Surprised Touch At Cinema

It was Sunday after noon. I used to get a nap after lunch on holidays due to busy schedule of the weekdays at the working place. Washing cloths and cleaning the room were done in morning. Therefore, I could get a rest in evening. My daily routings were typical because I lived in a rented room alone close to the working place. Once in a month, I went to see my parents who lived far away from the town.
One Sunday, as usual when I was sleeping, the ringing tone of my hand phone woke up me. It was Nalini. She had being worked with me since I joined the company. She was my closest friend from the beginning of my job. Actually, she helped me lot till I used to the duties. And also till I found a separate boarding place, I shared her room too. Indeed she was very helpful. Therefore, I couldn’t deny her requests whenever she asked. She was good to associate as a friend. Her main weakness was so many relationships with boyfriends. I had advised her several times but she couldn’t give up her habit. When ever she wanted to meet a boy friend, she asked me to come with her as a bodyguard of her. Sometime it was real nuisance to me. But I tolerated those small things in sake of her goodness.
As I guessed, Nalini asked me to joint with them for a movie. I was sure that she would go with her new boy friend. Ultimately, I agreed to join with her because of earnest request. I dressed up with white pleated skirt with tiny shoulder straps top in colour purple. At the cinema, she introduced her boyfriend. His name was Rumesh. Nalini introduced me by my pet name Sumi instead of Sumithra.
But I was not happy with his outward appearance. Nalini was very cute for her dress, white tight jeans with yellow colour top. But Rumesh’s shabby look generated me unpleasant perception on him.
There was a big crowed at the cinema. Most of them were couples. We had to wait longtime in the queue until we reach to the ticket counter. However when we reached to the counter, only four balcony tickets were available. One guy at the counter shouted “only two lucky couples have a chance to get balcony tickets”. Rumesh had to buy three tickets including me. But young couple behind us urged from us to give a chance to go to balcony seats too. I felt odd feelings because of this situation. Rumesh and Nalini were not ready to keep me along somewhere else. The cashier intervened to solve the problem and he proposed both couple was better to go up for balcony seats. I looked at Nalini. Cashier noticed that my face impression was not good.
“Don’t worry madam; you can sit in box seats with this girl too”. I looked at her. She also came with other couple.
“No Madam it is safe than other place. Only you and she can sit” Cashier convinced with confidence.
However we came to amicable settlement and I agreed to go for box seats. Nalani pleaded apologize again and again from me, about the inconvenience occurred. One fellow accompanied us to the box seats. It was small cubical with two seats and no AC other small ceiling fan. Other girl sat next to me on my left side seat. Her face had arrogant look. Her appearance was not pleased me since her first sight. She was little bit fatty but had a sharp look. She dressed up with tight denim skirt with sleeveless cotton blouse. I just looked at her twice but her attention was somewhere else. I made up mind to watch the film though I was alone.         
The film was started with the ring tone of the second bell. It was a Tamil film. Screen was opened with dimming the lights. The place where I seated was very dark due to covering walls of three directions and front wall was up to eye level of spectators.
Film was strictly adults only, and started with the scenes of husband and wife in certain wealthy family. The main theme was related to the secret relationship between husband and young servant in the family. Her look was very sexy and captivate. At the same time, the wife also interested with female companion and engaged with a seductive affaire on this servant girl. The servant played double game tactfully. Her beautiful features used to keep the attraction of both wife and husband towards her without giving any clue to each other.
The hot scenes of the film increased the tension of the ordinance. I was too upped with feelings and  I heard long sighs of fatty girl’s next to me. There were lots of erotic scenes since the start of the movie. Once, there was a scene that servant girl was removing her cloths. It took all the attention of audience. Some whistled and made voices with provocative pictures of her. She had beautiful firm boobs with very dark areolas. The tan complexion was contrasted with her erected nipples into very lustful appearance. The typical fat and fleshy thighs of South Indian actresses were fascinated the spectators.
Meanwhile, the lights of the hall switched on for an intermission. I looked at the girl next to me with a sigh. That was first time she smiled with me and offered some potato chips that she had already brought. At the moment, her facial expressions were very intimate. I took some and thanked her but I had nothing to talk with her. However, Rumesh came with a chocolate slab to give me.
“Nalini told me to go and see you. Sumi I think you are enjoying the film and here you have a friend too.” I smiled with her sarcastically because the couples were the most happiest at this time.
“Yes, I am ok, tell Nalini that not to worry about me” Rumesh went back telling me that they would be at the main gate after end of the film.
“I am sure they are not aware of the story of the film. They have lot of thing to do other than watching the film.” I just told looking at her. She giggled and nodded her head as confirming what I meant.
“Yes, Your friend and my friend may got wet now, sometime we will have to wash their seats..” We both laughed mischievously. I gave her a piece of chocolate while enjoying myself and rest kept on the front wall.
I just wanted to know her name. She introduced herself as Chathuri. She was already aware of my name because Rumesh called by name of Sumi. Film was restarted after the intermission with a scene of, the wife and the servant were having sex play in the master bed room of the family. Both these ladies kissed together very fascinate manner. It was really lustful and feverish. Removing cloths by each other was intensified the feelings further. But it ends with close up picture frame of their faces. But their gesture and facial impression implied that they were touching each others sex organs with immense pleasure.
Meanwhile, I just felt that something hit on my leg just over the ankle. I moved little because insufficient space was not enough to accommodate two persons. But I felt it was hit again. I was sure that was her bear toes. I looked at her but she was gazing towards the screen as not knowing any. I pushed her toes to move away with my leg. Instead of keeping away, she ran her toes teasing me from shin to ankle smoothly. She did purposely to observe my reaction.
I was excited with this strange touch of her and my feelings were blended with the erotic scenes of the film. She switched into normal sitting position from the previous crossing leg position and started play with my toes with hers because I had removed my code shoes before the film started. I was nervous and excited with this unexpected seduction of her.
I heard that she murmured into my ears. “Why only them, we can try to have a fun too” Without my permission, she kept her hand on my fingers which was on the hand rest of the chair. I didn’t know why my fingers were locked with her even I had to refrain from her seduction.
She teased her fingers on my hands delicately generating sensual and hidden desires of me. The film had several kissing incidents between servant girl and house wife. But I never thought it would happen to me by another female. Wondering me, Chathuri kissed my cheek forming electric shock inside me. I felt myself heavy breathing and flying butterflies on stomach.
Holding my hand, she put her right hand around my necked and pulled close to her. My opened shoulders were brushed with her straightened silky hair. It made me very strange feelings ever I had. I could feel the warmness of her lips again on my cheek. I recalled the mistress of the film did same thing to her servant in furious manner. But Chathuri was not in such a hurry. She kissed me slowly and grabbed my lips with hers. It was really fascinating. Then came to my neck, earlobes and keeping away my hair ran her lips along the back of the neck. Warmness of her breath and softly caress titillated me. She heard my moaning due to enjoyment of her touching.
We kissed together madly. It was obvious that she was a lesbian. She had experience to handle a girl and how to seduce her. While she was kissing my lips, I felt that she dragged my left hand up to her lap. Rolling up her short denim skirt, she kept my hand on her thighs. Those fatty thighs were smooth like velvet. She started to stroke her thighs with my hand as learning me, how to do it. My palm ran allover her thigh and reached to her crotch. I felt the wetness of her panty. Still she was kissing me and protruded her tongue into my mouth. Both our tongues wrapped together.
I cupped her pussy over the panty. She pulled her skirt up more and opened her thighs for easy access of me. Discharging sweetness was coated on my fingers. I felt that her pussy got puffed up due to enlarging the muscles with great feelings. I was too eager to seek this sneaking bliss reached me unexpectedly.
Next, she pushed my hand into her panty spreading out her legs more. It was really thick bush. While my hand was inside her panty, she kept her palm over the panty pressing my hand toward her pussy with a doubt that I would take my hand off. Her pussy was saturated with her nectar. I moved fingers and found her luscious pussy lips covered with thick jungle of body hair.
She was sure that I would continue to have fun with her. She took off her hand and gave a kiss on my forehead. “You are really sweet baby”.
“ I like too, This is real fun I ever had Chathu”. I was bold to reply her because there was no way to go back from this joy of sex. She took her right hand which was around my shoulders and kept on my knees. I felt my heartbeats got quickened and flying butterflies on stomach again. Chathu, slowly rolled up my pleated white skirt with the underskirt exposing my thighs. She stroked thighs very sensual manner. Feelings went up to damp the panty with gushing out fluid of me.
Finally, she reached to my pelvis area and cupped my pussy with her palm and squished entire crotch muscles with great pressure. It made me wiled. I intensified moving finger along her crack and fondled the bud already projected.
“No baby, we will remove our panties. It will be comfortable for both of us” She suggested while she was pushing down her panty. Hence, I too had to follow her. We started to play with each other pussies rubbing over the clit and stroking pussy lips. It built up pleasure of real dirty lust. Both our breathings were high the sound of moaning similar due to wondrous enjoyment. Chathuri squirmed and gasped while my tummy fluttered nervously. Our fingers were coated with secretion drifted from holy holes. Both were getting feeble with sexual drive and insatiable desire.
“Please baby put your finger inside.” She told with entranced feelings of sex. Although we were in sitting position I entered middle finger inside and moved in and out. I felt that she was also trying to do same thing to me.
“No please Chathu, still I am virgin. Oh, I am really sorry about that.” I begged her pardon politely.
“No it’s ok baby.I want more darling, may be I am wrong. But, I can’t turn now. Please, Sumi turn me on.” She pleaded with low voice.
“Don’t worry Chathu. I also want to have the enjoyment. Tell me anything you want to do. I do it willingly.” I consoled her and determined not to miss this great opportunity for the happiness of my own too.
She stood up and sat on the armrests of my chair facing me. Her fleshy thighs were over the comfortable padded armrests. Rolled up tight skirt was around her waist. She started kiss my lips again. I tilted my head back for easy access. The French kisses welcomed by my lips. Meanwhile, she lent back and picked the remained piece of chocolate which was on the wall and put into her mouth. And again she kissed my lips letting me to taste the sweetness of chocolate. She pushed melted chocolate into my mouth with her tongue. We kissed and shared the chocolate mixed with saliva greedily. Some were remained around our mouths. We licked and dried off all. It was really dirty lovemaking of a lesbian.
She unfastened the buttons of sleeveless blouse exposing her bra which neatly packed heavy boobs in it. We heard nothing in the film and no more scenes attracted us. She unhooked the buckle of front opening bra. Oh my God; it was firm round big melons just front of my face brushing my nose.
“Enjoy with these darling, suck my nipples”. She pulled my head towards her boobs. I was delighted by touching this fine creature of God. I didn’t hurry to suck her tits. I just wanted to hide my face between these twins. I touched her cleavage with my lips and teased down enjoying the sweet smell of womanhood. Having hidden the face between her boobs, I pressed the soft mounds against my cheeks. It was really soft touch of natural stuff.
I kept both hands on her boobs. I kneaded and fondled these toys just like a kid. Her nipples had got erected with touch of my fingers. She wiggled and delighted with the pleasure of sensitive organs. I took one nipple into mouth and irritated with tip of the tongue. She tossed her head side to side, lashing silky hair across my face. Her hardened nipples were well suck-able. She cried when I was sucking her tits. But I got to know that she wanted rough treatment than delicate touch.
Therefore, she asked me to suckle hard her nipples. I did suck and nibble in rough manner causing hurt her. She was actually Rough Rider. While sucking, my fingers ground and twisted her next tit. Once, nipples were pulled and shook holding tightly.
“Oh yes baby it is so good, hurt me darling.” I tweaked the tits again to tingle her.
“ Oh yes oh yes …..gooood baby, you make me mad.” She groaned with pleasure.
Meanwhile, she took my hand and guided right hand thumb into her well lubricated hole through the labia. I moved thumb in and out along her pussy hole while boobs were being sucked. She trembled with great pleasure and kept hands on my head for soft caress and ran her fingers combing hair. I felt that she was kissing on my head to appreciate impressive coordination of me.
I dipped the thumb carefully because of my long nail. The hole was slick due to gushing out pussy juice. However, I pushed maximum it could go and intensified the finger fucking motion. She was moaning to reach ripples of multiple orgasms. She started humping motion of nether area to get more pleasure.
“Oh baby put another finger, fuck me darling.” Taking off thumb, I put next two fingers and poked with great power. And I added another finger before the request of her. All the three fingers moved like a piston of an engine. “Oh yes oh yes ohhhhh ahhhaaaaa…I love u darling…” She shouted with every stroke of me. To give extra pleasure, simultaneously I rubbed her clit with my thumb.
Suddenly, she bent over to the chair that she was seated, to pick her hand bag. She took something from the hand bag and kept on my left hand.
“Oh my God” It was a perfume bottle. It length was approximately seven inches with rough surface. Base was round and oval shape bigger than the neck side. I didn’t ask the reason why she gave me this bottle dildo. I took my fingers out and lubricated the bottle base with her pussy juice and moved the bottle base here and there along her cleavage and finally found entrance of the hole. But the bottle was little bit bigger to enter this luscious chamber.
“Push darling… It will be ok…” I used both hand and pushed till it entered into the passage.
“OH.YES. It is so good baby. Fuck me off…” She groaned with pleasure. I pushed the tool up to maximum point it could go. I too enjoyed and moved the glass bottle up and down. Initially it was little tight but it ran smoothly after few strokes due to dripping down fluid of her pussy.
“Oh, yes don’t stop darling. Harder harder…oh my god…” She cried again and again.

While penetrating her, my left hand fingers sought my own clit. I rubbed the pussy that already damped with gushing out fluid. It was really good. We moaned together. But her groaning was lauder than me.

“Oh yes   Oh yes. Oh yes faster baby faster….oooooooooooooh…..gooood…. suck my tits baby …. Bite those…” I was so busy with this sexy nymph.
I had three tasks, my lips were sucking her boob tits and right hand was pumping the bottle speedy way and other hand was engaged with my own pussy lips and the clit.
“ God…I am coming baby…oh yes I am coming …..oooooooooh …..ahhhhhhhhhhhh….fucking puuuuuusy…..oha..” Her entire body was shuddered once proving that she reached to the final orgasm. Her cummings ran over my fingers and same time I also reached to the orgasmic bliss.
With the climax of the pleasure we felt little bit tired. She kissed me again and thanked me for pleasing her. I took out the bottle and gave her. Chathu sat on the chair and wiped the bottle with her panty. I put on my panty too. The film was near to end. We combed the hair and adjusted the dresses and put on panties.
Just before the light on we came out and walked towards the main gate. But I was shy to look at Chathu’s face directly. Same time Nalini and Rumesh came with other couple who came with Chathu.
“How was the film?” Rumesh asked from me directly and winked to the Nalini.
“mmm not bad” I replied looking at Nalini.
We said bye to each other and departed. When I was going a little distance, Chathu ran behind me and gave that bottle, to keep as memory. I thanked her by looking at her eyes. The fragrant smell of the perfume remembered me again and again the memories of Chathu.