Story for fricker.

One thing of so so many things I would do to you…. I would tie you to my bed completely naked, I would start off by kissing your lips, slow but passionately, then after a few mins I would start slowly kissing down your body, starting off by kiss you neck, down your chest till I get to your boobs, I would spend a few mins on them swapping between the 2, teasing your nipples by kissing, sucking and licking them.

After that I would kiss down your tummy, the down one of your thighs, then back up the inside of that leg stopping just before I get to your fun box, I would then kiss down your other leg and back up the inside of it again stopping just before I get to the fun part, I would then kiss all around your clit with out actually touching. Teasing you by getting closer and closer but not actually touching it.

Once you cant handle it any more, your body arching and shivering with desire, I would finally kiss your clit, you would moan so loud from the pleasure and relief of finally getting touched down there. I would then spend the next little while licking you out, doing it till you have an orgasm.

Once you have finished cumming I would then move up the bed so you can suck on my dick for a bit. I would let you do this for a min or 2 before I grab a vibrator and use it on you for a while. I start to feel myself getting closer to the edge so I pull away from you but I keep using the vibrator on you. Going from it being inside you to pulling out and play with your clit.

Once I’m ready I would stop doing that and start teasing you with my penis, start off with running it up and down the outside of your virgina, you would feel the tip just touching you, after a little bit of this, when we are both begging for, we both can take it anymore.

I would slide it in and start thrusting slowly, us to letting out loud moans from the pure pleasure. But the slow thrusting quickly leads to me pounding the shit out of you. After a bit I would pull out and you would feel my cum landing all over you’re body,

I would then roll over and lie next to you, us breathing deeply trying to catch it. Us just thinking how hot that was…. then after a min or 2 I would get up and start all over again, this would go on for 5, 6 or 7 hours. I keep going till your too sore, all sticky because every part of your body is covered in my cum and we are too sore to move.

That’s one of many many fantasys I would use up on you. They may have been way more detail then I think you were expecting.

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