Sunday between Vale’s boobs! | straight story from Mat&Aunty

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Hi everyone!

One Saturday evening, a message arrived on the phone saying “Hi Matteo. I’m Vale. Are you free tomorrow? I’m home alone and I’d like to have fun.” I knew right away that she was aunt’s fiery best friend.
Surprised by the message, I answered yes and we agreed for 11 the following morning.
The following morning I woke up around 9, got ready and at 11 am I arrived at Valentina’s house.
I rang and waited a few moments. Valentina opened it and let me in.
She was wearing white leggings, a low-cut red T-shirt and a pair of terrycloth socks.
We greeted each other with a few pats and a few kisses.
We sat on the couch, she sat on top of me getting her big boobs fingered.
She pulled back, knelt down, took off her shirt, pulled down my pants and took my cock between her tits.
I love how Vale does the titjob, she’s really the best at it. She alternated titjobs with long cock licks. She jerked me off while her tongue touched my balls.
I made her get up, I pulled her leggings down leaving her with only her socks; she lay down on her and I penetrated her decisively. She is worth screaming and moaning much louder than Aunt and I like that.
We changed positions, I sat on the sofa and she came on top of me, first looking at me and with her boobs dancing in front of me, then with her back to me.
M: “It’s worth I can’t take it anymore” I panted, V: “Fill me all up” she whispered in my ear.
I gave a sharp stroke and poured all my pleasure into her. We looked at each other for a few moments and then hugged.
All naked we went to the kitchen and drank a coffee. We were sitting opposite each other. The coffee was hot so I waited to drink it.
I then carried Valentina’s feet on my legs, took off my socks, brought them to my mouth and kissed them for a couple of minutes.
V: “You’re really obsessed with these feet” she said, M: “Yes, Vale, I like them too much”.
I let go of her feet and started drinking my coffee. As I took the cup and turned back to her I saw her feet grabbing my cock and starting a very honest footjob.
Shortly after she stopped, got down on her knees and took his cock between her lips in her mouth as she felt my balls with one hand.
I made her stand up and bend down to 90 of her by placing her on the table. I started licking her little hole for a few minutes.
I leaned her cock down rubbing and pounding her ass.
V: “Take it slow. You know I can’t take pain too much. “
M”come on, you like it afterwards”
And I pressed the cock inside.
V”ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. yessssss.“
M”Shall I stop?”
V” nooooo. keep going”
I pumped hard. It was very tight and I enjoyed it a lot.
V:” that’s enough now. You’re breaking my ass. Please come out”
I gave two more strokes to make her come and she came wetting the table and our legs.
I made her lie face up. I resumed licking and kissing her feet to let her rest for a few moments.
She got up and knelt down taking my cock between her tits. M”it’s worth stopping”
She raised her boobs and stuck out her tongue, I couldn’t resist anymore and cum on her big boobs.
M: “Oh my goodness, what an orgasm, thanks Vale” I said, V: “Thanks to you, I had a lot of fun”.
We set up the kitchen still naked.
V: “I should wash myself, will you take a quick shower?” Vale proposed. M: “Sure, not too long” I retorted
We teased each other a lot and I asked Vale to give me a blowjob, she didn’t want to immediately but later she accepted.
I cum in her mouth as the water fell on us, she stood up and we kissed.
I went home, exhausted but happy.

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