Summer Vacation

It was a hot day at the family’s beach cabin. A two bedroom cabin on lakes edge, their own private beach. Their summer getaway paradise.

They had been swimming and sunbathing for the morning.

Carols husband had gone into town with their older son who’s 20 to get supplies, about a two and a half hour round

Pete 19 sat at the beach saying goodbye to his mother. Watching her walk away disappearing through the bush.

She sat in the bedroom for a few minutes tidying up. She wore a green halterneck bikini over her D cup breasts. Her long reddy brown hair fell down her back. Just past the tie that tied the bikini around her back.

Carol was a 46 yr old business owner. She had 4 employees running her business over the summer break so she could get away with family.

She stood and went to the bathroom stripping off and getting in the shower. Pete decided to head back to the cabin to get some lunch. Pete packing up his things.

Carol walking to the bathroom turning in the shower. Semi cold. It was a hot day. She reaches behind her neck undoing her bikini top. She slids it off looking in the mirror fondling her breasts. She undoes her bottoms slipping them off and steps nude into the shower.

She washes her body all over washing the sand out of her arse crack. She washes her breasts and pussy.

Pete makes his way up the track. Walking the 100 metre trail to the cabin.

Carol turns off the shower after five minutes washing. She steps out and dries off. She slids her underwear up her legs to her arse. She looks in the mirror at her body putting on moisturiser over her breasts and arms and shoulders.

Pete walks in the door needing the toilet. Carol turns to the door as it opens. Both mother and son surprised to see each other. Pete’s eyes seeing his mothers breasts. Carol seeing Pete topless his well toned beach body.

” Fuck. ” He says sorry he says stepping back out the door. Carol stands in the bathroom as Pete closes the door.

She smiled, her son had just seen her breasts. Pete goes to his room. Carol smiles again putting a towel around her chest covering her breasts. She walks to his room he is on the bed. She sits next to him.

” Opps. ” She says.

” Sorry mum. I should have knocked. ” He said.

” Don’t worry about it son. They are only breasts. ” She says.

” Sorry, I saw them. ” He said.

” Did you like them ? ” She asked.

” Like them ? ” He asks.

” My breasts, ” she says opening her towel dropping it to the floor.

” Mum. ” He says ” Shit really. ”

” Touch them. ” She says.

” No I cant. ” He said trying not to look but couldn’t help himself.

” Go on they are only tits. Yes your mothers tits but I want you to. ”

He reaches out touching them, he caressed them feeling her soft skin. He smiles.

” Squeeze them. ” She says.

He squeezes them. She leans in touching his hand as he fondles her breasts.

” Suck my nipples. ” She says.

” I cant do that. ” He said.

” You loved to as a baby. ” Carol said.

” Mum. ” He said.

” Go on suck them. ” Carol said lifting a breast to him.

He leant in putting his mouth over her nipple. He caressed them as he sucked her nipples. Carol groaning as he sucked them.

” Oh that feels good. ” She said as he swapped between breasts. His mothers D Cups. He loved looking at them. Feeling them. Sucking her nipples. Kissing over her breasts.

” They are nice ” he said.

” Wait. I will be back. He watched her walk out in her g string topless. Carol realising then what she was wearing. A skimpy black g string. She returned with moisturiser. She gave it to him.

” Moisturiser ? ” He said he could feel his hard on in his pants.

” Moisturise them darling. ” She said.

He squirted some in his hands rubbing and spreading it over her breasts. Under her breasts. Over her nipples.

She reached into his groin rubbing his bulge.

” Mum. ” He said.

” Its ok darling. You play with my tits. I will play with your cock. ” She pulled it out stroking it as he moisturised her breasts.

She stroked it watching her hand rub up and down his shaft. His purple knob pushing out of its foreskin.

” Oh. I need to cum ” he said.

” Already. ” She said speeding up wanking him, he rubbed her breasts. Leaning in licking her nipples as she wanked him. All of a sudden he cum. Shooting it over her hand. ” Good boy. ” She said watching his cock erupt. His cum oozing down her fingers.

” Oh mum. ” He said.

” Time for a shower. ” She said. She stood pulling her g string down. He looked at her naked as she turned and they got into the shower together. They washed each other. She let him wash her breasts and arse and pussy. She washed his cock and they stood talking in the shower.

” Dad wouldn’t approve. ” Pete said.

” Well your dad doesn’t have to know darling. What a mother cant shower with her son these days. ” She said as they turned it off. They got out and dried. Pete admiring her naked body.

She went to the bedroom with him. They dressed. She put on her black g string. A black string bikini top. She slid a red floral spagetti strap dress over her body. Pete admiring her cleavage.

” You look hot mum. ” He said.

” Not every day your son tells you that you are hot. Remember its our little secret. Your father and your brother and sister cant find out. ” Carol said stepping forward kissing his lips for a few seconds. He felt his cock twitch again.

‘ Fuck.’ He thought. I’m getting horny over my mother. They want to the kitchen. A hour later his dad arrived home brother arrived home. Totally unaware of the events between his wife and son.

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