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This may be getting a bit boring for some of you. It does kind of get a bit repetitive after a while, but I have three other stories that are significantly different that I am simultaneously working on. Every so often, I just need a break and put together something that is fun and lazy to write. There are three chapters to this story. Unlike all my other multi part stories, I held off on submitting any of them until all three were complete. As I said, I currently have three other stories in the works, as well as an idea about a fourth.
Standard crap: I self-edit, so don't bother commenting about using an editor. This is fiction, so don't bother commenting about it being unrealistic and would never happen. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but there is 'incest' in this story. That is probably why I submitted it into the Incest category. Yes, I have had comments because a few people were offended about a story containing incest WHEN IT WAS PUBLISHED IN THE INCEST CATEGORY! I swear, the quantity of stupidity in the universe is rising. All characters are over the age of 18.
There is also a very small part that discusses rape in the first chapter, and it is mentioned a bit throughout the entire story. I rewrote the intro do this three times based on how the story went. This was supposed to be a simple single part story that was open to additional episodes. Instead, I plowed through a second part and rewrote the into to include that. Then, Chapter three took off. I thought that I could finish with that and included that in the intro. Chapter three is done, and I started Chapter four. I really have no fucking idea where this is now going. Buckle up, this going to be a wild ride.
Incest, Group Sex, Non-graphic discussion of rape, 6+M/F, 10+F/F, BDSM, Pierced nipples, Pierced Clit, Mental Illness, Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), Reluctance?, Mature, Mother/son, Mother/daughter, Aunt/Niece….Fuck it — There's pretty much everything in here except explicit interracial, Gay Male and Transgender, although who know at this point.
FYI, the mental illness and Multiple Personalities don't start until the third part.
PT 1 — 6+M/F, Mom/Son
Pt 2 — Lesbian F+/F, M/D, BDSM
Pt 3 — Mental Illness, MPD
Pt 4 — I have no fucking idea what is going to happen here. I guess we will all be surprised.
Stripper Retires:
"Hey, Candi. Looks like you did pretty well with that lesbian bachelorette party tonight."
"Yeah, Angel. It was a real hoot, and they had a LOT of money to spend."
"Well, it looked like you were really getting into it with them. Not sure I could have been so enthusiastic though. I'm strictly a cock girl."
"Well, their money is the same as guy's money. Besides, it's not like I haven't experimented a bit while in college."
"I know, Candi. Each to their own. Anyway, I'll miss working with you. I still can't believe that tonight was your last night any you're retiring."
"I will miss you too, Angel. You know that I was only doing this to get through my undergrad degree. My last finals are next week, and I start Law School in the fall. I have enough saved up for that, and I will need all my time for studying. When I leave her tonight, I will never look back. Besides, I figure that by the time I pass the bar, no one will ever remember me stripping. Having to interview with someone that watched me at the club the night before would be a hinderance to the beginning of my career."
"I understand. Just make sure that those piercings in your nipples and clit are well covered up."
With that, I finished packing up and left the strip club for the last time. I should mention that my name really isn't Candi. That was my stage name — Candi Sweet. My friend's name really wasn't Angel either. My real name is Amy Adams. I had one week of finales before getting my bachelor's degree, then it was off to Law School. I had been working as a stripper, both at the club and doing private parties, to help pay my way through college. Not only was the money good, but I really enjoyed it. I don't let anyone know this, but I am a bit of an exhibitionist, and I also get off on that whole thing of being the only naked on in a room full of people who are fully clothed. Look up CMNF or CFNF sometime and you will see what I mean. I was pretty successful, and I managed to scrimp and save enough to pay my way until I passed the bar exam. I was also counting on some internship to help with that.
Since you are probably interested in what I look like, I will describe myself. I'm 5'10" tall. Yeah, I'm tall, but a lot of that is my long legs. I work out like a demon to keep them and my ass toned and lust worthy. I also do yoga to add flexibility. When I show that off on the stage, the tips literally fly out of the pockets. I also have a trim and flat stomach that I maintain through my cardio and core workouts. My copper-red hair is thick and long, ending at the top of my ass. I have high cheekbones, slit nose, green eyes, and full, kissable lips. All in all, my face is a very attractive package. OK, so all of that really brings the tips, but let's be honest here; Plain and simple, it's my tits. 40-E! Yeah, they're huge. While I would surely have done well otherwise, I probably couldn't have made nearly as much as I do with smaller tits. Are they real? Look at pictures of my mom and aunt. That was before boob jobs were even available.
Anyway, I had given my notice and worked the last two weeks. I was done with my shift and walked out the door. It was about 2:30 in the morning. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. A girl alone walking out of a strip club at that time was not exactly the safest thing to do. Actually, we were in a decent area, had a boatload of lights outside, and security cameras all around the building. No one had ever been hassled at this club before. I only heard a faint scuff of a shoe on the pavement before my head exploded in pain and stars. Then everything went black.
I heard a beeping noise as consciousness slowly came to me. Cracking my eyes open, I found that I was in a strange bed in a white room with a lot of strange electronic equipment. I tried to talk, but there seemed to be something in my throat. I must have moaned or made some kind of noise, because my vision was suddenly filled with the crying face of my mom.
"Oh, thank God! She's awake!" It sounded like my dad's voice.
"Shhh. Don't try to talk or move, sweetheart. Just lay still until the doctor gets here." Mom whispered.
Doctor? What doctor? And why were my parents here? They lived 8-hours away. What the hell was going on? The beeping got faster.
"It's OK now. You're safe. Please calm down." Mom whispered.
Calm down, MY ASS! What the fuck was going on? The last thing I remember I was leaving work……OH SHIT! My parents had no clue that I was a stripper. Fuck! Whatever happened, I hope it wasn't something that spilled the beans.
Mom must have seen it on my face, and the fact that the beeping was going into overdrive. It didn't take a rocket scientist to determine now that the beeping was from a heart rate monitor attached to me.
"What's done is done, Dear. They told us that you had already quit, so we don't need to discuss that any further. Please calm down. The doctor will be here in a moment. He's already been paged."
After checking my vitals, the doctor told me that I had been hit on the back of my head, and my skull had been cracked. I was been out for five days. I had also been raped after he knocked me out. The detectives that came in after the doctor had left filled in a few more blanks. Apparently, the scumbag had hidden behind another car, sneaked up behind me, and cracked me on the back of the head with a club. He then drug me over behind a dumpster and raped me. He was just pulling his pants back up when two of the bouncers came out the door. Seeing them, he panicked and began to run. One of the bouncers chased and caught him while the other went to investigate what he was doing behind the dumpster. Seeing me, he yelled to one of the other dancers that was just coming out the door to call an ambulance and the police.
So, I got out of the hospital about a week later. My parents were very disappointed that I had been working as a stripper, but they were happy that I hadn't been killed or permanently injured from the attack. Unfortunately, I found out about 6-weeks later that I was pregnant. No, I had not been on the pill. I have a bad reaction to it. Any time that I do have sex with guys, I insist on condoms. There was no doubt who the sperm donor was. Keep in mind that this was before the 'morning after' pill was invented. Abortion was not an option for me. It wasn't the baby's fault, after all. So, I contacted the law school that I had enrolled in and explained the situation. I took a year off to completely recover and have the baby. They had allowed me to postpone my start for a year.
I had a beautiful baby boy. I named him Keith after my maternal grandfather. Mom and dad were great. The law school that I was going to was pretty close to the town that they lived in. They redid a couple of bedrooms so I could live with them while going to school. Mom would babysit while I was in class or working at an internship and helped out when I needed to study. I managed to graduate in the top 5% of my class. I passed the bar on my first try.
Stripper Mom Un-retires:
20-years later:
"A party? What kind of a party, Keith?" I asked my 20-year old son.
"Well…" He hesitated. I'm pretty sure that he was hoping that I would just agree to him having a party without having to go into any specifics. Of course, that just got my 'Mom Intuition' on high alert. "You see, Todd's divorce is going to be final on Saturday, and a few of us guys thought that a Freedom party would cheer him up."
"I told you guys that Jolene was a cheating slut. If he would have listened to me, he wouldn't be in this situation to begin with." Piped in my 21-year old 'daughter' Elizabeth. "But noooooo. He just had to marry that skank as soon as they graduated high school."
"That's enough, Liz." I chided.
Perhaps a bit of an explanation here about Elizabeth. My parents died by this time. Dad had a heart attack about five years after I graduated, and mom just sort of withered away without him about two years later. Don't ever try and tell me that you won't die from a broken heart. You can. So, all that was left was me, my aunt, and my cousin. My cousin had a daughter, Elizabeth. Her husband was in the military and died over in Iraq. My aunt, cousin and Elizabeth were on their way home from shopping one evening when a drunk driver crashed into them. My aunt and cousin were both killed, but Elizabeth survived. After weeks in the hospital, and physical therapy, I took Elizabeth in since I was the closest remaining relative. I raised her as my daughter ever since she was released from the hospital. I should mention that she and Keith had a very close relationship as well. Not THAT close. It was truly a brother/sister relationship.
As for myself, I am still single. I had a few relationships over the years, but the hours I put into my career and raising first one, now two kids took more time than I was willing to give up in order to foster anything serious. Besides, I was kind of put off of men for a while after my attack. I did eventually get past it, but I had begun my career by that point and didn't really put much time into a social life. Sure, I dated occasionally, and I had sex enough to keep my hormones at bay. Unfortunately, it had been about two years since I had gotten properly laid. I also acquired a pretty substantial collection of toys over the years. While not completely satisfied, I was content at the time. Maybe what happened would have been at least partially avoided if I had gotten laid withing the last two years.
"So," I continued. "You want to have several of your guy friends over. I am assuming that there will be alcohol to drown the sorrows as well. You are probably also wanting your sister and I to make ourselves scarce too. Am I missing anything?"
"Nope. That covers the major parts of it." He replied with a smile. Unfortunately for him, I recognized that smile. There was a little, minor part that he was not mentioning. The type of part that he REALLY hoped I would not know about, and never discover.
"Uh huh." The tone of my voice and look on my face made his smile falter a bit. "Well, I'm sure that Liz will have no trouble finding somewhere else to be. And I'm also sure that the last place she would want to be is here while this party is going on, that is not the case with me. Yes, I will stay in another part of the house, or in the back yard, but I have no intention of not being here. If this party takes place on my property, It is essential that I be here to monitor it so it doesn't get out of hand and to make sure that no one tries to drive home drunk. I will not disrupt or interfere as long as things don't get out of hand, but I will be here, and I will be monitoring the party. After all, I am responsible for what happens at my house. Besides, you will probably need someone to make wings, nachos, and other snacks for the party. Now, just to be clear, is there anything else about this party that I should probably know about?"
I saw his expression fall, and he turned beat red as his eyes began to examine the floor. "Uuuuhhhmmm, well, there might be someone else besides just the guys coming."
"Mmm hmmm. And who exactly might that be?"
"Well, you see, Todd is pretty depressed about Jolene cheating on him, and he doesn't really have a lot of self-esteem right now."
"OK. So?"
"Well, a couple of the guys kind of thought that………"
"That?" I prompted.
"They want to have a stripper come to cheer him up." Keith finished quickly.
"Eeeeeeyyywwww! You want to have some skanky whore here? Remind me to hose my room down with bleach afterwards." Liz exclaimed.
"A stripper? You want to bring a stripper into my house?" I asked.
No. Neither of my kids knew that I had been a stripper as I worked my way through college. The only ones in the family that knew were me and my parents. We had all decided to never mention that little bit of information to anyone. All we told my aunt was that I was raped, and that Keith was conceived from that. We did tell Keith the truth when we believed that he was old enough to understand. We just left out the part where it occurred as I was leaving my job at the strip club. All they knew was that I was attacked in a random parking lot and drug behind a dumpster.
"Come on, mom. It really isn't that big of a deal. All that is going to happen is that she will show up, dance a few songs as she takes her clothes off, and give Todd a nice show. There won't even be any touching. We even checked her out, and she is very professional. It's not like we are hiring a prostitute. Despite what you may think, not all strippers are whores."
I sure wasn't. All I ever did was dance. But, again, he didn't know anything about that. Regardless, I had seen what this was doing to Todd, so I wasn't really set against it. Knowing what some of those girls were like, though, I wanted to do some checking on my own.
"First off, I want all the info on this girl. I need her name, contact info, and if she works for an agency or regular club. If she checks out, then I will allow it. Also, exactly how many guys are we talking about here?"
"Probably five or six guys. You know all of them."
Being one of the most vicious sharks in the city does come with some benefits. I had lots of contact with the DA and other less than reputable people that I could use to check someone out.
"I'll be staying with one of my friends until Sunday night. That way, you can have the house fumigated and disinfected before I come home." Elizabeth snarked.
Saturday evening came, and the party was in full swing. Alcohol was flowing, and the TV was broadcasting some college football game. True to my word, I had prepared enough party snacks to feed an army, but I stayed away from the party. I was hanging out on the back porch while going inside to peek through the door to make sure everything was going OK. I had taken everyone's keys by this point. Nobody was in any shape to be driving tonight. I had prepared for this and set up a couple of rooms so everyone could just crash her for the night. I had just poured myself a third glass of wine when Keith came out the door with his phone to his ear.
"OK. I can hear you now that I'm away from the music. What was that you said?" He asked.
"Seriously? Oh shit. Is she going to be OK?"
"Alright. That's good at least. So, is there anyone else that you can send out?"
"Shit. No, no. I understand. I don't want to ask this, but as you can imagine, I'm in kind of a bind. I don't suppose that you happen to know of a freelancer or another agency that can help this late?"
"OK. That's alright. Please tell Natasha not to worry about it. Just let her know that we all wish her a speedy recovery."
"OK, and thanks for calling and letting me know. Hope the evening gets better for you."
With that, he hung up the phone with a dejected look.
"What's wrong, sweetie?" I asked.
"Oh. Sorry, mom. I didn't see you there. That was the agency for the stripper that was supposed to come out. It seems that she and her boyfriend got into a fight as she was getting ready tonight. He's been after her to quit stripping and seeing her getting ready for tonight pushed him over the edge. Apparently, he got pissed off and ended up beating the shit out of her. She's going to be OK, but she's in the hospital right now."
"Oh dear. That's horrible." I said astonished. That's why I purposely never had a serious relationship while I was dancing. That last bit of information I kept to myself.
"Yeah, Unfortunately, there isn't a replacement available. I mean, that's kind of minor compared to her getting beaten up by her boyfriend, but that leaves us out of luck."
"I'm sure that everyone will survive the night without watching some girls shake her naked tits in their faces." I consoled.
[Heavy sigh] "Yeah, I know. It's just that Todd has been so depressed, and he was so looking forward to this. This is just going to throw him deeper into his depression."
OK, time to check the score here.

  1. I halfway through my third glass of wine by this point.
  2. I hadn't had actual sex in about two years.
  3. Todd is a really nice guy, and I did want him to be happy.
  4. It's not like I hadn't taken off my clothes for a room full of guys before.
  5. We lived in a rather remote area where there was at least a mile between houses.
  6. Fuck it. I was bored.

"Keith. I need your word that tonight never happened."
"I need you to promise me that whatever happens tonight will NEVER EVER be mentioned again."
"Uuuhh, mom? What are you talking about?"
"Just promise me. Promise that when this night is over, you will never talk about it, bring it up, or even think about it again."
"OK mom. I promise. Now, what are you talking about?"
[Heavy sigh] "OK. I will explain everything tomorrow. What you need to do is to go in and collect everyone's phones. If they happen to have a camera or any other recording device, collect those as well. Furthermore, get them to swear the same thing that I just had you swear to. Make sure that they understand that not a single word of this party is ever spoken again. After tonight, this party will be as if it never happened. Got it?"
"Uuuhhh, sure mom. But what do I tell them about the stripper, and what do I do with their phones?"

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