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#Bisexual #Blackmail #Lesbian #PreTeen 2 mins ago

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By Mayaa This is gonna be about how me and my sister used to fuck. I have no hormones back then but I do now.

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Hello! This is my 2nd story. If you wanna see my first one it’s I think titled masturbation story. I’m a pre- teen that’s 12 and this story is about how I used to fuck my sister. So it started when we were around 8 or 7.(my age) my sister would persuade me to have sex with her but I had no hormones at the time so I just obeyed her. As I remember it we used to always shower together. When we were in the shower she would tell me to lick she pussy, and she would lick mine. We would also rub our pussies together. As a 7 year old I never learned about anything like that so I just did it. It did feel good and I miss the taste. So I would listen because she told me she would spend more time with me if I did those things. But she would always lie. So I got fed up and told my mom and she told her to stop. So as I kid I also would watch porn and animals having sex because it turned me on. One day I was hanging out with my moms best friend’s daughter and she introduced porn to me. It was trans porn and I was pretty confused and my mom found out and was pissed. She never confronted her mom though. Another memory I remember is I used to hang out with one of my grandma neighbors kids which was my friend. We were very close and we would shower together and play Barbie’s. I would spend the night with my grandma and go over to their house for a little bit. One time my friend she started seducing me and I was turned on as fuck. My friend was pressing her ass on my pussy and rubbing it on me. She also touched my pussy and kissed me but that’s only how far it got. And I was about 9 maybe 10. I still know her today and we barley talked but damn those were good memories. So as y’all know I’m 12 today. I don’t really have any other stories but I can start making longer fanasties.

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By Mayaa #Bisexual #Blackmail #Lesbian #PreTeen