Submissive Mother and preteen Daughter Part 1

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By Max Moving in with an Asian women and her Daughter, eventually making them both my fuck toys.

I had just returned from overseas and was looking for a rental while I shopped around for a property to purchase, I was in my hotel room browsing the rentals in the local paper and noticed a big room with a veranda for rent, I rang the number which was answered by an Asian women, I said I was interested in the room, she said she had to pick her Daughter up from school at so come at 4.30pm when I arrived she invited me into the living room, where her Daughter who looked around 8 but later learned she was 10, was sitting cross legged on the sofa watching TV she was wearing a very tight looking shorts, and you could clearly see her cunt lips, as I said hello and shook her hand I looked straight at her crotch, she noticed and shyly straightened her legs, was she blushing? her Mother went to the kitchen to make coffee, I sat next to the girl and asked her name, Fen she said but pronounced as Fun, which I later found out means scent, aroma or perfume in Chinese, I was thinking well I’d like to have fun with her cute body, and smell the aroma of her hairless tush, I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful slim honey coloured legs, the spell was broken when her Mother returned with the coffee, she told Fun to go and wash up for dinner as she walked to her room I saw her cute tiny bottom and could clearly see she had no panties on under her shorts, I thought will I ever get the opportunity to snake my tongue deep inside the child’s anus, The Mother wasn’t to bad either, not good or bad looking but a nice slim body and judging by the flimsy top she was wearing she hardly any tits, which suited me, I love women with tiny tits, the sort you can suck the whole thing in your mouth while plunging 3 fingers up her cunt, I could tell straight away that she was a bit meek and submissive, my type exactly, and she seemed to hang on my every word, she showed me the room which indeed was big and airy, with a view from the veranda of a nice garden with a swing for the kid, I put my bags in and went out for the evening, I went down for breakfast the next day, which was included in the rent, the Mother was in the shower and Fun was sitting at the table eating cereal, she was in her school uniform, little green pleated skirt, white shirt with a little girls tie, she had her hair in pigtails with sky blue ribbons, I had an image of her on her knees sucking my cock and using her pigtails to ram my cock down her throat, till she chokes, splutters, and dribbles, and the piece resistance was her cute frilly white ankle socks encased in black patent leather shoes, God I love fucking little girls wearing just her little socks, she didn’t seem so shy today as she was talking to me about some inane subject she was still eating her cereal she would momentarily pause with the spoon in her mouth I got a glimpse of her tongue licking the spoon, her tongue looked huge, I was wearing a silk dressing gown I bought in China, I was naked underneath, I was getting hard just looking at her pixie face I reached under the table and stroked my now rock hard cock making minimal movements so she couldn’t see what I was doing, what I really wanted to do was get up and ejaculate into her cereal and spoon feed it to her, but if things worked out that little caper was further down the road, I cracked a few jokes and she laughed Oh such a tiny mouth with nice cock sucking lips, get them to laugh and your half way into their panties, she got up to put her cereal bowl in the sink giving me a nice view of her butt, I thought one of my hands would cover it, I must have been bold because I told her she had a cute butt, she turned around and gave me a non readable look, but did I notice a little smirk, I wanted her to know I was sexually interested in her from day 1 at this point her Mother came out to take her to school, I still had my hand on my cock but the table cloth would have hid it from view, they both said good bye, and headed for the door, I was so turned on I was ejaculating onto the Linoleum floor before the front door had closed, I went straight to the kids room found some clean panties in the drawer and wiped my cum off the floor, folded them neatly and placed them on the bottom of the pile so my cum would be dried out, the thought of the hot little cunt wearing cum stained panties was giving me another boner, would she tell her Mom about my remark about her Daughters butt, I didn’t think so, as she didn’t seem too put out by it, I would have to get into the Mothers pants first to get to the Daughter, I once paid a Mother in Thailand to fuck her child while she watched, that was real turn on, even better a Mother who willingly participates in the molestation of their kids, I worked from home so there would be plenty of time to groom the child, the Mother told me she works nights cleaning office buildings, and her niece who lives 2 doors down babysits until the Mother gets home at the Mother returned from dropping the kid off to school, she gave a cheery smile so I knew Fun had not said anything about my butt remark, she did some cleaning before heading for the shower, she came back in the kitchen wearing a dressing gown clearly she was naked underneath, the top was open showing a lot of skin, she made a coffee and sat down at the table while I was working on my computer, I was telling her about my work designing bridges, she moved closer so she could see the screen, her dressing gown opened more and I could see her nipple, was she coming onto me already, she looked at me that way, the submissive Asian way, I reached into hew gown and played with her nipple, she closed her eyes then took my hand out saying she was embarrassed about her lack of breasts, don’t worry I love women with flat chests, which seemed to please her, I pulled her head towards me and kissed her putting my tongue in her mouth which made her giggle like a little girl, no man has ever done that, God she was so naive, I love innocent women that you can train to become debauched sluts, I led her into my room, took off he gown and run my hands all over her skinny body, when’s the last time you fucked? 6 months ago when her husband left her to return to China, she seem shocked by my question, I didn’t care I wanted her to know straight off the bat that I was going to treat her like a slut, I suppose If you haven’t tongued before you have neve sucked a cock, she nodded submissively in the affirmative, I took my shorts off and let my 8 inches swing in the breeze, her eyes widened at the sight of my little monster as I like to refer to it, I took her hand and told her to jack me off, she needed work in that department, while I twisted one of her nipples, on your knees, she complied without hesitation, I wiped my precum all over her face, her eyes and lips closed, I wiped my head over lips, open your mouth, stick your tongue out, which was long like her kids, I bounced my head on her tongue a couple of times, then grabbed her child like head and rammed my cock to the back of her throat, I face fucked till her eyes were getting watery, I roughly pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs, I ordered her to masturbate, while I obscenely stood there stroking my cock, finger yourself I want it squelching before I fuck you, she fucked herself with two fingers, it didn’t take long she was certainly wet, do you like me treating you like a whore, she nodded with closed eyes, I got between her legs told her to lick her cunt juice off her fingers, rubbed some precum on her hairless lips, she had a cute little heart shaped pierce of pubic hair, on her pudenda, that’s nice I like my women’s cunts to be bare like a little girls, as I was slowly sliding my whole cock inside her, I then started to piston her biting her nipples and neck I grabbed her tiny arse for purchase, I nibbled her lobe and told her she had the arse of a 10 year old girl, her eyes widened as I pumped her full of cum, she came with my now wilting cock still inside of her, she asked me to leave as she had to get some sleep before work, before I left I asked her if she liked me treating her like a harlot, she said it frightened her a bit, but was also exciting as no man had ever treated her like that, I assured her that outside the bedroom in front of her Daughter I would treat her with respect and dignity, maybe even buy her and her kid anything they want, but in here you will be my play toy, I went back to my work, thinking about the fun I was going to have with both of them.

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