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tagIncest/TabooSue and Tom Ch. 03

AI: Artificial Intelligence
VR: Virtual Reality
There he was! Mom asked me to pick dad up at the airport, and he'd just exited the arrival gate. I waved to him, and he saw me and smiled. Five minutes later, we were driving home.
"To what do I owe the honor of getting picked up by my daughter?"
"Mom wanted to make you a fancy meal to welcome you home, so she asked me to pick you up."
Dad smirked. "Your mom is making supper?"
I smirked back. "Ya. It should be interesting! But whatever you do, tell her it's great because she has been slaving away for hours!"
He smiled. "I will! We don't want to discourage your mother's occasional cooking attempts!"
I quickly asked dad about his week to head him off from asking about the week mom, and I had. I didn't know how much dad knew about what went on while he was away. He had encouraged Benny to be with mom and me that night but did he know about the rest of the week?
After Benny carried mom and me into the bedroom, he dicked us good! He said he'd be able to last for two hours because he'd already come twice, and he did.
I lied on my back with my legs wrapped around his back and my arms around his neck, and then Benny fucked me with long deep strokes until I came. Then mom lowered herself on Benny's beautiful dark chocolate dick until the whole thing disappeared inside her. It was amazing to see it disappear! I guess I know where I got my size-queen pussy from! Then mom rode him until she came. We kept alternating until mom, and I didn't have a drop of sexual energy left, and collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed and drifted off into a blissful sleep.
It was fantastic! I had so much sexual energy built up from being cut off from Cole's cock that I just kept rubbing out one orgasm after another. There's nothing nicer than having a big fat cock stretch your pussy wide and fill it deep!
The only thing I couldn't do was kiss Benny. I just couldn't do it! I could suck and lick his cock with relish! It was a beautiful sight, thick and long and dark chocolate brown! And I loved having it inside me. But it was like there was a repulsive magnetic force between our lips. The closer our faces got to each other, the more I felt the urge to turn away. I think Benny felt the same way. I think when Benny's face was right in front of me, my mind knew it was my uncle Benny, and it wasn't kosher to kiss your uncle! But when my face was between Benny's legs, all I saw was a magnificent cock, and it was definitely okay to lick and suck and be stuffed by a magnificent cock!
Mom, on the other hand, didn't seem to have any problem kissing Benny. You should have seen her! Their mouths were locked together, and their darting pink tongues were a blur. It was hot to watch their tongues flickering together. Mom was on top, leaned over, and french kissing Benny the whole time they were fucking.
I wondered what dad would think. It's one thing to get lustfully carried away with a nice cock in your pussy, but kissing is so much more intimate, at least to me. You can't get any more intimate than having a man's cock in your pussy and his tongue in your mouth. Did dad know mom and Benny were kissing like teenage lovers?
Did dad also know that Benny fucked mom every day he was gone? Yes! That's right! I'd get home, and Benny would already be there, and they were usually in the bedroom. I'd sneak up to the bedroom door and listen as they moaned and groaned, and mom told Benny how good his cock felt, and Benny told mom how good her pussy felt. Sometimes, I'd get aroused and join in!
Sometimes Benny and mom didn't even make it to the bedroom. One night I came home, and there were clothes strewn all over the hallway, and Benny was fucking mom on the couch. Benny was on top and naked except for his socks. Mom was on her back, naked except for nylons and high heels. She had one leg lowered on the floor and one resting on the back of the couch as Benny pounded her pussy. They didn't even hear me approach, and mom didn't bat an eye when she finally noticed me. She just smiled and grunted 'Hi, Honey!' and told me there were leftovers in the fridge. Then they resumed their fucking.
Mom was becoming quite the sex beast, or perhaps she always was, and I didn't know it.
Fortunately, dad was very excited to tell me about his week, and I didn't need to do much talking. His big conversion job went well and was completed on-time. The customer was thrilled and gave him a gift.
"What kind of gift?"
"The company I did the work for is a start-up that produces VR hardware and software. They use artificial intelligence to enhance the product, and it's incredible! They gave me three headsets and some programs to play. I can't wait to show you and your mom!"
He looked at me and grinned. "As long as we survive supper!"
I broke out laughing. Mom truly was a terrible cook!
Even though mom put a lot of effort into supper, I had to wash a lot of it down with wine. Fortunately, the wine mom bought was excellent, and I had a nice buzz by the time supper was done. Dad and I both complimented the chef, and mom looked pleased.
Dad was eager to show us the VR gift his customer gave him, and we went downstairs and cleared a large floor area.
"You guys are going to be blown away when you see this!" Dad enthused.
"Okay! We're going dancing, ladies!" He handed us some VR headsets.
The headsets covered your eyes and ears but were surprisingly lightweight.
"Are you ready?" Dad asked excitedly.
Mom and I both nodded yes and donned the headsets.
All of a sudden, the room disappeared, and we were in an amazingly life-like dance club! I sat there, stunned! I looked around, and people were dancing and milling about. Some were seated at the bar. Holy crap! The people seemed so authentic, and the ambiance was life-like.
Dad turned the game off, and all of a sudden, we were back in the basement.
Dad continued. "That was just a taste! Before we start, we need to customize the game. The first step is to choose a list of songs to dance to."
We created a Spotify playlist with dance songs.
"The next step is to choose your dance partners. The three of us will be dancing together, but each of us can customize our dance partners. For example, Anita can turn me into whoever she wants. When she dances with me, she'll see the person she chose for me. And you can choose what you want the people to wear. So, get your phones out, and send me a few pictures of who you want to dance with and what you want them to wear."
Sue and Anita sent me their images. Sue sent images of me for me, and I used images of her for her. Sue and I both used images of Anita for her. Anita turned me into some black stud, who I didn't recognize, and turned Sue into another male stud. I guess she didn't want to dance with her parents!
I downloaded the images into the game and linked the music playlist, and we were ready to go! The headsets contained sophisticated motion detectors to identify where we were in relation to each other.
I started the game again, and the basement disappeared, and we were back in the dance club!
Holy crap! Mom and dad were gone, and my two favorite studs were standing in front of me. I reached out my hands, and they did the same until we were holding hands, and we walked to the dance floor. I knew it was mom and dad, but my brain told me I was with two hunks. We started to dance.
The people around us seemed amazingly real, but there was nothing there if you bumped into them, which was a bit disorienting! At least I didn't need to say sorry to anyone! Mom and dad were real, though! I felt their body heat and sweat as we began to dance, but when they smiled at me, it was two hunky studs smiling at me! Who-hoo!
There was a bit of cognitive dissonance when I danced slowly with mom, though. My eyes were telling me there was a 'ripped' male chest against me, but my body was sensing a soft pillowy chest. Someone needed to tighten their pecs! I guess I should have made mom a woman!
Dad felt like I expected my partner to feel! His chest was hard, and he was the correct height, and he was a great dancer! I had no idea he was such a good dancer! He was a lot better dancer than Cole was! Take that, shithead cheater!
Dancing slow ones with dad started to get a bit steamy. When he smiled at me with his AR movie star good looks, I just about melted! My hunk felt warm and hard against my body. My hands started to roam down his sweaty back to the curve of his butt. What a nice ass he had! I gave a little squeeze, and then his hands started to roam. Soon they were resting on the upper curve of my butt! I slowly pulled him tighter until our groins touched, and a tingle of lust rippled in my pussy! Whew!
Just then, the other guy, who I'd been ignoring, butt in! WTH! How rude! Then he started dancing with my partner! Two black guys dancing together! What about me?
The interloper gave me a smug smile, having stolen my dance partner. Goof!
Screw them! I was here to dance! I hadn't been dancing in forever, and the music was great because I'd chosen most of the songs. I lost myself in the music and the atmosphere of the crowd. It was wonderful! After a while, my two male dance partners were back and sandwiched me. They were both hot and sweaty! Just the way I liked it! We started shimmying against each other, and the dancing got down and dirty, even with the short guy with flabby pecs! We gyrated with abandon during the fast songs and melded together in steamy grinds during the slow songs. I was in heaven!
Then it ended! What? But the Spotify playlist had finished. Wah!! I was having so much fun!
We took off our headsets and grinned at each other like fools. We were soaked in sweat. What a fantastic experience! I had just been to a high-class dance club for free without leaving the house! And I didn't have to worry about drinking and driving or getting a cab or watching my purse or someone spiking my drink. And both my partners were amazing dancers! I had no idea mom and dad could dance so well!
The company that gave this to dad was going to make a bloody fortune! It was the perfect antidote to being trapped at home by COVID19. I wondered if several people could link up remotely? Then you could dance with your friends no matter where they lived. I wondered if you could change the background settings so that you were in a different dance club each time? Maybe you could be dancing outside on a warm summer night on a Greek island! Could you change the composition of the background dancers? Could I fill the room with hunky studs! The possibilities were endless!
I was eagerly looking forward to dancing again, although I was going to avoid the short guy with the flabby chest!
Sue and I made leisurely love that night. Long slow kisses and gentle caresses with my cock inside her the whole time. It was good to be back, and we fell asleep spooned together.
Sue had received daily doses of Benny's big dick last week, and I wondered how long it would take for her to miss it. I knew she had slept with him every night because we talked each day, and she asked me each time if it was okay to have him over again. And she was very clear about what she had in mind, so there were no misunderstandings! I always said yes because I enjoyed stroking myself raw in the hotel room watching Benny's cock disappear into Sue. Fortunately, I was able to activate the home bedroom cameras remotely from the hotel with my laptop! The joys of modern technology!
I could have strapped on the dildo the next night and reamed Sue good, but I decided to make her initiate things.
The next night Sue was a bit more aggressive in bed. There was tender lovemaking to start, but it ended with Sue riding me pretty hard.
Sue was due for a pussy trim the following night. I hadn't shaved her since I left. I told her to spread her legs on the sofa chair, and I'd be back in a minute. Sue seemed excited. She probably assumed I was strapping on the dildo and putting on my black turtleneck like I usually did.
You should have seen the look on her face when I came back in an old t-shirt with some baggy track pants! Her mouth plummeted in disappointment.
I couldn't resist. "Is something wrong?" I asked innocently.
Sue's mouth was still hanging open, unsure what to say.
"I thought you were going to put on the dildo and your turtleneck like you normally do," she said hesitantly.
"Oh! Sorry! I forgot!" But I made no effort to go back and change.
Sue frowned. Things weren't going the way she expected!
She pursed her lips at first and then tried again with a sweet smile. "Could you put the dildo on and dress up? You look so handsome in your turtleneck!"
I smiled. "Sure! No problem!"
A big grin spread across Sue's face when I came back sporting a big honking ebony dick and a sporty black turtleneck.
Sue's pussy was oozing so bad that I had to stop several times to rinse the razor because her cum was gumming it up. By the time I was done, Sue was squirming like a bitch in heat.
"Stick it in me, baby! I need it bad!"
I teased her and slowly rubbed the dick-head up and down her greasy slit. Eventually, Sue couldn't take it anymore.
"Tom! Stop teasing me and stick it in!"
I knew precisely how Sue wanted to be fucked at this point. She wanted to be fucked hard and fast and deep, but I leisurely inserted the dildo.
"Tom! I'm ready!"
"Oh! Okay. I didn't want to hurt you. The dildo is big!"
"Don't worry. I can take it," she said, exasperated.
I buried the dildo inside Sue in one easy long stroke, and Sue looked like she was going to pass out in pleasure. Her head lolled back with her eyes half-closed, and a look of bliss spread across her face.
Then I stopped and waited.
A few seconds later, Sue's eye's popped open. "What are you doing? Don't stop!"
I grinned and began a steady rhythm of pulling out until only the tip was inside Sue's pussy and then pushing in until the dildo was balls deep. Back and forth, I went again and again in deep, long strokes.
Sue looked like she was in Heaven and pulled me down until our lips locked and her tongue darted into my mouth, the same tongue that had been in Benny's mouth and on Benny's cock all last week. The images of Sue and Benny passionately fucking flooded my brain and turbo-charged my thrusting. Sue squirmed and moaned under me as I penetrated her. She began to rake my back with her nails, and our kissing became frantic and ragged. Sue's legs were in a hammer-lock around my back, and her ass lifted off the sofa every time I thrust into her. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and my back. Our bodies became flushed, and Sue's lust was cresting higher and higher until her body contracted against me as she orgasmed. I kept pumping into her until her pussy became too sensitive, and she pushed me away and leaned back on the chair, eyes closed, breathing deeply. Eventually, her eyes opened, and a large smile formed.
"Whew! I needed that bad! Thanks, honey. Now it's your turn! Take the dildo off, and do me for as long as you want!"
I started slow because I hadn't been inside Sue for a week, and I wanted to savor the sweet embrace of her pussy. Sue smiled up at me as I enjoyed the feeling of her velvety soft vagina. She enjoyed looking at my satisfaction as much as I enjoyed hers!
I gradually started to go faster and harder, and Sue's body began to respond again. Her face flushed and lips pursed in concentration as her legs tightened in a vice around my back. I angled my cock for maximum clit stimulation, and Sue started to moan. I knew exactly how to play her body! We began to kiss so hard my lips almost hurt! I could feel the hot air from her nostrils exhaling on my face as she panted in pleasure. Then her body tensed up as her orgasm erupted, and I blew inside her.
I'd fucked Sue a million times, but it never got old, and she smiled up at me lovingly. Sex with Sue was the gift that kept on giving and giving and giving!
Sue still hadn't mentioned being with Benny again, and I wondered how she'd bring it up. It didn't take long. The next night, we were watching TV together on the couch with her head in my lap, and she looked up at me and smiled seductively.
"So, did you enjoy watching Benny's big dick in your wife?"
I grinned at her. "Did you enjoy having Benny's big dick in you?"
"You know I did!"
"It looked to me like you enjoyed more than just his dick. There was a lot of smooching going on."
I was still smiling, but Sue wasn't sure how to take my comment.
"Does it bother you that I enjoyed kissing Benny? You know I like to kiss."
It didn't bother me. The kissing was hot, but I wanted to see how Sue would react. She hadn't responded defensively, though, which was good. She used the open questioning tone that she used when trying to determine how I felt about something. Good.
Next question. "It looked like Benny was over every night?"
Sue looked a bit concerned. "He was. You know that. I asked you each time if it was okay. Are you upset?"
"No. I just wanted to discuss it, to make sure we were both okay with everything."
Sue looked a bit unsure. Maybe she thought I was upset.
"You know, I would stop in a heartbeat if I thought it was upsetting you," she said with a look of concern.
I smiled. "I'm fine, Sue. I agreed to everything, and it was hot, and I can tell that you enjoyed yourself. Correct me if I'm wrong."
Sue exhaled and relaxed and then smiled.
"You're not wrong. It was wonderful. I didn't think I'd get another chance to sleep with a black guy with a big dick after Anita broke up with Cole. We didn't know any other black guys that we were close enough to be with. Then Benny dropped into our laps. Someone black that we knew and liked for years with a big dick. It was like magic!"
I reached down, popped the button on Sue's jeans, tugged her zipper down, and then slid my fingers into her panties. She smiled at me.
"Would you like to sleep with Benny again?" I asked.
She grinned. "Would you like me to sleep with Benny again?"
"I asked first!"
She grinned even larger. "Yes! I would!"
I pushed my fingers deeper and was rewarded with the warm, slick sensation of female arousal. Sue pushed her jeans down and spread her legs to give me better access. I started to strum my fingers up and down her wet pussy lips and over her clit.
"When would you like to have Benny over?" I smiled.
"Would Saturday be okay?"
"Yes, but we could have Benny over tonight if you want. I've been looking forward to having a ringside seat watching him fuck you."
Sue's eyes widened. "Tonight?" I'd surprised her, and she appeared excited but declined.
"No. That's too soon. I want to plan for it, to think about it, to build up excitement. I want it to be a perfect night for all of us. Saturday would be best. I'll ask Benny if that works for him. Okay?"
"Sounds like a plan to me! I noticed Anita joined several times. Is she going to be joining us?"
Sue laughed. "Oh, ya! Anita enjoyed herself! It had been a while since she slept with Cole. At least you and I have each other. She had a lot of pent-up sexual energy. Plus, Benny does have a nice black cock, which Anita seems to like."
I laughed. "I wonder who she got that from?"
Sue grinned at me with a naughty smile. "Did you enjoy watching Benny fuck your little princess?"
I smiled. "Is this a trick question to entrap me as a pervert?"
"Not at all. It would be hypocritical if I did that."
"How so?"
Sue seemed a bit sheepish. "After you left, I got very horny, and Anita and I were out by the pool, and one thing led to another."

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