Steve and Elizabeth’s Secret Tryst

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tagIncest/TabooSteve and Elizabeth's Secret Tryst

Elizabeth Edwards, 58, was recently divorced after many years of a dreary, unhappy, and sexless marriage. She had decided to celebrate by traveling, and was visiting her younger sister, Samantha.
Samantha was also divorced and had invited Elizabeth to stay as long as she liked, even though Samantha had a demanding job as a paralegal at a local law firm that required her to put in long hours at the office. While Elizabeth had never had children, Samantha had a son, Steve, who was 18 and a college freshman. Elizabeth had known Steve since he was a small child, and she thought he was growing into a fine, handsome young man. Steve was home on break from school, so he and Elizabeth often found themselves alone in the house while Samantha was at work.
Elizabeth couldn't remember when she had last had male companionship or even dated, and she found herself wondering about Steve, thinking he was rather sexy for such a young boy and also wondering why he was so shy. Perhaps, she pondered, he didn't have any experience with girls. She thought he might yet be a virgin, and found herself having naughty thoughts about him at night when she was alone in bed.
She tried to put these thoughts out of her mind, reminding herself that Steve was her sister's son and it was wrong, but that didn't help.
Elizabeth was blessed with a very buxom figure, and she had always been proud of her large breasts, which measured 44F and made it difficult to find bras and lingerie to fit. She wasn't certain, but she thought she noticed young Steve looking at her massive bosom when he thought nobody was looking.
One morning after Samantha had gone to work, Elizabeth decided to confront Steve about his behavior. She was not sure what, if anything, she expected to come of it, but she was overcome with curiosity as to whether Steve was doing she thought he was doing.
Elizabeth had just finished in the shower but was still in her bra, panties, and silk robe when she came into the kitchen and saw Steve eating breakfast. She felt that this would be her best chance to talk to him, before he went out for the day, and she thought it would be best to chat face-to-face in a comfortable setting.
"Good morning, Steve," she said. "Would you mind joining me in the living room for a moment? There's something I have been meaning to ask you."
"OK, sure, Aunt Elizabeth," he replied. "What's up?"
"Come, let's sit over here on the couch where it's comfortable," she said, taking a seat and motioning for him to join her.
Steve sat down next to her, and she immediately felt his eyes on her chest. "What's up?" he asked.
"We need to talk," she said. "It's about what you've been doing ever since I arrived last week, and you're doing it right now."
"What's that, Aunt Elizabeth?" he asked nervously.
"It's where you're looking. My eyes are up here, young man," she said. "You can't take your eyes off my chest, can you?"
"W-what d-do you m-mean, Aunt Elizabeth?" Steve replied. Now he was really nervous, realizing that his secret was out.
"I mean why are you always staring at me as if you want to see my breasts?" she asked. "I am your aunt and you shouldn't be looking at me like that!"
"You can't help yourself, can you?" Elizabeth continued. "But why me? I'm even older than your mom. You should be interested in girls your age."
"Well, the girls at school are standoffish, and that makes me feel shy. They're more interested in older guys who have cars and are in fraternities. I can't really talk to them, much less go on dates and maybe see, you know…" he said, his voice trailing off.
"What are you saying, that you haven't done anything with a girl before?" she asked. "Is my nephew a virgin?"
"Yes ma'am," he replied.
"Well, that explains a lot," she said. "Look, I probably shouldn't do this since you're my sister's son, but we are alone here in the house. Would you like to see auntie's tits, Steve?"
Before he could answer, Elizabeth untied and opened her robe. Removing it over her shoulders, she lifted one enormous breast, then the other, out of her huge bra.
"Here they are, my nephew," she said. "Would you like to touch them and feel them?"
"Yes ma'am, yes Aunt Elizabeth," he replied.
She took his hand and placed it on her breast.
"Wow!" was all Steve could say.
"Nice, aren't they? I can tell you like them from what's going on down here," she said, touching his crotch and feeling the heat from his erection. "Why don't you come closer and have a taste?"
With that, Elizabeth placed her hand on the back of Steve's head and gently pulled him to her broad, matronly bosom.
"It's OK, sweetheart, come to auntie," she said, guiding an erect nipple into his mouth. "Be a good boy and suckle for me!"
"Yes ma'am, yes Aunt Elizabeth," Steve replied, his teenage hormones raging.
"Suck my tits, nephew! They haven't been sucked like this in years!" she exclaimed, overcome with desire. "Why don't we go upstairs, where I can properly teach you, sweet boy."
Elizabeth stood and took Steve's hand. He rose and she led him to and up the stairs to the guest bedroom. Sitting him down at the foot of her bed, she removed his sneakers and socks and pulled his shirt off over his head. She unbuckled his belt and had him stand, pulling his jeans and jockey shorts down and off.
"Oh my, Steve," she gasped. "What a sweet young cock you have!"
Elizabeth then tossed aside her industrial-strength bra, removed her panties, and stood before him in the nude.
"What do you think of your old aunt now?" she asked with a smile. "Let me take you to bed and make you a man."
"Yes Aunt Elizabeth," he said.
Elizabeth sat on the bed and moved back, propping herself up against the headboard. She held her arms out for her nephew. He quickly joined her and she lay him across her lap in nursing position.
"Come to Aunt Elizabeth," she whispered. "Be a good nephew and suck my tits!"
Elizabeth cradled Steve's head and guided his mouth to her nipple. She placed her free hand on his rampant, throbbing boner.
After nursing her nephew for a while, Elizabeth's pussy was soaking wet and aching.
"How I love this cock," she said. "I haven't felt anything this hard in so many years! I need to be fucked so bad. Do you want auntie to take your virginity, darling boy?"
"Yes please, yes ma'am, Aunt Elizabeth!" he exclaimed.
With that, she helped Steve turn over to lie on his back, his head propped up on the pillows. She threw a leg over him, grabbed his cock, and mounted him, easing herself down and impaling her soaking wet, hungry twat on his thick, turgid pole.
Elizabeth began to ride, sliding up and down and rocking back and forth. She caressed his face and pulled him to her heaving bosom. She ground her broad hips down on his groin as his rock-hard cock filled her steaming pussy.
"Fuck me, sweet nephew," she cried out, her voice hoarse with lust. "Come to auntie and fill me with your hard, beautiful young cock. Give it to me like I haven't had in so long!"
"Yes ma'am, yes Aunt Elizabeth," Steve mumbled from beneath her heavy, hanging jugs.
Elizabeth and Steve soon found their rhythm, rocking and rolling together in taboo coital pleasure.
As their heated passion built up and rose to near boiling, Elizabeth pulled Steve's face from her bosom and looked into his eyes.
"Do you want your aunt to make you come, studboy?" she asked.
"Yes Aunt Elizabeth, YES MA'AM!" he cried.
With that, Elizabeth and Steve came together as he exploded, flooding his aunt's womb with his hot seed. She collapsed to one side and pulled her deflowered nephew into her arms.
"That was wonderful," she said, gently stroking his hair. "You were awesome! You are a powerful young thing, my sweet boy, and you have made your dear old aunt so happy and proud. But we must keep this between us. Not a word to your mother! With discretion, we can keep playing and I can teach you so much more. Would you like that?"
"Yes, definitely, Aunt Elizabeth," he replied, and the naughty aunt and her nephew drifted off to sleep in each other's arms.

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