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Marcy Mason, 59, just moved into her new neighborhood. Her husband died a few years ago, and she had finally sold her home of 28 years. Her two sons were grown, so she was terribly lonely and decided to make a fresh start in a smaller house across town from the old one.
As soon as she bought the place, she knew she would need help managing her bushes, flower bed, and large lawn, which were overgrown and choked by weeds.
Marcy was of medium height with light brown hair, 5'5" and about 115, with a 36DD bust. She never had trouble attracting men and dating earlier in her life, but she hadn't felt like "getting back in the game" since being widowed.
She didn't meet any of her new neighbors until about two weeks after she moved in. Finally, when Marcy was outside picking up her mail one afternoon, Carol Burton happened by and stopped to introduce herself.
Carol lived with her husband, Mike, and her 18-year-old son, Steve, a few houses down the street. While chatting, Marcy mentioned that she was going to need a new gardener for her property and asked Carol if she knew anyone.
Coincidentally, Steve was looking for ways to make some extra money that summer before heading off to college. Carol mentioned this to Marcy, who thought it would be a fine idea to give young Steve a chance. Carol took Marcy's phone number and promised to have Steve stop by later that afternoon to discuss the job.
The doorbell rang about 90 minutes later. Marcy opened the door and saw Steve for the first time.
"You must be Steve, hello!" she said. "I'm Marcy Mason. Come on in and let's have a chat."
"Yes ma'am. Hello, Mrs. Mason," he replied.
"Let's sit here in the kitchen," she said, and he followed her through the living room into the kitchen. "Would you like some iced tea? I just made some."
"Yes, thank you ma'am," he said.
"Have a seat there at the table," she said. He sat down, then Marcy poured two tall glasses of iced tea, carried them to the table, and joined Steve.
"So your mother tells me that you just graduated and are headed off to college in the fall," she said. "That's so exciting. I'm happy for you."
"Yes ma'am, I'm looking forward to it," he replied.
Marcy thought Steve was quite handsome, and she immediately took a liking to him. But she could see that he was rather shy and nervous speaking to her, an older woman. She had always found young men approaching 20 to be very sweet and in need of maternal guidance. However, since they were meeting for the first time, she didn't admit that she was attracted to him.
Marcy and Steve talked for a while as she told him what she would need him to do. They went outside to walk around the property, where she showed him in greater detail. They agreed on an hourly rate to be paid in cash, and that he would start work the following Monday. They shook hands and Steve left.
That evening, Carol Burton called to thank Marcy for hiring Steve, and the ladies ended up speaking at length. Marcy asked Carol to tell her more about her son, and Carol told her about raising Steve as an only child. He was quite shy, she said, and he lacked the self-assurance and confidence to ask girls out for dates.
Steve showed up as agreed on Monday morning, and Marcy showed him the shed where there was a lawnmower and devices for cutting bushes and trimming flowers. He got right to work, and after several hours had finished work on quite a few bushes. Marcy thanked him and he went home.
They continued this pattern for the rest of the week, and she was glad to give him his first week's pay when he went home that Friday. She complimented him for a job well done and said she was looking forward to seeing him again on Monday.
During the second week, Marcy began to spend more time watching through the window as Steve worked. That Thursday, he began trimming and weeding the flower bed just outside of the large living room window. Marcy noticed that, later in the afternoon, he took off his tee shirt and worked bare-chested.
The following week, Marcy noticed that Steve seemed more at ease when they chatted. She also found herself spending more time sitting in the living room with a book, but instead of reading, she was distracted by the sight of Steve's nearly naked body as he worked on the flowers and topiary.
"Oh my," she thought to herself. "That's a fine looking young man out there."
Marcy started thinking more and more about Steve at night, after he had gone home. She had been without male companionship for a long time, and her pussy ached for the deep, hard penetration she used to enjoy. After several nights of this feeling intensifying, a fantasy came into focus.
She touched herself several times a night fantasizing about helping Steve become a man. She imagined seducing this young stud, taking him to bed, and teaching him to fill her lonely, aching pussy. Marcy wondered if Steve had similar thoughts, and if he was taking off his shirt for her viewing pleasure as she watched him work. There was, she realized, only one way to find out.
Marcy waited until Friday to make her move. She put on what she considered her sexiest outfit, a black strapless bra with matching panties and a flowing sundress in dazzling colors – sea blue, cobalt blue, deep purple, and black. It closed with strings tied at the back of her neck. She dabbed her favorite perfume on her neck, wrists, and in her deep cleavage.
While Steve was working on the flower bed, she went to the door and called to him.
"Steve, when you are done, why don't you join me inside for a nice glass of lemonade?" she asked. "I'd like to chat a bit about your work and the terrific job you're doing out there."
"OK, sure thing Mrs. Mason," he replied.
After putting away the gardening tools, Steve put his shirt back on, then walked up the front steps and rang the doorbell.
Marcy opened the door and greeted Steve with a smile.
"Please come in," she said. "Have a seat on the couch while I get us some lemonade."
Steve sat in the living room as Marcy disappeared into the kitchen. She returned moments later with two tall glasses. She placed them on the coffee table and sat down next to him.
The musky scent of Marcy's perfume hit Steve's nostrils as she sat, and his eyes were instantly drawn to her visible cleavage.
"So Steve," she said. "How do you like working in my garden? I think you're doing a fine job."
"It's great, Mrs. Mason," he replied. "I enjoy being outside, and you have a beautiful place here."
"Well, that's perfect then," she said. "I guess we're a good match."
"Yes ma'am, I suppose so," he said, still looking at her bosom.
"What are you looking at?" she asked. "My eyes are up here, young man."
"N-nothing," he replied, feeling a bit nervous.
"You say nothing, but you're looking at my chest, aren't you?" she said. "That's OK, it's natural for a boy your age to be curious about women. Have you ever seen a woman's breasts in person?"
"No ma'am," he replied.
"Your mother told me that you're too shy to ask girls out on dates," she said. "Are you still a virgin?"
"Yes, Mrs. Mason," he said.
"So maybe you'd like to see more?" she asked.
"W-what do you mean, M-mrs. M-mason?" he asked, getting more nervous.
"Here, let me show you," she said.
Turning to face Steve, Marcy reached behind her neck and untied the string, allowing the ends to drop and exposing the black strapless bra struggling to contain her large, motherly breasts.
"Do you like what you see now?" she asked. Steve gulped, his mouth suddenly dry. "Yes m-ma'am," he replied, his voice quavering.
Turning her back to the nervous boy, she said, "Now unclasp my bra back here."
"Yes ma'am," he said.
As he unclasped her lacy black bra, he felt the weight of her heavy breasts release. The bra slid easily to the floor.
"What do you think now?" she asked.
Steve was speechless, his teenage hormones raging. "Shush," she whispered as she gently put a finger to his lips and placed her hand on the obvious tent in his shorts. "I think I have my answer. Why don't you take a closer look?"
Placing her hand on the back of Steve's head, she gently pulled him to her massive bosom and guided his mouth to an erect nipple.
"Don't be shy, sweetheart, come to mommy," she whispered. "Be a good boy and suckle for me."
Steve couldn't believe what he was hearing – a dream come true! Did Marcy really want him to suckle at her massive bosom?
"Yes ma'am, yes Mrs. Mason," he replied, opening his mouth and latching on to her erect nipple.
"That's my good boy," Marcy whispered, putting her arms around him. "Mrs. Mason will rock you like the sweet baby you are."
Steve melted into Marcy's arms, his head spinning with lust. Placing her hand firmly on his crotch, she felt the heat rising from his rampant erection.
As she imagined Steve naked, thoughts swirled in her mind about taking his hard young stallion cock into her lonely pussy. Suddenly, she felt the warmth of her own juices dampening her panties. Marcy was wetter than she had been in many years, and her panties were completely soaked.
"Darling boy, come with me to bed, where we will be much more comfortable," she said.
She rose, took him by the hand, and led him down the hallway to her bedroom. Closing the door behind them, she sat Steve down on her king-size bed. She lifted his tee shirt up and off and then unbuckled his belt. Motioning for him to stand, she pulled his shorts down, then his jockey shorts. His achingly hard, throbbing boner sprang to attention.
"Oh my," Marcy sighed. "What a sweet young cock you have!"
As she kneeled at Steve's feet, he couldn't help but notice her massive breasts swinging. She rose, walked over to the head of the bed, climbed in, and held out her arms. As he crawled in next to her, she gently laid him across her lap, cradling his head as she would nurse a baby.
"There now," she said. "Come to mommy and suck my tits!"
As he sucked, Marcy took his raging, throbbing boner in her hand and stroked it. After a few minutes, she desperately wanted him inside her.
"OK, my hot young stud," she said. "Mrs. Mason wants your virginity now."
She gestured for him to lie on his back. His hard stallion cock stood straight up at attention. A single line of pussy juice began to run down Marcy's inner thigh. She was so excited to impale herself on his beautiful virgin cock!
She threw her leg over and straddled him, easing her hot, wet matronly twat down on his turgid pole, taking him all the way inside in one motion.
"How does that feel, Steve?" she asked.
Steve, who had never been inside a woman's pussy before, thought he had died and gone to heaven. It was so smooth, soft, and wet. His erection grew harder than it ever had in his young life. Then Marcy started to rock back and forth. As her breasts began to swing forward toward his face, then back again as she rolled back, the friction around his cock started to drive him wild.
It also felt incredible for Marcy, who couldn't remember the last time she had had a hard cock in her pussy.
"Fuck me, Steve!" she cried out, her voice hoarse with lust. "Fuck my cunt with your hard young cock!"
"Yes Mrs. Mason, yes ma'am!" he responded.
She lifted his head up and pressed his face into her bosom as she rode him like a stallion. She was pumping him hard. His eyes began to roll back into his head as waves of pleasure rose. He knew he'd cum soon. His balls were stiff with his hot load, building up inside him.
As Marcy and Steve rocked together in their mutual coital pleasure, their heated passion was rising to a boil. She pulled his face from her bosom and looked into his eyes.
"Do you like fucking me, my young stud?" she asked. "Show Mrs. Mason your respect and say yes ma'am!"
"Yes Mrs. Mason, yes ma'am!" he cried out.
"Fuck me Steve!" she shouted.
"Yes ma'am!" he replied.
"Fuck me Steve!" "Yes ma'am!" over and over and over again they cried to one another as Marcy's aching cunt lathered Steve's virgin cock with her gushing juices. They both exploded at the same time. Steve let out a wail as his powerful thrusts shot hot loads of his creamy cum like a fire hose, deep into her cum-starved twat. She screamed in ecstasy as Steve's stiff young rod pushed her to the most intense orgasm she'd ever experienced.
Marcy collapsed on the bed and gathered Steve into her arms.
As they lay together in the cooling embers of their white-hot passion, she stroked his hair and kissed his head.
"How was that, my sweet boy?" she asked.
"Amazing, Mrs. Mason," he replied with a sigh as they drifted off to sleep together.

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