Steps to Stop Masturbation

Congratulations on taking the first step. Our aim from here is to give you the understanding, the tools and the support to successfully begin the process of overcoming your personal Masturbation Pornography Addiction. These steps should assist.
1). Make a decision as to whether or not you should be worried about how much you masturbate. It becomes a concern when it negatively affects your life and relationships on a daily basis. It might be time to change your behavior if masturbating is consuming time that could be used to complete other more important tasks.
2). You should try to find the cause. You will need to try and figure out the reasons why you masturbate too much. If you only try to stop masturbating, then you will have a high rate of relapse. So, do you know why you masturbate? You might find that you masturbate out of boredom, to relieve stress, or because you are lonely. Relax and begin to think of why you feel the need to masturbate. What are you attempting to escape from? Try not to focus on symptoms. The real reason why you masturbate too much is not because it produces pleasurable feelings. Look deep inside yourself. You may need therapy to help you understand your emotions.
3). Learn to deal with your feelings. Finding a proper way to manage your feelings may be a skill you no longer have, or perhaps have not learned yet. What we feel comes from our thoughts. Our feelings are determined by how we interpret the world. You determine how you feel. Masturbating because you are bored is because you made the decision to feel bored. Nobody makes you feel as if you are bored. You did it yourself.

4). Excessive masturbation is broken by changing your thoughts. You cannot allow yourself to think of masturbation as the solution to your problems. Learn to enjoy your life more, and you will find you won’t want to masturbate as much.
5). Figure out the parts of the day that cause the biggest problem. Finding the times throughout the day that are the biggest struggle can help your overcome your addiction to masturbation. Create a plan to deal with the times where you struggle the most, like if you struggle when laying down at night, do not lay down until you are ready to go to bed. You should try to burn testosterone by exercising. Exercise may help you relax and doze off faster. Find the times and locations of where you struggle the most.
6). Try to think of some ways you can make a new and better you everyday. You will be more confident and outgoing. You must change the way you think everyday. You will become happy with yourself even if it seems strange to begin with.
7). Alter your habits. If you continue to spend a great deal of time in the bedroom watching pornography alone, it will be impossible to overcome an addiction to masturbation. Make yourself leave the house and meet people. Try to find another way to release sexual tension, and try to make healthy relationships with others.
8). Have an alternative plan. It is important to have a plan of something else to do when the temptation to masturbate becomes too much. Masturbation thoughts can be broken by snapping a rubber band. Hurting yourself is not the point, but getting your mind off of the possibility of masturbating is.
  • Exercise and burn energy, first, if you typically want to masturbate when you go to bed.

    Don’t give up! You may need help, but try to think positive and believe that you can and WILL be able to give up the addiction.

  • Remember that the problem is in your mind, and you can simply replace your thoughts with others, if you so desire. You possess the power to stop it.
  • Placing your computer in a public room where other people are able to see you can help you with masturbating while watching porn on your computer.
  • You might want to think about adding software to block the use of porn. Even if you know the password to stop the software, having it pop up will force you to think about doing something else.
  • Masturbation is not evil or harmful, and you shouldn’t think it is. This is not the case
  • Don’t try to avoid masturbating forever, just try to limit the number of times you try it so you can still have social interactions.
  • Do not forget that masturbation can be good for you because it can remove undesired substances through ejaculation.