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I’m a carpenter and at the age of 28 my uncle died, I’d much to do with him growing up and barely knew him. He was the oldest of his family my mother being the youngest of the 3 and only my mother was left. Her 2 brothers were now dead, I was surprised I inherited as I thought he had his own children. He had but they had predeceased him, and I was the only male of his family left, so his lawyer told me. I had a younger sister and she got nothing, neither did my mother widow. It wasn’t money nor land, but I was told it was property. I first thought furniture, but it wasn’t that either. I was totally shocked when I finally found out what it was. It was a young woman 25 and she was my uncle’s property. I thought that it was illegal to own people as property, but I didn’t actually own her she was payment of her father’s debt to my uncle and as such was his servant for 15 years. By servant it meant she cooked, cleaned and done washing, nothing else unless she was willing to do it. She had already done 5 years and her father had died 2 years before. To pay her father’s debt was a family honor thing I don’t really understand, I couldn’t refuse as it would dishonor her, and she would kill herself to save face. The lawyer told that and that she had already tried on the death of my uncle. So, I had to have her work for as an unpaid servant and only provide food, clothing and lodging and she would do my laundry, clean and cook for me. It’s not illegal as she is willing doing it and unless I do something to hurt her, I can’t be charged. Old fashioned these days but somewhat legal. As she was of legal age when she agreed to the contract and freely signed it. As heir I was responsible for her welfare and until the contract was fulfilled. It was strange having a woman about my house and my house was now clean top to bottom, I’m not a great cleaner. She came in handy with my work as I done additions she cleaned up after me. She never went out alone and only went shopping with my mother and sister, mainly for groceries and whatever clothes she required. She wouldn’t take money off me, and my mother had to hold the money and pay for everything I required. But as the lawyer told me people’s religious beliefs are protected by the constitution and her contract with my uncle is based in her religion. She had only 3 ways out of the contract completing it, family paying off the full debt and being married and husband paying off the debt first. I started to depend on her more and more and then one day I realized if she got released from the contract, I would have to do everything she was doing for me. It had only been 8 months and I was almost totally reliant on her and how bad would it be when the contract period was finished. She rarely watched TV, preferred to read books or do work around the house on jobsites with me. I was teaching her to be a carpenter and had started to put money aside for her when the contract was finished so she would have some money. I wasn’t even sure if she would take it then either. A chance statement by a client got me thinking, he said I did great work, and my wife 31 almost 32 was a great asset to me I was lucky to have her. I didn’t correct him saying we weren’t married, it sought of turned on a light in my brain. I found out more about her beliefs and especially their marriage requirements. I had to ask her father or guardian and I was the guardian only after getting approval could I ask her, and she could refuse. There was no dating requirement or courting as it was referred to as. I could just ask her to marry me and if she accepted, we marry after I paid out the contract. The amount involved was more than I had, but I thought I could get a loan. Once I got the check, I was able to marry her. Then I realized I could just write myself a check and never cash it, I didn’t have a check book. I told my mother of my idea, and she supported me and then she said my late father had a check book. It was in his papers and wasn’t currently active as everything was plastic cards or online now. That was my way to pay myself, my father had the same initials as me different names same initials. My mother wrote out the check I signed it and with my mother and sister to support me I asked my servant to marry me. I said I had approved myself to ask her for her hand in marriage and had a check to pay off the contract if she accepted my proposal. She said she would think about it and let know, she didn’t rush her decision and asked the 2 people she trusted, my mother and sister. Still with their approval she still thought about it more. Finally, she accepted my proposal, and we married 3 months after my proposal and a week after she had accepted. She didn’t rush, I was going to burn the check, but my mother wrote cancelled across it and had it framed. I’m now 35 and have 2 children with my wife best decision I’ve ever made, my wife has also started helping my mother and sister in their business. As I work out of town at times, and she likes to keep busy and helping my family in their business helps her keep busy. I’m also outnumbered 3 to 1 in the family the children can’t vote they’re too young and would support their mother anyway.

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