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Hi to all readers of this sexy site hi I’m Mac. I m back with my another story. Thanks for ur kind response to my earlier stories.(I’m going to tell u is about my neighbor)

Sunita (name changed) this is a true story

I’m an average looking guy but sunita aunty is every mans dream lady .it happened like this we were very close neighbors her husband is business man she has two children one boy and second one a girl boy is younger to me by 5 years we used to play together sometimes even stay in each others house for night. I was in school 10th class1993 we had our half yearly vacations my friend and her sister had gone to their relative’s house to spend a day there, as it was common for us to move freely I went to their house, aunty told me that no one is at house.

I said ok and was about to leave aunty told me she had some work with me she wanted me to fetch some items from the market I said ok, she told me too watch TV as she is going for a bath and will give me the list and money to get items from market ,I said ok and started watching TV aunty went to take bath after some time aunty called me from the bathroom and asked me too get the towel from the bedroom which she forgot in hurry, I went to the bathroom with the towel aunty opened half door to get the towel I could only see her white complexion it sent shivers down me as it was first time for me. I came back and started watching TV from then on I started looking aunty in a totally different way I always wanted to be close to her so ill go to her house when no one used to be there, I completed my 10th and I joined a junior college my timings where 12:30pm to 4:15pm I was vary casual now I had whole lot of spare time so I used to go to aunties house and sit there on the pretext of watching TV and used to see her in her night gown sometimes when maid did not come to work aunty used to do all the work, I used to see her big boobs a round ass and it used to give hard on to my dick. Every day I used to think about her and used to jerk off in her name I could not gather enough courage to directly move in so I started to move closely to her sometimes touching her ass and all that I wanted to have her very badly.

Luck favored me and I got a chance as usual I was in her house she was getting ready to go to a relatives place and she went to take bath I knew she would come to her bedroom in only blouse and petticoat and then I can think of something so I went into the bedroom and sat near the window looking out, as planned she came out of the bathroom without saree she dint know I was in her bedroom as soon as she entered she gave me a strange _expression like being angry she told me to close the window I closed the window and sat on the bed near her saree she bend down to pick her saree and I could see her boobs trying hard to come out of the bra she started wearing saree in front of me I kept on looking her in between she asked me what I was looking, with great courage I said you ,she gave a loose smile and said you look at me daily what’s new I said to see you with out saree it first time and I feel strange about that she asked me what strange you feel, I said if I tell, you will tell my mom(they both are good friends and usually go out together)she said I will not tell so I said seeing you like this gives me a hard on and I want to give her a very tight hug she laughed and said what you’ll get if you hug ,I said I don’t know but want to give her a hug she said ok and said now I’m wearing a saree if you want you can hug me for once I dint know how to react I just went close to her and gave her a tight hug with my both hands round her back she too caught hold of me tightly it was like going to heaven such a soft skin huge tits touching my chest I was in like a wonder land after sometime we parted she asked me if I’m happy I said a lot and she laughed and went.

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I came home and started to think how to get her (I was already a active porn movie viewer)next day again I went to her house her servant was there aunty looked at me and smiled and asked me what happened and asked me if I could sleep in the night, I said no I was waiting to meet you, her servant went after doing her work we both where alone in the house I said I want to hug her one more time, she laughed and said come sit near me and she asked me if I had any girl friends I said couple of them, she asked have I ever kissed a girl I said no she asked me if I know how to kiss I said yes she told me too show her and asked me too kiss her (with some what blue film knowledge I had) I kissed her on her lips I hold her head in my hands and tried to give my tongue in her mouth she eagerly took my tongue in her mouth we smooched for some.

Time then she asked me if I know more than this or this much only. I took her to the bedroom and made her to sit on the bed I was standing in front of her I bend down and kissed her again while doing so I pushed her down and came up on her with my dick touching her spot. It was giving me pleasure I kept one hand on her right boob and started pressing hard she gave a light moan I knew I was on I took my hand slid under her kurta it was like squeezing a pillow so big I was unable to get them in my both hands I removed her kurta and saw her beautiful melons in tight black bra trying to come out, with shacking hands I tried to open her bra but could not, she just took a deep breath and the bra came off, there were the two magnificent tombs round and firm. I started to lick one and squeeze the other. This went one for few minutes I was eager to see her hole so I opened her pajama knot and she slid her pajama down there I could see her beautiful legs and her black color panty I touched her above the panty and she gave a moan she stood up and removed my clothes also. I was standing naked in front of her she sat on the bed and took my tool in her hand and started to play with my 7inch tool I was in heaven she kissed on my tool tip and started licking it like someone having an ice cream cone I came in her mouth.

She said not to worry as it is my first time it happens in excitement My tool limped and sat besides her kissing her she started massaging and after some time I was ready I removed her panty and my eyes wide open I was seeing a neat shaven pussy of my aunty she took my finger. And tried to push in her hole I told her to lie down and started to finger her it was hot inside slowly I increase my fingers from 1 to two and started moving them inside out she caught hold of my head and took it near her hole and asked me to lick also. I did as commanded. I did that for few minutes I could feel some water type liquid coming out of her hole she pulled me up on her and took my dick in her hand she directed it to her hole and kept it on the entrance and said slowly in my ear show me what you can do I gave strong push my tool went half inside her she gave a light smile I pushed hard again my dick was completely inside and I started banging her like any thing she also responded by returning my every bang after few minutes we both came I lied on her for few minutes my dick still in her hole we both went to the bathroom she took bath in front of me I applied soap on her body and we had another session from then on till today we enjoy ourselves