Strangers on a Train Ch. 03

tagGroup SexStrangers on a Train Ch. 03

They woke when the sky was getting light. Clemmie reached for her dress, "I should go."
"No, stay here."
"You have meetings, you said. I have an audition."
"Right. We can have dinner later. Quiet now, a bit more sleep."
"Do you have to use the restroom?"

Stroking his morning hard on. "What this, then?" He laughed sleepily. "Please, after you," and rolled onto his back. Stiffening his cock further with a long, sweet suck: "Yum." She piled her hair into a loose ponytail, out of her face. "Hold this, please. There is nothing better than waking up to a man who is ready." He held her hair out of the way, and watched her suck him. Used the ponytail to direct her movements, watched that pretty mouth as it slid over the head of his cock and down her throat, inviting him to fuck her mouth, her spit-wet hand stroking the shaft, "Jesu, you are good at this." She smiled up at him, "What do I get if I'm very good?"
"This." He guided her back to his cock, hands securing the ponytail, holding her head still as he pushed down her throat, and back, and down again, "You are even better than that than yesterday." "It takes a couple of tries…"
"Don't talk with your mouth full, Schatzi." He drew back a bit so he could watch his cum spill over her swollen lips and down her chin. Trailing a finger through the cum, "Thank you, Clementine, that was lovely. But now I will be late."
"Haven't I been good?"
"You have been, but I have overslept a bit." Grinning at her, "And you overplayed your hand." Patting her pussy lightly, he moved away. She pouted, watching him dress. "I spend more time being the only one undressed."
He backed her up to the bed, "You look very nice in very little." The bed hit her in the knees, and she went backward. He knelt at the edge of the bed and parted her knees. "I thought you have meetings?"
"I do, but I can give you a few minutes. You are evidently one who likes to have it more than once in a day." She traced his brow with a fingertip. "That eyebrow is your Tell. I think I can reasonably say, now, that when it goes up, something is about to happen. Best not play poker, boyo."
"I'll play with you instead." And dipped his head to kiss her belly. He took it easy, kissed his way from her belly button all the way down, ran the tip of his nose down the middle of her slit, then down either side, massaged the tendon where her thighs met her body. Ran a soft, flat, spit-wet tongue over her clit. Her hips came up to meet his lips, so he slipped his hands under her ass, pulled her forward to the furthest edge of the bed, and excruciatingly slowly, licked her. And again. Pushed his tongue into her. Held her ass up higher to give himself full access. Teased her from clit to tailbone. And then licked his way out of her, pulled her clit into his mouth, excruciatingly gently.
"Does that feel nice? Don't want you sore later."
"It feels…perfect."
"Will you come for me?"
"Oh, please." He touched her, just inside, with the tip of a finger, teased her. She sat up, propped up by one hand behind, watched him licking, kissing her. She stroked his jawline, pulled him in. He licked her fingers, sucked her thumb. "Are you close?" Her answer was a throaty sound, letting her head fall back. He licked her again. "Will you be sweet to me if I give you what you want?" In a breaking voice, "Oh, I will be sweet, I promise…" he fluttered his tongue inside her, the whiskers on his upper lips brushing her clit, "What will you do for me? What can I have if I let you come?"
"Oh, please, I will fuck you any way you like, just please…" He blew cool air onto her clit, "Oh, yes, you will fuck me any way I like. I am going to make full use of your body." When he felt her clit swell under his tongue, he drew back, dropping a kiss on her thigh. "When are you finished today?"
"About 6:15, I guess?" She reached out, tried to pull him near again, but he resisted. "No, that's enough for now. You will think of me today. I will see you at … 6:30 American time. And no touching, either. Be good. I expect you in the condition I left you, when I see you tonight." She tried one more time, lifted her hips. He pulled her into his mouth, so gently she groaned aloud. "Please."
"You're all wet."
"I'll ruin my panties if you leave me like this."
"They have more at the shop."
He stood, looked at her flushed face, wet hair, reaching out with a foot to draw him in between her legs. "You will be good today. You will not come until I say that you may. Are we understood?" He took out his phone. "Phone number?" He tapped it in with one hand, petting the foot she was running over his dick, with the other. "Clementine. Are we understood?"
"Yes. I'll be good." She opened her knees to him and ran a finger down the side of her clit. "So pretty. Do that again." He sat on the bed with a warm hand on her thigh watching her fingers play. "Do not be tempted to break your promise, Schatzi." He rose, kissed her and, tasting of pussy, left.
She stared at the ceiling for a little while after he left, thinking about it. Decided to get herself to the edge twice, languorously pinching her nipples, running her fingers down to the sides, avoiding her swollen, aching clit, pulling back from the edge like a good girl. Once more, and again. Her body threatening to rebel, to sneak an unauthorized orgasm, torn between obedience and the likely and delicious consequences of disobedience. Coming down on the side of submission. Deciding to wait. To go to her audition with soaked panties and the smell of pussy on her fingers. Maybe it would help the Carmen.
For his part, Jonas spent his day trying, unsuccessfully, to pay attention to the meeting with The Bobs. He laughed to himself: a rare American pop-culture reference he used in his head. One guy who he devoutly hoped would shortly be "rightsized" – he rolled his eyes at corporate speak, but a guy can dream, right – was rambling on about 'synergy'.
The other Bob looked at him sharply. He straightened up, trying not to look at the wall clock, not least because it wasn't quite in his line of vision. He was wondering what he'd been thinking. His mind wandered, wondered about this woman, about her behavior. In that alcove, for example. Her naughty hands opening his pants, pretty lips on his cock, the impish look in her eye as she teased him with the tip of her tongue. The silken throat. Better not follow those thoughts too far, or he'd end up with a hard-on at work. He fancied he could smell her, still. Shit. No getting up for a bit, but both fortunately and unfortunately, this wouldn't be an issue; these meetings were interminable.
He let his mind wander back to the way she'd looked on that first platform, a little thing, probably – definitely – too young for him. The tight jeans showing off a round ass and hips blooming from a tiny waist. The impossibly white skin. The long, dark hair curling in the damp German air. All that, with bobbing breasts straining a midriff-baring sweater, she was a pornographic Snow White. When he'd caught her checking him out, he'd thought: Tease. Then his cock was down her throat, and he was more than willing to stand corrected.
He checked in; the meeting was progressing apace. The Bobs had brought a graph. He'd made the Office Space reference to them, and they hadn't gotten it, which only solidified their position in his mind as Bobs. A covert glance at the wall clock informed him that it was five minutes after the last time he'd looked. Rightsize Guy leaned over and whispered, "Are we keeping you?"
"Save it. Have your pissing contest with someone who gives a shit." The guy was taken aback, jarred by the unfamiliar English term, didn't get it. He smiled. Coughed so he could smell her on his hand. Wondered what an audition was like, what happened there. Wondered if she was managing to keep her hands off herself.
He wondered, when she sang, how close the listeners were, if she shook hands when she arrived. If they could smell her pussy, hoping that they could. Wondering if men or women were the jury, wondering what she might do to get the position.
He wasn't wrong to wonder. As he sat in his meeting picturing her on her knees, she was in an audition room, on her knees. Clemmie was very much wanting to please a certain Helena, a tall, slender woman with dramatically cut short hair, long legs, dressed for business, used to control. Helena, for her part, was curious to know what the girl would do, to win the audition. "Clementine, you are a lovely thing… " and slipped her hand between Clemmie's legs. Knowing what was being asked of her and in any case aroused by the stares of the men at the table, Clemmie slid her hands up the woman's bare thighs, pushed her skirt up. As she took the satin panties off with her teeth, the professional lady patted her cheek and instructed her. Told her what to do:
"Yes, like that, love. Just there, oh yes. Lick me like that, that's it." This, through a groan: "Once again. Harder, dear." Helena, gasping now, pulled her close, loving this game. Signing the girl, of course, but taking the fun on offer also. Rubbing herself against a pretty face, a sweet and eager little thing, willing to do anything to please. She had restrained herself in that first audition – it's unkind to take advantage of that willingness if one is not interested in more. But now that it's clear she'll sign her…well. And this one was so alluring with, it turned out, an imaginatively wandering tongue and impudent fingers. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity to enjoy her.
Her mind wandered, considering a guest list for a small 'welcome' dinner party, feeling her clit swell in Clemmie's mouth under her flicking tongue, as she imagined settling her upon the lap of a particularly good friend, seeing her breasts bounce, wiggling on his cock under the hungry gaze of the others. Making her wait for her orgasm til everyone had their fill, and finally, in the wee hours of the morning, letting her choose with who, and how, she'd like to finish.
Helena held off her own orgasm, wanting to make it last, wanting to feel those soft red lips between her legs, smiling as the girl began to want the same in return. "Take your hand out of your panties, my dear, I would like both of them." As directed, Clemmie's wet fingers left her panties, and slid into Helena's warm pussy. Clemmie's tongue was deep the fragrant slit as she entered Helena's snug asshole with her index finger, her other hand squeezing that perfect ass.
Clemmie thought that if no gig came from this afternoon, at least she'd have fantasy fodder for a long time to come. As the pressure built in her own belly, so wet her thighs were slick, she added a second finger to Helena's asshole, and sucked her clit all the way into her mouth, swirling her tongue around it. Helena cried out and pulled Clemmie close by the back of her head. The tension in Helena's legs released, her asshole spasmed around Clemmie's finger. Widening her stance, swiveling her hips hard against the tongue flat against her and rubbing hard, Clemmie's face was buried in Helena's wet pussy as she came. "Such talent…"
Looking up at the agent, hoping she might return the favor, Clemmie's thoughts were echoed: "They will return the favor, if you like," indicating the two men on the jury.
Second thoughts – she'd promised to be good. "I cannot. I …I have a date tonight, and I'm told I have to wait. All day, or… I don't know. He said I have to wait,"
"Sounds lovely, but difficult. I have to go now, but please stay for a few minutes." Straightening her skirt and buttoning her blouse, Helena touched her nose, "Wouldn't you like them to please you a bit? Ready you for your evening plans?" They would appreciate it so much. You're a beautiful girl. They will be miserable if they must leave with no taste of you." This was a bit of a test, it must be admitted; if the girl was attracted by this notion, then a dinner party would most certainly be in order.
Clemmie hesitated, tempted by their good looks, the wanting in their eyes, the heat in their faces. She had wanted the cocks her colleagues had held in their hands, as Helena ground against her tongue, and the ache between her legs at Helena's velvet glove approach to dominance was impossible to resist. She nodded, blushing, her breath high in her chest.
Helena cast an amused glance at the three flushed faces, the men with stiff cocks, wet with pre-come, hopeful looks in their eyes, Clemmie with pink cheeks, breathless. "You may play with her, and you may come, but she may not. An arch look at Clemmie, at the gasp of despair: "Does your lover like to share?" Against all odds, Clemmie flushed pinker: "I don't know. I just met…we haven't known each other long. "
"Alright, then. Don't come – do as he says." With an stern look at the two men, "Don't spoil her. It would be impolite to ruin her lover's plans for her." Wagging her finger at the men, "I repeat: do not let her come, and do not make a mess of her. I will ask, and I will know if you're lying."
Clemmie's stomach was full of butterflies as she stood, and the men came to kneel before and behind her. In a moment, her skirt was up, a tongue snaked between her lips, and another between her cheeks. They were jerking off as they teased her. She forgot her doubts, her nerves, as she felt the man behind her gently extract the tiny lace panties that had ridden up, caught between her cheeks. "Very nice." Nibbling her cheeks, licking her asshole, she could feel his five o'clock shadow against her skin, pushing his tongue in further. She squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples. "Oh my god."
The man kneeling in front of her looked up and grinned. "Be careful, sweetheart, argue with Helena if you want what happens next. After she signs you, you'll find out." The man behind her laughed, "Yes, remember when Mariella defied her?" Biting a cheek a bit more firmly, "Mariella stole an orgasm on a Friday. Helena didn't consider that debt paid until Sunday evening. That was a wonderful weekend. She was so desperate to come by the end, it was wonderful. Mariella may never again wish to be used …traditionally." Without drawing back, the man licking her pussy said, his lips and tongue and beard rubbing against her as he spoke, said, "You do seem a girl who would find Helena's dinner party enjoyable. She would offer you as an appetizer, and require that you sit like a lady through dinner, and then ask you to choose who should have you for dessert. Of course, she does like to serve a 3-course dessert."
The man behind her had two fingers in her ass now, and she squirmed on them as he worked them in and out. "I personally enjoy it when the service is particularly good. The gratuity is enjoyable to watch." He pulled her over as he sat down in a chair. "Sit on my lap." He fucked her nicely, taking his time, using her gently, as the man who'd been in front of her presented his cock to her mouth. As Clemmie took him into her mouth , there was a groan in her ear. "This one is delicious." But he stopped short, and pulled her off him. "Stand up, Liebchen."
As she stood, shaky on her four-inch heels, stance wide to keep her balance, holding her skirt up and her ass cheeks apart, they resumed their play with her, working at their cocks. Swiveling her hips against the onslaught, she tried to be good, to just enjoy it and let it ready her for Jonas, but she found herself pushing, trying to get there before they did, to beat them to it. But they had been driven to some distraction watching the show and their use of her, and they didn't take long.
The man behind her abruptly stood and, playfully slapping her hands away, laid his cock lengthwise along the crack of her ass. She felt him slide it there, pressing the spit-and pussy-wet cheeks together around his cock, using her to jack off. She could feel his heart pounding against her back as he focused on taking his time, squeezing her cheeks together, pressing the head of this cock against her asshole as he used her, making it last. She tried to lean forward and arch her back, hoping to get him back into her, but he gripped her shoulder and held her still as he pumped his come onto her back.
The man at her feet was fucking her with his tongue as he stroked himself faster. She reached out to pull him in, tried to grind against his face, but the other man caught her wrists in one hand, pining them behind her, and pulled her head back by the hair with the other. "Helena was very clear on this point, Liebling."
He held her like that, panting, desperate, breasts thrusting, begging for that teasing tongue, but the tongue was careful to lick her to the side of her clit, and then to the other side, and again, coming achingly close but never quite touching, until she was openly begging. He smiled up at her, "I like to take my time." He laid his cheek against her pussy as he kissed her thigh, keeping himself just out of range of her grinding. As she thrust her hips at him, the man behind her holding her arms behind her, whispering in her ear, "Helena will adore you instinct to resist – I suspect you'll be in a collar and leash before the months is out."
The teasing continued for what seemed like an eternity before he finally came all over his hand. He stood too, and the pair of them wiped their hands on her body, rearranged their clothes, and kissed her cheek. She leaned against the wall, sweating and flushed, her pussy swollen, her lips cherry red, her asshole stretched just enough to make her hunger for more. She was amazed they had pulled back, amazed that she wasn't now plunging her hands into her slit, and getting herself off in front of them. But she didn't. The force of Jonas' will was too strong to disobey.
The man who had been behind her stepped in close and put her soaked panties back in place, circling her asshole, tender and aching with whisker burn, with a finger. Smoothing down her skirt: Your lover is a lucky man. I think you will be … generous to him tonight."
Across town, Jonas sighed through the interminable meeting, and hoped she would be hungry and ready when he saw her next.

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