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This is not a story, but is my real experience. More over this is not yet over….is still continuing. Hey, she is waiting for me. I need to complete writing this before 9.00 tonight, for another cool feeling.

28th July 2006, Friday, 1.45 PM. It was hot summer day. I was so tired of summer. I could hardly stay inside. So I came out of the room to my cool balcony. There is a mango tree which gives cool shade on the balcony through out the year. I stood there and enjoyed the cool breeze flowing from the lake in front. Suddenly, my eyes were caught at my neighbor’s window. There stays the heroine of my dreams Neena, a married doctor, her husband is a total fiasco and works as a lawyer, and has no ambitions it seems. She is truly a sex goddess with the greatest of figure at her late thirties or early forties. The window of her bedroom is so close to my balcony. I could daily see Neena coming from the hospital after her long duty. She was exhausted, but she never let herself look tired even in the extreme circumstances. She is a fashionable lady even at this age. She is fair, has long brownish hair and big deer-like eyes.

O! I for got to introduce my self! Honestly speaking and not trying to enhance myself, my name is Rubesh, and very handsome, aged 28, work for a MNC in a very good position and have all the good perks etc, and as such respected by my entire family. I have had a passion for elderly ladies with big boobs, & normal girls of my age does not appeal to me that much. As I said before Dr. Neena was the heroine of my dreams & I used to masturbate often imagining having sex with her, before I got married. After my marriage say for about one and a half years she were not in my dreams, but when my wife gone for her delivery I felt lonely and started to think of Dr. Again. I should admit one thing that I have a happy sex life as my wife is quite beautiful and cooperates with me whenever I wanted sex. I got bored of the loneliness my wife had left with me and was seriously longing for fucking someone else for a change.

Neena used to wear sari at day time and in the evening after a bath normally she wear sleeveless nighties. When she was in sari she used to wear it down below her navel exposing her round stomach, very lower exposing a pleasant view of her stomach, navel button and the whole area, her huge boobs in 90 degree supported by very tight bra. In the evening, generally having a most pleasurable and hot seen for me with her in her sleeveless nightie which allows a very good view of her boobs and the well shaped sexy pair of panty free butts. When ever she bend down to pick some thing or wake out of sitting I used to peep in to her back side having very erotic site that her plain sleeveless nightie hugged by her lovely butt cracks and she simply used her fingers to pull it back always.

Luckily for me the opportunity came to me at the right time… on that hot summer day while I was enjoying the cool breeze on my balcony suddenly my eyes were caught at Neena’s window and I had seen her coming out of bathroom almost naked. Neena was only in a bath towel tighten up to her armpits covering her boobs, covering stomach and half of her heavy thighs & with out a panty underneath. She came down to bed room & she widened her thighs sat on the bed. Now I could see her whole thigh and her finger began rubbing pubic hair, heavy and thick, curly, covering the whole area. After rubbing her pubic hair area she started rubbing her clit for some time and enjoying it, eyes closed. Firstly I couldn’t believe my eyes & I felt almost breathless. By seeing this I could not with-stand the beauty before me, I started caressing my hard cock. I was in heaven when she suddenly turned around a saw me holding my 8’ with my hand. I could see her expressions on her face, mouth wide open. I thought she is going to scream instead she winked & gave me a cute smile.

I got tensed & begged her to not to tell this to my wife. She said OK & asked me to come to her house with her hands. Some how I managed to reach her house (I was really tensed). She told me that she will be free tonight & want to spend the night with me. This made me horny again &I got exited with the thought that I was going to spend the night with my heroine of my dreams. It seems like the day is not going to end, I felt frustrated, and still I manage to hold till night.

At around 9.30 pm, after my parents had gone to bed, I slowly got down using the mango tree near my room. By the time I reached there she was waiting for me at the door. I asked about her husband & she told me that the dud is gone to Delhi along with his superiors for some case. She asked me to come to her bed room. I followed her watching her big butts jumping inside her plain sleeveless nightie, it seems like it is going to fell down. We sat together on her bed & started talking casually. In between she told that she did not have sex for past 7 years. (I thought to myself, how could some one ignore a beauty like this? Really her husband is a dud.) Then I told all my feelings towards her. To my surprise she told me that she used to peep through my bedroom window always when I have sex with my wife & masturbates imagining herself in place of my wife under me.

Neena looks very sexy in sleeveless nightie was watching me attentively and suddenly got up and sat on my lap. I was shocked but I liked her move. She put her hand behind my head and pulled it on her chest. She was hot as a volcano and her all heat got into me and I started caressing her nipples from top of the nightie. She started moaning – ahhhhhhh yeeees ooooooohhhhhhhhhh wow wow ahhhh……… and bent down and kissed me hard on my lips. With the thirst of some day’s interval I was equally hot and responded immediately with high passion.

While hugging and kissing her, my hand cuckolded over her bra and was squeezing her breasts like a new toy in the hands of a kid. She was hugging me tightly and moaning with her eyes closed. I took her hand from my shoulders and guided it to my ‘man’ in the pants, and unhooked her bra with my teeth. Then I started sucking and licking her bare breasts & `grape’ on the boobs, it’s not yet shagged, almost golden in color, with brownish rounds and hard nipples of grape size, again I started to play with it, she closed her eyes & searched for my hard on under my pants put her hand in my pants and was holding my erect cock.

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I slowly pushed her on to the bed holding the ‘grape’ in my mouth and then I started to kiss her down to the breast and further down to her navel and downwards to her uncovered pussy. She was enjoying every touch of mine because she did not have sex for quiet some time & started moaning and moving head from side to side.

I started to kiss her stomach, navel button, then her flat and hairy triangle, her pussy lips. She curved her hip upwards to meet make room for my tongue. But suddenly she pushed me away from her pussy and covered her wet triangle with her one hand, telling it’s hairy (it was hairy and she had not been shaving it for years it seems.) Forcefully I started to explore Neena’s little hairy pussy already wet with love drops, by pulling out her hand from her pussy & slowly rubbed her clit. When I looked at her the eyes were remain closed & enjoying my ticklish things with little shyness on her face, but seem sexier than before.

I stood up & removed my dresses. As soon as she saw me remove my inners she sat up on the bed and held my cock and pulled me closer to her and started to rub it on her breast and bend her head and kissed the tip of my cock. It was like I’m in heaven when she suddenly headed herself to come on top of me in a 69 positing and took my tool in her mouth and started sucking it. I really enjoyed the pure sensation of Neena sucking my penis she is very skillful in her operation & took my penis head in her mouth and gave deep jerks from the bottom, and then she started to take more and more till she had the whole of my penis in her mouth.

I cannot explain the state in which I was at that time. I made her legs widen with my hands and inserted my middle finger inside her already wet, soft and heavy fleshy pussy & started to move one of my finger in and out of her pussy and the other on her clit. I think I’ll never be able to explain how stimulated she was. She began to moan heavily and her wetness increased & started to suck my organ harder which was in her mouth. By this I again started to lick her pussy as well as clit, as it was heavily wet with love drops it tasted more. I could feel her hot & was moaning with libido.

In between she was pulling my hair & moaning. This gave me more energy to lick, at the same time I reached her G Spot with my fingers & started stimulating it again. It was a new experience to her as her husband would not do all these things. She requested not to stop this as she is enjoying every bit of it. I could see her face & body turning RED & kissing me tightly.

We changed our position and started kissing each others lips & sucked our tongue. She herself laid down on the bed, opened her thighs to sides, her eyes were closed, one of her hand is moving on her boob & the other on my dick, she guided my one hand to her nipple and the other in her red pink & wet fleshy pussy. After we had enough of each other’s organs which would have taken about an hour, she turned over and positioned herself so that we could kiss each other’s mouth and at the same time her pussy was just above my fully erect dick.

Lastly she pulled me to her body and guided my 8’ (she was afraid of my size) to her swollen pussy. As soon as my organ entered her wet pussy, she hugged me tightly and bit & licked on my neck. I started my actions with a hard thrust, she moaned & cried Ooooohhhhhhhhh……… Fuck me…. Ppppppleaseee…… Aaaaaa…….. Fuck me hard…….. She had both her legs wrapped around me & screamed (literally crying) in enjoyment. I was overwhelmed as she started kissing and caressing all over my body.

In between my strokes she screamed faster Aaaaaa…….. Oooohhhhhhhh……..faster, she also support by placing her big ass moving up and up in the rhythm of my stroke. This allowed my cock a speedy entry, producing heavy airy sound from her hairy pussy. She starts quickly quaking against my hips and the combination of that and her pelvis muscles clenching around me make me start to feel everything inside of me coming to the tip of my cock, soon I felt my cock getting ready to spurt. Her hips rock a little more forcefully and I hear her screaming wildly, so loud that it drowns out the sounds of my own orgasm. While spitting I managed to make a few thrust more for a complete ejaculation with than she also collapsed with a loud cry, her hips loosed its tightness, she withdrawn her hands from my body, breathing heavily, I spill a full volume of semen into her tired pussy so hard that it’s difficult for me to remember a time that I’ve come that powerfully. We were so happy that we could climax together.

I withdrawn my tired cock from her sleekly and, pasty bubbles bearing pussy, I could see her pussy fully opened, her reddish clit, her public hair were totally wet with gum and I saw my milk dripping heavily from her pussy hole and flowing it to her big & sexy ass. She came closer to me and took me up to her lips and told me, ‘I don’t know how to thank you for this. I am really very happy my dear’.

We had some casual talk on each others arms for quite some time, suddenly her sexy smell made me horny again so I kissed again on her lips, this made her hot again and it was my turn to be on top. We fucked like mad in different positions whole night and climaxed for about 4 times, and ultimately got tired and slept nude in hugging each other. Neena woke up first in the morning around 5.30 and woke me up by inserting her big boobs in my mouth. I got up & gone to my house using my mango tree, where my parents were still sleeping.

After this experience I was fully confident that she will not disclose it to my wife or to any one. We are still continuing our enjoyment, may be till my wife returns from her home after delivery.

Thinking of this experience itself makes me horny….So dear readers bye for now, Neena is waiting for me on her bedroom for another special night…Good bye.

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