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This story is a tribute to the song that I had on repeat in the background as I wrote it. The song is called Sting Ray by Kai Whiston (ft. Eden). Eden is currently my favorite artist. His real name is Jonathan Ng, so the main character in this story is named after him. I worked in little snippets of Sting Ray's lyrics throughout this story. I hope you enjoy the story! -Jenni
Sting Ray
It was still dark when I opened my eyes. My head pounded from all the alcohol and drugs I had probably taken the night before. I didn't remember much about what had happened, but I remembered what had happened before I started partying. Flashes of Jon's face flickered in my mind. I couldn't make out his features, but I knew it was him. I knew it was over between us. I tried to get up, but something was holding me down.
"What the fuck?" I asked myself as I opened my eyes more fully. There was an arm draped over me, and I was naked under the covers. Oh no. How had I gotten here? Surely I hadn't fucked someone so soon after ending things with Jon. I tried to move the arm, but it was difficult with my arm's angle and theirs. I followed the arm toward its shoulder, and I was shocked to see the curvature of a female body.
"Oh my God!" I screamed, trying my best to roll out from under the arm of the girl that I was in bed with. I didn't sleep with girls! At least, I hadn't before. I peeked under the covers to confirm. Sure enough, we were both naked. My heart started to pound violently in my chest.
"Who are you?" I screamed at the girl, who woke for a moment before letting out a loud snore and falling back to sleep.
"Fuck! What did I do last night?" I asked myself. I willed myself to remember. Flashes of Jon's face played in my mind, and I realized that he had been right. I did want something more, something he couldn't have given me. I needed more from a man than just a few hours every few months. He was always on the road, and I was home waiting for him like a tucked away trophy. He probably fucked all the girls he met on tour, anyway. I couldn't imagine living like that forever. I just wanted to watch it die between us, take away any and all hope I could have ever had of us being together. Hope was what made me destructive, and now I was in bed with a female.
I finally managed to roll out from under the girl's arm, and I landed awkwardly on the wood floor after falling off the side of the bed.
"What the fuck? Are you okay?" The girl was awake. She sat up and turned to me. "Baby, come back to bed," she called for me.
"I have to go. I have to -"
"Jon said you would do this!" the girl cried. "Come on. Where are you going? Why are you in a hurry? We could have some more fun like last night."
"Yeah, what happened last night?" I asked her. "I don't remember a damn thing. I don't even remember you and whatever happened. If you could just show me where my clothes are, I can go." This wasn't the first time my memory had failed me, and though I was confused, I wasn't surprised. I'd been blacking out more and more lately, and I knew that I should stop partying, but I couldn't stop now anyway. I was still amid my decisions from last night. I sat on the edge of the bed gingerly, still naked, and I got a good look at the girl's face. Her hair was blonde at the tips and light brown on top. She had large brown eyes with stars of gold at the center. She sat up further in the bed so I could see her full breasts, much bigger than my small, yet firm tits.
"You're kidding me? You don't remember?" She seemed offended.
I shook my head no.
"Come on, stop fucking with me! You have to remember!"
"I'm sorry. The last thing I remember, I was walking the line of the cracks in the road…" I trailed off.
"You were what?" Tracy looked confused.
"It's from one of Jon's songs," I explained. I think it was about me." I remembered the fear of Jon leaving and how it had consumed me. I couldn't shake the thought of it when I closed my eyes. I was walking out the door, and I was leaving Jon forever.
"Everyone thinks Jon's songs are about them, even people that have never met him," the girl said with a bit of edge. Apparently, I had hit a nerve with her. I wasn't alarmed. I felt calm with her, even with my entire memory from the night before entirely erased.
"Yeah, but I was his girlfriend," I told her. "He put my name in his song."
She looked stunned. I wondered if she knew that I was Jon's girlfriend up until a few days ago when we'd broken up.
"Well, I think you showed everyone last night that you were definitely a single woman." the girl laughed, but I didn't get the joke.
"What's so funny? Tell me what happened!" I begged her.
"Okay. Last night you kept saying you wanted more dicks and so I kept finding them for you. I've never seen someone fuck so many guys in one night! You are one badass hoe!" She said as if this qualified me for some kind of award.
"Oh my God. Not again. How many guys did I fuck?" I asked in horror. Most girls would have probably insisted it didn't happen. Still, with the way things had been going in my life, I realized that it was very probable that I had done precisely as this girl said. It wouldn't have been the first time.
"Oh, girl! I did not keep track. It got out of control. All that coke you were doing, probably. Plus all the other stuff."
"What other stuff?"
"You really don't remember? Does that mean everything that happened between us is just…lost?" I could see her face fall into an expression of despair before she hung her head and began to sob. She kept her leaking eyes to the floor, trying to hide her tears from me.
"I'm sorry, I just don't remember. I don't even know how I got here. I really need to go…do you know where I can find my clothes?" I sounded pathetic, but the truth was that I just wanted to watch this die. Whatever had happened between us, it hadn't been real. It had been a culmination of a thousand sips of alcohol and handfuls of pills, not to mention so many lines of cocaine. Pulling the time back seemed like the only solution, but there was no going backward, only forward.
I waited awkwardly for the girl to pull herself together. I wasn't the best at social interactions, but I did a lot better when I was on cocaine. I needed more cocaine to fully wake up, but I had no idea where my purse was.
"Do you remember my name?" the girl looked tired. Her eyes were puffy with mascara rings from the night before now streaked beneath them.
"Sorry, I don't," I apologized.
"I'm Tracy," the girl stuck out her hand to shake mine as if people our age did things like that. I guessed that she was about twenty-four or so, but with all the drugs she must have done, I doubted that I could tell her real age by the way she looked.
"I'm Ray, short for Rayanna. I don't usually party that hard," I lied.
"I know your name, silly. I was screaming it last night. You definitely know how to eat pussy. I have more coke somewhere around here if I can remember where I put it." Tracy got up and began searching through drawers. She was still naked, only now I was getting a view of her plump bottom.
I was filled with horror as I imagined myself eating Tracy's pussy. I shuddered a bit. This was the only part of Tracy's story from last night that didn't make any sense. "Is this your house?" I asked her.
"Yes. I inherited it from my uncle when he died. I fucked him a couple of times right before he passed on. Do you think that's fucked up?" She gave me an evil smile, her eyes narrowed into devilish slits.
"Was he your uncle by blood?" I asked, realizing that she was just as twisted as I was. Maybe this was why we'd ended up in bed naked.
"Yes, he's my dad's brother. The sex wasn't bad. Now I have this house, and my relatives all hate me for it. He was a shitty lay, though." Tracy shrugged.
"It is a nice house…so, back to the part where you said I ate your pussy. I've never been with a girl. That doesn't make any sense."
Tracy turned from her set of drawers to face me and replied as she pulled on a bathrobe.
"Oh, yeah! We fucked! There's video footage. I'll show you in a moment, just as soon as I find my stash." Tracy rooted through several more drawers before she found what she was looking for and began to arrange the cocaine into long, thin lines on her vanity. "You want some?"
"Sure!" I responded without thinking. I knew I shouldn't do more drugs when I couldn't even remember the night before, but I was addicted, and I'd made my peace with it. I was on a bender already, and I figured if it collapsed in on me that I would somehow survive it, just like I always did.
When we had snorted enough cocaine to kill certain people, Tracy showed me the videos of the night before. There were so many on her phone, the thumbnails filled with a plethora of naked bodies. Tracy and I appeared to be the only females, but there were lots of men, so many that I couldn't tell exactly how many from the photos. There was a series of videos at the bottom of the list, so I watched the first one.
"Oh my God! Please tell me Jon wasn't in this gangbang!" My heart dropped to my feet. I could feel myself sweating, the collective paranoia from every drug I'd taken in the last twenty-four hours pushing through me. Jon's tall, sturdy frame was sexy to me, and his strong jaw and dark hair made my pussy instantly wet.
"Yeah, that's how you got here. Jon texted you to come, and you were taking a long time to get here. He had this feeling you were on your way over. He said you were crazy, like in an insane way. You totally are, by the way, but I like it!" Tracy leaned in close to me and kissed my cheek as if being intimate with me was natural for her. In all my travels, I had never thought I could be bisexual.
"You fucked Jon then?" I asked Tracy, not sure why it mattered. I had no right to be jealous anymore. We weren't together anymore. It's just that I was jealous, and I wanted to kill this bitch with my bare hands for merely being friends with him. I could feel the adrenaline rushing in and rushing out of me. My palms were sweaty, and my throat was dry.
Jon was a rock star. He wasn't super famous, but he was famous enough that it made me feel special that he had chosen to date me. He wanted more than just casual sex with me, but I was more of an everyday sex kind of girl. I was more of a group sex kind of girl too. Maybe if Jon could have been there with me and stayed with me, we could have made things work between us, but dating someone who is always gone on tour or recording was too much for me. I needed constant attention and constant sex to survive.
Tracy made sure the videos kept playing, and as I watched the "us" from last night work our way through what seemed to be over twenty guys. I found that I was intensely aroused. I couldn't stop watching Tracy fucking Jon, but what was more baffling was watching her fuck me.
"Is that a dildo?" I asked as the video played. Tracy was wearing a harness with a dildo attached to it. She was fucking me with it as if it was actually attached to her body. I watched my former self screaming, on my hands and knees for Tracy. I was writhing in what looked like it could have been agony, but I knew that it wasn't. Tracy was making me cum so fucking hard. I knew my orgasm face was ugly, but watching it was really making me wet. Tracy was the real star of the show, and I couldn't take my eyes off of her. She pounded me into oblivion until I became a listless, drooling mess beneath her.
Tracy stepped back and high-fived some of the guys before removing the harness so the guys could have their way with her. I envied her beauty and sexiness. The guys grabbed her and threw her onto the bed next to me. Her holes were hopelessly spread, ready to take cock after cock.
Watching her cum was miraculous. She was the kind of girl that looked sexy when she came. I realized she was pretty and that I was attracted to her. I had never felt that way about a woman before, and I shook my head in disbelief as two more cocks fucked her, one in the pussy and the other in her mouth. It took me a while to realize that the guy fucking her pussy was Jon. I couldn't help but be angry. I felt my world collapsing in on me now. I had been turned on until I realized that Jon was behind her, pounding her pussy the way I wished he'd fuck mine. Jealousy consumed me. I was feeling every negative emotion at once, and it overwhelmed me.
"You should fuck Ray," Tracy pushed Jon toward me, and we awkwardly exchanged socially dysfunctional greetings. Neither one of us was the best at social exchanges. I already had a couple of cocks in me, but the guy fucking my pussy gave Jon the right of way and went to go fuck Tracy's holes. Jon was probably as high as I was, and I held onto his arms as he pushed his cock into me. There was another guy fucking my ass at the same time, and as soon as Jon found a rhythm, someone shoved a dick into my mouth. Part of me wanted to stop watching, but another part of me really wanted to keep going.
I was watching it die. With every stroke of Jon's cock, I could see how much he hated me, how much he wished that I would go away and never come back. He had told me to leave a million times, and I told him that I'd never come back. I had never meant it, not until now. Now his anger was evident as he pounded my pussy with brutal force that brought grimaces of pain to my face. I knew that I was enjoying it, and he knew it too.
This was the reason we could never be together. Jon knew that I could never be satisfied with just one man. I needed a small army to keep my slut tendencies under control. In fact, even when I fucked as many men as I possibly could, it was never enough. I had never dreamed that I would take it to another level. I never dreamed that I would fuck a woman! But I had. There was evidence right in front of me.
I turned off the videos, my heart pounding as the lines of cocaine worked their magic on my anxiety. I was feeling that old familiar desire to fuck everything in my path. I was ready for it. The adrenaline coursed through my veins, and I was ready to fucking go!
I looked around for Tracy, but she must have left the room while I was watching videos.
"Tracy?" I called into the empty house.
"I'm in here!" she yelled, and I followed her voice to the living room.
"Where are my clothes?" I asked her, shivering a bit.
She ignored my question. "So, what do you think of the videos? Crazy night, right? Do you remember what happened yet?" Tracy looked amused.
"I might not ever remember. I have a terrible memory," I tried to explain. Still, no one understood how fucking insane I was and how this had affected my memory and everything else about me. "The videos are hot, especially the one where you are fucking all those guys after you left me all destroyed with your dildo!"
"Yeah, I love fucking you up! Don't think I won't do it again." She stared me down, and I felt slightly intimidated by her confidence and strength. I had never met anyone like Tracy. "Hold on. I'll be right back." Tracy walked out of the room. I heard her doing something in the kitchen.
I returned my attention to the videos on Tracy's phone. A text cut through the video, and I saw that it was from Jon. I knew I should have saved it for Tracy, but instead, I decided to see what Jon would do if I pretended to be her.
"Hey!" Jon said.
"Hey," I responded as Tracy.
"I'm here," he texted.
"Here? As in my house?"
"Yeah. How are you texting me when you're standing right in front of me?" Jon asked, and I realized my mistake. I headed to the bathroom to hide, leaving Tracy's phone on the coffee table.
"Ray! Ray? Jon is here to see you!" Tracy called. "Ray, where are you?" She pounded on the bathroom door as I stared at myself in the mirror. I was still naked, and I was having a fucking breakdown. My ex-boyfriend was here, and the woman I'd fucked and cuddled to sleep was here too. I felt sick with anxiety and jealousy.
"I need a minute to get myself together. Do you know where my clothes are?" I called.
"Girl, you don't need clothes! Get out here! Jon brought some more coke!" She tried the knob, but I had locked it. "Come on, let's do some lines, Ray!"
"Jon doesn't want to see me!" I called, already beginning to sob.
"Yes, he does! Look, a lot happened last night. You and Jon are doing great. Just come out. You'll see! I'm gonna go do some lines with him now. Your clothes are right there on the floor."
I heard her walk away, and I faced myself in the mirror again. I looked like a piece of trash. My dark blonde hair was a tangled mess and my makeup from the night before was still half there, my eyeliner still in vampish wings. I was intrigued by what Tracy said about things being good between Jon and me. I needed to find out if it was real, and so I headed to the living room. Tracy and Jon were laughing at something as I approached.
"Hi," I said meekly.
"Only you would walk into the room already naked!" Jon laughed, his Irish accent making my pussy instantly juicy.
"You know me…" I tried to laugh, but it was forced. Tracy was snorting lines from the coffee table like doing cocaine for breakfast was the norm for her.
"So Ray doesn't remember anything about last night," Tracy filled Jon in between snorts of white powder.
"She doesn't?" Jon looked amused. "Damn, that's crazy!" I could see Jon thinking, replaying the events of the night before that he obviously remembered. He knew I blacked out and forgot things, so I knew he wasn't shocked. He paused and shook his head in disbelief. "So then she doesn't know how she ended up in bed with you. I'll bet that threw her for a loop," he said to Tracy as if I wasn't in the room.
"She fell out of bed this morning on her ass!" Tracy giggled.
"Oh, I'm sorry I missed that!" Jon laughed, imagining it. Tracy began to tell him a detailed account, so I cut in.
"Can someone please fill me in! I still don't know what happened last night!" I screamed, irritated that I was the butt of their joke and also the odd one out.
"Don't get all crazy on us, Ray. Come do some lines while we tell you what happened last night," Tracy offered.
"Okay," I agreed, eager to get more cocaine in my system. I had built up a ridiculous tolerance, and I needed more and more of it just to get me going in the mornings. I sat naked next to Tracy on the couch. I could see my clothes all over the floor, spread throughout the living room. Tracy wore a silky robe that was barely covering anything, and Jon was in khaki pants and a t-shirt. It felt odd to be the only one naked, but I knew they had both seen all my bits before. I had just watched the videos. I began to snort a line.
Tracy began the story of the night before, her voice full of animation and excitement:
"Everyone was really fucked up on all kinds of drugs. I was making everyone drinks, and I asked him," Tracy pointed to Jon, "if he knew any girls that might want to come over and have some fun with me. I like men and all, but I had a hankering for a girl. He showed me your picture, and I had this collider feel like we were meant to run into each other, you know?"
"No, I don't know…" I thought about it, but it didn't make sense.
"Anyway," she continued, "We had this whole plan to seduce you into fucking me. Jon told me that you'd never been with another girl before, but he told me if I fucked you like a guy that you'd probably go for it."
"And I did, apparently."
"You went nuts, girl. You fucked so many people, and I like to think that we got pretty close. We were kissing, like this," Tracy moved to me, pulling my face toward hers until our lips collided. If I had thought to read the signs, I wouldn't have done it, but high me from last night had done some unbelievable shit, and it was spilling over into this moment. Tracy's kiss shocked me to my core. Chills covered my body, and my nipples immediately pebbled.

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