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tagIncest/TabooSummer Sex with Dad

It was summertime, meaning it was hot outside. I had just graduated high school, which meant I was enjoying my summer vacation before my first semester of college started. I spent my days leisurely outside, swimming in my pool and sunning myself. It was quite relaxing, and I found that I never wanted my summer to end.
My mother worked a 9 to 5 job while my father had no set schedule for his work. He would be off random days of one week and then be working every day the following week since his schedule was spontaneous and subject to change, which meant that I was at home alone more often than not during the summer.
Of course, I didn't really mind. Being more on the introverted side, I did have friends that I would hang with occasionally, but I really enjoyed my free time. I liked being alone at the house, I could blast my music as loud as I wanted to, I could sing my lungs out without anyone mocking me, I could even walk around naked if I wanted to! Of course, I never did that.
Well, I never did that often.
Normally, I would just sit outside beside the pool and take my small bikini top off because I wanted to evenly tan my body.
But soon, I started to do more than that. I started to swim completely naked, which actually felt really refreshing. Then, I'd proceed to climb out of the pool, water rolling down my bare, soft body. The sun felt good on my naked skin, and I'd lie out there for a bit before putting sunblock on so I didn't turn into bacon.
One afternoon, I had just gotten out of the pool and sat down on the lawn chair. The birds were chirping, the sky was bright blue, and the sun was raining down on me with its warm rays. I was so immersed that by the time I heard my father's truck pull into the driveway, it was too late.
Well, almost too late.
I gasped, my heart racing with nerves as my eyes frantically searched the area for my towel.
I scampered out of my chair and ran to my towel, which was hanging up on the pool handle by the pool to dry. My tits bounced with my steps, and I wrapped myself in the towel like a burrito.
Just in time.
Because the moment I covered myself in my towel, the sliding glass door slid opened and my father stepped out.
Part of me wondered if he had seen the whole thing, since the entire side of the house facing the pool is basically made up of windows. My embarrassment refused to let me think about that possibility any further.
"Hey, what are you up to?" My dad asked, his brown eyes looking at mine.
"Oh, nothing much," I clutched the towel a little tighter around me, "Just hanging out by the pool."
My dad's eyes wandered to the bikini lying on the ground, next to the pool.
"Uh, how was work?" I asked, trying to make him stop noticing the very obvious fact that I was naked.
His eyes went to my body for a very brief moment, calculating his suspicions. My towel was short, about seven inches above my knees and exposing a bit of my cleavage.
He smiled. "Work was good, I only came home to grab some lunch. The guys still need me at the job site, so I won't be home for another couple hours. I just wanted to check in on you."
"I'm good. Just went for a swim and stuff."
"Alright, well, if you don't need anything, I'll head inside and make some lunch and then leave." He said.
"Okay, have a good day at work!" I replied with a smile on my face as he turned around and left. I didn't even dare to unwrap myself from my towel until I heard his truck pull back out of the driveway and leave.
"Phew, what a relief." I said to myself as I released my towel and let it pool around my ankles. My heart was still pounding at nearly being caught. I laid back down on the chair, peacefully resting during the time of relaxation I had left.
* * *
I didn't mean to fall asleep.
I woke up hours later to the sound of the door sliding open again. This time, though, I didn't have enough time to grab my towel. I awkwardly covered myself up and looked over my shoulder to see my dad approaching me.
"Dad, d-dad, don't come over here!" I exclaimed.
"What?" He asked.
"Stop, I'm…I'm not dressed!" I shrieked.
He halted. "Oh, oh, I, uh…okay, honey. Come inside when you're, uh, dressed." He stuttered awkwardly.
I heard his footsteps fade away.
I'm never getting naked again! It's not relaxing anymore! I thought to myself. I crept over to my bikini lying on the ground, hoping my dad wouldn't see me.
I looked back.
What if he's looking out the window?
Oh, to hell with it. If he wants to look, fine. Nothing wrong with a little looking. I straightened myself out and walked confidently to my bikini and put it back on before walking inside.
My dad was in the kitchen, which meant he DEFINETLY saw me naked.
"I'm going to get dressed." I announced before marching past him, not wanting to face my father any longer.
My bikini was small and light blue. The bottoms were a thong and the top was small, triangular and showed off my medium sized tits. He's seen everything, anyway, not like it matters if he continues to stare at my small, round ass as I walk up the stairs.
When I got to my room, I closed my door, thinking about what happened. Why was the situation a bit hot to me? It kind of turned me on when I thought about my father watching me. It felt good to have power over any man, even my father, even if that meant in a sexual way.
The thought of a man's cock hardening at the sight of me made me horny, I hated to admit that.
I striped down until I was bare and grabbed my pillow. The corner of the pillow was rough and pointed, and I found it felt good when I thrust my clit on it. So, I parted my legs, revealing my pink, wet pussy, and lowered myself down on the corner, pressing myself up against it until my clit was pressed snug against the fabric.
I thrust.
It immediately felt good. The friction was always amazing and I moaned softly and quietly. I thrust again, and soon I was grinding hard on my pillow. My asscheeks rippled and jiggled from my movements, my medium-sized tits bounced freely.
I could feel myself getting warm and wet down below, and my pussy started making wet sounds as I fucked myself on my pillow. I could see a shadow outside from the crack fo my door, but being horny, all logic was out the window and I moaned a little louder, turned on that my father was likely listening to me.
I swirled my hips for a brief moment in a circular motion to change it up a bit before going back to my normal routine. I thrust and humped my pillow like an animal, throwing my head back and moaning softly.
"Oh, uh, uh!" I gasped, grabbing one of my shaking tits in my hand and plucked the little hardened nipple.
My door creaked open just a crack.
I immediately changed my position so that my back was faced towards the door so that my peeking father could get a full view of my ass and pussy.
My pussy was spread open on the pillow, I knew he could see it moving back and forth with my movements. Pink and puffy, the sight would be enough to drive him wild. It likely glistened in the light and I moaned.
I knew my pussy lips dragged against the fabric, and he could see that.
Oh, this was hot. The hottest thing in my life.
I moaned again, gasping as I felt my pussy suddenly contract in an orgasm. I knew my father watched as my asshole and pussy pulsed for several seconds during my orgasm. I came so hard at the thought of my father's hard dick pressed up in his pants, begging to be released so that it could breed my hole.
It was the best orgasm of my life. It took my several minutes to calm down from it.
But by that time, my father was gone, and I wondered if he was stroking his cock.
I laid down to sleep that night with a smile on my face and had erotic dreams a daughter should never have about her father.
* * *
The next day, I resumed my ritual. I swam and laid outside by the pool. Though, unlike yesterday, I didn't even care to hide myself when my father came home from work this time. He had seen everything, anyway and watched me masturbate last night.
My traitorous pussy suddenly tingled at the memory.
My dad walked out to the pool, speechless as he looked down at me. His eyes seemed to bulge out of his head as he looked at my tits in the sunlight.
Much to my surprise, though, he started taking his own clothes off.
"Dad, what are you doing?" I asked.
"What? I want to relax too, and get some sun myself like you are doing." He replied.
I didn't say anything. It's not like I could tell him not to since I was doing the same thing. He pulled up a chair next to me and laid down, his bare cock on display.
It was hard. Oh my, it was hard! And large, it seemed to be swollen with the need to mate. The balls were cushioned beneath it and I licked my lips when my pussy tingled with vigor. I resisted the urge for as long as I could, until I found my hand wandering between my legs.
I placed my fingers and dipped them in my wet cunt and slowly used them to wiggle my clit and lubricate my fingers.
My dad watched.
"Sandra…" He said warningly.
"What? You watched me last night. What's the difference now?" I asked.
He seemed to be stunned that I knew he watched me last night, but he didn't say anything.
I stroked my pussy and clit for a bit before I got up. My dad eyed me warily but hungrily, and I got on my knees and positioned myself near his hard cock. My fingers were wet and slimy from my pussy, and I reached out to touch him with them.
My dad gasped when my wet fingers gently touched his cock. I spread my juices around the head and lathered his shaft.
"Oh, oh baby." He grunted. I knew his daughter's fingers on his penis was turning him on even more. I caressed and fondled his hard dick, and he thrust into my hand.
"Sandra, you shouldn't do this, I-I…oh!" He moaned when my warm and wet mouth suddenly engulfed the head of his dick. He seemed to thrust up on instinct.
"Oh what are you doing, baby? You make daddy feel so good…" He moaned and gasped as I sucked him in. I swirled my tongue around the head and started bobbing myself up and down on his shaft. I gagged and took him in deeper before withdrawing until I only suckled on the head.
And then I sunk back down his cock. I hollowed my cheeks and sucked, my hand snaked between his legs to touch his large balls.
I sucked his dick for a few more seconds before releasing him with a wet pop.
He looked at me, breathing hard and disappointed that I had stopped.
I wrapped my fingers around his wet penis and looked in his eyes.
"Dad, when you watched me masturbate last night, when you watched my clit slide up and down on the pillow, did that make you hard?" I asked him.
I started stroking him. Softly at first, and then I picked up my pace. My fist slid up and down him with ease.
But he didn't answer, so I stopped.
"Fuck, baby." He gasped in frustration.
"Answer the question."
"Yes, it made me hard." He replied.
I started stroking him again, swirling my thumb over the head and twisting my hand slightly.
"And did you take your hard cock out of your pants and stroke yourself?"
He grunted when I quickened my pace.
But that wasn't an answer, so I stopped. But not for long, because he answered quickly this time.
"Yes! Yes baby, I did, oh!"
"Mmm, so naughty," I was incredibly wet now, "Did you dream of your cock in your daughter's pussy?"
"I did, all night long." He admitted in bliss.
"Well, your dream is about to come true." I released my hold on his dick and retreated to my lounge chair. I laid down, but the moment I did so, my father was on top of me, parting my legs and pushing them wide open.
His lips met my neck and he nuzzled his head there as he thrust his hard penis wildly against the soft skin of my thigh. As he pulled himself up, his dick followed, and soon it was rapidly thrusting against my pussy. His dangling balls dragged against my clit as he lowered himself down to the point he was now pressed against me.
He was so horny that he couldn't think straight. He was so excited that he struggled to find my hole, but that was okay, because it was hot as hell, feeling my dad's thick cock poke and rub my pussy and stab at my folds.
I wrapped my legs around his waist which opened my pussy more.
That was when he hit his mark and I felt the head of his dick sink in. Feeling his wet cock touch my wet pussy was euphoric. Feeling him push inside of my wet folds was out of this world.
Our wet parts were finally connected, and he groaned hotly in my ear. I gasped, running my hand through his hair as he thrust himself completely inside of me for the first time. He was so deep that I could feel his balls thumping my asshole with each thrust.
"Ohh!" I moaned. His cock was slightly curved, which meant that the head touched my G-spot with each thrust. It felt wonderful.
My tits wiggle with each of his thrusts, and he learned down to capture a shaking, brown nipple in his mouth. He thrust again, filling me up with a set slurp.
"You make my dick so hard baby!" He exclaimed.
"Oh, dad…uh!" He fucked his dick into me so hard, and each time he pulled nearly all the way out, my pussy would pulse. I gasped as he plunged inside and out, stroking his penis with each thrust.
He was heavy lying on top of me. He breathed hard and so did I. His hands cupped and fondled my breasts while his fingers pinched my nipples. His lips kissed my tender neck, and he nipped and licked my earlobes, causing a shiver to run through me.
"Oh, god, you make me so hard, baby, oh…" He moaned again, and I tightened my pussy around his big erection sliding in and out of my wet tunnel.
"Oh, oh yes! Ah, dad…" My moans spurred him on, but then again so did his. His moans spurred me on as well, the fact that I was making my dad go crazy with my pussy made my little cunt ache with desire.
Our bodies collided together and the lounge chair creaked beneath us. He rolled his hips and drove deeper inside of me, sweating and shaking.
He bred my tight hole rougher now. Quickening his pace, his cock swelling like hot iron inside of me.
At one point, he pulled his dick all the way out. I could feel the fat head poking the outside of my throbbing entrance before he buried himself completely inside of me again.
His hard, wet penis bred my tight little hole. Gliding in and out, his hips thrust hard against mine, bringing his balls forward. Swinging and dragging against the soft, pulsing hole of my anus.
He humped my pussy. He humped my pussy like a wild animal answering the call to breed his mare. I submitted to him and let him breed me raw. It felt filling, tight, and hot. Naughty but natural.
With my legs wrapped around his waist, I thrust up slightly to meet him. He grunted and sucked the skin on my neck, and I moaned in ecstasy when his cock jabbed against my g-spot. The feeling was intense and I spread my legs wider to give him better access to my quivering cunt.
At that moment, my dad grunted and let out a single, breathy moan in my ear. I felt the moisture from his breath on my skin and I tightened my pussy on his erection lodged inside of me.
He was cumming inside of me.
"Ohhh…" He moaned again.
I could feel the throbbing of his penis, which caused my pussy muscles to move around him and pulse as well.
He pulled out halfway and filled me up immediately, releasing another spurt inside of me, which resulted in stimulation of my g-spot.
The wrongness of not only my father having sex with me but cumming inside of me was extremely hot. I loved it when a man came inside of me, but this was a whole new level.
When he thrust again to release his final spurt of deep within my wet pussy, I came on his penis. Our lower regions throbbed in unison and I tilted my head back, pressed my soft breasts into my father's chest, and had the best orgasm of my life.
"Oh, oh! uh!" Was all I could get out as I found myself lost in the throes of an orgasm.
"That's it, cum on Daddy's dick, baby. Oh, yes." My dad murmured in my ear, his voice sexy and low. His fingers skimmed up and down my stomach and his eyes trailed to where we were connected, watching as my pussy twitched on his cock.
And when it finally ended, I wanted nothing more than to fall asleep in the warm sun with my father's dick still wedged wetly inside of me.
But our moment of peace was soon interrupted by the sound of my mom's car pulling into the driveway.
She was home from work.

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