Summer Chores: The 4th Visit

tagGroup SexSummer Chores: The 4th Visit

It was a long week but the weekend was finally here. Again, mom had breakfast ready for everyone. As we were all sitting there, I was telling my parents about my plans for the evening. I was going to be with some of my friends for a party later and it was possible it'd be late.
"What time does it all start?" Mom asked.
"Around 8:30 or so tonight. I was going to try to be a bit early to help make sure Ryan was ready for everyone." I replied.
"Oh, that should be fine." Mom said as the phone rang.
Mom got up to answer her cell. Once she got off the phone she came back to the table and asked, "Would you have time after lunch to help Lisa with weeding her garden? It shouldn't take long and you could be back in time to shower and head to your party. I know she's been asking a lot of you lately but she's one of my best friends and it would mean a lot if you did." Mom begged.
"Sure. I can do that." I replied trying to hide my excitement.
"Ok, I'll pack her some leftovers from last night so she doesn't have to make a lunch today. She loves my soups anyway." Mom said as she took off to the kitchen.
About an hour later, mom called me to the kitchen as I was about to head to Lisa's house.
"Here, take her this soup. She's loved this since we were kids. My mom used to make it when we were young. And, she loves these snacks." She said as she threw an oatmeal creampie into the bag. I couldn't help but smile a bit.
"I know you love them too. You have since you were a kid. Maybe she'll share hers with you." Mom said. You could tell she was thinking about previous memories. Good thing she has no idea how I was interpreting this!
I pulled up to Lisa's house and notice she was already busy in the garden pulling weeds. I took her the lunch mom packed and handed it to her. "Here you are mistress. My mom said you'd love this." I added as she opened the lunch.
"Oh yes!! I love this soup! It's my favorite. Oh. And a creampie! I'll have one of those for you later also." She teased as she looked me up and down. I haven't even messed up and called her by name. Yet, I wasn't really worried either. I've grown to enjoy cleaning up my cum from her pussy. In fact, it's started to be something I look forward to.
"Have you eaten?" Mistress asked.
"Yes mistress. I just finished before coming over." I replied.
"Oh well. Start pulling weeds and I'll sit here and eat my lunch while watching you." Lisa said with a smile.
I started to pull the weeds from around her tomato plants and then moved to her peppers. Lisa was watching and enjoying her soup when she initiated an unusual conversation.
"So, do you want to know more about my past as a professional dominatrix or more about how to have great sex using my experience?" She asked bluntly.
"Both. But only what you're willing to share." I answered.
"Let's start with great sex then!" Lisa replied excitedly. "The way I do things is to force the sex to go the way I want it to while still making it extremely pleasurable for my partner. I get off exactly how and when I want to and make it fun for the other person. You get to play out your fantasies. You can also play into what gets your partner going. For instance, I know you get turned on by my armpits." Lisa said as she raised one arm up to flaunt her shaved and sweaty underarm at me. "Once your done, you can come over and lick my salty sweat from my pits."
I was getting pretty turned on and she knew it. I had also been paying close attention to what she was saying as well. "So mistress, not that I mind.. and in fact, it's kind of growing on me, but why do you always have me lick my cum from you? Is that part of your fantasy?" I asked.
"Your picking up quick! I have found that to be the only surefire way to make sure I climax. It pushes me over the edge to watch a man lick up his cum. And now that it's growing on you… as I can see by that bulge in your shorts… I may need to get off here soon." She teased. "So, what is your fantasy that you'd play out if you were in charge?" She asked.
"I haven't thought about it." I lied. Lisa gave me a look and I knew I had better be honest. "I've always dreamed of having a 3 some." I said blushing.
"Oh really?" Mistress asked. "Why? I mean, what would you expect from that kind of fun?"
"I… uh.. I think I'd like to have one girl on my face and another riding me." I said truthfully.
"Well.. if I can make that happen would you consider filling a fantasy of mine?" Mistress inquired.
"Yes! Anything." I blurted too soon.
"Well, I'd like a threesome also.. except with 2 guys. You wouldn't be with him, I just want someone inside of me while another licks me. Would you go for it? If I can make your wish happen?" She asked.
"Uh. Sure. Why not." I said. I think it'd be worth doing so I could have two women at once.
"Oh goodie!" Lisa said she started texting from her smart watch. "Well, maybe we can start sooner than later. You've picked enough weeds, come here and lick the sweat from my neck and my pits!" She demanded.
"Yes mistress." I said as I moved closer to her.
Lisa leaned her head over to her left side, "kiss my neck. Taste the saltiness." I started to gently kiss her neck. Her skin was soft yet slightly slick from the thin film of sweat. She was barely salty, just enough to keep you coming back for more. It wasn't long before she took off her shirt to reveal her damp bra and shiny skin. She raised her right arm and pulled her hair back again. "Now my pit. Kiss it and lick it clean."
I kissed her pit. Her skin was silky smooth and slick from the sweat. I couldn't help but run my tongue up her armpit. She tasted salty.
"Keep going. It's not clean yet." She said as she reached over and started rubbing my cock through my shorts. I was already throbbingly hard. I kept licking her smooth underarm from the inside to the outside and top to bottom.
"Ok, the other one." Mistress said as she raised her other arm. This time, she reached into my shorts and felt how wet I had already made myself. She giggled, "you keep licking my pit, I'm going to taste you." She said as she licked her fingers clean.
"Good enough." Mistress said as she lowered her arm. "Now under each of my breasts. You're not aloud to lick my nipple." She warned.
She was incredibly salty. I was in heaven. Lisa lifted each breast a little so I could lick her clean. I noticed she was rubbing her nipples slightly.
"Good. Now go to my room and get ready for me." Lisa demanded.
I promptly followed her directive.
Once she got to her room, she was only wearing her panties. She demanded that I lay down across her bed rather than from top to bottom. Lisa tied my left arm to the headboard and my right to the footboard.
Lisa leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss. Mistress then whispered in my ear, "I get my threesome first." As she climbed on top of me. She started to gently rub her pussy on my cock while tugging her nipples. After a few moments, she expertly turned around into the 69 position. "Come on in." She said.
I heard the door open and close but I couldn't see anything besides her amazing pussy inches from my face. She rubbed her clit on my nose a few times and then raised her dripping pussy a few inches out of my reach. That's when I saw a man standing there with a leather mask on.
"Oh.. I'm going to like this juicy cunt." The man said.
I couldn't recognize him or his voice. I was a bit unsure about it all, but I then felt her lips close around my cock. Lisa started to slowly work me in her mouth and I didn't want her to stop.
The man rubbed his rock hard dick against her pussy a few times and then he positioned himself at her opening which was just above my nose.
"Give it all to me. I want you to cum deep inside me!" Mistress ordered.
He started to fuck her. I couldn't help but get extremely turned on. It was like watching a porn live. His cock was going in and out of her and it was inches from my face. Lisa wasn't thrusting into him as she was busy sucking my cock. I remembered that she wanted me to lick her while he was fucking so I attempted to lick her clit. She stopped licking me and raised a bit more to prevent me from doing it.
"Oh fuck. You cunt is good." The man said as he started to slow his rhythm.
"You'd better cum deep and hard!" She said. "Cum inside of me. Come on. Uh. Uh. Ohhh. Keep going."
"Oh fuck.. Ohhh." He yelled as I saw his balls tightened. Lisa slammed back into him to make sure he was as deep as he could be. I watched him twitch at least 5 times as he emptied his balls into her, just inches above my face. I was about to explode myself but mistress stopped sucking on me. I needed to cum so bad that is nearly hurt.
"Thank you sir. You can leave now." She told him.
"Yes ma'am." He said as he slowly pulled out and promptly left.
As he was leaving, I saw his cum start to ooze from her. Lisa started to use her hand and jack me off as his warm cum landed on my face.
"Oh. You missed some. Here, let me help you." She said as she sat on my face. She rocked her hips on my face as she said, "now lick me clean and make me cum." I started to lick her. It wasn't any different from when I had cleaned up my own cum from her, except I was extremely horny because I hadn't cum yet. I was ravenous with her this time. She also started to jack me off again as I ran my tongue up and down her clit. Occasionally, I stuck my tongue inside her to get more of his cum and her wetness which made her moan.
"Mmmm… Yes… Oh fuck.. oh fuck… uhhh." She yelled as she tensed up on my face. Lisa managed to keep jacking me and I started cumming hard while she was pressing her sloppy cunt on my face. I was in ecstasy having her on my face as I came.
Eventually, mistress climbed off. She took her panties and wiped off my face and then licked my cum off her hand.
"Thank you. That was as good as I imagined it would be. I liked how you were more into eating my pussy and licking me clean since you still needed to cum and were so turned on. Next time, it'll be your turn. Now go home before you mother wonders where you are. And take this sweaty bra with you… you may need it later." She said with a wink. I don't think she is wrong.

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