Straight Lover: Virtual Helmet: | straight story from Audley Prince

Beep Stories

Ladies Lovers: Teases the Guy using a Virtual Helmet. Trying to tell fact from Fiction by Watching Sex recording Digital Videos. Before Sex Entrapment; The Bachelor get a Slow dance passion of music dancing with each of his love partner’s not knowing who is lady lover is. Body Courrested or Rapped Cozily from front or behind, At the same time He has to feel with his hands. Ladies Lovers then aid controls the hands to let him feel their body.

Since he is Blind: the ladies will aid his hands to slip of first their panties, or bra letting him Gently Rub motion or Gorge his mouth their Soft Milky Breast-Tits, and Bottom Virginia.

Until the guy get Dizzy and get pushed on the bed mattress: then the ladies get to Subdue him; grind his body and slip off each part of his cloths with Oral Sex and sit on top of him. Then Ejaculate him until he tires, then Roll him around and hump from behind: until he sweats and tries Resists the Urge:

Tug/ Bosom Pull until he Cums:Entrapment Consent: