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Anya Gray, 46, had been divorced for 10 years and was a single mom, having recently sent her son, David, 18, off to college at the state university about a two-hour drive from home. She was of medium build with dark brown hair, 5'3" and about 125, and she was especially proud of her 38DD bust, which drew plenty of looks from men.
She was head librarian at the local public library, and she loved to look the part with her black eyeglasses that she wore on a cord holder. However, Anya had been so busy with work and raising David that she hadn't been in a relationship or even dated since her divorce, even in the two months since David left for college, so she had been sleeping alone for a decade. She kept a vibrator and a long, thick dildo in her nightstand, and playing with them, often during her calls as an operator on a popular phone sex website, was the closest thing to a sex life she was able to enjoy. She sometimes got quite horny thinking and fantasizing about having a man in her bed again.
David had a four-day break from school one October weekend and would be returning home for the first time as a college freshman. He was bringing along a friend from his dorm, Steve, also 18, whose family lived too far from campus for him to visit them.
David and Steve arrived as scheduled on Friday evening and Anya had prepared dinner, so after Steve was introduced and pleasantries exchanged, the three of them sat down to eat.
Steve was of medium height with glasses and dark, wavy hair, and Anya thought he was strikingly handsome. She took a liking to him right away and couldn't help but notice that he kept stealing glances at her ample bosom.
After they finished eating, the trio sat in the living room so the two boys could tell Anya about their first college experiences. They talked until it was quite late, and Anya excused herself to retire to bed. David showed Steve upstairs to the spare bedroom, just down the hallway from Anya's master bedroom, and he then returned downstairs to his room in the basement, leaving Steve's door slightly ajar.
Steve opened his suitcase and undressed. He realized that he had forgotten to pack any sleepwear, so he settled into bed naked. He didn't like complete darkness, so he left the nightlight on.
He didn't feel sleepy, and he began to think back on the events of the evening. He found himself thinking about Mrs. Gray and what he imagined were her very large breasts, and he soon had a raging erection. He began to stroke it, moaning softly and picturing Anya naked.
Anya was also having trouble falling asleep, so she arose to use the master bathroom, the door to which was just outside her room. Since she assumed the boys were asleep, she didn't bother to put on a robe over her sheer black spaghetti-strap nightgown.
After finishing in the bathroom, Anya was about to enter her room when she heard what sounded like soft moaning coming from the direction of Steve's room. She quietly padded down the hallway and peeked inside the cracked-open door. She had just enough of a view to see Steve lying buck naked on the bed, his left hand holding his balls and his right hand stroking his rock-hard, throbbing boner.
Anya was immediately transfixed. She couldn't stop looking and was mesmerized by the sight and size of Steve's cock as he stroked himself, moaning softly. She began absentmindedly touching herself as she watched him in the soft glow of the nightlight.
Without thinking, she eased the door open a bit further. It was just enough to draw Steve out of his masturbatory trance, and he looked at her standing there. "W-what are you doing, Mrs. Gray?" he exclaimed, pulling the sheet over himself.
"I, Steve, I…" Anya blurted out. She swallowed, her mouth suddenly dry. "I was only, I mean, may I help, Steve?"
Breathing fast, Anya stepped into the room and closed the door quietly behind her. "You are so handsome, Steve," she said.
One of her hands trailed to the apex of her thighs, the other teasing a thick nipple to attention through her sheer nightgown. She could see Steve's eyes darting between her legs and her tits.
Steve froze but didn't lose his erection. His raging boner tented the sheet. "Mrs. Gray…" His voice trailed off. He was speechless.
Anya took that moment to step over to the bed and sit on the edge, her hand firmly grabbing him through the sheet.
"Do you want me to go?" she asked with a grin.
"No ma'am," he meekly replied.
"Does this feel good, Steve?" she asked, gently squeezing his cock.
"Yes ma'am, yes Mrs. Gray," he said nervously.
"Are you nervous? Have you ever been with a woman before or are you a virgin, Steve?" Anya whispered.
"V-virgin, M-mrs. Gray," he stammered.
"OK, then," she said. "I could fuck this and teach you how to come so hard, my sweet boy."
"Yes ma'am," he replied.
With that, Anya slid closer and put her arm around Steve. Her musky perfume hit his nose as she slid a nightgown strap down and pulled him to her bosom. She guided her erect nipple into his mouth.
"That's my good boy," she whispered. "Come to mommy and suck my tits!"
"Yes ma'am, yes Mrs. Gray," he replied, his teenage hormones raging, his head spinning with lust.
"Darling boy," Anya whispered, "We must be quiet so we don't awaken David. My room is farther from the stairs and we would be much more comfortable there. Let me take you to my big bed."
"Yes ma'am, yes Mrs. Gray," Steve said.
With that, they stood. Anya took Steve's hand and led him as they tiptoed down the hallway to her bedroom, where she closed and locked the door behind them.
Anya brought Steve to her king-size bed, where she sat down as he stood before her.
"Now let Mrs. Gray get a better look at that sweet young cock," she said. Pulling him close, she grabbed his member and brought it to her mouth, where she kissed and licked the tip before putting it in her mouth and giving it a few sucks, looking up at him over the top of her librarian eyeglasses. She then stood and moved back on the bed, where she sat up against the headboard and held out her arms for Steve to join her.
"Come to mommy and suckle, my sweetheart" she said, laying Steve across her lap and cradling him at her large bosom. She again fed him a nipple as she held him close. Her free hand moved to grab and stroke his achingly hard, throbbing penis.
After nursing Steve for a while, Anya's pussy was aching for the deep penetration she hadn't enjoyed in years. She helped Steve turn over to lie on his back, his head propped up on the pillows. She threw a leg over him, grabbed his cock, and mounted him, easing herself down and impaling her wet, matronly twat on his thick, turgid pole.
Anya began to ride, sliding up and down and rocking back and forth. She caressed his face and pulled him to her heaving bosom. She ground her broad hips down on his groin as his steely rod filled her to the hilt.
"Fuck me, Steve," she whispered, her voice hoarse with lust. "Give me your hard young cock. Suckle these big motherly tits, my sweet darling boy!"
"Yes ma'am, yes Mrs. Gray," Steve mumbled from beneath her heavy, hanging jugs.
"Yes ma'am!" she repeated.
Anya and Steve quickly found their rhythm, joining together in a wildly erotic fuck dance.
As their passion built to a crescendo, Anya pulled Steve's face from her bosom and looked into his eyes.
"Do you want David's mom to make you come, my young stud?" she asked. "Show Mrs. Gray your respect and say yes ma'am!"
"Yes ma'am, yes Mrs. Gray, YES MA'AM!" he cried out.
"Yes ma'am!" she repeated. "But shush! Come quietly so David doesn't wake up!"
With that, Anya and Steve came together as he exploded, flooding her womb with his hot seed. She collapsed to one side and pulled her deflowered virgin into her arms.
They lay silently together for a while in the loving afterglow of their heated passion. After a time, Anya spoke.
"My darling boy," she said. "I would love to keep you here with me all night, but we must remember that David is asleep downstairs, and he mustn't see us together like this."
"Yes ma'am, I know," Steve replied.
"Yes ma'am!" Anya repeated, and they both laughed. "Come let's you tucked into your own bed. Give Mrs. Gray one last kiss."
They shared a deep, passionate kiss, then arose from Anya's bed. Arms around each other, they walked slowly and silently back to Steve's room.
Steve climbed into his bed and Anya sat for a moment. She hugged him and tenderly brushed the hair back from his temple.
"My sweet boy, my passion," she whispered. "You are a brilliant young man and you made David's mother very happy and proud tonight."
With one last kiss on Steve's forehead, Anya rose and returned to her bedroom.
Downstairs, David slept through the whole event and was never the wiser.

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