Surprised Wth My Best Friend’s Intention

Hello all n8story readers. I hope you enjoyed the last experience I shared with you. I had an affair with my cousin sister for 1 year after that day and fucked her several times.
It was in the month of November, when I went onto a 2 day camp in Chennai with a few classmates. Rajesh was a very good friend of mine and we spent most of the time on the camp together in the night when we were sleeping on the same bed, I realized that Rajesh was jerking off inside the blanket. It reminded me of every time he came to my house and had lusted on his mom’s boobs.
I got an instant hard on and I kept wondering if he was fantasizing his mom to masturbate until I finally asked him. Abe Rajesh kiske bare mein soch raha hai. He was caught off guard by my voice and stopped moving his hand. Kuch nahin yaar tu soya nahin abhi tach he asked. Saale kyun natak kar raha hai mujhe pata hai ki tu muth mar raha hai, ye bata ki kiske naam ka muth mar raha hai.
He kept silent and did not say anything. I broke the ice again and said, are bata na yaar, kya ho gaya, and I slipped my right hand inside his blanket and grabbed his cock. It was a little bigger than mine and it was all wet and as soon as I touched his dick, his body shook for a while. I started jerking him off by moving his penis skin up and down, he slowly whispered in my ear.
Dhiraj kya kar raha hai yaar and started to unzip my pants, took out my cock and started massaging it with his palm. I was in ecstasy as the feeling was new. We kept masturbating each other for a while until Rajesh spoke again. Srinu pata hai main kiske bare mein soch kar muth mar raha tha and I said kiske yaar tujhe aajeeb lageg aur tu mujhe bura mat samajhna. I knew where it was all going.
I said to him nahi Rajesh main bhi to aurton women ke bare mein soch ke muth marta hoon yaar bata naa. He moaned a little before he said apni mammi ko soch ke muth maar raha tha and I stopped my hand hearing that. I could not believe that he used to fantasize about his mother. His mother Sailaja aunty was an inch shorter in height than my sister and had little larger boobs than my sister but had a beautiful ass.
She always used to wear gowns while at home. The major difference between her mother and mine was the complexion, as his mother was very fair. We shared our fantasies about mature ladies to each other. He said that he wanted to fuck his mom badly, but didn’t know how to go further with it. He told me that his father is on official tours half a month and he had seen her mother nude while bathing and masturbating with a green long brinjal in the toilet. 
It was too horny for me, and I told him all about my experience and how I am fucking my sister for a year and half now. Rajesh confessed to me that he loved my sister boobs and wanted to suck on them badly ever since he saw them. We came home from Chennai with a pact to fuck both together. I said yes to the idea at the camp with my dick in Rajesh’s hand, but later on got sceptical about it. I was not sure if I could gather the courage to fuck.
A few days later, I invited him to watch a fuck session of my tenant and his lover, he came three times during that live porno show, and told me that he wanted to fuck her bad, and wanted to do it with me. Days went on, and both of us talked a lot about it but could never realize any of our plans, until one day, he told me that his father was going on a tour for a few days and this could be our chance to nail her mom.
I jerked off in the hall toilet for the first time that day, picturing her mom masturbating and then Rajesh and I fucking her on their couch. We planned everything with perfection, on how and when to catch her masturbating, or sleeping and then fucking her several ways. The moment came when I was at their house the next day and her mom was doing the cleaning. I and Rajesh were sitting in the drawing room, both trying to gather courage to move next.
She finished cleaning and went to wash clothes, took bath and then went to her room to change. Both of us kept waiting for the right moment, and every moment seemed not the appropriate one. It soon was afternoon, and all of us had lunch after which she went on to sleep in her room. We stayed up in the next room, waiting for her to doze off completely to sleep. In half an hour when we were sure that she has gone to sleep, we entered her room. 
She was lying on her back with her chest covered with hands both of us went on to each side of the bed, and kept staring her. Rajesh, then took his cock out and started touching himself. I gathered a little courage and touched her feet, she moved her legs a little bit and cris-crossed them. Her gown went a little upwards making her damn white coughs visible.
I slowly brushed my hand off her leg and lifted the gown up to her thighs. She has real fat thighs. I asked Rajesh to touch them. He moved forward and caressed her thigh and butt with his both hands, and that’s when the poor Rajesh could not control and came. His sperm was all over her mom’s thighs. Her mother upon feeling something warm on herself adjusted herself on the bed. I got so scared that I immediately ran outside and straightaway went home.
Rajesh told me the next day in school that, his mother didn’t get up and he was successfully able to wipe off his entire load and clean it to not let her know. I was relaxed that her mom did not get to know anything about the incident. It’s probably because we were only 18 years old, that we could not ever gather enough courage to fuck his mom. The peeping and masturbating never stopped though, until I got to fuck someone for real, and that’s when and I got 20. Hope you enjoyed this story. Will come back with the most memorable sex experience of my life in the next post