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I had recently broken up with a girl and I had a friend she was a little shy, but we had known each other for years. I hadn’t taken all that much notice of her as a possible girlfriend we had just been friends. But I needed a date to go a work-related dinner and so I ask my friend. We had a good time and so I started going out with more and more. Not ever trying to bed her, I was using her as a stop gap till I met another woman. But then on one of our outings, we got caught by rain, neither had a raincoat or umbrella and so we huddled in a shop doorway. Just to get out of the rain and wind that came with the rain. She was cold and so I cuddled her, the rain and wind ended, and we headed for my place as it was closer. Cuddling her I got horny and on getting to my place, made a move on her and she let me fuck her our first, of course I didn’t stop at one. Taking her home in the morning, I decided to fuck her again and again she let me. Only after I had returned home, did I realize I was missing her. She wasn’t thought of by me as my girlfriend until then, she was a stop gap. But I was home about an hour or so and I wanted to be with her so much that I returned to her place. She was surprised to see me so soon. She had not long showered and had started doing her housework. Her place was smaller than mine and further away from her workplace than mine and I asked her to move in with me. She was surprised and delighted to accept; she moved in with over the following week. Only a week after she had moved in with me, I asked her to marry me and she again accepted. We married last weekend and I’m really happy with my choice of wife, the perfect woman for me was near me the whole time.

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