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It was a Sunday and all our family members were relaxed. Me and Urvashi were watching TV, mom was engaged in kitchen and dad was reading newspaper, sitting in balcony. Like this our morning came to afternoon. We had lunch and then mom and dad got ready as they have to go in some of their friend’s function. Me and urvi left alone in the home and were getting bored. So thought to call up some of our friends and have some fun like playing games, singing songs and lots of eating and drinking. It was an innocent thought and no naughty things were in our mind. So, we called up my two friends and urvi’s two friends. I had called one boy-Ashish and one girl-Shreya and Urvi’s both friends were Anjali and Rajeev. They all turned up and we first gathered all eating’s, drinks in our room. All windows and doors were closed and started some soft music to start with.

We first started playing Dumb-Saraaz. We had two teams – one of mine and other of urvi. In that, Rajeev often was giving our team some naughty film names like Hawas, Kamasutra and he seemed to doing very touching to urvi. I had wore knee-length skirt and half sleeved shirt. Urvi had wore jeans and t-shirt. Anajali and Shreya had same clothes as urvi. But it was fun and we all were enjoying. After some time we played cards and but got bored very soon so stopped it and then had a break. We ate and drink too much, talking too much, having jokes. Then that also bored so started singing songs and while singing we got up and dance with each other. Boys also got up and dance with us. Then boys and our two friends sat and me and urvi were dancing and they were singing an item song and then Anjali also joined us. We three girls were dancing on the song “Aila re ladki mast mast tu…” Then we thought to start music system and all have party. We started the music system and had some dj music put on. We all were dancing madly and then after dancing for some time all sat except me and Anjali. An instrumental music was going on and we two were dancing. While dancing, Anjali came to me and said something in my ear, “Let’s do striptease.” I looked at her with wide eyes, with surprise, she said, “Come one, its just a dance and people will enjoy here.” I said, “no, it will look cheap and also make me feel embarrass.” She again comes and tells me in ear, “See, We all had fucked up several times these boys. So, let’s tease them. We won’t allow other two girls to join the party. Just you and me.” I looked at her for a moment, “Are you sure?” She gave me naughty smile.

I stopped the music. She came forward, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we two are going to show a great show now. Hold your heart and sit backwards. But rule of this show is, you cannot join us, if you joined us, we will stop it.” Me and Anjali decided to not to indulge in sex as of now as its striptease its going to encourage boys to come up and fuck us as we were going to be really naughty. She came and said me, “I need to change this jeans, get me some skirt.” We went to my room and gave her a short black skirt and black shirt of urvi. Me too changed to short black skirt and black shirt. And returned back to the room. They were glad and looking at us with surprise what we were going to show.

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We put the two chairs at some distance and started with slow dance. Moving our hands from hair to thighs. Moving our waist slowly, bending in front and back. The audience was enjoying the dance. We throw our hairs back and forth, moving our hands to and fro, lifting our skirt slightly to tease the audience. They were laughing, giggling and clapping at our moves. The real thing was going to start now. We had also changed our undies to black, both bra and panty was black, covering our breasts in full. We slowly started playing with chair, moving around chair, putting leg on chair and dancing it around. Anjali was so flexible, she can even touch her feet to head and while raised her feet, her panty was exposed and both girls and boys were enjoying the scene. Then, slowly we unbutton our shirt, one by one and we hear whistle from boys. And, were in bra and skirt.

We started moving our body more sensually. Moving our hands from neck, to breasts, to rolling our fingers on navel, sucking our fingers, and moving hands in between two legs. We were moving around chairs, pressing our boobs, squeezing it over the bra. The audience were launching and whistling. We two were also smiling and talked with eyes to make our dance more erotic. We removed our skirt and now we were just in undies. We were rubbing our hand over the pussy over the panty, then put the hands inside the panty and took it out from down. Jumping and then turned around, moving our ass, waist in full motion. The audience was encouraging us, “come on babies, yes, you are fantastic.” We two got more excited and removed our bra and throw at the audience. Our boobs were standing straight and our pink nipples stood erotically. We were pinching our nipples, biting our lips and giving them a very naughty and erotic smile. Pressing our boobs, caressing our hair, moving around chairs, bending, while bending our boobs looked like fruits on plants.

After some time, we removed our panty too and stood nude in front to two girls and two boys. They whistled more loudly and we gave them a naughty smile. We both dancers never touched each other and just caress and touched our body. We both had shaved pussy just like babies, no hairs at all and smooth and looked soft and smooth. We sat on floor and spread our legs and exposing our pussy, then while dancing slowly opened up our pussy, spread the pussy lips and then rolling our fingers around it. We stood again and started dancing around chair, Anjali again raised her feet and touched her forehead and while doing this her pussy lips opened up itself. We turned around and bend and showed up our ass, spread our legs, opening our ass, rolling our fingers around it, then again put our legs back, sat on chair, crossed our legs and were pinching our nipples, pressing and squeezing our boobs. After dancing for half an hour, we exhausted, me and anjali went to our room to get fresh and change our clothes.

Here, in the game room, Ashish and Shreya were kissing and seeing it Rajeev and Urvi they also started kissing. Ashish removed shreya’s top and jeans and then undies, here Rajeev too made urvi nude. Both the girls got nude and boys also got nude. They had become so horny, that when they undid their clothes their cocks were already hard and the girl’s nipples were also hard. Boys put themselves on girls, sucking their nipples, squeezing their boobs and due to our erotic dancing, they can’t resist more. Girls ordered, “fuck us.” Boys positioned them on their holes and started ramming their cocks in their pussy and soon all four got climaxed. When we came back after freshening ourselves, we saw all four laying nude on bed and wrap around each other’s partners body and softly caressing their hair and body and were having talks. We opened the door, “Guy and gals, if you had finished up, can you please wear your clothes, the party are over.”

They all got in clothes and our friends returned home. Me and urvi cleaned our room and started TV and while watching TV we got asleep.