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tagIncest/TabooStepmother is Wickedly Good Pt. 01

I was two years into college when I decided to stay with my Dad for the summer. We had not seen each other since I graduated high school. He lived a couple states away along the east coast with a woman that was only a couple years older than I was.
They had gotten married while I was busy with college, so I was not able to attend their small ceremony. In fact, I had not even met her yet. I was not crazy about the age difference with my Dad being nearly 20 years older than her, but if she made him happy, that is all I cared about.
The taxi dropped me off in front of their house, which was situated in very nice, gated community along the Carolina coastal waterway, so they had direct access to the beach, where I hoped to spend a lot of time enjoying the sun, the sand and hopefully meet a nice-looking woman and maybe get some sexual activity going.
I never had any trouble getting laid, being a normal healthy 21-year-old. At 6'1, 215 lbs, and in good physical shape from working out, looks were not a problem I had to deal with, it was the fact that I was pretty choosy when it came to girls. I liked to be good friends with them first and if we happened to add sexual benefits to that friendship, then that was a huge plus.
Unfortunately, it had been quite some time since I had that type of relationship, mainly due to me being busy with school and wanting to keep my head clear by hitting the gym and staying away from too much partying.
I walked up to the house with my bags strapped over my shoulders and rang the doorbell. Jackie, my Dad's new wife answered the door. "Hi there, you must be Lee, so good to finally meet you," she smiled and held out her hand. She was beautiful, standing only about 5'2" I guessed, piercing green eyes, long wavy red hair, flowing down across her shoulders. She had on a tank top and a pair of shorts that hugged her curvy body very nicely.
I shook her small hand and said, "Very nice to meet you, too, Jackie." She had me follow her to where I would be sleeping. "Just toss your bags in here and come join your Father and I on the back deck when you are situated," she said with a charming smile that could melt ice in Antarctica. I nodded my head yes and thanked her, as she headed out.
I changed into a pair of light shorts and a t-shirt, grabbed my sandals, and headed out to the deck. Dad stood up as I walked out, and we greeted each other with a big hug. "Ah Lee, so damn good to see you again, son!"
"Good to see you too, Dad! You look great by the way; have you been hitting the gym with that workout I emailed you?"
"Yeah, I sure have, and Jackie here has enjoyed the progress I've made, too," he said with a smile. Jackie smiled with him and winked. Yep, I thought, he is rocking her world.
"That's awesome, and wow, what a nice place you all have here!"
"You just said you all," grinned Dad, "see Jackie, he's getting into the southern way already." We all laughed at that. "Come on, have a seat, and I'll get you a beer. You do drink beer right? I mean what college man doesn't," he chuckled.
We sat there for a while just taking in the late afternoon sun and breeze chatting away about his work, my college life, and how nice life was working out for all of us. Jackie was a real sweetheart, too. Other than her beautiful youthful appearance, she was very well spoken and acted way more mature than her 25 years.
I asked about the beach life and how good it was, and Dad said with a wink, "You will be very happy, Lee, there are a lot of cute looking hotties that visit this beach." I blushed a bit with Jackie sitting there, not really meaning to ask about the hottie department, looked down at the deck and smiled.
Jackie giggled, "Wayne, your son just blushed, now how cute is that? Don't you worry yourself, Lee, you don't have to be bashful around me, okay?"
I smiled and nodded my head as Dad reached over and ruffled my hair like I was 12 again. We had a few more beers and some very tasty bourbon as the sky grew dark and the stars came out. I could not help but be in awe of how beautiful it was. The community there did not permit any streetlamps taller than a fence so that really made any light pollution towards the beach almost non-existent.
Dad and Jackie called it a night, since he had to work in the morning, and headed up to bed. I told them I was going to go for a walk on the beach for a little bit before retiring myself. The trip had wound me up a bit and I wanted to get close to the waves. The sand still felt warm from the day's sun as I slowly walked along in the near complete darkness, enjoying the mesmerizing sound of the waves crashing along the sand. This was going to be a great summer.
I woke up to the sun's beaming rays through the window blinds and looked at my phone to see what time it was, 8am. Good, I did not want to sleep the morning away. This room they put me was nice, plenty of room to get some morning pushups in, and it had a decent sized bathroom and shower, attached. I knocked out about 50 pushups and sit-ups then hit the shower.
After getting my swim shorts and tank top on, I headed out to the kitchen to get some coffee and breakfast. Jackie was there preparing a platter of various items that I might like to eat. She looked at me as I came in with the sweetest smile and said, "Good morning, Lee. Did you sleep well?"
"Yeah, I sure did. That walk last night along with the bourbon and beer added to it, too," I said and smiled back at her.
"There's a fresh pot of coffee on and here are a few things I thought you might like to munch on for breakfast."
I grabbed a cup, filled it with coffee then sat down at the table, while she finished getting the platter ready. That is when I really got a good long look at her. She was wearing a long night shirt that just came down to her mid-thigh, just snug enough on her to accentuate her curves and just thin enough that I could plainly tell she was not wearing anything under it.
She turned to me and brought the platter over and I could not help but appreciate her beautiful full breasts jiggling a little as she walked, her puffy nipples pressing hard against the fabric, looking very sexy as she came over and set the platter down.
"Here you go, I wasn't sure what you liked, but we have been eating pretty healthy here since your Dad started back to the gym, and from your conversation yesterday evening, I guessed that you eat pretty healthy, too," she said with a smile, her sweet breasts within a foot of my watchful eyes.
"Thanks, Jackie, that was sweet of you and yes I have been eating healthy, but even so, you don't have to go out of your way to prepare stuff for me. I can always find something to eat," I said to her in a very appreciative manner.
"Ah, it's no trouble at all, Lee. I take great care of your Dad, so it's a must that I take care of his son, too," she said with a smile and a wink. "I'm going to go take a shower now, if you need anything else, don't hesitate to ask."
I nodded and smiled as she headed into the shower, while I took the time to watch her sexy curvy butt jiggle out of the room under that night shirt. Okay, Lee, get your mind right, this is your Stepmom now, the woman that is married to your father so stop ogling her.
I managed to get my head back into what she prepared, as I poured myself some granola in a bowl with some raisins and walnuts. Added some almond milk, ate, and drank my coffee. I finished up, cleaned up my mess and put what was left on the platter under some plastic wrap. I then grabbed my sandals and gear bag and headed to the beach.
I found a perfect spot near one of the many palm trees dotting the beach line, that would give me just the right amount of shade when I wanted, sat down on one of the beach chairs and kicked back to relax. It was still a little early yet, so the amount of people walking the beach was still sparse, most of them being senior citizens out getting their morning walks in, and then I would see the occasional beach comber looking for shells or who knows what.
The breeze was gentle, and the sun was getting warmer, so I hoped that I would soon start seeing some younger women making their way along any time now. "Hey there Lee, mind if I join you?" I turned to see Jackie approaching and WOW did she look stunning in her bikini! It was black with some white flowers on it and it was very tiny, just enough fabric to cover her maybe half of her soft breasts and a tiny triangle that barely covered her vagina.
"No, I don't mind at all, please come sit," I said with a smile.
"Thank you, you're a sweetheart," she smiled back, then sat her beach bag down between our chairs, then turned away from me to lay a towel on her chair. Good GOD, the only thing on the back side of her bikini was a string and she had the most gorgeous meaty ass I had ever seen. My cock jumped in my shorts. Jackie got herself situated and sat down as I quickly looked back towards the sea.
"Wow, it's going to be a really nice day out today, so I imagine the beach will get pretty crowded. You picked a perfect spot to be able to people watch here, that's for sure."
"Yeah, and I liked that it was by the tree when I needed to get some shade," I said as I turned back towards her. She was putting lotion on and I quickly became entranced as she rubbed it slowly into her skin paying close attention to the areas around and just under the tiny pieces of fabric covering her most intimate areas. When she rubbed it across her soft tummy, she lifted the front of her bikini a fraction of an inch and I caught a brief glimpse of red pubic hair.
I had to look away again, or I was in danger of getting an erection right then and there, and with the shorts I had on, she and everyone else around would have been able to see it. It stirred but I managed to think of something else to get it to settle down. Jackie was smoking hot, and she knew it, and to be honest, I do not think she cared who looked at her or not. She oozed confidence and I quickly realized why my Dad married her. She was gorgeous, with smoking hot body, and she was smart.
After an hour or so passed by, with us chatting away about my school, whether I had a girlfriend or not, what I was going to do after graduation and just life in general. She was a great conversationalist, too. I really liked her. She asked if I wanted to go for a swim and I said, "Sure, let's go."
We waded into the crystal blue water, slowly getting used to the chilly temperature of it. It was enough to make my manhood shrink up like a turtle head going into hiding but as I glanced over to her, her nipples had gotten extremely hard. Very hot, I thought to myself and once more thanked the cold water for being my friend in more ways than one.
We finally got used to the water and started swimming around, then just floated there and talked some more as the beach started filling up with more people, and most important, there were the hotties. We were heading back for our chairs when a very nice-looking girl came up to us.
"Hey Jackie, how are you," she asked. She was beautiful, tall, at least 5' 10", built like a runway model with long blonde hair pulled to one side with a hair tie and the most beautiful ice blue eyes you ever saw. She was a little on the thin side but seemed to be very sweet. Her small breasts barely filled her bikini top, but her nipples stood at attention very nicely.
"Oh, hey there, Lisa," said Jackie as she gave Lisa a little hug. "Lisa, this is my Husband's son, Lee. He's staying with us for college summer break."
Lisa smiled and held out her hand to me saying, "Hi, Lee, nice to meet you and welcome to the Carolina coast!"
I gently shook her hand and replied, "Thank you and very nice to meet you, too."
We stood there chatting for a bit and then Lisa told us about a get together they were having at their place later and invited us over to join them. Jackie and I accepted, and she said she would see us later, then. She smiled very sweetly to me as she was leaving, and I was already hoping for a connection.
Jackie and I sat down, and she looked at me grinning, "Uh oh, Lee, I think she likes you already," she giggled. I turned a little red and that made her giggle more, "Oh my gosh, you blushed again." I just shook my head with a smile.
"Lee, so you told me that you don't have a girlfriend, well how about I help you find one here while you are staying for the summer? I know a lot of other girls around my age here that are single and wouldn't mind a summer fling," she said with a wink. This woman, I do believe has intentions of helping me get some action.
"Sure, why not? I'm game," I said. "I might as well it's been almost a year since I was last…" I just shut up realizing I almost said too much.
"Last what, Lee, Jackie asked with a grin then added, "Last time you got laid, maybe?
My face turned to fire and I just hung my head in shame. Jackie was smart as a whip and I was not getting out of this conversation any time soon. She reached over and poked my in the shoulder still sporting that shit eating grin, then said, "Lee, it's all good, like I said, there is nothing to be bashful about around me and there is nothing wrong with not having sex for almost a year. Life happens but I will say this, let me help you out, and I will make sure you leave here in August a very sexually satisfied man."
I was blown away. I just met Jackie yesterday and already felt like I had a new best friend, not to mention, great eye candy, even if she was my Dad's wife. "Thanks, Jackie, you are the best," I said, my face still burning a little but feeling better.
"Yeah, that's what your Dad says to me all the time," She giggled and winked at me.
Oh my God, this woman was going to keep me in great spirits this summer, not only smart, great looking but hilarious. Damn, my Dad was a lucky man. We had some more laughs as the morning turned afternoon and finally, we both had enough sun and sand. We grabbed our gear and headed back to the house.
I headed for the shower as soon as we got there, to get the sunscreen and remnants of sand off me. I finished up, dried off, threw on some more shorts and a button up casual shirt and headed out to the family room. Jackie had already showered and was sitting on the sofa folding some laundry out of a basket sitting front of her.
"Lee there's beer in the fridge if you want or some sparkling flavored water, whatever just help yourself," said while she folded clothes. I took a detour and grabbed a beer. "Do you want anything while I'm here," I asked.
"Sure, I'll take a beer," she replied.
I grabbed one for her, popped the top and took it in to her. Just then her phone rang, and she answered it. It was my Dad calling from work. I said in a chair across from her and could not help but listen in. I noticed then what she was wearing, as she talked. She had on a short skirt with a tank top on and as she talked, she was not doing much in the way of sitting properly with a skirt on and I was about to reap the benefits.
She was an animated talker and the first time her legs opened, I got a clear view of sweet LORD, she had no panties on and all I saw was her sexy trimmed pussy. I was transfixed on her legs as they moved opened and closed, seemingly giving me a better look each time they opened.
She was gorgeous down there, too. Her shaved puffy outer lips nestled close together with just a faint view of her sweet inner lips and the hood of her clitoris poking out, then I could see her cute little landing strip of red pubic hair that moved up from the top of her slit into a small v pattern to the edge of her pubic mound. Dear God, what a sweet looking pussy!
Jackie was happy when she first answered the phone but then she did not look so happy as their conversation ended and she hung up. "Well, that sucks," she said.
"What's up," I asked quickly trying to get myself back together as I took a big drink of my beer.
"Well, your Father has to go out of town for a week. One of the other facilities that the company owns in Florida is having some issues with some mid-level manager, so he has to do down to get it worked out. He's going to run home here in a few to pack a bag and go to the airport."
"That does suck," I said, but all I could think about in that minute was her sweet sex.
Jackie turned, grabbed her folded laundry and the basket, and took them into their bedroom. "I'll be back out in a few, Lee, I'm just going to get his bag ready."
"Okay, I'll be here," I said
Dad soon came home and hurriedly finished packing. I could hear him and Jackie in there chatting and I swear I thought I heard her crying a little bit but was not sure. Dad came out with his bag and patted me on the shoulder, saying, "Sorry about this, Lee, but work calls. I'll only be gone a week and we still have the whole summer. I plan on taking a couple weeks off here and there so we can do some stuff. If you wouldn't mind, can you help Jackie if she needs anything while I'm gone?"
"You don't have to ask, I'll be happy to help her out," I said and then gave him a hug. I could see Jackie over his shoulder and yeah, she had been crying. Her eyes and cheeks were red, and I could still see tears welling up. Dad turned and gave her a nice long hug and kiss then headed out the door.
"I'm sorry you had to see me like this," she sniffed then tried to laugh it off. "I just hate it when he has to go out of town like that."
Me, being the guy with the softest of hearts, stood up and gave her a hug. She readily accepted it buried her head into my chest and pressed her body into me a little closer than I had expected as I felt her breasts squishing into upper abs. Yeah, she was a short one.
All I could think about was her pussy again and how good she smelled and hoped that I would not get an erection. As close as she pressed even a stir of my cock would get noticed. Thankfully, we ended the hug, and she went back to doing some more laundry.
She seemed to cheer up after a bit as we had a couple more beers and chatted some more. We ordered some takeout food from the local rice bowl and enjoyed some more good conversation. "So, do you want to go to Lisa's place for their get together tonight?"
"Sure, sounds like a plan," I replied with a smile. Maybe I could make some progress getting to know Lisa better, with Jackie's help of course. From the way she talked at the beach, I would hope it would be carnal knowledge, too. Seeing Jackie's pussy earlier put my need for some hot sex into overdrive.
"Cool, let's head over around 8," she said.
Jackie said that it was a "come as you are" get together so we were dressed perfectly fine with what we had on. I could not help to wonder if she put on any panties. We soon headed to Lisa's place, just a block down the subdivision. We got there and Jackie just walked right in, with me tailing right behind her.
Lisa saw us, smiled, and came over. She looked amazing, too. She had on a summer tank dress that hugged her thin body like a glove. I could not help but think how nice it would be to have her long legs wrapped around. I had to snap myself back to reality as I noticed there were only a couple other guys there and about 6 or 7 girls, as we arrived so it looked like a laid-back party. Everyone was dressed very casually so we fit in perfectly.
"Hey there, Jackie, and very good to see that you came, too, Lee," Lisa said bending and giving Jackie a little hug, then the same for me. She led us to where the others were, and Jackie turned and gave me a quick grin and a wink. Yeah, I think Lisa liked me, too.
We moved the party outside, where Lisa had a fire pit with chairs all around it. Music was playing low in the background and the drinks started to flow. Lisa sat with Jackie and I as we got a little more acquainted. She kept smiling off and on as she talked to me, so I was feeling good about the vibes we were sharing, while Jackie chatted it up with a couple of the other girls that were there.

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