed and spun around and this caused her to squeal as well. We giggled
for a couple of seconds, when I noticed that Melanie was naked and standing
right in front of me. My mouth dropped open a little and I looked at her.
She was smiling as my eyes fell to her breasts and then down over her belly
to her pubic hair. It was neatly trimmed and laid flat against her pubic
area, because she was wet. Her hair was also flat against her head and neck
and beads of water were dripping down her body. I thought that she looked
stunning and was completely mesmerised. I felt myself become aroused and
start to get wet between my legs. I started to fantasize about Melanie and
I doing all sorts of things. All of a sudden, I snapped back to reality and
looked up at her. She smiled again – but I couldn’t say anything, I was too
Melanie, looked at me, held her soap out and said, “Could you wash my back
please?” With more confidence that I felt I said “sure, as long as you wash
mine.” Melanie smiled and said “I’d love to.”
Melanie turned around and moved back towards me a little to get a bit of
water on her back. I moved to one side and gently reached up with my left
hand to part her hair at the back and push it over the front of her
shoulders. I started to slowly wash Melanie’s back from the shoulders down,
enjoying the feeling of her smooth feminine skin under my hands. I moved
towards her to make light contact with the left hand side of her body.
Zing, Pang, Bang – the light contact of my body, shoulder, side of my left
breast, tummy and hip, against her left hand side, was so profoundly
exciting that was like and electric shock. My nipples became fully erect
and I could feel myself get even more wet between my legs. It must have
taken me about five minutes to get to the small of her back – now what do I
do, I thought. Melanie removed any doubt about what I should do, as she
bent forward, only slightly, making her buttocks much more accessible to me.
I started to wash her buttocks with slow, large round circles. I bent
slightly in the opposite direction to Melanie, keeping the contact between
us from the hip on down, and started to use both hands on her soaped up
cheeks. As I was doing this, Melanie let out a very soft low moan. I took
this as a positive signal and moved my hands towards her upper legs. She
started to move her left leg slightly and, on instinct, I moved closer and
at the same time slightly parted my legs, allowing her left leg to move
between mine. I bend a little further over and started to move my hands
down, towards her crouch. All the while I was running on pure instinct and
fantasies that I had constructed for myself.
As I got to the top of her legs, Melanie shuddered and she stood up, turned
around and we looked into each others eyes. She had a look of surprise and
. . something else in there. I couldn’t tell exactly what it was, and all
of a sudden I thought ” you idiot, you’ve gone to far, she’s going to scream
blue murder and I’m going to get in all sorts of trouble. I blushed and
said, in a shaky voice, “Sorry . . I’m really sorry.”
That’s when Melanie’s face changed. She took a step towards me and lifted
her hands, gently taking my face in them and, looking me straight in the
eyes, said “Oh Trish, you have nothing to be sorry about. That was the best
back wash I’ve ever had.” Then she leaned in and lightly kissed me once on
the lips. Zing, Pang, Bang – only bigger this time. Melanie, seeing that I
wasn’t going to back away, moved in towards me again, kissing me more fully
this time. And this time I responded, with equal pressure. WOW, how soft
another women’s lips are, compared to those of boys.
My nipples got so erect that I could feel them physically hurting me. It
was like they wanted to burst out the front of my breasts. Again on
instinct, still kissing Melanie, I lifted my hands to her upper arms and
slid them over the top of her shoulders and down her back. I stopped when I
got about mid way down her back and, as I moaned with my lips against hers,
I gently pulled her towards me. It was at that point that we both
simultaneously opened our mouths and, tentatively at first, touched tongue
to tongue. We both moaned and as we did, the full front of our bodies came
into contact.
I could feel her breasts touch mine and our stomachs touch and I could feel
her pubic bone rub against mine. We both moaned again and pulled each other
close, now kissing as passionately as we knew how. Out tongues were frantic
against each others and we started to move our bodies against each other.
Melanie put her arms over my shoulders and hugged me tighter – our breasts
were mashed together. I moved my hands down to her hips and pulled hard,
and could feel my pubic bone touch hers. I became desperate for this
feeling to continue and reached around further to grab her ass cheeks and
pull her to me. As I did that Melanie broke contact with my lips, let out a
loud moan and moved her hands straight to my ass to do the same.
I looked down and was just about to reach up and take my feel my first
breast, when we both heard a banging on the door to the girls change room.
We froze. I yelled out the standard response to women present in the room
“Girls changing room occupied.” That’s when we both heard the vice
principles voice, “Girls, Mrs Clayfield told me that she had to go and said
that you should be finished before I completed my nightly check. Melanie
Sanderson, your mother is waiting to pick you up in the school parking lot,
so I suggest that you both get a move on and get home. You have three
minutes girls!”
We both yelled our compliance and not wanting to let go of Melanie, I
reached back around behind me to turn the shower off. As I did it, I felt a
pair of lips on my right nipple – ZING, PANG, BANG. I stifled a moan and
brought my hands to her head, forcing her further onto me. WOW WOW WOW!!!,
it felt so incredibly good. But I didn’t want to miss out, so I reached
around and gently took one of Melanies breasts in my right hand. How
different is was and how soft. More banging on the door and this brought
Melanie off my nipple in fright.
She started to turn and move away to get dry, but I held onto her. She
looked back at me I said “I want a turn at that.” She smiled and taking one
of her breasts in her hand, she said “Feel free.” This is something that I
had been thinking about doing and I slowly lowered my head and as I
approached her breast, slightly opened my mouth. Out through that came my
tongue and I lightly touched the very tip of Melanie’s nipple. I ran my
tongue around it as I continued to move my face towards her breast. I
opened my mouth and took as much of her breast into it as I could. This
brought a moan from Melanie and, as I had done, she moved her hands to the
back of my head, forcing me further onto her breast.

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