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Editor's note: this story contains scenes of non-consensual or reluctant sex.
"Disgusting! Come on honey, help me get her to bed."
I looked down at my wife's stepsister. She was collapsed on the couch vomit stains or her tee-shirt. Mavis and I had been at the movies. The little lush found the key to our liquor cabinet and proceeded to get blind drunk. Sadly, this was not new. She was drinking Canada dry in college – not the soft drink, but the country! Mavis's flustered mom had sent her to stay with us while she was temporarily suspended from college. I'd padlocked the basement fridge where I kept my beer and seltzer and Mavis, and I thought we had found the perfect hiding place for the liquor cabinet. Obviously, we were wrong.
"Don't just stand there pick her up. What's that pygmy weigh anyway?"
I bent and placed my arms under Diane's insensate form. She was incredibly light. A girl that size has no business trying to be a hard drinker. I picked her up. Her head lolled against my bicep. Diane is quite a pretty little thing She was a cheerleader in high school, and, until her suspension from state U, a member of the varsity dance team. Despite the vomit on her chin, her hair smelled mighty nice and fell in pretty strawberry blonde ringlets. Her chest rose up and down. I followed Mavis up the stairs to the guest bedroom where Diane had been staying.
Mavis pulled the sheets down and I placed Diane on the bed. I stood and turned to leave.
"Where are you going?"
I turned and faced my wife.
"I can't undress her myself without getting vomit all over these freshly laundered sheets. We need to strip her down."
"Honey, Diane is your sister!"
"Stepsister. A problem my mom inherited when she married my jerk of a stepfather."
"Get over here and HELP me numbnuts!"
It is useless to argue with my wife about anything. I shrugged my shoulders and followed her lead.
Hold her head up while I get this tee shirt off her. Then continue to hold her while I go to the bathroom for a washcloth to wipe the fucking vomit off her."
I did just what Mavis told me to do, supporting Diane's torso while my wife worked the college logo emblazoned tee off her slim form. A moment later I was alone in the room while Mavis was busy in the bathroom. I gazed down at Diane. Her tummy was flat and had a bit of definition. Her navel was a cute "innie" and I could just spy the nipples and areolas of her modest breasts through her opalescent bra.
Mavis returned with a damp washcloth and mopped Diane's chin, neck, and face.
"O.K. let's get the rest off, honey."
"Mavis? Are you sure about this? I mean…" I sputtered.
"Do I look like I give a shit if you see the little wino naked? It serves her right. Now I'll start on her socks. You're good at unhooking bras and we'll tug her pants and panties off together."
Now, what would you do if you were in my shoes? I had to live with Mavis. Diane was only here until her college suspension was over. Since I'd gotten the "all clear from on high" I decided to enjoy myself. I placed one hand behind Diane's back and, as I had done so many times in the past with Mavis, speedily unclasped the bra and then tugged it away. Holy shit but that kid had magnificent knockers! Full, neither too large nor too small, they were mouthwatering. I noted the light dusting of freckles that Diane had across her chest and how they complimented those across the bridge of her nose That wavy full hair and the sun-kissed skin reminded me of summer even though it was the end of February.
Mavis's voice broke my reverie. "Honey, lift her up while I tug off the rest." I raised Diane's pelvis up from the mattress with my forearms while Mavis opened the fly of Diane's skin-tight jeans and began tugging them down. Diane slept on obliviously, her breathing slow and steady. Then the jeans and panties were making their way down Diane's long legs and I spied her secret place. Her muff was a deeper red than the hair on her head. Tattooed across the top of her vulva, was the word "Fire Crotch" in comic sans script.
Mavis caught where my eyes were focused and said, "Yet another of the bad decisions that constitute her short incompetent life."
We stood there in silence for a moment before Mavis said, "I know you like what you see. You're doing a really bad job hiding that stiffy."
"Sorry honey, but she DOES have a fantastic shape."
"True and knowing her choices in boyfriends I can honestly say that you are the first REAL man to see her goodies. God, if I had that body!"
"I like yours just fine, Mavis!" I shot back.
"Good answer!" returned my wife as she pulled the sheet and blanket up and over her stepsister's recumbent naked form.
"Reach under the covers and flip her or her stomach, honey. That's just in case she barfs in her sleep. I won't have her passing away like a low-rent rock star on my watch!"
I bent low, reached under the covers, and flipped her over. With my hands out of view, did I touch anything I shouldn't have? Wouldn't you like to know?
"Ok creepy step-uncle it's way past our bedtime."
Mavis embraced me. I hugged her and her lips met mine for a really scintillating kiss. When our lips parted, she had that look of intoxicating devilment that makes her so damned attractive when she's horny.
"Wait fifteen minutes before you come to bed, Steve. I'm gonna pretend I had too much to drink, that I'm out cold and you have to undress me for bed. Do a good job, slow, deliberate, and soft, like you are so skilled at, and I'll continue to feign sleep and you can pretend your fucking Diane. God, that idea makes me so hot! You'll probably have a hard time getting my panties off, I'm so wet, they're already sticking to my skin!"
She planted another kiss on my lips and emitted a throaty giggle.
The rest of our night was positively stupendous!

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