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Hi. My name is Anish and I hail from central Kerala. I like and it’s vast collection of sex stories involving sex with girlfriend, indian wife, aunties and maid servants. I would like to share my own personal sexual experience with everyone on this sex stories website.

This is an incident which happened few days back with my old girlfriend. The story goes back to 15 years when we both were studying the same college. We were in love for 3 years but dint get married and had to split due to pressure from family. I got married and so did she get married couple of years back. We met again after 11 years back in our home town.

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At first we used to chat online and then started calling up. In a years time we back close again like before. We did get opportunities to be together where we used to hug and kiss and feel each other. To be frank that old love was still there in our hearts after so many years. At the time when we met she already had a child which was younger to mine. Few months back she got pregnant( not mine) and informed me of the same.

Months went by with less talking between us and she delivered 2 months back. She called up and told me that she has delivered with another child. Again she was back in line with me with calling and talking to me often. As days went by she asked me whether I am not coming to see her new born baby. I said if she was alone then I will come. Down the lane few days back she called and told me that she was alone tomorrow and asked me to come.
I did plan things up and went to her house as I had been there before when I was in college.

Now we dint plan anything as it was supposed to be a casual visit. I reached her place and rang the bell. So opened the door and welcomed me in. I sat in the hall and we had a quick chat for 2 minutes and she went to the kitchen to get a glass of juice and was back with it. While I drank the juice she went into the bedroom and brought her baby to show me.

I took the baby and kissed it on the forehead as the baby was sleeping. I gave it back to her and she went in back to the room the lie down the baby on the bed. I also followed her into the room. I was standing close to her looking at the baby. I looked into her eyes and passed a comment that the baby is same like her and let not the baby get the same behavior as her. For which she gave me a naughty smile and pinched my stomach.

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I caught her hand and dragged her close to me. As she came near me to could smell the sweet smell of her hair dragging and driving me crazy. I looked into her eyes and kissed her lips. As I kissed her lips she opened her mouth and smooch me hard. My tongue was exploring her mouth. Our kiss was getting hot and was getting a hard on. With one hand I squeezed her soft butt. My other hand was squeezing her boobs. As I squeezed her boobs she resisted me.

I was taken aback as to why she did so. She told me that I was wetting her bra when squeezing as her breast milk was flowing.Hearing this I went wild and sucked her lips. In the mean time I unhooked her bra straps and the front of her nightie. I sat on the bed, she took out one of her boobs and gave it to me to suck it. I was going mad and wordless I slowly kissed her tits and drove my tongue over her nipples..

And took the whole of the nipple into my mouth and started to suck it. Milk started flowing in to my mouth. Ohhhh it was suck a great feeling. I fact I sucked her tits and licked the tits in circle which gave her more pleasure. She gave me both the boobs to suck. In the mean time I was undressed and so was she. We moved to another double coat and lied down. Now I was just mad in love with her in this situation..

Because this was a female who was once my everything but had to leave her at some stage of life and now here is she in front of me offering her to me? For a moment I was thinking how fate takes changes in life. We both lied naked on the bed in each others arms kissing and hugging each other. Now she did mention to me once during our conversation that she was not so happy with her and they just have sex once in a month.

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This was in my mind while with her on bed. I ran my hand all over her body and slowly on to her pussy walls and I rubbed her deep. She hugged my tight and smooched me. I was rubbing my cock on her body. Our foreplay went on for few minutes. Now I wished to go for oral but I knew if I did tel her then she would never allow for it. I slowly kissed her boobs and then her stomach and then slowly her legs.

She was getting hot in my hands. I slowly parted her legs and kissed her thighs. I slowly started to finger her pussy walls and then I moved close to her and kissed her pussy walls. I was clean shaved. I drove my tongue over her pussy walls. As she was in pleasure she ignored was I was doing and pressed my head on to her pussy. I drove my tongue all over her pussy and inserted into her pussy. She caught my hair hard and said ohhhhhh no don’t…

As hearing this I licked her pussy and inserted my finger into her pussy. She was on the heights of orgasm. I knew that and I changed the position and asked her to come on top of me to suck her. As I was sucking her pussy hard without me even telling her she came in for a 69. She took my cock and kissed the tip of the cock and slowly licked the tip and opened her mouth and sucked it slowly.

I was in heavens with her suck on my cock. We sucked each other for about 5 min and the. I asked her to come on top of me position. She obeyed and climbed on top and sat on my cock. As my cock entered her pussy I was over excited and joyed. This was because all this which was happening was once my dream years back which I always wished to happen and use to masturbate often thinking of all these. Now as she moved on top of my cock she was enjoying it and I was sucking her boobs.

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I was totally mad in pleasure of fucking this female. A few minutes of making her drive my cock we changed position to doggy style. I made her kneel down on the bed and entered her pussy from behind. I moved at first slowly as I was lovely watching my cock popping in and out of her clean shaven pussy and the tick tick sound from her pussy walls and I stroked hard. As I was fucking her my one hand was squeezing her boobs and with the other hand I held her hair which was open up.

She had very long hair. It was just like a perfect porn movie style, I was tired of trying to control my cum as I dint want to finish it fast. You know, people usually tend to cum fast with over excitement. And so was I in the same situation, I just rubbed and squeezed the under part of my balls so as to control my cum which did work out. Few minutes down, we changed to me on top of her position.

Now we wanted to finish it in a slow and lovely manner. I entered my cock into her pussy and stroked it slowly. We looked into each others eyes. She asked me with passion and love, do u still love me dear. I was taken aback and kissed her lips and said I love you baby with my whole heart and kissed her. We made out for few minutes kissing and sucking each other as we knew we won’t get another chance like this again.

I increased my strokes harder and harder she told me oh baby fast hit me hard deep in, hearing this.
I hit her hard on her pussy walls and I shoot my whole boiling cum deep in to her pussy. She squeezed her legs on me and caught me tight while I shot my cum deep in her pussy, I came with a loud shot and just after that she too with a huge orgasm holding me tight and biting my lips. That was just awesome which I have never experienced before.

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We kissed each other and got up to clean up as it was getting late for me to as it was already 2 hrs now. We both dressed up together and me once again sucking her milk from boobs. She kissed me hard and looked in to my eyes. I could see tears in her eyes and she asked me a question why did’t you marry me da! I was taken aback speechless. I couldn’t answer her, I just looked into her eyes and kissed on her cheeks and hugged her.

I whispered into her ears saying even though I dint marry you, I still love you baby, She looked at me with a sweet smile and hugged me. We departed satisfied with a whole heart as if a burden was lent down after so many years. We still are in love after years.

Love if blind and never dies if its true love no matter how many years it is.