summer game leads to lots of firsts with sister

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buddies older cuz starts game that leads to brother and sister fucking

Growing up in the middle of nowhere, there wasn’t many kids near my age. Most were considerably younger, by like 5 years so us teenagers all kinda stuck together. The oldest, my buddy michael, was 17, then his brother, chris and I (shawn) at 16, and finally my sister, aleisha (esh), was 15.
Most of the time it was just us 3 boys. Playing football, video games, going camping behind our houses, etc.. Depending on the activity, esh would come hang out with us, but being the only girl she didn’t like to often.
This particular day, I planned to go swimming with my buddies in their pool. Esh noticed my trunks and asked to go to. “sure,” I say, “if you hurry up and get ready.” She just reaches in her room and grabs her new bikini. “Fine, ill just change when we get there.” she said sticking out her tongue at me, smiling. So we told my parents and head out the door.
Theres another reason we tended to hang at michael and chris’s mostly. Their parents were hardly ever home, allowing us to do whatever. Which meant no sneaking to smoke cigs, but honestly, that’s about the biggest ‘no-no’ we ever did. Til today…
Arriving at their house, we just walk in and holler, like any other time. Suddenly I see a sexy girl staring at me looking terrified. We all froze, baffled, locking eyes, unsure what was going on. It was then I checked her out. Standing about 5’8, short bright blonde hair, B cup tits almost showing thru her thin white tang top, perfect slim body. If michael had not came out when he did, id deffinately gotten hard.
“Wassup guys,” michael says brushing by the girl, “oh, this is my cousin, tiffany.” He introduced us, finally easing the awkwardness from earlier. “Nice to meet you 2,” tiffany says, “im just visiting from college for a few days. Im really happy theres another girl, I thought I was gonna be stuck around only teenage boys for a week.” She grabs esh pulling her into the livingroom.
“I thought we could swim some today since it pretty warm out,” I say trying to look past him then whisper, “fuck, I needed a cig too.” “Dude, shes cool, she grabbed a couple packs for us earlier actually.” michael said tapping my chest, “let me change and ill tell chris you’re here.” Tosses me a pack before walking back the hall.
As im walking outside I can barely hear tiffany and esh and try to peek in the livingroom, but don’t catch them. Trying not to seem weird, I give up and wait outside.
A little while later, chris comes out and we say our hellos and all that. “hey before she comes out, please don’t get super flirty and shit with tiff,” he says with a slight pleading expression, “so she don’t get creeped out or whatever her first day here.” We both chuckle. “But seriously, shes supposed to be here a week so…. ” he trails off, adding, “besides shes 20 and has a bf.” I give a quick nod, “ok man, I might flirt a lil with her, not gonna lie,” I answer “but ill keep it to a minimum and light, bro.” He nods approvingly.
Michael comes out hollering back to the girls. “were all out here you 2, just waiting on you guys.” A few moments later, tiffany comes out first. Shes wearing a light blue bikini top that has small triangles barely covering her nipples. The front of her bottoms say ‘wet n wild’ across the crotch and only a thin string for the back. Her whole ass is literally showing. I could swear the whole thing is almost see thru. “ummm….” I stammer as smiles at me staring at her.
Chris and michael already getting in the water. Tiffany shoots me a quick wink then walks away. Almost seems like shes swaying her hips, knowing im staring at her tight fit ass. I don’t move til I realize shes on the ladder. I just walk over and drop in from the side. “hey guys,” tiffany says while were still adjusting to the water, “we should play a game or something. That way we aint basically sitting in the water.” Umm… ok we all shrug agreeing.
That’s when my sister walks out and I first notice, puberty was generous to her. Standing just under 6’ft, she has thick thighs, hips flair out perfectly, slim flat stomach, D cup tits. Her long dirty blonde hair is pulled back into a messy bun, with a thin strip of bangs dropping over her face. As she turns around climbing down the ladder, I see her perky bubble ass barely seperated by the black bikini bottoms, tied on both hips. Her top has 3″ tall triangles with 1 or 2″ wide pulled back by a thin black string.
Thankfully, I realized I was staring and quickly look away. While the others small talk, I get a cig. I feel my now throbbing cock, brush the side of pool. ‘Fucking..’ thinking to myself ‘that’s your sister if anything I should have a hard on from tiffany not my damn sister.’ I waistband my cock and turn around.
My gaze meets eshs, locking eyes with tiffany saying something in the background. “shawn, hey shawn,” chris says waving his hand in my face. “huh.. Yea what,” I say jerking my head. “Did you hear me,” tiffany grinning, “or was my tits distracting?” My face turns red making all of them laugh. “I don’t care if you look, shawn,” she says calmly, “I wouldn’t wore this if I cared.” “Anyway,” she continues, “we should play umm…. Truth or dare.”
“Ok, we doing teams, boys vs girls or?” michael asks. “that works” esh says bouncing up and down. I notice chris and michael both staring. Esh glances at me then back at them quickly, as she stops bouncing. With her back towards the other 3, tiffany stands right in front of me, looks down to adjust her top. She uncovers her nipples and squeezes her arms together making her tits push out towards me. Looks up at me, biting her bottom lip while esh keeps the others occupied momentarily.
“ok, now,” tiffany drops as she turns so she can adjust her top back, “rules are, no questions off limits but if caught lying, have to lap the house…. Naked.” Us 3 boys confused but shrug and agree. Tiffany and esh share a look. “and dares…. Ummm,” she pretends to think, “have to start lightly sexual, like jiggle your butt or something, and goes up with each dare. No limits, but has to be harsher than the last dare.”
“Uhh… are you sure we want to play by those rules,” I ask, “your related to them 2 and esh is my sister.” “Yea, basically all related,” chris chimes in. “Yea, I mean obviously no dares like esh grab shawns cock, but you 2 are fair game for her. And hes fair for me.” tiffany answers energetically. “And so what if we all see each other naked,” she says turning towards esh, “just no touching your relation. Is that ok with you esh?” “um sure I guess,” esh shyly, “as long as I don’t have to touch my brother.” Tense unsure giggles go around.
The girls opt to go first. As they huddle, I notice esh staring as I sit on the side away from the other 2. Im 6’ft athletic built, abs and defined muscle. Short dirty blonde hair. In short, I know girls check me out often. That’s exactly the look I felt esh was giving me. She didn’t break eye contact the entire time whispering with tiffany.
“ok,” tiffany turns, “chris…”
“Have you ever masterbated thinking of esh?”
Us 3 guys wide eyed look at one another. “come on” esh says eagerly “we didn’t agree questions would be easy.” “uhhh…” he starts “yea.” looks at his feet. I see eshs face go bright red grinning.
After a moment, esh turn. “shawn.” “know what, dare.” I answer. “uh uh…” girls share look. “uh.. I dare you to motorboat tiffany.” “ok” I jump quickly. Eagerly move up to her, making her blush hard. Damn im 15 making a 20 yo blush. I do it and linger an extra sec. As I stand up, I wink at tiffany. Embarassed she can only cover her face. I notice esh looks angry briefly. Must just be in my head.
“tiffany” michael calls out. “Truth” “did you like it when shawn did that just now?” he fires back catching us all off guard. She glares at him without answering. “well?” I say finally. “fine. Yes yes I fucking did like it. It’s the first touch since I broke up with my bf.” “im sorry” I say. “don’t be… honestly… I really did like it.” tiffany answers coyly.
“on that note im getting out for a few” chris says “getting cold.” we all decide to get out and sit at picnic table. Tiffany quickly jumps directly in front of me as we walk. I don’t notice at first, because eshs ass jiggles with each step. I catch myself staring and check if im caught. Nope. Goddamn it why am I doing this now? Am I attracted to my own sister over a hot bitch right in front of me?
I shake the thoughts as we sit. Esh sits on the end, chris directly across from her. Michael sits at end on chris’s side. As I sit in front of michael, tiffany sits close beside me. Neither guys notice as their practally drooling at esh. And shes loving the attention.
Tiffany presses her leg against mine, even tho plenty of space. Mmmmm…. Maybe. I think to myself. “chris go” tiffany says. “ok esh.” he says.
“uh truth.”
“are you scared that you and your brother might see each other naked?”
“if you get dared to flash us or him show his dick, are you scared of that?”
“really?”, she challenges, “as a matter of fact, no im not scared, nor do I care.” she smiles victorious.
Im shocked by her answer. I thought she would be. Im kinda weirded out that I might see her. Huh…
I feel tiffanys fingers touching my leg. She wants to but hesitant and scared. Fuck it. I reach under table and put her hand on inside my leg. When she looks at me, I fire a quick smirk and lean forward to hide her arm. She must understand cause she tries to keep the game moving and rubs on my leg. Im surprised she hasn’t felt my boner.
“ok uh esh truth or dare?” I ask. “fuck it dare bitch” she laughs. “ok, let chris touch your pussy… thru the bikini of course.” I grin thinking shell try to back out.
“fine by me” she blurts. “wait does he get to run his finger the whole length or just like my clit area?” “uh ill leave that your choice for now.” I answer.
Tiffany moves her hand since its her turn next. Waiting for chris and esh to finish, I put my hand on her thigh. She quivers. So I move farther inside her leg, closer to her pussy. Esh startles me by spinning back around from her dare. Chris cant even look her way. I pull my hand away slightly so tiffany can focus.
“are you jealous chris got to touch and not you?”
He purses his lips tight together looking pissed. Moments pass. “well” tiffany asks. “fuck you guys!” he screams slamming the table. “this game is fucked up anyways we all have family here! Its fucking weird and bullshit!” he storms off slamming the house door.
“well then,” tiffany goes, “can I redo my turn since bitch baby did that?”
“shawn” she turns slightly towards me. She must not been thinking where my hand was already on inside of her leg. My hand pushes into crotch of bikini. “mmmmm…” she barely stiffles her wince. I glance to see if chris noticed. Nope hes still looking at table. Esh noticed, gave me a dirty glance. Then turns our way also.
“uh.. Dare again.”
“yes! Ok do what chris did to esh to me.”
I smile and move my hand towards her. She straddles the bench. I see esh move to face us also, straddling the bench like tiffany.
As I touch her bikini, she closes her eyes, biting her lip, desperately trying not to make a sound. I look past her. Eshs bikini is dipped in her pussy slightly. My dick instantly jumps. Fuck…. I look up to eshs eyes, still stroking along tiffanys cunt. Her eyes meet mine, raising an eyebrow, then slowly looking down where she just caught me looking.
She quickly locks into my eyes after noticing. Grinning, she runs her finger along the dip in her bikini. Just then chris says “ill be right back guys.” snapping all 3 of us out of our trances.
Chris goes inside so tiffany tells esh she can wait or go now. “shawn” esh goes on with the game. Squinting her eyes like shes telling me to do dare again. Ok then. “dare” “suck on tiffanys nipples.” I smile shaking my head in disbelief. Before tiffany and do anything I lift her whole top and lach on sucking her nipple. Grabbing her other tit I pinch it lightly. Tiffany lets out a long low groan. “oohhhhmmmm…. Finally get to make noise” she says in a low tone.
As I pull off, I look towards the house to see walk out on porch. “hey tiff, can I use your car real quick?” he hollers. “I guess… why?” “michael want to go to mamaw and paps and I needed to stop at the store.” “yea that’s fine, keys are hanging up.”
Once they pull out I ask both girls if game is paused now. “well itd be you vs us” tiff says turning towards esh, “but then everything for you would be directed towards your brother.” “huh?” “if you get dare itll have to be him on the other side or truth has to be sexual towards him.” tiffany explains.
Esh just kinda looks up at me as I shrug. When tiffany looks back at her, I immeadtely start nodding. Esh smiles. Tiffany spins back to me catching me mid nod. “well if your ok with seeing each other at least, then we can go on, but its not as fun.” tiffany persuading our answer. “im not fucking my sister, shes a virgin I believe, but I don’t care about anything else.” I finally answer. “esh” tiffany asks. “um yea im having a lot of fun, but no dick penetration.” she reluctantly answers, “and no im not a virgin”
We decide to go inside but stop to smoke first. “we have about an hour so..” tiffany trails off. “shawn truth or dare” esh says. I picked truth this time and got asked if I wanted to fuck tiffany. “umm what kind of man would I be if I said no?” I say, all of us laugh.
“tiff” I keep the game going.
“shove your pussy in his face” esh blurts out. “hell yea, that” I say.
Tiffany walks over to me and I adjust so she can position herself. Right before contact she pulls her bikini aside. Feeling her warm wet cunt against my lips, I shove my tongue in her. She yelps falling backwards. “oooo.. I liked that” she smiles “but I cant stand that high… so..” she bends over on all fours.
I take the hint and crawl to her. This time she pulls down her bottoms. Just before I put my face against her I look at esh and see her lightly touch herself.
I bury my tongue in her sopping pussy hole as deep as I can. Then lick around her clit sucking off her juice. Running my tongue the full length of her pussy. I lick her taint then back down her pussy. Sucking on her pussy lips she starts shaking. “almost there big boy don’t you dare fucking stop yet” she orders. I tease her clit then running up her cunt, pausing to suck up her wetness. “ooohhhh…” she moans. I tease her taint again with my tongue. I can see esh with her fingers vigorously rubbing her clit.
Im rock fucking hard. So I tease her pussy hole with my tongue I wave at esh. Then reach down pull out my 7.5 inch cock. I lift off tiffany making her groan. “aww” “im not done yet, be a good girl and don’t move.” I say seductively. “ok baby, I wont, just make me cum. Please im almost” I cut her off with a swift smack on her ass. “yessss…” she lets out. ” I said don’t move bitch!” I order.
I see esh eyes locked on my cock. Fingers now in her pussy. Thankfully tiffany don’t see her.
I latch on to her clit sucking and swirling my tongue. “mmmmmmmmm….. Almost” she pants. I lick upwards teasing her pussy lips then shoving into her hole. I taste her squirt slightly into my mouth. Sucking it up, I run along her taint again, making her quiver. Without hesitation, I flick my tongue across her asshole.
“wha…” tiffany starts protesting. I shove 3 fingers as hard as I can into her fucking cunt hole, and tongue fuck her asshole. “im…im…” she tries to say. I add a 4 finger to her loose pussy pumping up to my knuckles fucking her. At same time I bury my tongue as far as I can into her now relaxed asshole.
“ahhh fuuuuc…..!!!!” she lets out a scream orgasming hard. Lifting my head but still fucking her pussy I see esh also jerking and bouncing. Orgasming at same time. They both collapse, tiffany into porch and esh into her chair.
I sit back down and light another cig waiting for them to regain composure. Tiffany was first, immediately turning to appologize to esh. Esh jumps tries to hide the little puddle shes sitting in.
“uh… i… I can explain” esh starts. “hey… don’t….” tiffany stops her, “that was super hot. No need to explain.” she sits down and sees my cock still out. “umm… wow.” tiffany says looking at esh understandingly.
As we all smoke before heading inside, tiffany checks the time. “fuck he should be back anytime now. About 10 mins or so.” after a few moments she grabs her phone and calls him. “hey are you close? Damn it… can I ask you a favor?… Can you run to walmart and get ribs and burgers…. Oh and see if you can find charcoal grill oil… don’t bother asking cause they say they don’t have it but just check… anywhere theres outdoor stuff….” I look at esh puzzled. She shrugs. “use my card but call me when your loading up… thank you… oh and gas in car… ok thanks…” tiffany hangs up. “welp.. I bought us more time without him” we all laugh.
“so whose turn.” I ask. Noone knows so tiffany goes. “esh” “I thought we was a team” “I figured since its just us forget teams, just go.” esh sighs “ok then dare.” “get naked with me.” “but…” she turns to me. “you just masterbated to him eating me out, and saw his cock.” tiffany counters “its just us anyway so.”
Esh reluctantly sheds her bikini. As she pulls them into the air, it drips a lot. “is that all your cum?” tiffany asks. She nods “I was dry when we came down here.”
We walk inside and sit on tiffanys mattress in the living room. “um.. i.. Uh..” I look back and forth between them nude. I get up and walk to the door without explination, then sit back down. “whered?” esh questioned. ” locked the door just in case” I say “what I was trying to say before….. Holy shit wow!!! You both are so fucking beautiful!”
“thank you sexy man,” tiffany says. “I know you are my sister but….” I continue, “jesus… your tits are.. And body…” esh stares at me eyes glistening. “and you… that ass… perky tits… pussy taste soooo fucking good.” “yes I do taste great.” tiffany says matter of factly, “first time ive had my ass ate… I loved it….” she asks esh “have you ever tasted yourself?” she shakes her head. “pussy tastes amazing not gonna lie, try it” she shoves her dripping fingers into eshs mouth before she could react.
Shocked at first, she nods approvingly. “mmm… didn’t expect that” at that moment tiffany shoves now clean fingers in eshs pussy. “its only fair… I gotta taste you now.” esh was froze in disbelief.
Tiffany sucks off her juice from her fingers. Esh tensely waits. “ohh… not bad… not bad at all…” tiffany sucking on her fingers more.
“ok now….” I say reminding them im still here, “whos turn?” “its eshs” tiffany says playfully, “don’t get jealous I got to taste her pussy and you didn’t.” “uh im not letting him” esh interjects. “you guys… listen” tiffany informs, “you both should…. Agree…. That for now not to act or think like siblings. Just saying.” “umm why?” I ask. “obviously you both seen each other… and the rule was no dick penetration.. Right?” tiffany continues “if you forget hes your brother, as long as his cock doesn’t go inside your pussy…” she looks at us knowingly.
“I mean… I guess im down if I don’t penetrate her.” I say. “no no.. No pussy penetration.” tiffany informs us, “let everything else be game.” I look at esh and kinda shrug. “I mean she has a point” esh says “I masterbated while you watched and touched your dick.” “and don’t forget the sexual tension all day” tiffany interjects, “I noticed.” I look back at esh. “that means bj fingering licking ass…” I hesitate, “me drinking your cum.” “and me swallowing yours” esh fires back, “ill make you a deal, if you…” pleading with her eyes “promise to try eating me…” she says barely audible, “everything BUT pussy fucking…” she says speaking back up. “bj fingering eating anal… all ok for now” tiffany adds.
I don’t know if I can do this. Fighting myself so bad. I sat there. “fuck it here” esh says shoving her pussy soaked fingers in my mouth “to help make your choice…. Honestly don’t freak out…. I want you to eat me.” she says staring into my eyes. I know shes telling the truth and being sincere. “ok fine til chris gets back were not related in any way” I say finally. “yay!” “YES!” they scream.
“So whos turn?” I ask “forget that bullshit. Were on a goddamn time limit.” tiffany exclames “hold on let me call him real quick” I hear the door shut behind her. “are you 100% sure esh?” I ask “I don’t want this to turn out fucked up or something, but for you, ill do it if your sure.” “ill show you how sure..” she pushes my back a little. Pulling out my dick and immeaditaly sucks on it. “oohh fuck…” I groan. ‘pop!’ she pulls my cock out of her mouth. “do I seem sure now?” she says deepthroating my cock holding til she gags. She slurps up her spit from my dick as she pops it out again.
“if im being truthful” she says going down on me again, “I want more than you to eat me” “huh” “uh… I cant say… hold on” she runs out to the door and sees tiffany still on the phone. Runs back in and says “between you and me… I don’t care if you fuck my pussy, or my ass, or anyhow for that matter.” shocked I can only look at her.
“ive fingered myself to you a lot.” she says “and leave my panties in the bathroom on purpose. I know you sniff them and jerk off. At least once you did.” “how…” I ask. “I also accidentally left my phone in there. And somehow it recorded a video of you, that’s why I leave them in there so often now.” she informs me. “what about the few times i…” she cuts me off, “cum in my panties? When I found them i….. Uh…” she looks up at me “ok every time I found them… I ate your cum off them.”
“uh wow I did not expect…” I trail off, “since were being honest, every pair Ive found, ive sucked the taste from them…. Oh and um… ive secretly recorded a shower and a few times in your room…” embarrased I bow my head. “I know about the shower, and only once in my room. I moved the camera and masterbated for it then put it back so you wouldn’t know.” “really?” I smile “um thanks I think.”
Tiffany walks in “hes going to be a little while running to a friends house first. Said maybe a couple hours at most.” “oh ok sounds great for us huh?” I say. “and I gotta call my professor, I got an email to call right away. Im just gonna go out on the porch. Unsure how long.” “why call on the porch?” I ask. “uhh hello?? Were all on a time limit… and you guys one time agreement?” she grins nodding.
Esh practally follows her to watch til shes on the phone. Sprinting in happily, she flops down beside me. Both of us still naked. “shes gonna be a while, she got her laptop out and moved everything she needed close to her chair.” esh tells me.
“so” I look at her then down her body and back up licking my lips “now what?” “since we have time,” she explains “were knocking off 2 from our checklist.” “checklist? And what 2?” “yes checklist or bucket list… however… were gonna do everything at least once…” she grins crawling up my body “fuck every which way… maybe double some…” she stops hovering at my face. “what…. Fucking…. 2?…” I space out, our lips practally touching. “69 with your sister you… sick… incest… fuck…. ” she enunciates slowly. Then kisses me.
We make out passionately. Like 2 lovers that were deprived. Just kissing, our tongues tangling each other. I grab her ass and pull her entirely on top of me. Grinding her dripping wet cunt onto my dick while we kiss. “your gonna fuck that pussy soon shawn” she whispers as I kiss her neck. “and my ass… and my mouth… my throat….”
I push her up so her tits are in my face. “finally” I exclaim “how many times I dreamed of this.” I suck her nipples. Her tits although big, still tight and firm. Her skin so soft, tastes so sweet mixed with her sweat. I put my finger at her asshole, light small circles.
“ive practiced both holes with a dildo” she looks down at me grinning, “so im used to insertion.” I spit on my finger making it drip, lubing up her asshole. I slowly shove my finger in. “ooooohhhh….” she lets out a moan. “my love, im gonna stop you when im close to orgasming, I wanna stand over your face and soak you our first…. One…” she pants. I nod kissing the underneath her big bouncy tits. Sucking both nipples one at a time.
Im now mid speed fingering her ass. I can feel her pussy juice run down my stomach. “a lil faster baby” she says. I lube up my finger more and shove it back in. faster now, deeper, once my whole finger inside I spit on 2 fingers without telling her. Drenching her tight ass with my salivia, I bite her nipple just enough to hurt. Then push both fingers in her ass.
“oooohhhhhhh……yyyyeeeaa….mmmmmm” she moans. I can feel shes almost ready to orgasm.
Just then we hear the door open. “hey guys, im going back to the table I have to retake my midterm test. For some reason its not showing my answers even tho it shows submitted. I need to focus but if you need me…” tiffany calls out. “oh that’s cool we understand tiff.” I answer. I had to cover eshs mouth with my free hand. “oh and don’t know if or what you guys are doing but try not to make a mess….” she pauses adding “and shawn?” “yea” “before you go home… I want that dick… just saying… and I have viagra so you can cum as many times as you want.” she giggles. “their on the stand behind you, don’t knock them off.” “yes mam,” I say back, “but only if you get at least a high b on your test.”
Still fingering eshs ass, she bit the palm of my hand hard. I can feel her starting to jump. But she has to hold off til tiffany walks out. “oh really?” tiffany calls back, “tell you what if I get an a tho you have to stay the night with me. Deal?” I look up at esh. Shes nodding fast with tears running down her cheeks fighting her orgasm with everything she has. “deal” I say ” and a 100% ill give you choice for the whole night.” esh bites harder almost making me wince, telling me to let her leave. “mmm youll regret that mister” tiffany says before closing the door.

“pptthh.… oh my fucking god you cocksucker!” esh slaps me, “I almost couldn’t hold it. Why did you do that dick?” she stands up off me. “put your fucking ass at the edge of the bed” she demands “this is payback for that.” I move. My cock stands in the air, now aching. She straddles me, “the first orgasm you give me is going in your face.” I nod. “no bitch” she says slapping my face then grabbing my hair pulling my head back, “say it… now!” “your first orgasm goes in my face.” “…sister…” she adds. “yes my sisters pussy is going to drown me” I grin.
Without hesitation, she drops full force onto my dick. SMACK! Our hips meet. “holy ffu…” I blurt. “yea like that? Huh? Your little sister in control? Your little sisters fucking pussy wrapped around your fucking dick?” she says forcefully. She stands back up, THWAP! Drops down again. “is it as tight as you imagined?” she demands an answer. “no tighter and wetter.” I say.
She stands up again but steps forward and spits on her hand lubing her ass. She sits on my stomach and pulls my head back again. “now your gonna get me back to my orgasm you robbed me of” she says sliding down my body. I feel her grab my cock but shes still pulling my head back. Then I realized she lined my cock up to her ass and sliding slowly on it.
“ohh…” she jumps “bigger than I was ready for…. Put more spit on my ass babe you do it better.” she pulls up a little. I spit as much as I can onto my hand and slather up her asshole. “that feels better” she says pushing onto me again. “don’t get too excited shawn” she leans down to my ear “your cock might be going in my ass, but you don’t get to fuck it this time.” she pushes down harder. Im over halfway in her ass.
She slowly starts moving up and down letting my dick go deeper with each drop. “oh fuck me… that feels so fucking amazing brother!” she exclaims. Finding her rhythm, her moans get louder and louder. I see her eyes starting to roll in her head. “baby girl.” I try to warn her. She goes faster. “aleisha” I try again. She shoves me back flat on the bed.
“when… i… say… now… slide… down… head… on…. Side…” she says between thrusts. “ok aleshia” I acknowledge her meaning, “I really want your cum in my face little sis… drown me”
She jumps the next second, I knew what to do even tho she couldn’t say and slide down so my face is dirctly under her cunt.
“SHAWN!!!!!!” she screams rubbing her clit like a maniac. SWOOSH! I feel it hit my face. The sound of her hand gets wetter and wetter. “uuuuuuggggghhhhhhh!!!!” she moans still squirting a solid hard stream on my face.
Almost a min later, she finally stops. I open my eyes just in time to see her start to go limp. I catch her and spin around slamming her into the bed. “oohhhhh” was all shes managed to make. I look down and notice her squirt was also creamy. I tasted it. Oh hell that’s not bad. I eat more as I grab a towel from the hall.
I stop by the window to check on tiffany. She still there so I walk back cleaning off.
Standing bedside, I clean myself off. Esh finally starts moving more then finally opens her eyes gleaming at me. Letting her catch her breath, I see my phone on the stand and think ill never get another opportunity as good as now.
I stand between her legs and snap a few secret pics. Turn my flash back on, I say her name. she has just enough strength to look down at me. “say cheese” I say snapping the pic before she could protest. “theres no way im not taking a pic of how fucking gorgeous I made my little sister look right now.” I tell her.
Expecting her to say no to more pics, I toss my phone down to help her clean up. “um… wai..wait…” she barely mumbles. “what baby girl?” making her smile. “more… few more… first…” she says. “few more?.. Pics?” she nods. “for you.” she says calming down. “fuck yea! I fucking love you sis!” I say grabbing my phone “even if you are a slut.” she giggles.
I take photos from every angle. She even smiled in some like she was posing for me. Got close ups of her pussy and big tits. I was blown away. Best one was her saying ‘fuck me again big brother’ video.
I started wiping everything up til she could move. Then helped her dry off and sent her outside while I finished. Soon after I joined her, tiffany struts down. “I need a drink. You guys didn’t make a big mess did you?” “uummm…” hesitantly answer her. “if we can clean it up and hide the evidence it doesn’t matter” she says. “oh no no I already cleaned it up pretty good.” I tell her “the mattress might be stained tho but nothing else.” “blow up mattress is mine so were good.” she informs me. “even took a bunch of pics” esh interjects unexpectedly, “he didn’t even get off yet.” they both laugh. “well I wanna see them later im over half done already.” tiffany says walking inside.
“oh well fuck” esh says before tiffany comes back out “I was actually wanting a pic with your dick. For both of us.” “plenty of time sis” I tell her. She disagrees and puts her cig out. “get your camera ready.” she drops to her knees. She sucks on it some making it fully hard again. “take some doing this.” she looks up at me sucking again.
I do as asked. She even looks at the camera with my dick in her mouth a few times. Finally hard she holds her forearm next to my dick. Then laying on her face. Deepthroating my cock. Etc..
As she stands, tiffany steps out. “oh.. My… god… that was so fucking hot.” she looks at esh “honestly I didn’t think you guys would go that far yet. I thought touching each other or something.” she walks down the steps “hey I want a few of those pics by the way” “that’s her choice not mine’” I tell her as shes walking off. “talk later” she waves.
After we rest I ask esh whats next. “umm.. I didn’t get you off so…” “no you don’t have to seriously, im happy to have gotten you off.” I say sincerely. She just nods.
“heard from chris yet?” I holler to tiffany. “yea give me 5 mins and ill be done.” she replies. I go back inside to double check the mess. I got it pretty cleaned up. Esh walks in and stands in the door. “whats up?” I ask. “that…. Was truly amazing” she steps to me placing her hand on my chest. I smile. She unexpectedly pulls me into a kiss.
Pushing me back I fall on the bed. “my turn” she says kneeling down. She immeadately gobbles my cock. God it feels so fucking good. She uses her tongue perfectly. Running it up the shaft around the head. “mmmm…” I let out. “hey shawn,” esh says got your phone?” “uhh.. Its behind you actually.” I say.
She goes and grabs my phone. She records herself sucking on my dick making sure it looked perfect to her. At the end she deepthroats for 10 sec and says ‘that’s my big brothers cock and it is mine’ I smile. Wow shes so amazing. This whole day is unexpected.
Tiffany comes around the corner. “done” “results?” I asks as esh still sucking my cock. “half hour” she tells me. Tiffany takes my phone from her and starts shooting a video. Dirty talking to esh as she slobbers all over my dick. After a few tiffany asks esh if she wants some help. “not yet” she answers.
Tiffany takes my phone to the bathroom winking at me as she walks in. once the door closes esh looks back then up at me. “want me to suck you off or does it matter to you?” she asks. I shake my head. She stands up and faces the bathroom door. Then sits on my dick sensually riding me. It feels utterly amazing.
Bathroom door opens and esh jumps off before tiffany sees us. Esh walks out to the kitchen to get a drink. Tiffany walks up to me glancing back, quickly shoves her throat on my dick. Then pulls off just before esh returns. Gives me a dirty look really quickly.
“let me know if you want me to go for a little bit” tiffany tells esh. “I mean…. Truthfully… I want to try doing it once… and taste his cum” esh shoots me a glance. Tiffany whispers in her ear. Then sits above me as esh sucks again. “use your hands stroking at same time and slurp almost like a straw” tiffany tells esh. She does.
I close my eyes enjoying the blowjob. I feel the bed move and open to see tiffanys pussy hovering my face. “hungry?” she asks. I grin and start lightly teasing her with my tongue. Esh is getting better by the min. I can barely focus eating tiffanys pussy.
Tiffany slowly places her legs over my arms pinning me down without me noticing. It didn’t bother me at first, unaware what they planned. Tiffany lifts off my face as esh slams my cock in her throat. “uggghh….” I moan. “hey shawn um…” tiffany asks ” if I turn around… can you do that to my ass again?” her eyes pleading with me. I smile prompting her to spin around.
Esh starts going crazy throatfucking herself, fast. Tiffany shoves her ass into my face as im moaning from the bj. “he cant get up now” I hear tiffany say “go for it.” esh changes technique. I cant explain exactly but oh my fucking god! I cant help but start squirming. I feel tiffany lean forward. Then esh sucking on my balls as tiffany slams her face on my cock.
“ggooodddd……” I manage to say. I realized tiffany turning around was a trick. I shove my tongue straight in her ass unexpectedly causing her to jump and gasp. Esh immeadately back on my dick. Fuuuuccckkk….. I need to cum so fucking bad. I want to.
“you can do it esh… suck your brothers fucking cock… fuck your mouth like you fucked your pussy with that big dick…” tiffany encourages, “that’s right bitch I sucked your pussy juice right from his dick…. Next im gonna kiss you with a mouthful of his warm sticky cum”
I explode without warning. I try to thrust my hips but was pinned at the mercy of eshs throat. Rope after rope my dick jumps. Esh jacks my cock into her mouth making sure she gets every last drop. When she pops off, tiffany also get off me. I see my phone in her hand, she recorded the whole thing.
“here take over” tiffany quickly hands me my phone. Esh opens her mouth showing me how much I cum in her. Then winks at me. Tiffany steps to esh and they both stare at the camera and start kissing. My cum goes all over their faces, smearing and dripping down their chest.
Tiffany guides the camera focusing on her, as she shows her scooping and swallowing what was all over her. Blowing the camera a kiss, she pushes me towards esh.
Esh goes slower with swallowing, taking her time savoring each thick rope she scoops into her mouth. After she swallows it all, tiffany gets beside her. “how does big brothers cum taste to little sis?” she asks esh. “I love it” esh answers for the camera. “and yes shawn, my real brother”.
We pick upeverything and get dressed. “oh chris is dropping off food and leaving for the night guys.” tiffany tells us. “shawns supposed to stay for sure but im down with both.” “and with that viagra… make a lot more videos too” esh chimes in. “and him fuck me instead of only riding him. See how good he can fuck us”

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