Steven and Arnold’s Swim Party

Steven Bonner is a 5 foot 6, gay female to male, pre-op transman.  He is in his early 20s, who possesses blonde and dark brown hair, wears a binder to hide C-cup breasts, and soft, puffy nips, has pinkish-redddish lips, has long, wavy eyelashes, and recently garnered a slight tanned skin. 


Arnold Reynolds is a 5 foot 8, pre-op ftm,transman who has brownish red hair.  He also is in his early 20s, wears a binder to hide his small breasts, and is wearing a black shirt and jeans.  He is very much into goth and punk, and pretty much keeps to herself most of the time.    


The day after the Halloween party, Arnold and Steven bought new clothes, and brought them back to their room, as they dumped all of their old ones as they put it in a bag and donated it to the lounge.


Arnold was wearing a black T-shirt as he bound his breasts with ace bandages, giving himself the look of pecks underneath his shirt.  He also wore light brown men’s khakis pants with a pear of sneakers to top it off, as he displayed a newly cut, short cropped, red, ginger hair to match his freckles. 


In addition, to complete his new masculine look, he wore an STP strapon penis packer underneath to create a small bulge in his jeans. 


Arnold thought about giving into a masturbation session to rub that pecker against the loins of that firebush pussy of his, as he thought about his sweating, ham looking vagina craving for some dildo, but Arnold at the last second decided to man up and strapped on the penis packer to wear the harness underneath his pants.


Steven wore a grey shirt that had black stripes with a black sweater vest, as he wore a chest binder underneath as he also bound his breasts.  He displayed short cropped, curly blonde hair, and men’s jeans, and similarly wore a penis packer to create a similar bulge in his pants, too. 


Afterwards, Steven decided to paint on dark brown facial hair on his face as he created a goatee using his eyeliner, and glued on fake facial hair to finish the look around his mouth.  As he created a brand new look, he then decided to put on eyelashes and purple makeup on his eyelids to create an androgynous but feminine male look as his binder hid his rather busty and plump curves. 


In addition, Steven decided to use a penis packer to masturbate his wet vagina inside his pants, and used a pink dildo to drill his asshole.  After giving himself a nice, relaxing session for several minutes in the bathroom, he harnessed the peachy penis packer back on beneath his khakis pants.


Their third roommate, Garth asked the two men politely, “So…how was the Halloween party, boys?   By the way, I’m really pleased that you two are finally getting along, now.”


Arnold replied demurely, “It was really cool.  We met Caroline and Calvin and other folks at the party, and the football game was fun to watch.  It was real chill.”


Steven said happily, “It couldn’t have been any happier!  It was so great!  We made love to Caroline, and it was so sweet!”


At ease, Garth replies, “Oh, I see.  For a while, I thought you had decided to like guys again.  Steven, I thought you liked men?”


Steven replies enthusiastically, stroking Arnold’s hair, “I most definitely do, but I’m trying to go for being the hetero guy sort of thing.  Not working out so far.  But Caroline, was just so nice, I just had to please her and let Arnold have his fun with her.  I did just get the butt though, but I was extremely happy to take part.”


Relieved, Garth says, “That’s pretty cool.  Well, I’m just gonna go out for a swim with a few of my football buddies and some classmates at the local rec center.   Let me know if you need anything.”


Steven replies, “Let’s meet in the men’s locker room.  I know, I’ll have a great time.  Can you help us pass and stuff, in there?”


Scratching his head, Garth replies, “Let me think about that.”


Garth replies, “Well, Arnold, your chest is small enough that you can pass for a cismale by wearing only men’s swimming trunks.  And remember, if you’re clean shaven now, you’ll have to be for at least a week or so.”


Arnold blinks his eyes with brief confusion before a slow smile of relief creeps onto his face as he looks up at Garth.


Garth says, “And remember Arnold, as long as you have your head above the water or if you can swim underneath, then it’s all good.  Cross your arms if you have to, and wear goggles if you need to.  But don’t let your chest get exposed too often, or they might speculate.  Be sure to bring a towel.  And don’t smile too much.”


Arnold nods his head slowly as he understands him.


Garth continues to say, “Steven, we’ll get you either a unisex swimming suit gear, or either a body suit with men’s swimming trunks and a bowtie.”


Later, Steven and Arnold go shopping for swimming gear before meeting Garth and his buddies at the rec center.


After Arnold and Steven finish shopping for men’s swimming gear from Garth’s to-do list, they get to the rec center dressed in their normal clothes as they have swimming bags to carry as they check in with new student ID cards.


There, they greet Garth as they walk in as both of them go to the men’s locker room. 


Meanwhile, two men undress, as Arnold unbinds his chest, puts on his goggles, and drops his jeans to get into his men’s swimming trunks, and gets two towels for both himself and Steven. 


Meanwhile, Steven decides to swim in a T-shirt to go along with his swimming trunks.


However, Steven decided to switch out his STP strap-on penis packer as he puts it in his bag and wears latex briefs with 3 Dildos, as he has a strap-on in the front, and one in both his front hole and ass hole to pleasure himself while swimming. 


Later, Steven goes into a bathroom stall give himself a masturbation session before pooping and peeing afterwards, and cleans up shortly afterwards.


When they arrive at the pool, they greet Garth, Calvin, Caroline, and the rest of their buddies.


One of their friends is 5-9, with brown hair possessing pale white skin, who is also wearing goggles, goes out to greet them.


Garth points to the man, saying, “Hey guys, my friend’s name is Franklin.”


Franklin greets them, saying, “Pleased to meet you.”


Arnold and Steven exchange greetings, as they go for a swim.


Garth and his buddies go for dives in the pool, while some of the hang out in deep end of the pool.


Meanwhile, Caroline and Steven are playing in the deep end, while Arnold takes a dive into the pool.


Arnold crosses his arms nervously, raising his trim little eyebrows, before jumping on the diving board to dive head first in.  After he dives in, he does a backstroke, and takes a lap or so before rejoining with his group.


Simultaneously, Calvin was glancing and perhaps studying Arnold as he was talking with Garth and Franklin about their football practice.  Calvin noticed the nervous, red-haired freckle faced boy diving on the board, as his body seemed a bit too fragile for a young man in his early 20s. 


The geeky, red-haired boy’s pecks looked odd, and a little bit feminine, Calvin thought, but he thought it had to be a minor case of gynecomastia. 


Calvin glanced more of the young man as Arnold was in mid-backstroke, as he noticed his abs muscles flexing and chest heaving, expanding and contracting with each stroke.  He decided that Arnold possessed a chest of a cismale, and proceeded to not look any further, but sensed there may be something queer about the young, fair-haired guy.


Caroline just then, decided to snuggle up next to Steven, as she ground her legs and crotch upon his.  Caroline started kissing him on the lips, as the two started hugging.


Meanwhile, Calvin called Arnold over to him.


Calvin says in excited anticipation, “Yo Arnold!  You look good.  You’re clean shaven, and that was smooth dive, my man.  How ya been?”


Arnold replies demurely, “I’ve been good.  Just been studying, classes have been difficult, but I manage.  How about you?”

Calvin replies sternly, “I’m good.  Have been working out, toning and bulking up for football season, and have been hitting the books.  The starting job is mine to keep, coach knows that.  Have you played football?  I know you kinda skinny, but we need some players, and you can still get on the field if you walk on.  Roster tryouts on Monday, dude.”


Half intrigued, Arnold gives a faint smile and responds, “Sounds good! I’ll talk to Steve, and we’ll look into it.”


As Franklin is staring off into space, Arnold swims over to Caroline, who is hanging out with Garth. 


Then, Caroline is hanging out in the pool, while she puts a hand on Arnold’s stomach, as she tries to reach a hand down Arnold’s pants.  Instead of deciding to reject her advances, Arnold quickly Caroline on the mouth, as Caroline instantly removes her non-free hand to get ahold of Arnold’s arms to go in for the kiss.


Calvin and Garth nod their head in understanding, and as the group goes along with their business.


In addition, Steve is getting up to dive into the pool and decides to jump off the diving board cannonball style, while everyone clears for him.


Steve jumps off the board, as he grabs his legs and plows through the water splashing water as tumbles down towards the bottom of the pool.  Unbeknownst to him, his T-shirt falls off, revealing his big bare chest open in the pool.  His head pops up as his friends congratulate him on the dive.


Garth pats Steve on the back, as he says, “Good dive, man.  That was a helluva dive, bro.”


Calvin gives him a fistbump, as Steve accepts the congratulations before heading out of the pool.


Nervous, Stevens folds his arms immediately, as he walks quickly back into the men’s locker room, as he cleans out his ear with his right hand, signaling to Garth to get that for him on the way back after everyone’s gone. 


Meanwhile, Steven’s blonde hair with dirty dark brown highlights falls upon his shoulders, as he walks back crossing his arms over his chest, hiding his exposed body.


Onlookers gaze at Steve quizzically, perhaps incredulously to gaze upon Steven’s breasts.  Meanwhile a female lifeguard licks her lips, loving the sight of the androgynous transman.  As Steve gets a towel that was placed neatly in front of the window, he leaves his breasts briefly exposed to the public, until he throws the towel above his head, covering most of his rather large chest.


Franklin, who was hiding his infatuation with Steven, huddled alongside Calvin, as he replied with intrigue, “ I don’t know man, but that cannonball has to hurt.  I’ll go in after him to check up on the man.”


Calvin replies indifferently, “Do what you have to do man.”


Meanwhile, in the men’s locker room, Steve takes a shower as he bares his chest full frontal, and uses soap in the open area.   Franklin goes after him, and decides to sneak on him before making a conversation.


Franklin says to Steve, “Hey Steve.  That was a good cannonball out there.  You sure are a pro on the diving board.”


Steve laughs nervously, “I wish.   I landed so too clumsy out there, I felt exposed on the landing.”


Franklin chuckles, as Steve turns away briefly, using his left arm to reach behind his back to wash his back.    Suddenly, Franklin notices Steve’s exposed bare chest, as it looks almost like giant oversized pecks.  But it’s very round, shaped like rotund breasts as Steve uses a soap bar to wash the middle of his body. 


Right when Steve uses a soap bar to wash his bare C-cup breasts, Franklin couldn’t hold himself.  It was like staring at a male version of Britney Skye, except with a goatee, mixed in with a trace of Fabio.  Franklin himself, though he perceived himself to be straight, always had gay fantasies, and with a, pre-op ftm man showering with nothing but swimming trunks right in front of him, he decided he had to take it upon himself to explore Steve’s body, right then and there. 


Panting suddenly, Franklin says gruffly, “Steve, have you ever had gay sex?”


Biting his lip, Steve looks at Franklin nervously, and replies, “I think so.”


The two kiss, as they go into a secret bathhouse inside the men’s locker room, before locking the door.  An onlooker looks at them before looking down to read his newspaper.


As Steve is being kissed by Franklin, he says hotly, “Just tell Caroline I’m doing some male bonding with my close friend, Franklin.”


Franklin kisses Steve, and replies lovingly, “Will do, sir.”


The steam rose quickly, as it made it hard for anyone else to hear outside the room as there was only one other man inside, who was reading a newspaper.   The tall man, sensing the two men groping each other, kissing, and playing grab ass, grabs his newspaper as he’s wearing a towel around his waist, and walks out, not before keeping the door locked.


Once inside the bathhouse, in a place where no one else can hear them, Steve and Franklin talk to each other. 


Standing in front of Franklin, Steve strips down his swimming trunks, to reveal a strap-on penis (that also has a vaginal dildo and an anal dildo inserted in him).


Steve says to Franklin frantically, as he drops his trunks, “Franklin, I have something to say.  I’m a wom-, I’m a woma-”


As Steve was stammering and struggled to get the words out that he was biologically female, Franklin interrupted him.


Franklin hushed saying, “Steve, I already know, you’re a wonderful guy.”


Franklin looks at him, as he is staring at the beautiful androgyne in front of him, who is wearing nothing except the strap-on.   Still convinced Steve is a gay cisguy, as Steve reminds him of an effeminate Fabio, he decides to approach him to go for the kiss.


Franklin replies decidedly and frankly, “You’re hot, Steve.  Let’s have some gay sex.  Man on man.  You…sexy, man hunk, you.”


Steve runs in to hug Franklin, as Franklin kisses Steve’s lips around his glued on, dark brown goatee, as Steve uses his tongue to finish off the kiss. 


Meanwhile, Steve bends over as he winces, expecting a penis to be dropped inside his ass hole as he starts to remove the ass hole dildo, but Franklin puts his hand to caress Steven’s face, and brings up him back up.


Franklin says as a matter of factly, “Steve, you’re a hot ass man.  You’re so tough and handsome.  Please fuck my asshole.”


Steve replies begrudgingly, “Okay.  I’ll promise to fuck your butthole, but I might not like it.”


Steve nervously grabs Franklin’s face to kiss him, as Franklin says, “I know you will like it, Steve.”


Steve watches Franklin bend over, as the two straps on Steve’s butt feel hot steam blowing upon his ass with the other dildo inside him buzzing alongside his crotch.  Steven gets ready to fuck Franklin with his strapon, penis packer as he gets ready to pummel him from behind in an anal position.


Steven puts his prosthetic dick into Franklin’s ass, as he feels the insertion being made into Franklin.  Suddenly, Steve thrusts his hips, as he explodes with raw speed and power, as he sweats with the inside of his straps buzzing into his pussy and asshole underneath his penis.


Franklin yells, “Oh my god, Steven!  You’re so hot!  I can’t believe you’re really a cis man!  Be my boyfriend!”


Meanwhile, Steven thrusts his hips powerfully back and forth, as he fully feels the vibrations swinging back and forth into him, buzzing like a volcano waiting to erupt.  Steven continues to use his dainty little hands to grab Franklin’s ass, as he playfully slaps Frank’s ass with his right hand.


Frank yells demandingly, “Harder.  Harder, you wussy boy!”


Steven continues to fuck Franklin, feeling pure ecstasy from the actions of having sex with his butt, as he slaps Franklin’s butt ferociously with each stroke coming down from his hand, harder, faster, as he gets more rpms into it.


Steven yells back as he slaps his boyfriend in the ass, “I’m a tough boy!   I’m a tough boy!  How do you like my style, Frank?”


Frank yells, “That’s it!  That’s it!  Atta boy, Steve!”


Steven then slaps and rubs himself on his own ass, as he yells, ”Holy shit, this is hot!”


Frank yells, “You’re such a strong boy, Steven!  That’s it!  That’s it!  Fuck my ass! Yes!!!!!!!!”


As Franklin is getting fucked in the ass, he feels himself being pounded by Steven’s penis, loving every second of it, especially as he feels a deep attraction to him.


Frank yells, “Hell yeah, Steve, hell yeah!  I want your hot semen cum dropped into my butthole.”

Steven looks at him nervously, saying hesitantly, “I’ll try.”


Meanwhile, Steven tries to drop cum through the prosthetic penis that he’s wearing through the tiny sliver of a hole, before lightly cumming into Franklin’s asshole.


Franklin yells in ecstasy, “Attaboy, Steve!  Attaboy!  You my dawg!”


Steve buries his face into Franklin’s asshole, before sticking his fingers with his left hand, while beating his clitoris underneath his pants with the other.  Steve’s clitoris is drenched, wet, and swollen from all of the heavy fucking with his boyfriend.


Franklin looks at him and asks, “Are you tired?”


Steven replied, trying to catch his breath, “Oh yeah.  My clit, I mean my little dick is beaten up from the sex.”


He grabs Franklin’s face before kissing him. 


Franklin kisses him back, saying, “That was great, Steve.  You’re my Fabio.  And if you’re feeling a bit too girly, I’ll be here to make a man out of you.   We’ll be having lots of a gay sex in here as long as you give me a call every week.  You’re my new boyfriend, Steve.”


Steve looks at him dreamily, and says, “Cool.  You’re my dude, Franklin.”


Franklin hugs him back as he says gruffly, “Hope you loved my session, young man.”


Steven daydreams whether to show his new friend his beautiful, swollen yet hairy clitoris by taking down his straps lying down, but decides against it.  Later, he and Frank pull their swimming trunks back on to walk out of the bathhouse.


Inside, Arnold is waiting for Steve as Franklin meets up with Garth and Calvin.


Arnold, fully clothed, asks Steve, “Hey Steve, so how was the pool party?  Hope you had fun.”

Happy, Steve says soothingly, “I had a lot of fun, and then some.”

Arnold replied, “Nice.”


They do a fist bump together as Arnold waits for Steve to get dressed.


Meanwhile, Garth meets up with Arnold and Steve, as they greet Calvin, Franklin, and Caroline, before parting their separate ways.  They go back to their dorm rooms, being happier than ever before.