Summer fun

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By Jekill A summer full of fun that Sarah would never forget

Chapter 1 love at first touch
My name is Sarah I am 19 and have started noticing the men around me and have been seeing them in a different way.
Growing up in the country on a farm meant there weren’t a lot of other kids around to hang out with so I was left with my two brothers, the younger brother Ben is one year younger and always by my side whether I was working on the farm, eating or sleeping Ben was there. My older brother Mathew was 2 years older than me we got along just fine but didn’t get much time to hang out as he was always working with dad in the fields or taking care of the animals.
It was the first day of summer break me and Ben had just finished are morning chores and were sitting on the couch when he asked if we could go the swimming hole, I asked mom she said yes made us some lunch we grabbed are bikes and headed off. When we arrived Ben immediately ran over and jumped into the water, while I stripped down to my bra and panties and then joined him in the water. After swimming around for a while we got out setup are towels and ate lunch. After we finished I lunch I noticed that Ben was checking out my breast the water had been cold it made my breast firmer than usual and my nipples were poking threw my bra. With a small smirk I asked him what he was looking at, his face turned bright red and he looked away, im not looking at anything, I giggled a bit and then told him I wasn’t mad at him, I asked him how long he had been looking at me he told me that it started a couple months ago he didn’t know why just that when he did it made him excited. I noticed that it was getting late so we got dressed and headed home.
When we got home we saw dad and Mathew coming in from the fields just as mom was ringing the dinner bell. We all washed up for supper and sat down to eat, after eating mom asked if we had fun when we went swimming we nodded in agreement I mentioned that it had been quite today and Ben told mom that he was learning to dive down to the bottom mom told him that was great and then told us to go do the dish. When finished we watched tv for a bit then headed to bed.
It was a hot night so I decided to sleep in just my panties then I remembered that Ben would crawl into my bed in an hour or so I’m not sure why but I decided to sleep topples anyway I got into bed and pulled the sheet over my bare breast quickly drifting off to sleep. As expected I woke up as Ben crawled into bed and snuggle up to me as he did his bare skin brushed my nipples sending a shiver of excitement through my hole body as they got hard I noticed that my pussy was also starting to get warm and tingle i rolled over pulled my panties down put my hand on my pussy and started making small circular motions until i had became wet enough that I was able to slide two of my fingers inside of my tight pussy as soon as I go them buried all the way in my pussy erupted in the most amazing feeling as my whole body began to shake uncontrollably all of a sudden I was ripped from my euphoric state by the sound of Ben’s voice asking me if it was ok if he watched what I was doing, I opened my eyes to see Ben staring at my now completely naked body my fingers still deep inside myself and the other hand pinching a nipple I should have said no this was wrong in every way but for some reason all I could think of was how hot it was that he was watching me so I whispered that it was ok. I closed my eyes and began to finger fuck myself again this went on for a few minutes when I opened my eyes again my brother had moved much closer his face was so close to me I could feel the warmth of his breath on my pussy. Do you like what you see all he could manage at first was a nod then he quietly asked can I touch it, my heart began to pound even harder at the thought of someone else touching me I pulled my fingers out smiled at him and said your turn as he moved closer I was expecting him to replace my fingers with his but to my surprise he put his face right up to my pussy and started licking me I almost screamed with pleasure I had never experienced an orgasm that intense Ben kept eating my pussy and I had two more body shaking orgasms then I told Ben it was his turn as he sat up I saw his rock hard cock for the first time and without hesitation I put my lips around it and started sucking it and licking the head while I was working his cock he told me that when him and his best friend sucked each other’s cocks after a while it would start to fill amazing and then a thick white liquid would come shooting out he said that it tasted really good and that he would suck his friend off almost every day after school because he liked the taste of it so much,I think just taking about it sent him over the edge as I felt his body tense up and his cock began to throb he grabbed the back of my head and thrust his dick down my throat as he stared to cum then pulled out just enough to finish blowing his load in my mouth the moment I tasted his cum for the first time I knew I would be drinking as much of it as I could he filled my mouth so much I had to swallow as I did he slid his cock all the way down my throat so that my nose was touching his stomach held it as the last few squirts of cum shot straight down my throat with he pulled his cock out of my throat and asked me if I was okay he hadn’t meant to force his cock down my throat he just got so lost in the moment, don’t be sorry I liked it and you were right the stuff that came out tasted amazing i looked down at his cock it was still somewhat hard and there was a small glob of cum dripping out I grabbed his dick at base and gently squeezed it while I pulled my hand causing more cum to start coming out I quickly stuck my tongue out and caught it not wanting to waste a single drop. I sat up Ben was staring into my that was the most amazing feeling I have ever had Sarah did you enjoy yourself as much as me, all I could manage to say was a soft yes as i laid my head down and drifted of to sleep.

Chapter 2 two is even better
The cool morning breeze was gently blowing in through the window and across my still naked body I was caught up in my thoughts of last night’s events when I heard my mother’s foot steps coming down the hallway she stopped and I heard her call to Mathew she then started down the hall to Ben’s room she walked right by heading to my room panic set in as I remembered that me and Ben were laying together completely naked I quickly grabbed the sheet and covered Ben and the grabbed the nightie hanging on the bed post and pulled it over my head and stood up it fell down covering my bare breast and pussy just as my mother opened the door. Oh good morning sweetie did you have a good sleep last night I thought I heard some noise coming from your room. That must have been Ben he was having another bad dream and came and got into my bed again as she was about to call his name I blurted out maybe we should let him sleep a bit longer I can do are morning chores by myself today. Mom just smiled and said well isn’t he lucky to have a sister that cares that much about him but if that’s what you want you better get a move on. I grabbed some clothes and headed to the bathroom to get changed then headed out to get to work all the while still reliving everything from last night. I had just finished up are chores and was headed to the kitchen to wash up for breakfast when I saw Ben coming downstairs as he neared the bottom of the stairs he noticed me standing there Good morning sis thank you for doing my chores for me I hope I didn’t keep you up late last night I was having another nightmare. Your welcome and it was fine I barley noticed you were there. We both headed into the kitchen. Afte breakfast dad and Matthew headed out to the forest to collect some timber for a new hay shed and mom told me and Ben she was heading into town and would be back until supper time, before she left Ben asked if his friend could come over. Mom looked at me and asked if I would mind, nope that’s fine with me. Ben got on the phone and called Anthony and asked if he wanted to come over telling him he had a surprise he hung up and came over to the couch. Hey Ben I wanted to ask you how long have you and Anthony been playing with each other’s cocks. Well it started about 6 months ago I woke up one night when we were camping and saw him doing something with his dick when he saw me looking he stopped and covered himself I asked him what he was doing he told me it was called jerking off and that it felt really good he said that his older brother showed him how to do. Anthony asked me if I wanted to try something else his brother showed him and that is when he sucked my dick for the first time. By this time I had noticed a bulge In Ben’s shorts I got down on my knees and asked if he would like a hand with it he didn’t say a word just pulled down his shorts his cock popped up and was at the exact right height for me to just slide it into my mouth I had only been suck on it for a minute when I heard Anthony’s voice hey Ben were are you, in here Ben called out, I went to take his cock ou/of my mouth but Ben grabbed the back of my head again to make sure I would keep sucking, he told Anthony to take his cock out and to stand beside him as he came closer I saw Anthony’s cock it was huge almost twice a big as Ben, I took Ben’s cock out and rapped my lips around his Ben told him to how far hi could put it down my throat with that he grabbed my head and started forcing his giant cock down my throat I don’t know how it fit but he didn’t stop pushing until it’s was all the way in and his ball were touching my face he then pulled it all the way out and slide it back in but faster and harder he did this a few more times the pulled out and told me to lay on the couch with my head hanging over the edge I did as he asked now open your mouth he put his cock back in my mouth and started fucking my throat so hard his balls were slapping my face. He then called to Ben come here and put big cock where it belongs Ben came running over got behind Anthony I saw him spit on his cock and to my amazement put it in Anthony’s ass and in one quick motion buried his dick up to the hilt in his best friends tight little ass hole. Anthony were you already playing this morning yes he replied both of my brothers fucked me but today they both fucked my ass at the same time. Ben pulled out of Anthony and said my turn I want my sis to clean my cock off while you fuck my ass with that monster of yours, Ben stepped in front of and before I could tell him no he had his big shit covered cock down my throat and was pumping away when all of a sudden he stopped and went ridged then I heard Anthony asking him if that was what he wanted Ben only whimpered and moaned with pleasure after a moment Ben began fucking my throat again this went on for about 10 minutes then I saw Anthony’s massive cock slip out of Ben I think Sarah should clean your cock Ben pulled out I kept my mouth open awaiting his shit covered cock in my throat I only got to suck just long enough to clean it off then he pulled out. What do you think Ben is she ready he laughed slapped one of my tits and told me to turn over I did as I was told I was pretty sure I new what was about to happen, hey Anthony put your cock back down her throat so she cant scream he complied that’s when Ben spit on my ass hole positioned the head on my tight hole and started forcing it in It was the most painful thing I had ever experienced but with a monster cock in my mouth all I could do was let it happen after the first few stokes it started to feel amazing he stared to speed up fucking my ass faster and hard until it was almost to much tjen I felt it his cock got even harder and started to throb and I could feel him filling me with his hot liquid watching Be cum pushed Anthony over the edge he thrust down my throat one last time and then exploded down my throat I could feel him squirting his creamy goo straight into my stomach he pulled out before he finished and shot the rest o his load on my face some of it got in my eye and I started tearing up but I wasn’t crying because I loved the feeling. I was completely finished I thanked the boys for the fun gathered up my clothes and to clean up I coud hear the boys talking just wait until next time we will bring her to my house and we can all take turns on her my dad would love to fill her pussy with cum.

Chapter 3 mans best friend
I awoke in the evening after having been used by my brother and Anthony as there fuck toy to my mother sitting down on my bed, hey there sleepy head you feeling ok, I went to say yes but all that came out weak raspy noise I new the cause wasn’t a cold but multiple huge cocks throat fucking me, you stay in bed you must be coming down with something I will heat some broth and have Ben bring it up to you I nodded in agreement then reached for a book it was about 15 minutes later that Ben came into my room with the broth put it down on my night stand and closed the door. I think this broth is missing an ingredient with he pulled out his semi erect cock and put it on my lips I sat up and grabbed a pen a piece of paper ad wrote on it I cant take it in my throat you and Anthony did a number on it but I ca suck and lick the head after he read it h agreed he put his cock back on my lips and I did the rest it didn’t take long before he was adding his secret ingredient to the broth when he finished and had made sure to get ever drop in the cup he stirred it up and handed it to me I drank all of it focusing on the taste of his cum it was the best broth I have ever had Ben said good night and headed to bed. I finished the chapter I was reading and put the book away jut then realizing I hadn’t cum today I quickly went about finger fucking myself until I had an orgasm and then feel asleep. I was shocked awake by the feeling of something cold rubbing against my pussy that was promptly replaced by something wet and warm when I opened my eyes I saw are black lab laying in-between my legs lapping at my pussy my first instinct was to yell at him that thought was replaced with the realization of just how incredible his tongue felt as he liked my pussy I let him continue for a few minutes and then remembered my bedroom door was open I closed my leg and pushed nick away and went to cover myself when I heard her voice don’t make him stop because of me he is just excited because we just finished having sex, I was having a hard time processing what I had just heard my mom came into my room and brought nick back in with her. So Sarah I think you’re old enough now that we should have a talk about sex first off what do you know already and have you done anything with a penis or cock as I prefer to call it. Mom this so embarrassing do we have to do this right now, yes we do maybe this will help you relax she let nick back up on the bed and pulled the sheet off so he could get to my pussy which he did and started licking me I looked over to see my mom undressing and then laying beside me she patted her pussy and nick jumped up and moved over to her there you go no need to be embarrassed. Ok well what I know is that the penis gets really hard and if you play with it for a while a creamy liquid shoots out all over the place. Well then were did you learn that little miss, I tell you if you promise not to be mad, ok dear mommy wont be mad I learned it from Ben the other night he put his cock in my mouth as the last word left my lips I got really scared, so that’s what I heard when I went to the bathroom he must have been throat fucking really hard and deep from the sounds of it, where did he shoot his hot creamy goo. In my mouth there was so much I had to swallow it twice. Well that must have been amazing honey, I didn’t realize ben was able to cum already I can’t wait to see your dad and brothers fill your pussy full of cum Mathew will be very excited he is going to be the first one in you. Mom I have already had sex with Ben and Anthony, where did they fuck you. Just my mouth and my bum they didn’t put it in my pussy, that’s fine dear I’m just happy they didn’t use your pussy yet I have been telling your older brother that he could fuck you first for the last 4 years. Just then my mom started shaking as an orgasm ripped threw her body as nick lapped at her pussy going even deeper as she squirted. When she recovered she told me it was my turn again but instead of nick she got in between my legs and started eating my pussy while she was doing this she patted her ass a few times and befor I could figure out what she was doing nick was on her back and in one swift motion slammed his cock balls deep in her and fucked her hard and fast I asked her when it would be time for Mathew to cum in my pussy, we will organize everything for Saturday night. Ok I was also wondering if Anthony and his brothers and dad could maybe join us. I will have to ask your father but I cant see why he would mind watching there cum dripping out of your pussy instead of mine. I couldn’t wait.

Chapter 3 Saturday morning with boys
The next day I asked my mom if Anthony could come over cause I wanted him and ben to use me as there fuck toy mouth and ass only she just smiled and said sure but this time I get to watch. I yelled to Ben call Anthony and tell him to get that monster cock of his over here my ass wont fuck itself. Ben came running down the stairs so fast he almost fell grabbed the phone called Anthony and told him he needed to get over here now. I went into the living room and called nick over I was laying on the couch legs spread he knew exactly what and got straight to work licking my pussy from my asshole to my clit with his big tongue, just then Ben walked in stopped dead in his tracks and looked on with disbelief, that’s amazing I didn’t know even know that was possible with that he took of his boxers came over and put his cock in my mouth. Nick had been eating my pussy for what seem like for ever when we heard Anthony’s voice, where is she my cock is so hard it’s hurting when he got to the living room he was already naked with his rock hard cock in hand, with out even hesitating he came up behind Ben and in one quick motion buried his whole cock in his ass and started fucking him so hard it lifted Ben off his feet. Ben shouted at him to stop, Anthony just covered his mouth and kept pounding him in the ass. The only thing that brought Anthony out of his trance was Sarah’s voice. Anthony don’t cum yet that’s supposed to be for me ass he smiled and pulled out of Bens ass I was until just then that he realized I was being eaten by Nick, well look at that. But now its my turn Anthony gently pushed Nick aside and got in between my legs, be gentle please my ass hasn’t been used as much as Bens he laughed as he lined the head of his cock up with my wanting hole. He slowly but finally began pushing it into my tight ass asking me if I was good as he continued to slide in until he bottomed out, now that your in I want you to fuck me as hard or hard then when you were fucking Ben he went to it fucking me so hard I thought he was going to tair me in two. After ten or some minutes he slowed down and motioned to Ben hey man get in here too, we aren’t allowed to use her pussy yet, I’m not talking about that lets double fuck her ass. Hey Sarah you want to try fitting both are cocks in your ass, I don’t know I am already being stretched quite a bit, come on when my brother and dad are here they probably won’t even ask so you might as well get used to the feeling, fine I guess your right so how are going to do this, Ben lay down on your back now Sarah you get on top and sit down on his cock and then lean forward, perfect now take a deep breath I am going to start pushing my cock in and no matter what you say in don’t going to stop until I am balls deep in you. Anthony started pushing in Sarah let out a scream begging him to stop Anthony just slapped her ass and told her to shut up or he would just slam it in she stopped screaming and was now just crying Ben asked her if they should stop but she said it was starting to feel good after a few minutes he noticed she was starting to push back to meet there cocks as they fucked her soon she was moaning and all of a sudden she was shaking as a massive anal orgasm ripped through her body. The pulsing of her tight hole put both boys over the edge as they slammed big hard cock in as far as they could one last time before they both exploded in her ass shoot stream after stream of hot white cum into her. Anthony pulled his spent cock out of Sarahs ass and Bens cock followed suit popping out on its own and was followed up by a huge stream of cum that leaked from Sarah’s used ass hole. Utterly exhausted from the fucking Sarah laid down on the couch and feel asleep cum still leaking from her stretched out ass.

Chapter 4 Saturday afternoon getting ready.
It was nearly 3:00 o’clock when Sarah started to wake up to a familiar new feeling, Nick was at it again clean what cum was left from her ass and pus3, she instinctively opened her leg so he would have better access, it couldn’t have taken more then 10 minutes before she was experiencing another earth shattering orgasm. Once she had regained her composer she shewed him away it was time to get ready for what she new was coming that night. Sarah made her way up to her room to get a towel and headed to take a shower, she was almost done when she heard the door open, hi Sarah its mom o hey mom what can I do for you, well I wanted to teach you how to get your pussy ready for tonight’s fun have you ever shaven your self down there, no I didn’t even know women did that, it is actually quite common men seem to prefer when it is all smooth and free of hair so from now on you are going to have to be clean shaven for your brother’s and dad and for whoever else they might bring over to fuck you Sarah mom applied shaving cream all over her pussy and went about explaining how to shave as to not cause lots of irritation. All done so what do you think, what I think is that I wish I had been taught this a while ago well I’m glad you like the new look get dried up and come to my room I have some new things for you to wear for the men tonight. As Sarah entered her moms room she saw thee most beautiful and sexy lace underwear and bra that she had ever seen one set was black and the other was a dark blue, she picked up the blue underwear first and was looking at them with a confused look on her face, mom why is there only a thin strip of material on the back, o I guess you have never seen a thong before have you try it on and see what you think Sarah put on the blue thong and bra and looked in the mirror she could believe how sexy they made her look thank you mom thank you so much. I’m glad you like them we will be getting you more underwear like this and that is what you will wear from now on. So now that you have your underwear we still need to find you something to wear over them, Sarah’s mom looked through her closet and found a classic barley there little black dress. Here you go the men should go wild when they see you in this Sarah had to agree she look so hot in her new clothes, I want to go show Ben what I look like he will get an instant hard on. Sarah her mom called Ben and Anthony have gone to his house and I will be joining them shortly it’s only going to be you and the men tonight do you have any questions. Just one dose Mathew have a big cock, her mom laughed he is definitely bigger then Ben maybe even a bit bigger the Anthony but not as big as your father or Anthony’s dad who has the most massive cock I have ever had stretch me open. You are going to have a lot of really big cocks to satisfy you but just remember that tonight isn’t about you it’s about them turning you into there new sex toy they are going to do as they please to you and as a good daughter and sister you must obey there every command. I promise you ibwill do my best to satisfy them, I did think of one more question are they allngoing to cum in my pussy or just Mathew I’m just wondering because I will most likely get pregnant. Mathew will be the first so there’s a good chance it will be his but all the men will be filling your pussy tonight so it could ended up being anyone of there’s ok can the next one be Mathew’s and then Ben’s yes dear we can make sure that is what happens. Now its time to teach you about makeup.

Chapter 5 Saturday night with the men
After mom finished up my makeup she lead me to the living from it had been rearranged with the couch and coffee table pushed to the side and the ottoman was in the center there was a buch of stuff on the coffee table some rope one of the horses crops a bottle of some clear liquid and some other devices I didn’t recognize. Sarah sit down all the men will be here soon I am going to get going over to meet up with Ben at Anthony’s, remember what I said do as you are told you are in for quite the adventure I love you Sarah have a good night. Sarah sat on the ottoman for what seemed like hour’s it was really only a few minutes. Then the door opened and one by one the men entered the room all of them were already naked and rock hard, good evening Sarah said her dad hi daddy Sarah’s inspected her as he walked up to her nice tits baby he then reached down and slapped her left tit so hard it left a hand print she screamed in pain he reached down again a slapped the other one but this time she did scream she just moaned with pleasure, well look at that you arw just as much of a freak as your mom. Each man took a turn to cone over and spank or slap her somewhere now that she was warmed up she got down on her knees and all the guys surrounded her she knew what they wanted with that she put her dads cock in her mouth first sucking him for a bit then moving to Mathew and then Anthony’s brothers and dad after they had all had a turn Mathew picked her up and laid her down on the ottoman her proceeded to take the lengths of rope and tie her legs and so they were wide open and tied her arms and upper body so she couldn’t move. He then walked over to the coffee table and picked up the horse crop, alright now sis I am going to hit your pussy 30 times with this crop and I want you to count it out if you ask me to stop I will start over if you loose count I will start over if you try to close your leg I will start over and every time I do I will add 10 more to the count do you understand Sarah nodded her head in anticipation of what was about to happen, crack, one says Sarah, crack two, crack three she made it all the way to 24 before she accidentally tried to close her legs, crack one crack two this time she made it to 40 her pussy was all swollen and tender already and the nigh had just begun. Satisfied that her pussy was read to be used Mathew took his place between his sister’s legs and started rubbing the head of his cock up and down the folds of her pussy spreading precum all over her lips and then without warning push his massive cock all the way in to the hilt, Sarah tried to scream but nothing came out and at the same time she had such a strong orgasm she almost passed out from the combination of pleasure and pain. Mathew started pounding away at her virgin pussy bottoming out with each stroke it didn’t take him long before he baried his dick as deep as he could and held it there as his cock pulsed and filled her womb with his thick man seed just for you sis that was 2 weeks of cum just for you he pulled his cock out and moved over then her dad took his place, hey baby are you having fun sorry your brother was so aggressive its just that he has been waiting for this moment for so long, it’s ok daddy I really liked especially when he was whipping my pussy with the crop is there anything else like that you might want to do to me. Well it just so happens that I really like to cum in a woman’s eyes knowing how much it’s hurting turns me on so much, can we try that fuck my pussy but cum in my eyes please daddy, if that’s what you want I can do that for you. Sarah’s dad’s cock was huge and she couldn’t wait for it to be in her she didn’t have to wait long. Being that she was already full of cum and nice an lubed up he was able to slam it in all the way he went about pound at his daughter’s pussy until he felt her about to orgasm and without hesitation pulled out grabbed the crop and started whipping her. Sarah came so hard she fainted when she came to her dad was standing at her head with one of Anthony’s brothers they were both jerking off and almost simultaneously started to shoot there loads all over Sarah’s face and into her eyes that were being held open by Mathew, it hurts daddy it really hurts and I cam see anything, no one spoke she heard people moving and then she felt the unbelievable intense new pain as Mathew brutality beat her pussy and breast with a switch he continued to hit her for several minutes until Anthony’s dad said it was there turn. The das and son came and positioned themselves so that the son could enter her pussy and the dad could fucker ass they went at pumping both holes slow and gently at first gradually getting fast harder and deeper the son was first com blowing his load deep in Sarah he moved to the side and his dad pulled out of her ass and then buried his shit covered dick in her pussy it only took 3 or 4 more strokes before he also blew his load he then moved up and put his dirty cock in her mouth and made her clean al 9 inches of his monster when he was satisfied she had done her job he walked away. Sarah still had cum in her eyes so she couldn’t see what was going on.

Chapter 6 used as bitch
Sarah heard someone walking towards her and then felt the ropes being united when they were all of she heard Mathew’s voice now turn over and lay on your stomach, Sarah did as she was told and rolled over onto her stomach and once again felt her hands and feet being tied to the ottoman when he was done he spanked her as so hard she could fill the shape of his hand because of the searing pain, so I heard to and nick were have been having some fun lately now that I have had my way with you its nicks turn he loves a nice tight pussy. Sarah her the sound of nicks claws clicking on the floor as he ran over, he immediately started licking her pussy and asshole at times gently nipping at her labia it was painful and but also felt amazing after a few minutes she felt her pussy tightening and then the huge rush as she had another orgasm but this time it was accompanied by something new she ever time her pussy pulsed she felt something squirt out of her. All the men cheered look at that she is a squirter I can’t wait to see her do that into my wife’s mouth she loves drinking squirt juices. Someone stated patting her ass and telling nick to come on boy she then felt nick get up on her back from behind and started trusting his hips forward Sarah knew what was about to happen she had seen dogs fucking before she could feel the tip of Nicks cock as he probed around for her hole when he found his target he slammed his cock in as far and hard as he could the proceeded to furious pound her tight young pussy then she felt it his knot was starting to grow but wasn’t in her yet this is when he really started driving his cock in trying to force his knot inside she could feel his dick battering her cervix and then she felt his knot slip in to her pussy and his dick push into her womb and then he exploded in her there was so much cum and it was so got she could feel it filling her womb his cock just kept pulsing and squirting cum there was so much it started to spill out of her pussy and then he went still his knot had swelled to what felt like the size of a softball tying the two of them together, Sarah new that this could last for a few minutes to an hour so she relaxed and settled in for the ride. All of a sudden she felt the head of someone’s cock being rubbed on her lips open up bitch she opened her mouth wide and felt the giant cock being push all the way down her throat until her nose was against his body the he pulled most of the way out then pushed it all back in, Sarah was having a hard time breathing but couldn’t move or scream after a minute she lost consciousness she woke up to the feeling of a firm slap across her face and then the cock going back in. It didn’t more the 5 or 6 more strokes before she felt the big cock start to get tense and stat throbbing as a huge loads was blown straight down her throat as quickly as this big cock was removed it was replaced by another all 5 men took there turn throat fucking her and cumming straight sown her throat all while still being tied with Nick. She could feel the knot starting to shrink a bit but not enough to pop out or so she thought apparently Nick had other plans and with one firm tug pulled he giant knot and massive cock fro. Inside her there was a loud pop that was followed by dog cum pouring out of her used pussy a d running down her legs onto the floor, Nick walk over to the door and was let out of the room. Everyone started clapping and cheering and congratulating Sarah on becoming a woman then she heard the soft voice of her mother hey baby so how was that, it was the most amazing experience I have ever had and I cant wait for more her mom giggled you’re a real slut now just like your mom. She united the restraints and help her daughter to her feet all the men had left the living room and were in the kitchen having a drink and getting sucked off by Ben , Anthony and his mom. Come with me Sarah lets get you cleaned up and to bed you had a hard night and you are going to need to rest. They went to the bathroom where there was a waiting bath Sarah’s mom help her into the bath and the proceeded to wash her hair and body she then helped her out dried her of and lead her to her bedroom, Sarah looked around for her night gown but couldn’t find it her mom saw her looking, don’t worry about the gown you won’t need it anymore from now on you sleep naked so that if your dad or brother’s need to a release at night they have easy access to you ok mom do you sleep naked I do, Mathew has been using me for a couple years now and now so will Ben but right now you need to lay down Sarah got under the covers her mother bent over and gave her the most passionate kiss she had ever had wow mom that was fantastic, I’m glad you liked it there are still many things to learn now go to sleep and don’t worry about your morning chores they will be taken care of for you for the next week. Ok mom and with that she turned off the light and left the room, Sarah started to fall asleep while thinking about all that had happened to her in the last couple days and anticipating what was to come.

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