Summer vacation in a village

I am Shagufta. I born in village but later came to Delhi for studies. Few years back came to village in summer vocations. I was 20 year old at that time. And the growth of my body was not wanting to be limited by social restrictions around me. As my boobs had become the size of melons and a narrow waist was supported by lovely hips. I started feeling hot and itchy in my pussy. Maneesh was my neighbor in village home. He had a strong physique and muscular body. My heart throbbed on seeing his muscles and I knew he also loved to watch my body.

We had our houses in a big compound. One of the buildings housed my family and in another house lived Maneesh along with his seven brother, mom dad. One day when I was taking bath in my house. I saw maneesh hiding at a place on the roof of his house from where he could have seen me taking bath. At first I tried to hide my nakedness but next moment I enjoyed this and showed as much of my body as possible to maneesh and continued to smile. This went on for few days more. Maneesh used to time his placement on roof before I went for bath. One day when I showed him my pussy by widening my legs, he undid his pajama and showed his tool. Then we masturbated in from of each other. It was a great feeling.

That evening when I was going to fields (for …….). Maneesh caught hold of me from behind and pressed my boobs and said in my ears. Raat ko dus baje Haveli (his store building) main aa jana. At night I was very aroused and in the heat of sex I got up from my bed and moved towards Haveli. As I entered the main door. Strong hands of maneesh grabbed me and three me on a stack of hay and pounced on me. I enjoyed being ravaged. My clothes were gone in minutes and Maneesh was soon enjoying my boobs.

He was sucking those melon sized boobs like a mad person and when he sucked the nipples it sent waves of pleasure in my body. My pussy was dying to get the big man hood of maneesh. But Maneesh seemed to be in no hurry to give me that pleasure and went of sucking and playing with my boobs. After some time he bent down and pushed his face between my thighs. His tongue was now licking my pussy lips. This was wonderful. My sexual pleasure was rising and I needed the hard tool of maneesh to tear my virgin choot. Raised my legs to give closer approach for maneesh to my love hole. He was aroused by my response to his licking and got ready to do the ultimate act. He placed the tip of his hot shaft ( uncircumcised ) on the pink and wet lips of my pussy. The lips were welcoming the rod because they were swollen by the love play and the sex thoughts that I was having during the day earlier. Maneesh gradually pushed the rod and I turned into a woman after experiencing a slow pain.

Maneesh was giving me first length of his cock. As though it were the most natural thing in the world, my mouth drifted over his mouth and we kissed. After that all the joy of being a woman was mine. He penetrated deep and started fucking the love hole. The juices from my pussy welcomed his manhood and made his pumping easy. I was riding high and high on joy ride of sex. Then came the moment which is ultimate moment of my pleasure. The pleasure gripped my whole body and I was shivering and moaning in pleasure. The waves and waves of pleasure swept my body and I hung to muscular frame of Maneesh to have more and more of the cum. With slowly little movements I began to hump and wriggle, moving my legs and body back and forth over his legs. He came in big spurts and they filled my ravaged hole and flow came out. We were happy to have done this. We quickly cleaned our bodies and went to our beds. After that we enjoyed each other many times. Maneesh was a great fucker and satisfied me toughly.

Akash, elder brother of Maneesh was also aware of the fact that Maneesh might be having actual sex with me. One day when I was in their store room waiting for Maneesh and had lowered my panty in bed to masturbate, he entered my room and caught hold of me. I tried to resist but he was strong and pinned me to bed. I was also horny so, after some initial resistance I gave up.

By this time he has removed all of my clothes except the bra. I gripped his body in tight embrace and he unhooked my bra. I helped him remove it. Now my naked body was fully available for him to feast and he went mad. It was his first sex experience and he did not leave any part of my body. He kissed me right up to my toes and pinched my nipples, ass cheeks, vagina and thighs. I was enjoying the wild sex he was giving me. His body was strong, fair and even his cock was very fair and big and head was a lovely pink. I was getting hot and hot that in a few minutes from now this monster will fill me up. He was really wild and soon spread my legs to enter. First two attempts of his to make his manhood ( uncircumcised cock ) enter my love tunnel failed. He was trying to do it like an animal and was not holding it to guide it in to my now wet lips. I then decided to help him and held his hot rod in my hands and took it to the entrance of my pulsating cunt. Then with a push he entered me. That very moment, I got the second lover of my life. He started fucking me wildly. His big cock was going right up to my uterus and since my cunt was now full of juices, there was lot of fuch fuch ….fuch sound. I really enjoyed it. With Maneesh it was never so wild. I wanted more and more of wild sex and I think Akash was to give me this from now on. I hung to his body like a bitch and enjoyed being fucked by a mad dog.

After some time Akash was panting heavily so I pushed him down and rode him. His big tool was now tearing my uterus and my enjoyment further increased since I did not want uterus, all I wanted was sex and sex only. If today my uterus is torn apart, it will be good for me. I took him faster and faster and we were making lot of noises. Finally I came and now I was almost shouting, soon Akash also came and shot loads and loads of his hot lava in my cunt. After that wild sex we laid down in the bed.

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